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June 13, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-06-13

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FINME-S THE BOARD OF CONTROL. than hoidays- without the perision BASEBALL SEASON CLOSES.
We Xust l~lve ~ Rules Are ~y~i.Tie iring of all coacies andPly l Ls e
The store we now ocepylas Rls Unier IWich TheyAr traiiers must be approredl by tils Varsity Plyste Las Gam
~ W mst0000 ew Appointed and Act. Bord ith Oberlin 'od y.
I- XIi. Any question as to pysical
IW Mu tCoeO t Ini nsw%er to requests tie Daily Pos- ability of plaerosihaliite deciseti-h h atgneoftm es o
o(r'stok of musi goods and lisies tie rles governing tie Board iis Boars.Telatgm.otiessnfr
Bi e nIynoles. WewilotxeraoriceObrwhicho
solgoods ifl ow prices f of Control, ss adoptedin Febrlac-y, Xi. All shedtles of glsnss sall be phtot'wl sloyta ilri o
menanything to buyers 189ti4: aptroved by tbils Ioart. say. Tie latter icons recently playted
1. Tat her beand s hreb crat-Cornell a -very close goe, ads it is
THIS MEN UIES d a Uiversity Borsfr tscet~yerel- Inander Commnemnt Number, xpected tat tey Ilave isiprovl co-
It yous want anytising is the latioss of Athletic Sports ithie isiver- Tie Cotmmsecemenet nsssber oftilue sideratly sisec thsir last gamelier.
msusic line get soc prices 01mb
wek. shty of Michigan. ttlasdr, and usit lst of tie yesr, wste Tie teaflts left last eeing, sett
THE ANN ARBOR ORGAN CO, 2.ntolsfatill Bardstisrallisav g foer esi n slesmrisss. te ueniglt issToledo, atsd Were expect-
iii~~~~~~~~~~~~ cnrlo alqietos tsrasigcoedeIg)is)s A. i. Zaharias, esi to srrive in Oberlin aotst() o'clock
ii S. MAIN 51T. I to athsletics soljct to oesuhrgisatiss'"A, anithtie cotents arc,:
itityheraftr pescibe "nivrsiy Fes, Roert11.Wh ti iss ssortis. After ue gasme tley
SBUY BEN-HUB BICYCLES.as thse ente osylecsfeur r11. "siestyFe, tbeti.Ws-will returnsvia Clevelsosldsssttle
I3.That tiis Board sall consist o tes; "'iscCat to te King, Desd,' lakes to IDetroit, adsarrive in Ann
~~~ s~itlic ssessbrs, ive of woit shall beHo-asrod M. towoas; -Msdams's Esr Aror Sniday msoring.
csosens from te-Usiversity Senate Trumsspet," Mary Lyle IReid; "W11as It Asisis, fromtshe omangesnt tie fol-
asd four by tie Board of Diretors atRejectionm?" K. i. 1B; "A Stray lowisg iavr wl b aks: tils
A G o of the Athletic Association of tie Uni- Smsile," . P. A.; "My Interview withiss-vllb ael:Iols
versity of -Michigan. te Captaitns," W. W. Taer; "Tis(, erCapt. Wan,;s, Mr; f Sisi l b;M-
4. !'h'at tise, Seae sesiers of tis Mistress of -My (mstid i-ooe," tloCp.Wtisrf;Selvf;--
Btoard sismsi tsraipoinstes by tetPres. IR. Bsrkr; "low Its' was Crd," A- Kenis, it; Hers, s; Eiimssmosd, ';
Bath Sponge ident, of t'ss Tivrsity, to serve untl Iiii. Sssith; "OssfieBuyisg of BootttstJXitsep n Sotad.hwle
te txt anltssmi imeetimg of te Sell- wits ass Aus," "hl'liliter; "tur A r'porte'r'fsr tie Dmiv will acon-
ate, ssr-smntil thmeir stccessors shalliiNo E-s'mig Iytints" A. 'I. Smmit; "Vmli alm l(,5ellad-vl -vr i( e
-FORA- chsosem. At te tnext annusmam-inmg, ImIke's Debtm," Karl E. iHarrimantt;pmsylet'ammsstwl irtmes-
theSente.weabor oftheBoad "he Kiline, Ilone ad B I vith-silof tie gaie so tat it will ise
tie esmte mmsmbes f im io~~s "im MilmsrBimsloamil pctm-iosesi at tie Daily oiler immdiately
,,,,altie ecosenm istie Snte su lay iing," Dr. S. AIsmies. artr tie gtsme.
tier-i Ohio Bar Examinations. Commenement Celebration.
5 . 'fie Boardshlali lct its owts
chairsmanandmstisereitary. Seventemiesmemrs of the senir
Better ones if you want 6. Its ase asny stdemnt violates a law clmss took the examiations fo )n1.mmknoo Dtot a
i-isis or omier of tiis Bsoar'd,liso simoli amiissionm to tie stte bar of Ohimo. tss'fsllowimg to say mmt rsgam's to the
them at be ssbjecesi to discipline by tie Facm- 'Te exasminationsmWet's'hemld osm Tles- celebrmtionm of Prsside'st Agsll's
sti' of til eartaimet to whiichs isosidy, Wednsesdamy andsiThusrsdmay of tmc twentyst-iftl vy'ar at tilt lieal f t'c
- beongs. irosesli -week, andsl were te imrsim'si ssissiiti.
7. Tiis Ioardshsltl prescott losssrit- thamt hamv' o'ver beesn given. tf tes'"'T' losal masso-matio," sisiih,
Mumlm l' Drugs Stoe te'surscontat echm annualmt mmeettsg of svent'e'n,fiftesmnswerscceosslin "sillcertainly (o is best to so tmsif
the Sesats. pmssig, Michs-iganse cusring tis'eigihi msipirsslmtiomm of Prsides'nt Ang'. Ads
SlRegular mnet'inogshalibtsh'ldms't i igestmarkings. 'rmh ims sog iso will timesswole sist, for thii to-
17 R. Washington St., cor. theeflrst 'Mssimy of satmonth at especially reittble owing to tlmc fact Is's'r. Tiers' is s's-r- rsmosstn y tey
Fourth Ave. it'tf s st svesn o'clock,tom tie Deas',,thamt tim e sxaminatmtiossws-ere sxtrs'iesh iold, for it is tirough iiiu tOtte
Fourth______________Ave. _____ ts offce itmo'lw i dintstmg. Sipecimm istitiest. 'The iiciigan ds'legatitotc-oUnierstyiof .iiiciigths stbiensgisens
metinmogs 01aymie hold at anytmi'tiit tursnei tis mmoritig oits hoarsrpu sstmtionm troghoust tie -outry
IM~PORTANT NOTICE. tlse 'mli of tie tharman. votces, at resslt of a cossicstuitt tie Asos it is sot oly in ihel'nmssbuitt
___________________ 0itA omajoriti' uotc shaolsecsiallous frosmothes'Ohimo Stte niersity to tmosisstts oiltstis ut
sinestionsoSix omeotmers of time,, eards oe s-io couldsi ieli tie lodst. gissnomtitusnasme. Tiembstser of tt-
W JJ ;allcontiDtea qooromi. sds'nts frots Japan, Cina,Africt mons
G H .10 Sbcoosnittees may be appoint- Electiion of Indeendent Editors. froomt all croosers of tie swordst stst
The Leading Tailor, es its demedi necessary by tie Bosars. it('inepeneintssoscs of te rhins of '97 thins ioularity tamt tie Oini s so
and only direct Importer in the city, i. As to eligitility of payr: wsomswver cioseno to elect tie sosse- sase for tie schousl. I do must tinik
has just received his entire stock of 1. Xe persots shall tplai'o00 ay attt- penentismieitors for tie conbtosled ial- it unojst to gie hi m rge sare sr
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for letic trans or conmpte' in omy stlitic laiuinm-('sstaiims of oscoe mt - tie creit for tie suremoay thiat te
Spring and Summer '96, at contest -io is nst-a regular miemer 'fusdasisyfigt ad cose the follow- Uiversity ias wuo. Teefore', lher
of theim e i-rsityin o good stasnsinng. ig omembers of tie cass: Miss js'oo aisoni uwil hr gads to hoor tiossit
NO,2 E WAHINTONST. NER MIN, , -tis celebration. I expect to tesroirs-
NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST . NERMI. 2o person on probation sal ho' stir Witit, Shinto-iy 1i. Smith, Albert
Iul Dress suts a Specialty. permitted to play on any athmletic temimo i-. S;tomocm'tmso, aid Roy IR. iX'iei-* ct at tie alomnt diner manmd sps'ak,
or comlpete !inamy athletic cotest Of These fosr editors together with tl1, amd tere will e several pesidsnts
A ~ ~ ~ ~ h Inim e sitoty. - for uvho arc to hreethosena fromo tie froom other sniversities to tosy tribsute
1 r'~n I fl ~3 Noprson iavIos0 asy conditioti frternities uill draft a constituosss of respect to tie ssllege presien'st,
11 I (11I1(1II1 ~ ~ iftR sit i e alouesito pai'o0l any at- Itohis nmot been sdeisiesias yet om os-uimosall Mitigias uill so ueli to
Gf d a i g Gif eitc teans of tie University witot tiemam.nagin editorship asd the ofic, onor.
speial prmoision of this Board. of business manaager uill be arragd. Miss M A. Soule Honored.
]B O O KJ'S. 4. XO person in the University sal
be pad, or receive any money con- College Games Today. Miss A. ',%. Soni's thesis ems tie in-
All the latest publications now on entoa budris fMcig,
sale at our stores. Fine illustrated pnsation uvhatooever, for playing ems Time, college gansscheoisduled bor to- trstoa osdoiso usia
Gift Books Illustrated Poems, Art any athletic trans of the University. day are as follows: Cornell vs-s. ar- Itas been publisheds by ime Michign
Books, Standard Books in sets, . Ratification of tie list of paysrs Yard, t Cambsridge Chicago vs. U111- Pioneer Society. Tie first of a series
Books in Morocco, ILevant and Calf n any athletic tram, and permission verity of ii'tsonsn, at Mtadison; of studies isAmerian history hasm
Bindings. for any athletic tramn to leave tossn ale vs. Princeton, at ew York. bon publised by tie Political Sl-
]Discount Prices to AI. mut be obtained fromt the Board. Mrs Angell to Give WLwnFt nce Association on th tbject of tioe
_____________ 6. Captains of any athletic tram n n__ sothetan and westrn boundaries of
the University lall be responsuile to . Mr. Angel will give at lauwn fete to Michigan. Mr. Button, of Detroit,
'X~J A 1 4 ~ this Board for any violations of these te Woman's League this afteroon-nd Mr. Mtoore, Of iWasinigton, D. C.,
W_ A a rules, from 4 to 6. All active and asseeliatoiavo papers in preparation for the
Up Town. Down Tows IX1. No match gaies of any kind members of tie league are crdllly sasme series, of uhich Professor An
uinlersts Boostor, Opposite Cort Houseo
2t S. 4ats St.. 4 N.Aain St. ishahh e played on any day other invited to attend. deco McLaughlin Is tie edito.

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