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October 31, 1892 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1892-10-31

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Toot Bruishes? COOl) $TRINGD HENE


YE",-; , We 11,1ve theill.

And the Bristles will not 3: e Stringed -aIntrument,
Out. - -

Li. L 000 ~1I 01 0
u' 0 O

34 S. Strie tre t 1 -e 40,0actre.//;H 5 I 3 L
l ' % i? I t t i V, . i )iteat i, it l {1i' , )i'll 21-iii i lis-, St itlitit to I(} i iti) s K I r L ii) i'r. I '1 i XX ; i a m
Sb ttcl 1 laral t'1,, itd s if'" . 'Cl 4V
Our Soclt;ow?,ie ound Complete and ouir Prices as Low as th-e Lo-west.


~A,~i C)UI~' IS~fl'4.Call on h s Fuie. G
oili tialett hat t 't > liie the iiiiit pl ftit i fit (oIiiany l diii- 1XX5 iii i t h l i h e tti, --icjtitlni (4 irs t e +
ur'iesa ry f ram l90l cen-ts tl45eacti ti'y 211ive'l ie a -d e q ti al 11 (1t1aii- -eII- (i- i l-o 1"i-ti 2.Ii I e'ii-ti 'til
Iity ofatih t. Y x
Aiga; ii h- lp, ithi larcl'iali adesa - - - - i td it t Gil AXV.a I TO
'' i t ai ii, th at liiuiaa witlioiit odlii e l tiii i; ciariie ie cli-
"'" an y I tices a2liiire i bite ulit, delicvtied 'it - - lie e i
( illC'( i, accre imngto mipacity, fretm- '0 Ctarato iii tacl)t
I 'h ietLii a a bevt ciiif r te; ea t iii cf iiye liuei a 5 ityt.i Tii iiiiiiiCe
144 Main Street, South. DEAN & COMPANY. ____ tre

1.oN'A P W n t wiit'
ii i t in°iii ttl t~' ,
ai[ ,i;10,ti Fatyi,

LCo loot. (a.Illg(rctll ,%ilt le.
.4"iue eins Lnivsity 114-ail1,tonight4
tn i s Haloeen.l el
I syc-(l i h Lai 4nil' S1111

'1ir ate-elt. - -afothe ror ii, 0f
thegymasim aie rativediiandi
Thefieal -anic U lii rchXWa'trotisa
and 9 aitl 1111will ib-°till tcdtli fira'
ef ti ch, r eas ,ilm. ari ')
iii atlybe a l"7 re" a T -IetCI.

iV'~ A f a"".. 'r""c .

No , ha M reCllYo1 4r11 ° Itolae lliaaortlbItaca! e l e' , iii i Ia1]-
a-GVcolaelt 2~ i- ttreColt1 cvIlta -ii l t een' tsCiiI re! at' I -A---'Lu U 1)--'
Pin s trat I, , 1I o. a-. dil t ,. -itlci-i'')liS(ayiraft rnoon tG-ira Al, I ] 3i.lirreil,
1'.I .N A I l0 t l TlXtY I tel. ; Prof. ililiii ccill leetu ti fie I b ltsa Shaiw, iofthe 1II.iii saf, , -
IiiH. a I ,l -. rttn , jitt u antd aeniar lawsca a iiils
'It , ci , '_\ al-ti'; tertaied a ifcw'of Ih'C frield Sutr-It sa si unrie a1 hl -ti, u113 T'
' li',Xlphla Detlt initiated Fiday, da Y ee-catl ' Tlaitfif li ilaIi
ICHIG1A'A1 ENWRAL ail 11crDebesratu~lirday ntihtl pritncipal part iii the iragrami. r-tiellittatSiiig
Fratili Italr t laca1batIlt titti Hacve youat;aledlo e qIl c ti ii a Trait-trings atn Vt-1 v XV i'tilitr
I ,; l~iv iii t-c ii l~th; n N thetalt oa lasine the X'rlela lair etc Setc- i'I" I 0
1hlyl lzte. 'iI~tl~s}ic 5_ " I 4 r. lt er, 1. G. ' aI r ta;h 0'F l i? it r
tie.tiiit5 ll lce ti i I9ae)a ,tiU Iiea l9atecalii;0airatd
i ?iIf-ot rocueIa lip nd d
-' Al ta tltle tt ;ettintil to et aat.Iatiro at oc. V tes lire comb ing Ii
[) ViErodr (ilitE 11 (Sslacaly Deposit laourcetig .Ilirl
tlaekaaa lic)1iPcii Elre, I . 'te I).I nt a ICt. 42 auth $tcuc Street,
G. 'lit Ia.tAitit.iCn--iii I a t. tah eatter XlMr.iPaoI.Ta Iruerbloodil delivetreil
IRST NATIONBAL BANK Ipiecesta cill ediscusasiaaiB'aac sast eedraacatisatitioat Melee II lt
t' A e11tI0 t. JcksnasRamnta ta a goodsd io il (J'* H IL D I
II i trtt<I itl tllro l lll l lea -, ~ 'litt er e i r l tiii tat lt I V eneelArendaereandiit - ii ca-
iiiDr. D ~aev rerrsidhtent the aT11;sitrlawcethllctonhas I Ere-PNGTIL0
GB M IN C_'LEB' S lC uri;lrielt illr ''i a'trlic l-tei eiC-Isthe place to ge fur fitte 'aileril ii
KUmaversity aof'l'ceiiiac, istheltgueist aumedtlSatutrday, betl no great icraoa-I- - I
IahacsnOta e,'st ayhasi e laca tchcle arc ''moste ect t e lecit stoctk of
I Oh Sasn, ctoer '9, t Xy, 93. Thre wl h r rcgu ii Adets a sarectary and treasurer cere FALL AD N TER GOODS
cr-lINI b F J trtl lo ed el Pitideetleadigafertia ceerl e i- all thecoffdecrs elected, eating Ito St a g ''eiaegtidle
.li t tac a lur te aiii- Tiere are' iitaitti; edit ai apeial natice.tailuarc to agrece oanildatea. 1helc
t-rn m doorte. office at acadeair,6isManaa. TI e lertLarc assaciation have fallawing ccerc thr afficecrselected: Sl 'alcae ~;Itit
aend fl r$3 aeria l t ml- addtied the aratarical canest to their Keslle, fieat aice-presienitl Mtiss 51~ iii~ i h ~y lr
p, ie Ii iiti l o yea ;-ealc vno oudbepeaetliae,?o
theBii rilE" I Sa Aaie ieti- list, lit the teth ecitrtain elt. Beslin, secoand cvice-preaidilet; rtllb ietr omec
Put tt a;pimieegantboea ndl-i. indeiamie.ili
ibitiali i Ic ro'.Dabne, president rafthue Blradley,Secetory; BParcell, treas- etl ailexnn. le
tidc cpcpu e u.itable for
iRS SEpes atact,-Srtati i le tc ceraa rmiigafer d1 emd 'at all s Sats, Aor
preidi; Rei er to a liii an, L t' ofaT''en,wasas llIii nttercsteeluer. !Anather attemipt ta elect the iit't peill
Iiiiirne Addreis pecato- atthe fi-eld -'
C.FG TE, a xriermiigofieswl emd os ulDesSis

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