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December 19, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-19

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TheIniialHae ad HundRaes ['le rcial ive hith ntdeitsRendered by the Webster Society .
-TheIniialHareandHoud Raes he ecitl gvenby te sudets! at its Public Meeting, Satur-
Success. _ t KA &
Saturday, were a, Decided oftthle Shool (f i.usc S'tuday day Evening, 'l ,A
aweion escell 'ttededl and --- __--
The1)11vh trogl avoatd wa ejoedbyall Te olowng te lass lectre roons was well IITPORTC.Pi
tlie introsiuctioti into the sports of eclntprogramwsetndrd. ildls aura'eeig -
tlhiisistitutlion, of the hli nd'tn1 AalsetiA.flat, I)'3+,N o. 1,the ecellett pogra'101tiat wasinrest- TRI, IR
hound race, viieh his beentsono p-PCho[intinMiss ILenora B. 'iiSlsith. ieid byithesebs tr litiriiyiso-
plar at tother cllesenStutily Ross C. eonele'alti ick di i
afternoon the tewsport wa s mn i tnio- ]'i e tis ter ie by a
[dice 6l great succes iimuci IIs in innsAtnie Richaesdn o rt itsosohi (G. W\ C olinshihi
shone the e'.liei r tiosnof the sios 1 Sinnnson" II. I toll,'Is senasso iwell receised tit he ias isy-
cnaaiv ciii hnast. j d ino''flom J esieG. Har vy ale h etwis isthe address1
the jint est taken in thp frs Inj itle D[liiin 1I),. onen, b i Peident 1., I I ict lei '['le
andi itsunccessful tiemination.. it Gin nomi (TnheJmne nde of educatinsis the leding
1 ip npto (I\en itWAneneln a mu antihe Latest Mnitnipenan sin en
may he sidl that thelhre anidelhouid lions),Srinbert, isns I diiiN1[iencifhis adrless ivetc person ofe$Ij4t.fti sSies attie Sn ia por s slni
rare [a obtamiinndfitGriifoothldlatiiKelley.crileestlim h[le Ike to the doot Anna prices send ir thins nanto
the U. o.M .Air VarieAlarilAlisAlma Onisucnnss [le recitton of [le F t C
At 3:35 p.im,[lie three [aes ltlsla ates eening sas gieiiy Miss InzA, R H.C
8. Ataheske, (Op. irSSelisinsariis Ld.ToseeIrot"noa" 11 83I5WOwa
started ftonts \ls 'ill ti hall ii tinn ee. ' ais.'ioacnsfrn iioia' 1013-5 eiticsAc
iortheasterly clreiion, hasvint ireO qia. Night, . Mlornitg, Nilin- were recited by Miss Laddl shichs DEIT101 - - MCIL6AN
mtinutes stnrt o the fifteen hiouss gec, Mrs. Hoff. elicited inuch applius. This ,as
'['ie cosise of tle rtimwsanoier[lhe ro. Etlude in 1flat, Nlillak,Miss followed lby a vocal solo by) Miss I'hmTi nd1 Straight Qti.
oulevard1 toiwardls eddin chete Myrtle B. Claar. Elsie Lieig, cwilccas renderedi Nt. 1
TE UNIVERSITY PRESS CLUB, ° ay Cigarette S.oer h
startedpn nsitoswarilyAntsAro, --__callesd to give a second selectc a e wsnngsoap aslitt i
whlichicctwsasresedt 1 c3,ethi tle Is Now Officered and Organiznd fr J.[V. Murdoe ck.as [le orato oif chagettforthe ntndinty
Work.tade Cigarttes witt fint
hounditid etsmiinutsebehindthleisiWok.tle eening. '['ie spealer, its a vei ccTensCatsR. tiltspe erit
tthe foriser 'llinasieeits togethier cwhile IatStsra'atrossIt tespleasing msainer, retdereed a CllTe ieittanl Straight
I Lst atrda ateroonth PrssCnltNa ti iettrneesase teontsthebrght-
hclate wrescttr1 smPha, su eld a special omeeintg for [Ihe iPrelaredl oraiotsn '['le Aanaisa nitst ut datiy ttisoedneeth t tgescot s
the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d lteiernrl'ivtotssinOnaLest eronwaisA'igia ia. ethsI le Od
all arris is" inii spe risod f tie)liipo eofeetngsfes. 'leChsrta. ' and OignuaBrad sifSmeaigt C(tatCigarttte,
sinusites, how ve. Thiouds mmteesonn1mlietisositiesente ['ie iehateOIsisthe qu estiots of Bewa e iitatintlsatiind s eventits tie
coiseslitee iii sonitsalotssisreetchel at nameeas bems' is sit eer pactkitie.
were absleiolellowstelsttrasl ih sh [Si [its rrilirton ws heALEx AtiTrnachtes'.
te octtlsssi ltsl oin emfollosing report: lresilent, C. r bechtg isilgaios caofit 1 S theCer iroasceCo.
ledovr hll ait hrug lo. [.enisot. ie-presient, 'Aiale very spirited eue. Earls speak erSKasusfactsure-, Richondsti cg~ini
marsyc "gsounil hy mesans of its ot'13.ouse; secretary, C. IE. Wake- cdislaed itetse earsestness and
paerwic tehae dope a ield;t treasurer, 1.. A. Stoieman. earl s cigreeted cwiths mutc l l- n ueton b y
certinsitersvls. I Tehareslsaml a (i ibalos eing cantth[lenenbers lase at [le closeoc isliiaddress1uaaTlltRtttEc1mmii
slight advantage Ol[lie ioiundsii eoninended by th ~e commititee [le affiriontive was repeseted by FRATERNITY JEWELRY,
snot crojis mmtme eecootnih Iaperiete elected. 1Is.tLipson, andltie negaise [y At'inle.s'ct
uishi iiict p te1oint when hci le ,A.J aknrantroIet so f
t PcI ltlatncwere discussedl regarding A uko
hnoe run wsm t beg inciw[ente tenature of programsm to be lpre- [lhe society aler, iread ty A R wQ"7 Z I IT
should Ih've 'n ssi seiinttedl before the club. Everybodly Hichcrockcas otie of [lenos
ConsuilecrinthIe rut osil usiitinuuus needto be is favor of geting interestingc feastres of [le progranm, R 11
ofs te roadth le irisisof si ot sien tI io1nto cwork as soois as pososible, whlithlconoianedmla nuitme of hapspy R EH1 I ON
inhn sad iiueordi im cer o iaccomplsh is [iia conilitsIhDis toi', t i iAN.
irered "onn i mie.mttee consistinig of GIertrude uck, [1st pian5o solo, renidererd [y Ls
'Tie Ihare'sere:'TIomasii is 1 5innie DaviA,'wHarris, eec,__________________________
troffin. se .toaad W Hriswee appoitedI to prepare a pro- aisrl Als Davs i reeivedhass encore.
'The hoctutidssi cldle I Holt, a-+Tepr inwhl a te P . IN C N
tit toIe lpresented stonusafter [le [i sgr atm a esl vs[i ..' IN C
ti, Seelen, Will ntslHorton, Neil ay hs. N sslnethsscudiig'thehst at[m[eniestreyhis
Ailer, IG'citsles AitimlStsuris,5 i sime flteur'scite ivenifor soine timer. 4Py .A1T
-caii n I Mli ackllint, IEpley ndsiretly' consneteil withs te Ifni-! - " ' ""- l
Sassier. st' iePress Cii ma iaend H[on 1.AV.alner, of Detroit,1
mom' ii:a n1 n; ND HUND i ~: osiderable iterest antI sill doubt- Presidnict rf[le \Worl's Fair, wosioLO
Sinma Alha Ep [siloi nclae [le1 leslike tip a lue of work ot yet cca'i for 'a numnber of years he rep-
dm1stare aind houiidc rums of lie sea- [ reached [y any oler organization. rescntatv e of [le IU S. at the courtAinsi't'isci
slit Smtmirhay miorniig.Posrteei I -----~--~-- ~ of Spn'in, will delive a lecture o-
men harthrihraed, followiig a 'lie section q~uezswork in Ease- norrowe nghtciii Spai"i''hi the'
couise of sin miles set of towns. nents, whlich sas annomunceil for Unhty' Club series. '1hms letree -T-T - OC
[Iis week his beenistonliedI until should be attended by' all who feel
'rie hares camsi in one minute ahead aim interest hnIle couttry whihi isI
of [heir pursuers, anth all greatly'et- after the holidays ott accotut of tie Of so miuch interes[ to stdents of SS W- F~" JOR=cTS'
joyed the short. A seroisilun mnay' work in [le lass'deartmntichiing history, for its otinectionth tl~
hie matte next Saturday. 'rhurday. I Coumnbis. I Detroit, Michigan.

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