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December 08, 1892 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-08

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beh~ind you


.,iot ck tol011.1il tibi' x o bc Ill tite ti CV(rocotc, Ciiiicago. its the NewCor'iang cabieSilks':
Stringed -oInstruin ent,;




a11d1 Special noveilties in FIouri-ini-lMali. Teckcs and PI10~f

WlicnA' thgi) onic for S.liittieaS.rAnt,
W hell (M gO101Lne.for 34rSb StatearStreet.

lii cdsii 1, lI,,,t iooks, t51 c ('1I ho tls, ioc lb 'os. De-Icoil lo o. Stuiic ,Nt e Ic l. 5itI'1 Bti okk 111 l S tii ic . T o 05
Stockb if Ecaf elii(1111 Lsci' Irafti 188 Instliiiill t:.
Our Stock wild be found Complete and our Prices as Low as the 'Lowest.

.oziom tczLitte f 00011D53a .1 ve AN8Oe ti
l~oW 1cc ::101,8slcnit 's ald1nus0at 1he1 0010i
tt bk a<I ie Mixedcd iiy
cil1iffi iieacream c('andy,
LARGEST STOCK IN THE C11TY g(oil ('liocolate (aniiy, at
\Ver lest chocolate ('aaidv,
MixeilNtst, at i5c lE
_tL'- 44 Main Street, South.
:111 )1V 'D IRU(' :TOI EJ E. THE CAMPUS.
~ iii '\f~~. J col lic cross 11o110110clubi)at Corne10l1
ocniestly o 'in o n linld
. 1it 1irSlow lWilloctIt te iiarls ft'iao i utld
ii ci is uher 110 iitjc b.
i 1r ) ii t ( 1 1: , <lii tif\juni or 1101w'iiitinlilJ Nvas talld
G u I TAR S sicrda, bat no 08e at tended(.
'it's. Chloate xvwi ll anonce the
PRICES. I-esh0110181 (011111ttees itie latter part1
of tbis wee01.
THEl 1' N A 111101 011(1AN (CO.,I A series of bare andoulniod runls
;f S lii Main 1troet. ihs been startedi at the university
MLH G N LNTO . f e S.C. A. dntal iieeting xiiibe
EAST p.1 : WET. i. hldItonigitat 7 o'clock. J. A.
.flai. o'o -- --- 0411 ' S C icro pecial - t3 oo8
N. Y.i,itoitlt __.- 9 4511. . . . .xviii tresicie
N.agara ai01011 14 .i.tnt 10 Prof. Knowlton wiii not meet his
NaninaCtacago11Ex1ress. '1-1
f.N) x110 0 O '1l'glttrs.0i class inalBlackstone during the re-
, N. 11. ii>.>k (x t ress_ 5i481
Atlatc Expess 8 f iiht E p F 9io 05 l Ihdstian~er of 1this week.
G1. It x t. -_I a iic. 1 tss u2
o. I.fi&t t,0i 14. gIAt All' I weveemsen have becii suspendeti
G. '.L . rgntChcag. gt An Abo. 1froiii Brown for 1101 being measured
FIRST NATIONAL BANK by tbe gyioiasiiias antliorities.
Capital, $109,000i. Surpl1110andl Profit 111$3,000. lie Princeltoin Glee, lBanjo and1
010111e '010110 o6so1d, letter's of1ced~it prociu1red ii jiisgceter io c)!
for trave.e0s (broao.cert at Kingstoo, N. J., latee!,.
I..0BACH,, 111o0115.tinl
s. . C.AticaN asier Astudentt 0w1a5 lilokedin the iphar-
0 RANGER'S o bniildiing,yesterdainoon0)1, aiid
S t.1100fi OFUAaIJN towindow by leaping from a first
10Oth Season, October, '90,6to0a 93". 1 tThe Io cat fteavr
OUR 16 Nw iHALt. is cetrallyiloctedand he0tral debte o crseiHarthe
ever ptt'0"1111has 1een0aet 0110 tltte lt'thleHUnio t.slet ohespakrsinth
comtforltttof ou(r16patrons. . 'I re areto tstis 100slc
to montth(latlncing 101110 being on lte ale debate xiii take place in thse
gr'oun~d floort. 0Offic011600c0d11y, f3 Maynard-st.1
Sendt$15,a$. or $0 50 tot'Sam- iddle of January.
e1 .. ple etlco x Ibr express of The EliteTepihrDacn
th.1lU IIIeBST CANDIES inAmerica. Trscoeiacn
M~5U Put up in elegant boxsnd club will be reorganized soon. All
sW*J nticly pure. Suitable lot'
PRESkNTIS. Epresschargelspesndeingtjonviiiae
prepa~id. efcr tt alsica10go. prosdsrn oli il es
Try it . GUN 11011. address, IlH.dnnost
IIflT C FGUIV7IHE, Conf6ctonerhndnme tK. 1,. M~ason H.
212 stale Street. 1B ,r on

" i --- - Call on Win. Fuilde. the1
-1892. 'lailor, Ioppo(sitetheiilsLawOS 1il111111oil
(0e11 tihe 1( lea ixs 11' 0cost, Ave 11111. Itom10011. l11 011shi ts t er spcialty-1. All wok1011, el".
i t 01' p.11). [IF YOUWAoT '10
20(l .. t. l
)r llt., tor 2 11bs. for 2i.-)('o ase 110Iepitinbg e on to)1
our Stock. W . rolcu, 36 Main Street
Thoe Dartnouth t-nion ions cha-iiF O D
ieiiged thie Aimherst D~ebting Soio
ety to a debate oio stie subject. 1to
lbe agreedl 11pon0later. i
SundanyDec. I I, li-ay 'h-c r;- It r61)11 C 1 1' 111E 'ed If a fide
or oftIDetroit, owil1 addlress t~
mlembel~rs (If the ('hristian Assli , coS iini ('oStilt., ( )scr
11(11 101Newlberry hall, at1 9:15 a. m
F.1. Stnyder, '15 miedic, ihast b 11,1een .11
a~i~e~ 111 tke ihategclatt1110 IIIY80 ,il18'ill onr mc, c'aii
oit the large ar ch<onogoiii 0exibiits 11Stfo
at tile Aorlti's Fair. Hie will iprob- 11Stffr. Ar'. Staffoid is
ably accept.
'ihe past editors cit the Weliesley ilgilil i( isO (101 c'utting nd
papers have orgaized a We'llesley
altumini tPress .Association ovithi the tule finesf gradeitIf xrtrkis l10581'cd.
object of raising the standard osf
' ournalistic wvork at tiiat coilege._
1". S. Griffito, tornmerily'withi '15
lit, was throwni frons a train last 42 South State Street.

wveek atsi receiveci a fracture of tihe
skull. D~r. Nancrelie cas suiimon
edi for cionsultatioii.
Thle conmmittee applolinmtd at the
drst meeting of thent niversils' Pres
Clumb, to drawoupi)aIco~nstittiioni,111
last iigiit at themD)lIon,',ofice.
plao for organizatttns 'd crawu'olp
aiocillviibeosubmlitteci to tihe club a
Saturday's meeting.
'Tle:Pilological Society xwilnie
iii roomn E, Thourscday evenoing, a
7:3 30. Prof. Scott wviii lecture ot
the "Standard of Good Usage.'
't'oere wvill also be a papser by Mir.
Curtis upon the "laya Inscrip-
tions,'' in whiicho there wili he an at
tenmpt Ito explain the 1"Pttaya Inscrip
lions" in Yucatan.

Is the place to go foir hul'lalorintg.
t le mcs thte most select stock ol'
't ho Suithmigs. 'Troulserings, sand Faney
Silk 'Vestinogs in the City, 1a10d
wvouldi be pleased to have yogi
call and examin~e. Ile
makes a specialty of
_ Full Dress Smts.
No. 2 E. Washington-St.. Ann Arbor.

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