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October 22, 1895 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-22

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VT 9 d-. 'T - . , 0 waI n-n r-w, 9- TTwm~fr-rnIw

Why Not INoieSstar Clotting jjouse."vvr c b.'yUr
have your Clothes made(1 in 35 South Main Street. CORNER OF WILLIAM,
Anwl Arbor? ______- HVE A COMPLETE STOCt OF
Jos. W." Kollau1fWe Do Not Advertise UNIVERSITY- TEXT - BOOKS!
ThePratial ailrA few things at half cost and ask a hundred per cent New and Scn-ad
The racicalTaiorprofit onl everything else ut sell at a uniformly low Noets andiothe stud lets' spplies.
will give yotn perfect Satisfaction. price, at as small profit as possible. That's or way F utai 1Fes. i e Stoi oc y.Sprt g
'' I c etc., 5 lrcesareayeoinaele.temtheelpricls
Kollauf, The Taiior, ___________________________ _Cll and see us before Purchasing.
10 E. WasingtnSla t., Up Staf r
We.of..McGraw &Co. SHUNTER, rt
ae 0.L -ANDREW HUNTR, t t.
1Employ of the estate. Shoes had to go. Bicycles Repairel or Rented1.
c Young We bought 3,000 pairs for Dental Isrenseptird
Men 5c on the $1. Have opened _ ental___________________ed
Il It I le ~the greatest slaughter known& uu.++
to tlilpattiiistellT 2iteS-ASTATi
wtiyce whice sntem on a iiprvl oI-TIt will pay you to investigate,ali Iis o
employdtS othe oodspeed's. FineLunchoclaes
YugLd eisters. FneCach ts
tf boys or 11 .eapl theymust be well ec m- f and Baked Goods.
sclO c. 5 iforlstiuTa 1111F0
ACME CYCLE C011PANY, 17 S- MAIN ST. Try Our Lunches.
ELKHART, IND. ________________________
A. G. SPaALDING & BROS. Try Our "Red Star" Oil. oalyucnafedfr
Foothli Spplis aho stmoke. NoOfletIsixI odotr. 'Will not char the wick. ppreetatl fofcttile at ot
SpecaltyPe~rfeely safe. Lightl gavty, Has tto equal ill tis
Specialty. o~~arket. Deliveretd pomtply to anty pall of tie city in L W S 'P I E
ClEv eiii , toue fo tih e as rc Jeprglo.We shall le ee fr a few
Fi-l-r eeileit*!t e r - (1'tilS ruiIc e iil.days 0111.
4 i }ihlt, Siclile or icl's ]DEAN & O Y1P A NY -aloh~ o
Niii iM i.r, le aiiiiti44 Soth Main St ree.
t'uii, ldi 11011,Iicflil_______________________________ LAW PUBLISHERS, CHICAGO.
ti I i-t Fo illli ttillf ______________________________________
t11itli -u1in ieall Mtchii UNIVERSITY NOTES. Yale-PrnetnDebaet. A CLEES OSAES., Ann
Trlite i,$50 00. nooton,50S SAE T. rbr
Prcito t n~l tlsToaiilyI labroadi. etitlt i esl d, i That i GRANGERS ACADEMY OF DANCING.
Illus-trated Footbal Catalogue1,(1sent freliefoTw e lie ii elo t ie ing it Atin Abiii
in ill it Ltitll cuhoiiil ill Iflti iii'. I r ']-I 'f all "elate" l-gilatinl Siiiiiitii'l- it hciailiiiii A l I -to, ie, l-n
FIR T ATIONiAL BANK enr 1 lit 7, io o hofgnrl hrcer .,ytemtlOf ti7 c 5iGran er. Mei ic tiiii titmSercan
Atl~O~t litiiit illi11. i iiuiiilii lili l~this eferi-ifnu ii iltilar t h lat citiishd Fie ii rmalli, ll r I a- n s es -l ain isia
011 ANN A et.Al~oAihl~~rlr lad a rsc i itthe oi -, i foo he MCaynlalieS t.
OrgantiS1d 180. Boiti nilAlbii .Ma y. llui--il Ssitzei laid -- ei lca lt l1iciihu- i tri ttiiil .
Capital,.$(1000-.iSurplis ndtiPIrfits, $40,0tt- -
gTranetacts a gnerletibaninig busines. T' lhiorlh e e i iw-iill iratie tiTIN LIKE IT! T 13 011 10H USillL I T R
Foetgn of ceti-it. biltl liid.Fur ish o til illt. iiloo' t-ifat lthe ail,- CENTRIAL MILEAGE TICKET. [t H Y<ST6B
P. R3ACIl tre. S. 'i. CLA5EKSON Cashier. hue i - il li lil tilc li c ie-. t siis tile ligiitanl illy tiket Gnrltrl fw cle;T er n
lill ByesIll--iit Il oif (ale i it idsiu . tl-the itarket. Thelte 11 boo01k hgoiiit eicy, odIiS l , an Su t t
THE ANN ARBOR SAINGS BANK ,r.(e oeli iiii-Silllai--flit l i c- oll etire. 1.-cit .&Sysctemiui t s~Lof 1 ar-~e iaty ahpi o dhl n
Capit-aI tocl. 10 C iii-supiiust$1t,0t.* litlit iiof i t iede thl f his ,fatiic. Piittsbh-. I as o cluest'the BIi, C. H . ZBY E .
iesiaries$1,1i0ete0. 4 Syteml. (et it afIi 1110 ceCil __________________________
0 ran.e e r tiieGeticttBai 051i1Law- Il--i. AIel-i-A. Breedi - , iisi ingi . -t..ilui --e l tlh~tclL llt
Of- III Slate. Rleceies idepoit, tuyiniIrad rritioilal m ora t o
Ctell i Saes. oIcftscasedtiS port proper i he-- - - - h a~,n~ i py i]rceCr001good one year. ApplyY®, r ivr7
ldentiieatiiitt-Safety Sdeposait- boxusto rent . Iloul l F' Ii iiiitiotiEarniuiutol ege 1. to ltio Cetntl Agitti, et t i d -s-and Tobacco 'is ll
aosri an, YCu-i'e ,C hs. tu dte c. F. irscoD., tgti asiii-'12 li aittii toilttit IBone . 1 . A, T ltdo0,aie lc t g tOtvt
Cashiier: m 1.. hiittAiiiat .Ialir. : lgn 'tstt 1,,h ;alaelhaete rt.lt V 1
_________________________has___op___ nedl .ttti' lawil~ll I ini- I Ille tl0a a c'couluuu. lln EIof thedethf' i s J. if y-ox s getfbcmat
21 iBorie l-tiock. I lttlrgtii iter iangr'rs At ciimis -isill S ae 1s St. Asil Arr
SCHL-lFOR DANCING titliltitI c-losetutil Tttliolti-aOtt 1 a oe.Yuawnanc ieyKnCr
-it ANI ItS TTES.___WA~TED-roiit~Isele titfiftenl age. Coentiaitdtteilephoun to
tALTO RtENtT. A i lliirlacs reeuscii- t d t ot'iiii ll -sttuens hit work otilnl i sioni C all('1HO n s xnr 's
0. iM. AusTtN, lMt. Nicttrtt1]l. T'iit "at6 ..ctt,4t
(L(CI-ellin itt da C ond uitdiion. T ms17 OF A01 ShAVINU 'AiLORtE ail Bath-
I -al. ott All nto ifitttilttc ltiits.
ITHE FINEST IN THE LAND" ii Yieilti;aitlltl. tIquie t -No,.14 Nitr- Il 11rtdttiiitel ;1,isic, ut'c.Lah-' at--
1I here w___'it tu- iill b l vtiti h of th e Sillio i gills.,=.dIllttioiiii iiicc.arlors. JTiR.
I ~~ ,, p It c Scar C thiduic'a tt. i.toc tte iu At -S NFifthi ice., etry inicely fu- ' ~ISAN oeiitti- ieilu
il1iiii lu-ics tillLre.Lab
Giverenitnilt trial nanti ootherLNCIAn. ibtifngtrSitremscfur-tcesht ItiVWStpie ssed re line ritec 1 pc0atyMat
011 0 n ss hrhtiu tta ' lu-tiefor-'tile lueu _ and baish. Al-ic tbie bard fcraln- I orlt ti ory-,11i-4apros madeti Coo c toe. a
Elcitt Sie-bath, hetitg anldTao til utit ienu. tutitCute(Ioos ldGv tatiladyl AEDl.oBul ~oefo acuwrsa 0S
'ivll lsxaysuseit.(t. 22 l'tulihu ical uiiaty C(ltu. 'IS Forest as-c
______Newsberrty l1ltlI. inIl Call at Stabler's fr fine pice -
S0O LD NLY Y lT- is ent 1 h Itli I.. A Couii rse . I a 'sIeitres fratt het aiclle IU a ~
-wait.t ) 1.1 il S.C.A.coes.-24
IX.S ac ie cI-Stt .- S1). . . aah ery peitaitt rooms a 1 iuth
st Furnalt'ce Iea. A fesv boardes =t'
those No.aL.Tti.scour se, elndi Itierityi1'I~
0fi1 1 w. lv'iahiltgol stL or + At Stablei', of corse-Artits'pr
Iho13. A. r cs:; ttoc. ', 1p In- 1. Poers tlesI'tu,
Yard-CsraM.itito R:lelt.tio tcheings frmrtetfor $125. 2
1'oeN -I lC sri ,of (Clhiagt!" en ot coitnL sion, 0cfE. Entron '. s s.x.


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