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December 20, 1892 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-20

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or o llcrcfitwrt,1 Y' . ail..'


iloni MEf M: IM ; --IS SELLI NG-
oOxh-iiy elllid bounlIa
CHRISTMAS. ONLY $14.00. H T T~ 7
iDon' f or et that 1boa of c i~( II) Xi X, l I trt !r rrIO FLLO S I Ir O It O
either. W ILS5Y, ,

CA1LK INS , - 34,S.State.:' IF 105100Stge {ce.

Every one worth X2.50 to t$4.00.

tI' a I'.1tIS.

Our Stock Nviil e found Complete and our Prices as Low as the Lowest.
Call on Win. Fulde. Fthe
I I*- ' S I Of 0'18 1 89 .Tailor.,FXiXII5itF Xthe 11w Ildiug,(1
( 4 . 11taI) 11), F;e t aa ir II) Asoati Ialabditof ~aF ) (_ 11-1)1) ha, a. .IlIIO-St., filstI.0door nest Of State-Xt.
HO IAY--GO D tiek and -Fi111Mixed Candy, at - - 8-- c-er ' 1" U " WANT T
ChieMixed Creamo Candy, aty- - O Icc
(Good Chlocolate Candy, at - - - 14(,1' ' ''l r= CCZO~
Ver'y Best Choola~te Candy, at - - - 2e '
IN 'THE CITYX XIII) NI S 1L1'.ATrMixed Nuts, alyeb per Ib., 01 2 lbs.1(1r 21) lX o r avelsFme epairing dolle'goF to
f 36 Mai Street
44 Main Street, South. DEAN & COMPANY.
Prf.SotanIos ble have held several Ilare and hound
W il ou Lorllase ystrdX.1 tIlstisaseester anld thlat 11111 efII --
W Y ie S.aX C . A hetr a. otdtoacetSaturatayX's l un XXwere110t tile lirsttXXf
t )lr Show Wiodosr. t iteinli~ "h .C .IIXIOeIXI lttl esonIXII.If5(1
Srhoot of Iusic1'st~t)its as1mea111h111 v ll Ire itll lie of IfllO21
it's )X 111sto~ry aIlilt t hers. A 1ti11fraternaityF lalpter is heing
GU T RS( The ctelatsheld 1a jolli fcat(in last ~ taa rn X tie 81 1 lit, ..jul~aIless 511it, OX Cl-
GUITAR a batout 5:10, iiifront of their lnationlsaDelta111Phi. It tXXill trait-
XX~I) h lf.atbl y Xswing111Out nwitlh abt 20 t .
1111 _N ti ,lillOl I liIZO N\ I .,t hetl IrndtitionlX olft the imleXsiahlto- 'Te bet) o-r fil Prot. I IlInlXt '1
aI South I ) u i ,I tlrtte 'liooict s~ iet 11 Stafford. '1I_. StaIfford is
.ToI01F 111gIhursrda veeninag, swillbe ''the
tnGHGA ET t lrge numbaler of elurrelnt loiga- Sourc easXof Cralla Roisterdasister."1I~I~1Iiil1
Tie -Ta100. heel aroeiedereallinM _This paler swill atso tie read ill
1 ,". 1 I. WST. ta. l rsoma Ii nH l.Washlington hrytProf. tleospl before
Sail - - -t',(i ' 15aa- Sparial) , il)
N.SOar Fl ---6' liar-i 1s-r-- -- '' - 93 95 l~t Lr ' . Irty tt, the NtodertXlLanguage - \asoei ati on. 11 i~s rat fs~It s' -
N. N'. Ii))) (Ii) ~ sswho aslpracticiril iaSioux (,ti ',1 Sa 'lejno ass 111asaat111
atu C icto1re s li:lsi ,Antn Arbor ''1'nds
I. a III - >1is Iii111't E rasa 5 ia : i e otr5 tttl ayarXXIte esterday. trof. CGriffin atanoun~erd
.XtltIaasI' 0li s_ a v t i t_ as 105 I
It. i5' 1e0rte th t ae II. 5f te . t p --- 00Ia iic 5lxpre 1-Itltat thtere swas Onilya limaitedt Xsupply
fa. 1 . .1111. a lIc '1511 . A nnXXIIArboXXr . ar Ii ofsll tl ll qutestion11 tpamplhl etasXXo le rtist rut- 2 s u h t te s r
1 1011111 blitX of Itavina at inXII) lay. WhetAN li ten Illt~~
FIRSTI NA1 TN &L BAN ~K ; It is retportedl tat .1 XI'rIuot tl j loutttte atthetlta rosrttr ilc
XX' XXAItIXI 11 locltratertolt r IllXIXtablo111uttee tloIt II1erXcTti 'U TI 11ai'r,-
110111t il I. l 71. 1. up s OXI ~ I)I'tl l , * Il) tt. OnIIHI.ant thee wa a Ie1'i'1I
I 1)10)1 I- Xen a iikl 115 0 'tt -X-''- loaiscto 11e11n1 al ea l wth h il" ad at u l~ ling; for a title, 't . iJ .L U i. IRI
t -n k SoldXX. WI at' 1'a s rcit p2 ll') o1
fo.( t. 1111 iX))) 1. IS s)'' -0511010ious 1damage swas Idrone. (f a SIt of 1
Xl.XX I, XX: c 'ttIc' I cla trehearsal O tel ci i F r tile first tn i nce the 011
I "'" t iolfrte '''dessal sngt a nd1le -waaslfounded, its PeditorTsvwillsj
TA t 730.I acrc 11111 ) I a sI a lilts t pesentI to the pulictillr h Jnu r
"i F1I t o 1e reen11is, a1 11u111r it i chs tellil 0c Or 1 . 1 1 1 I tll lit t s
fill " i .ii It si rteil tihattilthe .1 a t as Ire all tte rodutlio~n oI recer f~i r Itt1)1 s cldto liIIX

OU1 tII N I. ist1, 1, 'XrtlX N X 1111)111 1 tI4tw bob co ts onl its ihandsal by1a1 th
toI 1( l, 1 X-X 11 i1w1 }ilS 1 1 ' taI' I't l.ll d tl' fa a tii a
& I 3 !,s v1,, fr ie first eaitionl allthll 195 tOracle
wa' I~a s receiveX d todily fromllthle '111.
tutX 1II raham IX rntin~g Co., lDetroit. '111
prpad. -too a ti Ia') I , -{ Sa xsill oenl tomo~lrrow sv a ller-
Fl pI ne t i ts 'at, nttattomtorrowX-s I).lolI swll
1E01)111111 UXNreIies' Id lite t5TXI~ll
111 Nte Ot lia

gradulates,.T'lis 'atfeatrlllt c 11lx
newSI, onse that hlls ra'X]Xitedl an altost Call and ookh Over
enliessamontIofttXIw5oark b he l Y FineA rinital' o)I1)015f too i
boarli, and thold belatrec.1111iFateal I Fall quo te ou11p1ic1es whichl
Its everXytt s ~ t :de t ita' UiverstiX. N-l hteevo
hIeretofo~re it has beentIht cuatlomlO
taX have articles hbytprofeassors, XXXII 's rTS T~rrfltll,
a IlFumni, altd1othters, 11ut1 the lext
l nutlmber wsill1 1111e 11111iImgits it XXf . E ." 'IJ
Itat 1kint. No. 2 E. W6Vashingtoa-St. Ann Arbor.

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