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October 29, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-29

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VOL. VI. No. 26.


TILmShOamAFpTI&MES.('lif handlles "'I'2le International
11NEGUTA INTERESTHIGFACTS ABOUT THE expellt, while 'Mr. 0,'amp1 writes ofth
40_ME IC N _NS IT TIN_ HE E.llos'liiitit'sof e ininag feoltill bt
NH Is enough for one person to#
SW play on at one time. One1# Prof. White's Report on the Work aleis as eiily Mi'. ('amp can. Mlany ine
NN guitar is not enougrh, howe- 101 and Aims of the School-Former illustratios atd brezy sketceis of
ON ever, to supply 3,000 .Sstu- U. of M. Professor Recognized. sport, ratrel 11ant irtite, ret.pletr ta et.Tatswyw ae##
Oi ronstantly in stock several ___Teoutblltifhe_______a.vaublnmbr
NN dozens of guitars of various #### school it AltIts ;juls ttlublislhtdl Sy THE GRADUATING CLASS
i# makes Slid prics. N l'roerssotr .1'. MN'iite, of' Ilertird,
0055 Elected Their Officers Yesterday
011 BETTER LOOK AT OUR N##5 ( tlills liltilit e t nlt' fac tits <tlt
014 GUITR. for the Year.
SU. OF M. GUTAR.I#S rtrliiltg ii'tiewok tatll alis tof thre____
U U wli ttttchol. Alt it' Iirliti Sit'e 'l)tilitier
It's goodl as its name. 110
lit 91 Tie' schotollihas hiti iitititIIofts- rlaisq ye'St'tay atetrnothett li'fttllowt-
9 THE ANN A.RBOR ORGAN GO, f105 ostifrtt'5ntsettintt enIt'llgettys atheittet' o til (ls wert' eleted fot'tIhiiSli' ri
Attttrk wiitli-h te s.'lttttlSils ct' ietn nt' ti, sterelir~y; ). P. Cotlet'Irrasuren; 1". 1'.
S nI heehIa li t 'ai unts, "olt' of tt' ittost ini- pott'tss; M its iIttiltltt Fairtintit. Iti'lsn-
Yotn ran inlto lrest andm otttltt ties lwhihth etltatio Sl it' teet'' Dlt It . StuartMtt,ltacI atltek.rttics t 'Sr'ts
SWEA1ERS AND ofr ol sl___isfo h nF.Worffotalmngr
iIAIilAPIIRIlan111otf atirettr withlfitr' Orchard Lake Cadets Go Down
i;aNSUM S T yers 31.111i3G e'e 11(1r'(.0D Before Them at DetroitYetr
ill th cit . W w.te t to ti Istwo allillial oesI' nta
ore E i. S PaKE orFOUNT ign PNor tiS tt St tr rtt'y'ti,,.S i ii tll at'iib t il i l t h A. 'lltl'l Iaotl
styl~etisire.iha heAg coogcllItrtueuoudcaewendth osop-te Lk
SO.S A EST TiS t ilItworltt'rh~S of ". Sit'year'to lt. FrA. tItle ic oleg oot i
S.iltltIb y c mptt iti txtmin'tionanM.
TE.SLPREDIN TAILORENR HA frt WALorT~feR aPs AYS.atenoon atiI. . .Sit tiyNuslets ns-
The ltestetndyosteenhiodboptichiandGamefoll t't'g'wasWontbythe"latite byt a tilt' eof
T en pag- tc i h iy s i h lltit1i'0'ilitli t lt s g Aitt ' ('She ati ltl''ly ttlatgot-
putse'ntilte iyatr:ti' Arts: sC. ib- Styme, b ut ee tuf21lit rt heIt.
NOS 2 E.B S HNGT N STN AR M I., ' 'bit t' S.tI,Ivt' r d ' 0ttf It'Sl tttD., t'art'ft' orts ltntrt.ltuit suu'tlti
30 S ST TE SREE . tvrs't i't d t it Ytlebs't5.1 wase stilt Sl I nt e r--C llegtite Nats'. i~t
Al'l W A, f c t ii RSi~t, 41)

Reserves Held Down the 'Varsity
in Good Shape.
P'acticet'ye'steday aternoontltlWat
dttttis. 'Tt' srtr itiend tit ntttwsent
ti e Mititnh .''5trubesik as kag iilt'.
Shey sue'ttetit'tSin kt't'1ig tt' 'Varsiy
batcuk. 2'S'eites tits mre Sy ilti
anditS Siingt'I lethrogh tckets. Iler-
kisking was nottsultlybililito,
'pa'tlybcas fsalreti l ock ft's''.
Shuntitgt'r......r. e S....Ihikn
I ieit......St.I ) b'iiitiitt'.it'i'
Hooper- s .It ......tsr
Gttin'tlit Micitigiti....his..ytitet
2.1111 e. ii.i.. t'tS fite. till' S liav un
sltiti a ettitit'. It. is.e..ally It it' i'
'Vasit Tem Bgi Sligt'ottBel IN
I tilt Sii c o ti'gYalet's Ire t fiorila
"sielt ] Itt' al hi yar
Sltaeir Pharms'BaEl ein.i
teibies tf tt t 'S, vrd iiin ttg alt'-
ttitt'tip otilh' esit th~'in S, ,te
year' ugr Bidfrs iitdPl

"College Girls,"
By Abbe Carter (Goodloe. Il-
lustrated by Charles Danatt
Gibson. For opinitos ask
yirneighbors. Nosy on sale
its Towe. Dows Toes.

litw nilytliltiT ItIf St '-pilt' ,1an thllt;.
pintl III, a rIoSdgamtooittjust tiey's
aSare'ttittgtnow. a n oneRsi ofjutthetYlel
thttiei', si-lie sinalltyI'ove'tatkent
chose Seote goatltby Ftrol'I, an (idt
r'usher'n51111 SatS follhowset hiii."
The November Outing.
ITe ielh knosn attorlitie'supnitt
thtles't and t fSotball, IWin. Si. Ctrtis

gato' itiit tl'rNutiI.SltIs'istt' in iti
schui .'esl't'ill plaStint iii tint'
tianle siw it ' SNothes' tertn il,
Iveslit oneith t iet' illlilIitinl's
statethatt Itterst'iherg;en, thtt ('ittti
S'tis'rsita' ftull SitteRlatteart't, willre'
'S'inksg;iiig glult. Ilsptirint tshittvt
refuised So alless'itto itpla' ikttu-
hit c'S.
P'i'f. I L1t1h t'ititeit al'i the 11 ttiet:
in Aslrioiia- a'yesterdltay, toting So liii'
illiness of Mn. Gillis.

-UL irsdGnt ostore, Oppsite Ctrtiltsete1 itersjSo}OUitiiig foroEt1Jr 'S.
St S. State St. 4 N. Mai St. filronthn tr

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