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October 24, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-24

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W hy N ot Clothin~g H=Ouse Souhaeben ern lain s otood
it,10 , fo tolothe 1 t o yaoo.Thi flte
live your Clothes souL ein f . S M xlIAT\ 1_ h 0e (rrnltOIhQ' eoo o..000oil )0fr
..the ai .1 brie the mooeetrsttl CoLIP leo
Ann ArborJ ilrottt r clr Teetod
sh ontfl-reey codlbr own tedsomtha'rdesLh
y Tcroonooo sart of mn., t o rt ottor io pliioandtlotpe. You
_lhas lot toolit n o( L to- oloo iooioi lolgltttfoolo
J o .Ii r a f i z 4t rt .1 1 ' t t do t ( o ,t o ofi l t t ol lO o oti c c l b t o ot s
The Practical Tailor, 0,00Ir tt. loioo
will gYe oul perfect stisllfacti~on. "' ( GfS7rEE D (3. 0'leooor~i , loi to lle No arot'.lltuoroFt
Prices re lreasolllllle. IttCIlelob1)erN_1.2 1Vc e-m n in 1ab tittol nth
N 1727IN 0OUR WINDOW. toed c,tol''t fotitodes ei nv o litd
Kollauf, The Taiior, tlotot Ink i,-tllotlessCtt notsolaoot
10 I7lolooOoo 0, I~So i of A. C. McGraw ofOto
#Wetzof Detroit, force a settlement ANDREW HUN TE, E. ibetyoSto
: ~of the estate. Shoes had to go.----
r( joy:VWe bought 3,000 pairs for Iicycls e fp 111101 001 lfntcd
60c on the $1. Have opened Dettl 1nt~1111 lISepairec11101
_ }; e the greatest slaughter known _____________
toytttoh'hootuom in the history of Ann Arbor TQ G I1A F
Young Ladie es neeie0'm h eo00 -%eed 9 F Fit uciecelto
Ifbosorpi 100 ly ot otoewelsoto' rnm2OFFieCo at aed God
1000d00d000rite opltietamtl 317 S. MAIN ST. n aedGos
ACME CYCLE COl'PANY,i Try Our Lunches.
EI.KHIZT, iND ____________
(;_. a......Try Our "Red Star" Oil. ILA
A. 0. SPAIDINGO.& 1BRO. 'N0 sotol o 1totoebsive odlor. Wll ot oar thio wii. Oey11TOlCtOaitfo
Football Supples a Pe rfectly stoer. igit gravtoy, Ila o ltqu0a1l1 ill tils proortr d futol e.-t our
J:_ Spcialty nalt. Ieliverdoro mpt 010 ~ly 1to laly 10.01t1othe ocity inl wT P RI R
T - olrequiit fort he0lour001ca001. Price olt ptr gllonl. W lol o or'to e
Otor'l lot ter, loo tan'll]DEAN & COMAP.ANY. days Cnly.
of, Itoololot'Ooo o 44 South Moain Street. C la p a V
"la'd totoolotol NVE STY R TE. 010 I 0 loy~
ltol ltottlo UNVER ITYN10,1 111001i 00 nullli N Itllf-111 LAW PBILISHERS CHICAGO.
$0 00t1101000Ofi rooioelott Att 'el l otMean AT SHLEEDES, 50 S. STATE ST.,A nnro.
o ,e \ tt lito 1o'ootto '110t lt' otblloll lhltt ty l'c Se11 iortlOl liillis atootol out 'C looley bus .
ore t t Ilolooo'rs Hind="lo 01 0 00 ivill Iltt t l il ' --lcGRANER'S ACADEMY GF DANCING.
Illt lo dIootbl ol Ctta otttttlcc, tcool olooue11sentllOl~lr (A LM N tDAlI 11,o' ~~ott0otc ot o Aoo A'oo
,'S.NT O N L B A K 1 1 1rt IPidny1 Ilt'ti 0 toot oo 1100' lloiotol. too'o V. t o o tE 0100loir;; n Ann Aboorccto
Ili199ANN e Alfo tolilt IiL 10 25 t . Ot. 10.i01' 1 ..otitoroi _o' lt l t r t OtoootrootOOy0 0o I 1000
t 0ototo .t Om lttoljocttl otto'o'oP t'l~ t ah Soillo! IIC s o t ol 0 5 tl't Arotloot tot tto 00 t0y 1 t 1 -0 tr
T rCoetl 1t000 orpoo to rb t .,00 ot ' l'o~ li ot (lIt'*.:t ot tt'tll tilyc t, ts00001- I111s.Oto0
TlRSototZ t otrtl +o\iloboltto liittyrstr m. \. i-tone11
IRoS ,T NlTtottt ONt otsldB ANK., ( Ot ' Ioo lb1 : t~tl1 t5 otot ttIr1l' ,,.tl.Ot'I t li JnOttt101 t,,, 1111 UI IIU tI
e1 ytfot Inowtbyttotoilt.I o d V5, tA. '"fi4 1i ttti r f w I i 111 OUra lLa;
. I O r000, . 01 L tlaitO. tot [ ol cro' I ll, c n n+oftelln 1 otttt't to . l.hil.S.L.A, I s" C,, cir l utO ' o rofltitt l i. le oy tot
1aial010010 pllabtrois,$0,0 tdped i cltof thel eta- of0 't rlto 'lotto00 t- ', 100 p it ot7 te Iores t. lo ~ Norli'. lt''' 01t0b t
HErancs gne aVaning bsine101ss., 0 1 ob1 1 ,o
Clorte b 5tott it 50) ttt Stqtun~old. b i sh tt It(, Otldtins11 ttotoontt 0ttt5 to'''ottt't'I t S t o.l'a tot1 (lott H l O ER, Bo l r [ IST R
Iot oos o oooooo s 0.00cou0111000ad T.I.oH. K E YE SOR
P. BA ttiooPres.tt.o W.'oLtt'Oot Ot'ott Caohi er . o' It tt 11 ot lt'1. t00. lttt0t '5 )1 1______________ ___ ___ ______
1: irotNiv.1Jty l7o11,. 'r'tlsl.'t 7olcootoit booartos f too ototOew
fn to foorttet tnnto (lo 'tbou.t n.10. bt' otlit tto.a 0 lotot Jhorl 1utO u , 110 ~St' pYo iltearpido d for ll ool a f
of cttof1citbusstoodtoolotettos
H trr00 to 011 c t Itt 01 toi ! }oyou'll1inol"f tur a boat bitt
(letb~I .10'Otti0' ot tooO0' 1 toot 10t. , 5oattoooototbo bo lotot5.o t ao
soAo cto itN ro .Tto , t l o t010 t th'tren o o t 1'I tr.tbl of10 ooooo', 'bto Jooolos trtobbttccosttt - -t
I 'rlttotoor the sO.o 10,f0, tbbon tbo.
\tuo n , b10 oll in Nevvtoto' tot l tt' veIOtto 11 to l 00 tl ob toor liit l~ ttb o l ] i I L
te \ I.A l \too of0000c, ort ' ((VII1L1.iroo. 00 .5010 O 1 .Ot1'it 0liIoi toob Iolo
I - I, to, All 'tbtlttttttttoot'tton tiknowowto'basth ak ,
=k0. THE >FINE S T TE LND lo' tSlt o.Pttit oot 1100050 I 'l ,0 t sulbri t o n!tle o'u n iet r ooo rooti1000 ol nt eeloioo cityoo. ft o mes. ooit
HAI IORN.Nr p oltr 111 srn nim t nisbolto r11 .501110 roo, tO tllrt t b e ' o 'io fom here.otittoooioo ..0
13 -l i r, I'Iis ruI;L r vr Ia tOWi l oobte toath ' It .tot to'lett lootrtlool bc . o .bolt bo 01000frol0om te e mttoo--b - ------ottot
2;-, apUIIr fl I . U o, ool1 Bl1ock.O. itt ltOO' NoStoPEtCo IAt' L.oooboo
i-10 by11000 i5 l, oto net, o f ttit c to l I. So" Ioolother n 111, tre t ootrlin . o ardlb i f de-oto I~ t.E it ttle ttot't y o
11.00tt'ot'io too . OPo Moo SLIAVI I 5bC oo.N PRLyo OtRc anbo t rtotootd
I b 0 10 100'': llgt Sctoo, t. rtoollol' ltitl ' l Nt 1 . "i(tooOoolobo to Toto
(siortod IlottotlttioFftofttthpotor<..,t 5
00001 't.O__tll 00.o omte A otnmt rs la s
TH FIETINT ELAD-r otogobt to t. I nd,~n: . tol NO. N roe~oloyt o il frotol o too booriers Ldl ┬░trrs
- -- - 001-tl Iolorto oO'o , tl nois Fdfrn siroo ms, twelv e be tet
ivi. Stta b l e rci n ; el I s t a l on.t101.slforr- Sb. tullbtSlii Clii ~ 'eos .
alotl 7 E O \A '
I ~ et w'oots.o t~ o I too il\ oorbitot A lit01 litb rolblt' igltiog-rndt eas nabo-Fnesdu
: :olits h 1 Jb 11 Jl' 'ttoril o'ot00010 ie 1elt on ent' ito i lrat, d0. Iltln 1i, p' l 'e bn eo r t~ b
o rto I 1 l D t t.A lIn~ll lo,acoyut troi Tl it 05 Foet ale o'Ie . -A s u r I a o rtry pon m ,to re.

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