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December 08, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-08

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A VERY GOOD START. I Chadwick b.'fThe Northern Days, THE S. C. A. DEBATES,
--- Chadwick, Mr. S. R. Mills, 7.-
Freshman Banjo Club Starts out Weinig Mosc(for foisr ands), But FajstSettleona New Bassof
with Fifteen Members. A Few Membership-A New Plan Pre- .4IJU
More Banjos Still Needed. Jensein, Mss Porey soil Mr. sented. hnIH,\
- ~~~Schinan. __YII
'those iiterested in the forsiation _ _ ta iiIes ieiseo heSC /TlPORTERS&
ofafresthssassbanjuo club, iset last Skill in Trials.A lsterilnntleCoslsilri, ET fT, IC
nigh attheAlpa Tu~negahouelwich hail beens app~oinisedi toilooi
to conter withiiiVMssrs. Joel and Iioni J.iW.IDosnovaini iOfIDetioi phemteofxenigheel-
Icer the collittier'appositedu l wilsou l iver Iis letest enutited I h ists s xeii551Ii se
lie ''ss S tsr nSkillinii Tris,"ini the lsir ietir cirship bisiiss subiii titedilas as repo
sos ta hcrw s ae tienrr iiisn15 1 ia i oi le 6 tse rpembssiaic siss i hu pisiisssi
ii s ii. i Iissosi ie ii knownv ilisss.e sintitedi Tactin as chsaiim s ta ltecid t h ln
as ii I iTis.e iereI c te o 'lICoust. HeIt s, i i msadi a.speiciaisil e comitistes is Itoiiemodion ithe
ses ici1t ssiiitss siiii'siidiyIOf liis, Subiei. t ie l citureipreambiie issil ilib'c sus i icas as1
ntcre i 11 thc t o is en sipp i i is l i(5 ci i ed here tiwo ers ago o iiIwish reiiou a ess Lat est0tolilu ss 5
usi ii 1ssstcsso ti .ai i Itc sei isis c ciig satecr isstu roid di,"h tot erii o F,$< i h i f . elat t is i i <ie t a
he exaissed Satursdsyns osrnig Is iii DIososviiiis it hian of striking i.iseass si i iii ii
rho isoulisicomei. i iliirasons
Sir ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ' hesse iisi elii ture.111.wil i be icisiriie. i s rmsnfusl to iiie 'associamion. liiei I
arW i Iaijiicsb, hoves s i. hid li- liCii i i i.pi5ot iris lidtciilsn i.th itale tfor ailin-ii tot, t S-ion ico n A l:
tg ofereciithesrsessvices. Sttheiii.D 11ItM ICIGAlf~~N.
mieting, fousr esiirsCiihiieis mauto BASEBALL AT PRINCETONicssi on ti oicls
ITle qusestionlof sitiii g theSt basiscst
Its n n iii siss siolisere ccliirI-I.>,9lQhttnd taihnQt
liiiiGettihg Ready for Net Season. ofembeiirship ha5 sarsesns 11151 .n
-oaed bu tesewa a ac: o Tey Feel the Lossof a Good objectioinLbciniimadc to thec aslis
)no 'heboti exassmitssi alltery.__CIGARETTES.
ci scetso eofw ic siialedyae'swiing itoo ya litlli
ljice ol is raln 5 gett Lig cc sss o scsi s i g ills, h n hei ce
oud o i ' o Ises sitilcilitis I s ape tsr isct sirissn iisii c icciici lipitsaiiin 1'. ' isi Ateil s I~ ililie]
isc isaiss1 cl icc xi Ii clsscl i i I ands V.s Wsis. A iii g ipliedittss 51155 peio
o ilecisicil iii it wllsescfsssiicasseq estd alica didaes ti'loteiii. 15l5 leig
to I isi ii lsis i ss an ils t o n ii'isecli nd ,'si s iii ros cos t
tilushano nc d s ios.ihl Iu es ls o ten eciet i 'l i sr ui rssll s 51e5isty iiqu stinstsQi isljni.Tis igs etacsls
_____tat sofssiiitilicsand1bc ii iii c a isbsc- bcIiltas iii Ii on Isis ciiitiscissisci ssinn thI.l)eatliiicisi
TmoeiFourth oadtetSeasoneataNis
berr Y CO CETy Hy aealld fer ciiisilersiole ilis sissots tis is (a bktisilevr ac,
crognnosArrangedschsorac iii ar so fol> tons lst.rNss1rcsl tlstislnsh
't , tnsI~of isc C. ine ii siG oses rGuil b, I tOairdktiyrs afec consieabtt discu sion cit
School ou1sirtill gilve theiroI ad base; Woodcock, thisiclbase; lit the onebasis tas to bclborc FRATERNITY JEWELRY,
fourth recital sit thur oeasonsoissght, Ranmsdll, short stop; SMackecnzie they acophted it.A dts a'e Aoruu r
at ight o'clock, at Nesoberr y al lft firis; Wright, center, ntitTren C. A. Boswen gave notihce thatn et Aislsest 5Aonssstsi
Thur price sit eadsissiotns beern chaord, right. Amnotg thor substs- ednesday ie troiulsd pooste N Q ~ IjZ TI1 i S
seed at 2,edts. IlDoors wisl le ttestwho have returnseidrelBroks, following anenrldnlenttIcsarice 11, AEsso: Y
Ipn li:0.Te p1o1ram1sat s sort stp, atodh Cane, fild. of Ithe constitutiion "The&urpose
Canidtesarnalaty l'rct' f this association i ito leash tiento,
rcpcxlo in-i the gymnluasiuml, ,andc will go an earnest study ot thur Bible; to a IDccisicu, - S lrr i. toe.
I.Suite iltis e stie sa ci , sn intoithe icage after the holidaysa) renuncsiationlsof sit; to a knoleodg cilei1~ se i S t 'e ulslice II ns
I' mssjor, A.A. Stailhc7 (Fur01 - -.. --- f Jesus Cloritas their sdivitie Lord _______________________
pin isdiso InllAiscal ter-collegate Athletics. atnd Savior; to the acceptanc of Hils p J. KINNUTICAfiJ,
AllhemsandceGavotte,'iMosette Pase- r s ry uaccessfiulhartunic ouslsondlwrsanlIi -ti'Ssri sto
pie Saabnde GigeMr.A. .uise of life; atnd to the scotua
luchSscsbunl C ue'wuas tsadse at IHarvrtlMotsday. toof Christian fellowship.'slM ER~.CH'1A.NT
Statusysand IF Sills. t a.Stlle Allnenmbers of the ltrinceton ..
lI huacien, Sichumannn;obhBitte, toootball tean, willsthur exception of I Jeffersonian sooiety Program 1
I az;c hi T.wIiro setnadies, Iomnts, twill reisurns Isicol leernet --' TAILOR
Schotnsasss, Sr. S. Ih. Ills. 3. year.fle following programolwille
Valse fron LIe Bln, Rulbinstein, Siss 'IheTufts College Ahluetic Cons. resderedh tonight: tPresient's in'
Grace I.. Povey. <. a. Air, Bach, mitlee have called for ,000o from agural address; declanatiot, IVSS. g' A i' lnro~irorsC i
b. Bourree, Btach,Sr. F. Mills. the aumnio, to aid the trainits of Aggler; oration. W. H. Evans; iog-
~Sonate, op. 31, No. 3, for pisan, l t hasehall ean. raphy, EJ.iBean; debate: Resolved, F'=NE -ST00O-ENT3,
Beethoen. i. Allegro; . Scherzo, Trie menshers of last year's Yale That the president elect will e jon.
ale Vivace;. Menuello, e l hv eeie tfiahle in calling an extra session 5 .
.bhlgretto ,3"nnhaercida chanpionship of congress. Af., IE. J.IBean and 55W-O T8 _
Grazioso; 4. )finale Presto con fuoco, trophsy in the shape of a snmall gold C. B. Blakey; neg., I. S. Cnning-
Sir. J. Erich Schmaa. . 5a' Allah, ball half an inch in diameer. hans and S. J. Hall. Detroit, Michigan.

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