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January 16, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-01-16

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11llu1str~ated Supplement given
wiheach nuamber of the Sunday Inter Btv Going to Wahr & MAiller's and save from 25c, 50C and -5c on every'
PubihiedrDaOily (Slundayt excepted) during Oceati is :le only thsinig of the kinds pair of Shoes as we musat redsire our stock to
the Colliege year.,iby pusblishsetd by aniy ttaily paper ini this make roomt for Spring Goods.
TH .O .IDPNETASCAIN The Suinday edition if the Iinter -T"~
T-FUOFMINEEDNASOITOcOeanteonttaiiis forty-fosr pages of - - L l. L.t
iihserititiattoiricrisi.5ii ter year, invariahiy retliiig itatter. Get it. line FootWear lI)ealers,
in advanee Sinai recopirs 3 -est. Sauiscrip- Get a topy of the Sstiday litter Ocetan
tins may he lets at the o555cr at the DAc t thelie\ us standil osiiglit. It is the 48 SOU1 h- MAIN lSTREET'.
at Staffetis, aiih ay at the editors tie best Sciidtty paiper lpiiblishied.
aut iiie .Policior. oi1111, jast siorthi of the Post- WAGNER & CO., will sell1
Cotmmutinicastissiould reachis tir aftice biy ItOfice, has the liest hacks, carriiages, Vr ' ilsl
7tocitck Pitsr.it they3,tire toa aiir the text amn1 hiirses ini the city. Try hiimi. tf1t
dia. Aiiiress aiilniatter inteniied tiir piblica- The world moves ot--read thye[inter ( N C W A
tio t te antrngFdtor Al usnes cen ndkeep 11 wF i.4ROM JTANITARY 15-2 1.O F
ecoamunicatin s siiouldite testts o te iii- A hifi f tIn tter tOceantiis as tisefutlalrsadFrnses
msaaer. lto you is yourt-enicyclopetdia.Talr an Fu ise .
THE U. aoflil. DAILY, IIl the tnews isa cleats, readlable shape
Ann rbo, Mih. s gien n te Inel cean x % IToledo, Ann Arbor and North
EDITRS.Subsrib forthebitr Ocan ild r-- owMichigan Railway.
EDTORS. tktepiyouir lilt- fur the yeair comtplete,
C.A (EISOa , U t.93 s tat . ;c-i I sitiuittierssof the Inter Ilvetuti
W.E 'itI1+ tt 5,Asciii I("I lit'be hith, t (ttu Ii t sl lE '()fl it i Tt~ilne itt i fet: bl~n t - Nss (;Ih,i-
iistii titictiOsuturiti. -ll OLLsA/
W. e~T .Ia.s.-itt., isi esis Mticcur tl~b o catit1teif' i ou Stlssi-rilEat iatteof ri nstiats-iAnns Ssisit
bentia ., 43i s i t ng.ii -
iti - I- s. it.c-1-ssiile tIat.hi t sit sl]. for Iii 4I- a ~ (iS
t-Ialii IusIilie tt-c - r5ti [,A W.~/ / ~t - ,- i 1o.J itt a y~ usen.in
i o. i>. 311th a.nd-i lss '1t i-tttutG snto . Fu san n Sa-S Pitis 5,e i {.......i 4 i t,.tit
11. l3.ssss tlssss-i,'51-. 1. cW.saist sisliI'iiii'fr?.. ti wl tii' LEAss I NisGi SCHOOl ( L OFtsi USt I NEtStS.51505i-i s i i)..i'i--icsi.T s'i C ui tiisis- (1 tI:>s--i -t
l - nanVlw - ti . - 5 - l M. I 5} 515 liii it I 1 N-oti) k o t s' c's i ient-s (ills s ssonie teces, est ttrendancess;t 5(l
.-0N<-( x lt-. 1'. i..S le: J._ oeis5 1 ly ss ;sls-ior itirit cacisspi 5 ct0lin50OIGsllrI
s<ttei . l t s sls . 5 i. ' ".t lilies l~Ilr'(,lia'p tlss- iiasiy ts r pi iis iso-stiisyear;cercistac grad atsinget No.''.. lisi and1s('st-sss-t - ii i .........1
._-i.. _... demand;i sothand gaaes 5 a5lxi ssits- pit ss . 4t. : tIi i d X1 presissi .- - -s (..s
-- (C'li.li ,ugep (ss-s 2tiioi.75e es r iv tla a; o
'r>iss -ssi- s. i(ssetsi 51the(us- iss sho N wcactAL(an d LtofaStudeantsah Nis. i. l. 'tlssie ss sitssssdissss...Ytifi.I
sils othisss iissis is o stae ct msic1 ss ltl 1isi ii t ]t, is tl('Ist -i- ss,;sasisaivafrsu esl,isske,sdsss 1025.iYse<ctn~a I h l I. 'corl tandari me.551 s
isHiesiiof everyi'i Ine\ht ieaius tlc 1 (ailtsP . R C'stuli sis iiPriosce
i-v ItOceani. ('1y.-n- - laiy "saet -si -sisit.
THE__ AROUS________________ HOUSE._____________$3,0tit$l.-0-,oJ tutul.'1iiti-s-i101iilt F 1022.00,$3.00, $ .00,.$ (iseisacsauils teiites-ii-tiei
liii ttO .Daity Lister ((ut-ti. It ulsi't E is sti'uaiel 'tss is stsiiostA i
lim,. stisirt skeetcthof the t' ofit.tco t1110. N I ep W 5tuOtue lderoti iscili et tstt sunt.'-si
veprititedin iitheDally Ctatrdistal Leave ositers for the Itter l)celttat E arIsf.iBENNi' sti, It. sitiF.F1_it on
fstthNesYokIatith1 t ostoilicc tatu Opera If wise ine-ws E Doty & Feiner. lOtte.vPas. tci-iis oat At ust
press, of rii-it (tateis ditty ii 'Iua ite cenltsIi tgstsr
liverilted stnd te cotmplimetillsi] udatioti of anty 1paper west isf the Atle-
tie retuirneidat sotmecfutuir time. teytiiitti.
- ~Vlty is the Inl teOetan so susptusir
5', tdet regtin n ail the stleeli ileais i iesAnd reader of "The Daily''is cordially invited to attend
hurry to knotosesthIte orator lot - -- --SH-EEH-IANI & CO M PA NY' S
S oli will -w 'l ior sdlln i - Attention, Students

daua thr, iti ti iti tailiso vs (Goldleni Ittigle (lictltisig (o., of 1)etriiit,
It asasntntitanjsi. 28 voi last yeari sill be it the tok.'iss l stse totmorriow
tha stleiisits- ciioiurii wi a siithsIi islte atinot 1slttilelSs sthese
iiilii- cute, ud ri) gttittititee a
miaule. We atr-c itificrictelht itthe -istvipioffr1ovists10itolii 1-tcast Aiti At-
simntittees haebettn ottntile to liiiphires. All sitili-nsarse cordiltly
ini olet mdi ectititte lila stoc-I.
secvre Chlinty 1.NI - Islew but Itit Itiesits iuu undredititi sniia itlts flisthel
itrey are sior'. - o r a la wio -lbuss, told arsivepacs utisfsactimi.
be i traall as tisetsfasirtio iithe S t- I- --

Wo llve t he li Nict: o (iodls frcL i st l I I si

The University Booksellers,

State Street.


liii. increasingipdeirtoik ecep the
fraterteleettefirIomiclasa offires,
seas illustraitedl s-itaavehtencte its
Saturdlay 'a raiuus of the Indrepenud-
entis if the settior lit-raveryitiss.
_Jusat achy it is that a feiw leopile waith
lassire the Petitlietideitiras that they
hatve commeuont aeiseshsouldlbe tal-
hissed iby lilyclasa tohiate-ucaunsi
os-eviatelti Iii i sestie sicer theacv-
t iota of itittimsjority, tihatsittir ii
the bes-t tmembuers of a cltistive kept
stit of itositionsins hichlirithey are
test itlediltosiserves- simply~ bescase
Itrey belottip to a fraterntty,- ae are
auable to sre. Sits-li manifestatios
of utnfairnssacas rharacterized the
cauleus of Satuirday- are unweorthty
liar aenise of justice atnd the resire
to recognize ability, wherevser it msay
be, that theU n iiiversity usually


t-hu,.ss-siss It 1N) (,,I;III I .\ h1 )lISI' I REN TSCI-{ER,
re li I vit siru t 11I lt stDI1 I .. +a hoto grcipher3
- hpii-swittes-slsaf -ametts(-(,s' tau.o I~is~aNSN t-i-s-s
Not onlyins- itttuss, brit s sI sise su heiniiil tlttlllt-'. Iyetuther_________________________________
us-imet c. ii Os r.r )stsutitsittu is-ttt efil-h illto t hla1iti lr~ll- t lti l .!_.tI NTf
tee ustesas- 5 si us-asasi s-tuvtiIss-iitltsrts ANN ABOOPERA(1' cN~"
1ss-ctieThitsh pf'laySssuivivi
DIAMONDOS beii pre5isetdwills tureSmitt-leter} lWednesday, Jan 'y 18.
OPALS " ued51-si l l lissht ssl ls1utn-t slt-h nti e tlIt--
EMERALDS l Iglut'eIi tieIh(sat Il-visitut iititpol te1 CHURLES +H F +
PEARLS I- sit-vi Siu t -tge 'sJt
RUBIES I -it lt ) Ir.l-t ustifr vssflvr t-stear isuteinig (5 itts ti-ttt utttita in
TURIQUOISES utieuutc hsser 5iists - Of
c I 105 pNS'tti \ t tu cusut lui -eutuiti-S
ETC., ETC. andtusi t 'eusitheStmis -ilt-'su J jJJ
Alitssis "-y\siiths thir(htus ius t' Ic t Itu ll- djt5i.'5 L5
- - -lusts- uu it- I i [h ts tt-lu l ltile'. 1. lt~sult Mar. S t omyiu ii 1s-s uusus-t is b
siA ~tE5 tst~- 155-(str utst Is siutlii0 0 i lssitn 1t((itsluaSs ti thu l". t S pencsau -- i t -s nt issi'Susuiu s
T Eut Sicus itt-ct se uits mi stuusuu igluuuesususu i- luuuul i BrutsU is a-su iuit S (stiis sr t
uta stetf i cr Itu- pir ut-i ul touulsss ts, slei timsuaestl~lnioust .1st'uu ice sl (usc (}} t sitothe euit zris iuiut fs til si-c edil
tnl sttts-cdiss-.turfecttille icst tlctustss ouits suite (its- - 3 thsit rcicir tee rai il e po pl
1'tusutta cx e ai--sktsp eu is Iattentsionuu ht-hua ils lituw it -si a tup alt; lhuhjtutliit
toir on spectil F It S. 5.&- Cts C-- alni utul ill ltii sut tut h lt)' PRICES:5 - - t5 e., 75C. at-d $1.00.
utveusentit. hei moust peitil-itt-iu w sill lie 'tap;esiatuidula. sesherlust-c rtic Its. Seaits twitluse sitssuu tle iuiistst moing atsg
anted ctti tua t ett ..r 1 Fiats Jwlrstoe
hhtstfsiru lussprsenteietinu Neits-Yosrki. i.5 tttst er se
«=IDAR)1hIihadlhiliu, suid Wasintoni. Thu
AVKUE F. '. trill Ise thueirst Shuakseasreanu prodhue-tc
AND STATiE tios of the seasont here, atid it uniy lie
tSRET S IH sonic timte luefore anottheci. Thue eastPI T
SO S compihrises Mu. I. It. Spenacer us'(t-
c0"i i. ~ sins,'"titdthlr. lBennetttuttlachaas
Bruutuu.c NO. 12 W. HURON ST

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