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June 17, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-06-17

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S SCHIOOL OF MUSIC. ers of thle profession all over the '97 SENIOR ANNUAL BO3ARD.
contry tree rterestest in the struggle
We Mut Mov 11 " c tid wiaever we (o we
Thle store we nowvoccupy as I Nine Receive Diplomas at First I M' "' oh rrerrltyworor FaentisIecd oTaeMn
quarters seeknuos Commencement. ad a desire to slet itt tiehst iter- atin EdtrTiYe,
begold at nulest of orreoataliy. ItIsiqeristions n1 EitrThsYer
We Must Close Out 1j The First Annal Corrnetcesert of Of vital rrttortate to ortsihool" Tie eritiors of text yers seior
our socktossicreqoods snd tieUiestScolf ni okS
Bicycle. sWore rrices which iePi-rit elolo rsctsk Commencement Program. arrtlte hre .Sril oaug-
will sell gords i tloreprices irlareelatontigiht anrrt FrieeAMeiroriali iug ettor; E. i. ttrrtrrirlrry, PSI Upsi-
mea anythirrgto buyers tIrIIers illed trr rrertiow ig -wills 1Friday,Jrrel-rtrArt'iitirr.rriresrrrar;AM.tri
~ THI MEAS BUINES frie...rs of tie graduatteos midisf tie Sehrol Crrrrtrerretrert. Alprira. Delta 1hi1; Miss Kririeryre
THI iENrrUSrESS ho lire exreiss Nere rrenedrrtSuntrdry Jrrne 21-itacerrlrreate oer- Sietert, Aphtar1111i; Miss lerie
It you sart 'tytirtug r ~ell its rt~tt rsstrilrrtr.h'..55t r rseer ti; S I. rrr. Wite. Abert it. Srtetrat',oy it.
rasic usne get or p rebstirs l
wee. 1.J Mctlellrat, jr., folrowed ty irsyor -Mronrdry Jrrrre 22 tlrrw Detrr'rrtr-t Witsey anrrtX. I. Crruse, IDelta tUpsilo;
4 -
its'ylResv.J. W. Bradsharw. Crss Day, Irrversiy Ilarrl; 2 t. l. rssrrrites. Tie frrterity mrerbters
STHE ANN ARBOR ORGAN GO., rfr o11esy.Pesrmt s irs- Mrtrrtry, Jurne 22-Setior Promtretrde of tie toardtwr teetisttiit
S. MAIN s'l. Unierrs eoit Shoo of Mtsic, rrrase thir tiliee-rr.risrs; S i). 55l.7iss Kriieryrrierr01eurr t ilist
BU E-HRBCCLS 1 rpeigre ma rktrrs, compasrring tbire 5.Motrdroty, Iotte22-Se1,eord Trientia Iast rereeelettie sooty il rr-rer
~BVY BN-HUB ICYCLE I rgradustes to tie nine iisset. tre itttrionl of oder altrrri of Attn Aror of tsiroardt.
of tie(Greek syrtrtositrrr, atn itrr- ,Iitir Shoo.
esre's firt graduatinrg eltros svii-ir Ttuesday, Jesse, t-Literary Deart- Nw Book by the Funly.
-40 I O.If}-a* likewsise erumbsered elrhn.steit CarsDay.
Es-ar-t t1. Sot. chirmrran of tiesits' Ttesdry, Joute 23-Mee-irg of tlie A reet botok ity Professor' Rt A.
p a 1 Cj U 9j streoltbirdsrifollowsd ri i le at- Tilrrof iegerri; tO a. 11. ilittotttlt'is . 'efs'reiig it'e Lagage-
~~ *AA 5 srorito restarks 051 tietsftrr's ''rrsir Ise2--St-tro -ollArts"isls',,,'rrt rrrlEitrrtrt
-p ~ ~ O rrttrscleducalr-rtionr. lrrfe., rssrrn 13:111ri, Watermanrrtr ilrssssstt. setesiDr. Wiliamtr '. Harrtis irs iris
- 1 a~a[Pesettdirsetorrof tlist'Nor rrrrrt t'rsrr- . 1) . ittrrrssi-i losstt]oo tsk, says rof i:
.lttOA 0041 Ssrsrtrry, Yptsianti, osas ttratsle 1O tsr-W'oesd rt'.Jtunero-24AltttrttDa'y'irr' trttrtof tinss voire irastoit
-104) 091 p .tptivlteltO,)III u.tt1I irersert. C'elerartiotn of tresidenrt Atgel' - - Ite srtt'Ott iis diss-trsiOrsof lie
P're-sideo-nt Ange-ll gross a sislhort tl- Antiersry of sesice. tiheor anrd racrtce of leetirrg tie
iero-tirg srttrss rntirg ltrrr irrrtsr Wstttr'ttrt'-tusts' 2 -Aitttiin y:' irttrgr rt rs, liross-n ligt itsir otat-
iiics tire ddress in ttnio o ssteda .D
th ncs itto osr eoltrrr- ee~r 9 a. ts., IDe'ntal Aslrtritilir'rtro'. Onr'ttttlyIt olon 'the te-chig of sit tieoter
for thtesartistie,.Ilieosaidtht it lorrglrAlumnrti rmereting; itsa. ts., irst'riseo tt nr-ttt(s irlst'e ourserr-ofsud.Ie
sws'were' rlrs'rrit-knowsnsfar arrrrrNi id- sit-Stll, ce-le-rrationr of te 2tir n s drtr-rvrrjdriiunsy upions ie vs
S ~~~T1TC11 by osrier-est atnrre-ccoplirtsmens'ts sivesry of ti res r-irlt'tsoy t itr-t'-OtistrtrbJe-ot, rnds enriced
inltmusi, this mutst rortegrnet-t rt'-l1istr.in 'rtrnrr5'5. st' tonksitriigts tnlk'rns o-
irtort, tie evidiee of ourseprogress Siffnss, sinnrssrgist-sry trylie Snart' andsr rrrtrns frosts Arisoletranrrd 'Sinsi-
m J.'j3~~ dues'irs so grat inrrssrrrs'to lr trIt ri'Atrnti 4 i. In., insTapanrTrsrrn )tir s-t1int1oislr tree-ss-I.and nsst l tssss lis rle s rswn
rest untiring zeal iof theo oiretors irrtrlkst s-o nesing ott Alurnmni AssocitinIts' s sOrurstttsei r r
faculy. Lteranrry Dparrtmnt; -:.30 pi., ns. a. tn 'ibook Iiss lis rsirt ra
V AONAi l I 'l.Ott''sfe."rAlbAtriA.Sanly, Directrn- iss- eceRom rsrs, trusitress nrrttirg. rcollecio-insofsf mrsletnrrrirs oninns11-
of therSe-hoonlrof' Motis, nrarle Sits'-o-Alrnrrni Associationsu-srsDeirrtilsrtitt -gtrrgoits us. it grost.tilerstudy
~~x * ~ ~~ in~spseels, Ils said evry mmm exrts 7:301P.i. , instnsowr loelore ilRrrstrnf rIs srrisni-.isinrttrai-n nt
II ~~~~~~~somse influencse sisierngoodsrteveil, andst liss'Meical 1 1ilitritrg. rsusuuttl warirs g1rlsrtolnrstn'rssno tsort
-in-is1ins' is ts rtvo-. 1tsr' tisstjnustt ts 'r~i sioriAumnni, iy iDt. .OAnor-ss1Singits nuse Iitspiektingredinlrg andn
ritz dtermniner. Tso roo tis rr nsr lsnnr Pir'Irent of tir oeialo r SI tr, s'i~r-is t it r'nnrsi t
satir rost lino'e s.-lrnslrceston-ss' utiins IAutr-rrntrus tyit-srnusitnins, lRcrption tie gnrrrnsnsuesscoitol, 'and atreit tie
IMP RTA T ANTC' einos.tinsI-isletsis stost rogtuiby tn- tresiotsnt and iSenarte.-.hiigiscoolron olntetsge: its platee Inn
I A Lr~~fl.L ~± ~ to hm.usOSmuntsic offers a tbroad irot Tirnsoa, Jttne 2--('nnnnsnonent; fltr'enultiations of tie ipoers of
to tirosewso scehoosse it and w-io ft's-Iatdress bys-Preentn, 'C. Adains. tought, ilire, stuytof liery osois
YViLD t nnntirtousei. Thins art lour-g ile un'Headlight.''non lrte orignr-ieO. ill
G . I.W I L oi3 l tireot; it gives acess to tie in- linil(slecs.....
The Leading Tailor, sur soonats ooes 550oter. At tine' firs'Anns Aror eontiuitn of "Il ''firTe authitor is t ge- airuins'sts
close ofris spechs trofessor Starienlight" is a ryort mplsuete imi rttrnn- isenrinsnte teie srclrruicai snt tenh-n
arid only direct Importer in tire city, tprsentleedtieeditlonmas assetilie rxer- Sle ssso-i lr ni -eriiy m int ti-rtarses of language sitsudyitfsf.snn
hus jest received his entire stock of cises closedo hthii ie singing of tie Antn Aror. It rcomprirrss forty-fonur Itits iese s for gtidnceros, cutiure
Foreign and Domestic Woolens cr Dxlg..pgs gvn ooat o l ieiiil nse sei ilis, ad to giste ous-isits
Spring and Summer '96, at toeptsI eso, bro-s of tins'University facitis'suantdue pice."
NO. 2 E WASHINGTON ST.. NEAR MAIN. Hueptsi euo. tins officers of tie institution, viesws Pay Your Clas Tan,
nflie University houiding,, fratrniy
1-ul1 Dress Suits a Specialty. Tie ffty-sreond annualensneting of tud soroity hoss, irivatloesidences, 'Mr. f.1. Cole tesirs tiat all usern-
Ie Anmericans institute of lhomethytntlntc-irurr-ss, assetCuts Of tie irm-iri in- es oftie'senior lillsraycsmsshiole
I s~ill open at Hlarumonital, Detroit, U inivesity organization,,;. 'lie liter- lus theiir class ax nsnasiiisosile.
r~~~ri ~~~ If~t hIis afternoon. Dr. D. A Mac~actlans oe viewoUnirrsliohiou'ofIisittes'oon'- utlrelss
iuuu g U os~~~illdeleive' tieaddress of geeing tretetofst Unsresirt ~ll Iseni.Of'lir tes' tlim'tntnesry'that softie trlts
A reporter for tie Detroit Jonuraloswork on tie tpublcatons is excellenlt soor of all thein r ssiitts tun off-
asked Dr Pembierton Dudley, tins in all respects. It is on sale ins fie sera y payng thesir saren of tie
Q JOK .3. president of tie Institute, osisetier tinse ain tal.anontvichirofceshsiter
All the latest publications now on proposedlremovalsofclineofronneopatisic
sate at our stores. Fine illustrated department of tire iversty to D- Fraernityr Baseball Game, pn n. Tekisauredneri f housnese
Gift Books.Illustrunsentemoveekt is assouledeifontineresdueingers
Bit ooks .Illutratedooksi es, rterotiwudn ecg.ierdduigieTie final asebalil gamne between Of tie graduting class oill only give
BosStnBookso rc o ksLvatindsets, sotn.PhintDelta Thmeta 0ud Deltae L'isilOn them tie financial tacking necessary
Bookins rccLeatan al T'hat question oill probably ewap
Bindings.re heoonvntin ni I layed today. Tire Phi Delta for encs an event.
Discount Prices to "Al report of tie commnittee on legisa- Teaswr itriuwnigte In tie list of addresses for tie tinies
game by the close score of Ill to 15. 'nne
tion,' Dr. Dudley aswoered. "One Tie series thus goes to Phin Deltaanulcfeneofhltofirsf
main purpose will be to impress the Thtteyhvn wnto toto ichigan to b he lucd here July 1-17
people of Michigan with the fact thattlehregmspadbtwnte appears% tine arre of Dr. V. C.
W ' ..A I-l Z ..S .! we are men of science and sense. We tr he ae lydbtentr agaDa ftr eia eat
two fraternities.VagaDaoftlMeilDpr-
Up Tow, DonwsTsw, will endeavor to do that by our ac- I________ nent, for a paper on "Bacterial Poisons
UnlversitloBolstre. Opposite CourtfHous ubcib.orib lal. nsiil ndMikPrdct.
20S, ttest. 4 N. Pain St. ions rather than by wvors. AMo m-I briefrte1,v.liMkadMlkPous"

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