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February 10, 1893 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1893-02-10

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A L L O Y E I ( O A T S A T I - O F F . IA LUI SA_ _F F
ALLSUIS A ~OF.As usual, the first in the field. The ex-
______Creme styles now ready at
See these bargains before buying.
Ann Arbor Saving9s Banak PATRONIZE U -f~!~# Excelsior Laundrya
Ann Arboremich. Capital Stock, 00(10, OWEN'S BARBER SHOP! \II'20IfIWI'IUUI5EAS hP151 U0(07 5S1TIEVl.
organizedet under the Geserat Banking Lave No. 1c[-ST I(V~ON S-i-avi:. Thle New Shape P0 tO tfe iP (ittttA.tF.tCOVRT~ . rop.t it
ot this state. Receives Depsits, bins ad in Hosiery5.
bells exchange an theprnciacitictes at thet T £A G S-
c.atted States. 1)rafts cashed uoa rper j lT~s -VTfARG S,'-Sase Discomfort and Darning, 2] Years in the, Businesc
,.etiisties. Otfices: ~ ~ ~ -2 sPatcP O~t
CHRIStTIAN MACK, Pres., i I j it it,.L e'sP2c, 5c,50.Woens05cGoesieshe
WV. 1. 15sstIMtSsVice Prees., A o O1IiS ± a25. l. ScIat ',scOtoaa CITY' LAUNDREY,
C~t~. (1 ~ * ~ ittO 'titt',WAUKENHOSDE COMPANY, 761 Chauncy St,,Bastten, Msi
C Rs.E.aseOtv, Cashiter. _____________ _I M. M. Sesaholh, Nso. 4 N.Fourth St.
I. J. t'sa-e, Avt. ('aettlee.i
F. 0l 11\L ~ t ~ eattvtoiPrv (tl(~o . BARBERFSHOP.
t vit-- illslibe helIt ol ettuttty CONNECION
+; 1 ti,c. itt .tdttess by R1ev. A F. Frtt, tof i bi tily tI8 t o a. mi. it1 the Fioe Shower B. h 'ew Poea in
DPri, tDscp I h 4 j a~Tubs.
}F phwstwttt 1st laboratorttyii-etttitit~T-1. I vlvl l __F-_W_______________t. _J.__________________
V.eesof -n tnnnd Igersol iispectnf>I;iii gathfor '5.00
! ti ebt, f, 0.A. 'lttran,, if te ltepit-, ttist ty School of Muasic. 33 ~ B
t 1('c (tiaddres ttttlc ('ti;Pr s Siu', stibtect, Te : tta, S ur~tplus ettttProtfite
ee0(tt'i' /fsitt teh1 ttoeta'5" ~ flity Slsttol ostl 21Sf eo eCOlltil Dees ageseralOtahiag Pbitiitsse. 'ays lot-
at l~ tnt ltisetiittp '--"""-'-"*o ."'--Feb. 21)U. Ilotrlertitt terest ccSaving Bepsits. Hso safety
CSat., 11,1. I11 P~ot. Itettn ttv e wa tt uit, 0. L. D~il t h sotee- ~ Ieptosit Boxs- lfo ent.
r seriet. Ottitct,t(,ttey ttsstilor -tis . that Di DF Prens. 0'. B. saR3ELs+t, Cashier,
I tt, let i ltttls tvttt, iieei o mvoupeted t i sdesr1 bleto at all wwoslBankE I o n etSatiurdayaverning.
ecSa ti.,etf It-puls, Uei. s i. o t it nt Ytotstd ite shootl 'noilti
Schoolatt(t *t ttte 011cc toto ptt oen
I-S1 T A T at t ic Ub.11 ,)0 p. tl.-OatstIcetilreero oem. Ps n tstlj OIt 2 1 to i nser
FINE PHOTOGRAPHS,. "MuniipaltRe o '. ,stsc' tte to'n.p1 1 Oot tant}he
MILLINERY AND ART GOODS ! i"bre tit(tollitl ttctt v, RN)OlIlA111 SPECIAL SALES.
30 Eat uon v eStreet lI'ii . e, t e .1--til . Ii It i- igsp,tttef o t itti d ;I h' i{ t tiI.
1 sut n W rk f it(iatm i he!l R ISI sI) AR I I1t
I 5AN 5 h 0001 ~vASt _.f. .' nollo 1toie tt' doemyttv tothlere t . INl)LI2WI
000010 F j aculty Notices. ighot t itogl11- t1 ter "sidet' 'irackel l 'E1 4 )'
H m tU ttatN - Th'eure is Ia"neaplotIt o Pth l a acitty it
FORuscliii v If. . o e-fliiith o reill c lithe Pile l'Ilittett e it t i a lhtltl-kg ( o tr ailever lit
o tTAoDE lo i eili cctts ad et- itof eeiteit~y teoet. JutleNarit' Wi ,o
s~r1GIr:, ph ofRel~io, lctues nd tead totitt Xerxe lkttttt, oa tainp, wa't
E eteilliibe gitvn tduig tile sescod tP' ' illg'lillitit'. 'hiere toatitaitftn iy . 20L
A. ,SV1I! &Sonflsteeter, opento lt sieolsitsw o hvItt te hil-hnt, Oat1airtol eteecieit Olst-t t
OtaattHe keac oursePI woV 111 lti ii ttohio l v, hy ttlmtlliis, 11011the11bet clb t it i g in0tt it
o olelgtltl ti > it t, eatl fet-s woe agood. Fot "acs b ox itt
at lp. it., itt 2oom , Pt arvaige ofice pit l n iof ioittws gratmii, liolto
SEjN DfJ SE[MESTERflhotour. vial. . tt cstuccs.-Stt'rlinoGazisette, Dee. TAIL
______ I I LwI. Will besat (Vliatt1opera oussa-T IORING-O-*-
ill-tlIE PAll 11 1.P

! un'tay, r eo. it.

GnO to tltadqulartters foru'litiewt
and sVecond-tatndlTEX1.BOO)Ks.
Wc ]rave'ttrece'ived a laurgesspply
of (7reek, LaIti, (Gersmaoi and
Frech elC(lasi('s. NEW AND
Wse offe.r the largest oiod best
Note B~ook iso thsecit' for 2.5c.
B-ring in you eont'5t~d-Ithntd
Wahr's pookstore
'20 S. State Street.
Main St., Opp. Court Souse.

'I Itet ewil beaIts xamo nattlton tin
1.L101i111for citittoned tudooents, for
canodidate's for idooissiooi, 50111foP
studts dt cesirna"advanced creit,
in Roomto11'.,'aturcday,tFeb. s7, at
90o'clotck I/thz s -/ill /t lhwitit,v-
' ctltet<7n/ttot /!" //ti ' /titlo t toull/il
/10111 7 4--Ct. J. C'. Roirf,.
1-or the secondmslterof i0S92 -
9, I toill oiffer a tPo-fifths courP~seit
G(ermantoolotgicantd balllad potry.
It toll Imlet IIuesdaysotandsThursOI-
dalys, ao j -t i n roP0m5123. Bllcht
heimC'N DetscheofLtI.yrik wtill be lused
f'irstnd(1thoeinitial moeetiung vill c-
cutuesdaIIy, 'eb. 2 r
loot Euci: AA L t -pit.
Chanoges itnIlistory couses 110ve
been muatde necessary. 'ihe butlletint
board contains annooucement. I
week beginning the 13111 for consul-
tation., A. C. ICtAUGH1.7

AidisistBlitedict's play nofFabiss
-tRomai, owhichop1teedat thec 111511 d
OSpeaSR)ose laust nighot, is a play wit h1
a strontg csi stirrinog Interest in it.-
't'iose woho loose react tite nook entitled
"Vemltetta" soill easily remember the
prtecxt o1fte story; a odecesvedl hus-
hantI preternds suicite-'Indlthtleni comes
baick inu disgutise to Itoture thec toxitll-it
fssl.sowife. finally killing Ihei otthPle so-
uienst lie nmakeslhliself lkuinon. PT.e
ovel ftrruislocs several inutenose sceutes.
'Blot.itrineiltllres ins thleipiece ar~e Walter
Lawisrece ando1 Miss Proances :Field saut
weeot1010exeellelot iou tiuir roles, aod
wsera welt slupp0Ptcd. Blue senic ei-
fects wsere very Btei. --Newo-Ytrk Moro-
l~ig .iluruol .
Thuisiplay wllbepe 0sentediat the
(.hanud Opetrac 'Ilttuse, text 'iT'esdoay
Soobscribte for the T'. of A1. DAtIL'.
Subscribe ior the U. of Al. DAILY.
Susbseculue for ClueiU. of ALB.DAILY
sbscribe oor tloe U. of M. DAILY,

I0 Ooc; inSAMPLEs
C'ONGRPESS 101101(5

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