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June 12, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-06-12

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Wel Must M~ove
The store we now occupy has N
seensosld. we:-meet seeko newse
54 quarters. 0
IWe M~ust Close Out I
Ol our stock of musc moods sod ^
4 Bicycles. Weeter nrier-, which '
still sell moods if lowe psrices II
mess anythsig to buyers lj
I f y o u sw a t a n y t l s ln i s t h e {> <
{ music line gct our prices thisH
stWeels. I
PPL9aW 'o"H M"a
"IIOaA analsj
-'loai) dJl To .lopulhlhI alp ll ltl4J
The Leading Tailor,
and only direct Importer in the city,
has just received his entire stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for
Spring and Summer '96, at
bsull Dress Suits a Specialty.
All the latest publications now on
sale at our stores. Fine illustrated
,Gift Books. Illustrated Poems, Art
Books, Standard Books in sets,
Books in Morocco, Levant and Calf
:Discount Prices to All.
tUp Town, Bows Tows,
sniersit Be kustore, Opposite Clourthosuse
20 S. tat" St. 4 N. Main t.

CHICAGO AINS TIHE FIFTH. -singli', busikMills's sukincot, asid thse IUAL AMEET AT CHICAGO.
goose woe endesd.
Stagg~o and His Mlen Very Happy M~ICItCAN. ACptain LeRoy Is Confident of
aAB t HIO 0
Over Their Victory. Hiollister, 1 f... 1 1 2 1 Wnnin.
Dean_ Ios, bs. 5...v 1 1 2310
'The '5 Isity lost the flfll ni te- McKiiney.'is21 . s (01.1 l .sToimorow liie'firt Mis-igss-kiia-
idiisg gamiie of the Chiceagoiseries Watkins Ip, r f. 2 1 1 2gso duasl giiime will ie'hldsiIoel Mar
Shelds, c U......3 0 C1 2 0isall isld, asdeT rainr Fitzpatlrick
yeslerslsip 10 to 3. 'tilescors to- Menziiie, lbs . ..5 0 0 8 0 Iiiie11fMeigiiwl sv s
gtlie' it kss eiliscs ~-susikss o leardisI, .55 . . 1 1 1 41trouble in wininitg. 'hess'als a si
tile ktesilanstanoher idasyof sisis- C('onlesii, e . 5 I0I0(1 4 2 been isowinig Iupvery stll il psrltice
tionabile essiliriig ky Sage, telfi-le li'Kitlisoislr....2 0) 0 10 0 sendl most of the 111e11will le i gsod
skory~ compitletely. At imes, hiowever, Mller, p .......3 0 0 0 econiitioi.
ou e ddsmevr redsitabtlse - BesidseeT~lessi rIitpatsrik, Mii
lilehu llt oseveyTotals - ...3 5 6 24 11 ger Wriht, anidl(aiisil Le-toy, thei
work, bet we-re rsither lacking il be-i- EIt AtlO. following eightsen 11101 sill be taken
ral teans work. AB It2 it 0 A on the rp: 1. 1t. Seoar, J. . 1
For the first four inniseWatkinsiie Nihols, ep - 2 0 1 0 l'Thomias I. 7. Healdl 1 C. -iiig,
pitechedl andeldidige work, go but the Jonsec - 1 2 iJ 0 11. I. Wossrutff, W. OS.Msakkhews, B.
fsact-thkat lie has pitedeu four straight Swete, s -...5 0 1 1 1. F. Baly, C.,T. Tryoi, (. F. Chubbl,
Wiistossi, 31)e -...u 2 0 3, N. B. Ayre, E. P. ide kout,J.1. VBlen-
gaiies against Chicago, anis that Stng;Asdkiinsson, 21s-..5 1 3 :1 3 ine't. W. IL. MCoikey, G.1. S. Clsi,
iss leplt a left-handiedelsspitcer tcon-ls'reelberge-r, c Uf..4 01) 1 2 0 J.1.Akinsunii. IMrs,tP. IH. Vtruo
stantily at work sgainst Iis men. isis lark('erbs-. ..C.U- 5 1.2 I0 51hullA.IW. 1Hasglr.
Wsultkin' seliveiry eisiir lorthIls-visit- Alells.1lb -.....4 (3 lb ITh''e ta esi ave-ss,-sthis aternoonsiao
01s thaisin isany of tliiirelios-aes'. llrownv, I1f - 4... 1 1 0 0 2 'c liiklaiid will goisylspecial tinb
lii~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ tlsoiei klscsssIltli lsMss~liSilsan, wsvelieiiIiy seill Cke' the
In te ffthliler as ut n te bx Ttals -...40) 10 1 2 01 11 Wabsh oUsr Chie-sgo, sarriving lat their
sndoily slsix ltessere secured off lils 'lteardl litly bsitlesd lall. dsetintion 1at 9 p. in. The lew-sucile
dlelivelry. Innings-...1 2 53415hki 7 S It fis thle' temaieetoduay 1111d sill1.'
'ihe 'Varsity was shut outk for e scMieigum - 0.(1.)) 0 5 1 2 1- a similasr to thioeof lasi ea llr, sltil
straightinnliings, Nichols prosiiig qitie('hicalgo -....2 2 0 2 0 0 3 1 u-0 )"M. 'I. A." eonItie jersy's.
a puzzeler. Chicago.01n the oilier binul Err'ors-Mtichligan: Hoslliser (3, Iii tecptli' itionii tiiomorrow' 0111y
Deanls, StcKininey (3),SMcI~enil', firsktuandl sesnslseill count, they
scored tsice in the lirst, by a kase Oil 11sar. SC'1icage: ss-et (2) IWinoni scoring fi1'e5111 three reseielye'v
balls, twso issslld in'o. 'l'eisin1513). Iterss-hibetrgeri'(), Abll'l(2). All11m11nseho ssin a 'ointlforklist clshi-
the second, ('larske cost Abell sirogt: Earnei'i run-C'hic-ago 1. Twose ilbc it gills sill bsigglene-n l' sle'ash ith vil
in twosore0C'by -tssobises'hits fromi-i Watkins, Nii-hiil'lsrke.'Tirell'bls?-liii'rigulation111'Varsity- "M.'' Iistel
Clake ndNicol an Ml~i -eslit-Clsarke. Stoleis bses-Hotistakr tbs' liped that a lhrgs'nuessr sill
('Isrkeose Nhlise an St-kiii Deyanus, Watkiins, Nhhl, lWiiis c-rn iethossnii'.11111 khere' is sgooi
crieo'. 'They-sec-ii'rc-kire-idiinsrdin Doubsile ilaye-Aullinsssst and Alit-Es prspecit fr thirsdoinsigo.
tlls niext, heit ini the fourthaedil-two Hsolilliter, Mctininey and ('osl .. 'Tie'eitiesforIstihleimeset ar-:
moruel'toithel-1i's'eon is bya Clsrk, Bases sotballs-ff Nic-hssls, 0; off Milits swslk-C.'T.'Tryson, Stshigss;
Brosw-sand1111oues. 'Uhey sWere.' blnedi'Watkins, 1; off Siller. 2. Silruck isut - E. '. Clsdlaei-i. 1'. 1.Barrett.(bbi-
ini theiir half if thlifhl. lByNichlsle7; by Watins. 1. 's, seeago.
Ini the' sixth MciKine'y opeusedl for issils-C'onsdon. 'Timesec-:3.tUisire--- ue' -isyle-le11. lsush, I. I.Sor-
Mtilgan and11ws followvedtliy "'st- Stsg'e. Attendeace-1,700. ris, .1. Akisonii andl i. It. Moirris,
kinpsswhosogot hisebtase oinballs sandiMichiigsii; C. V. Bachil'lls'. I. Peta-
broiightin thi'irast ore for khesWar Receipts from Women's Editions. bidy andtC. '. 'Uilisaii, (Chsicgo.
sity byseserale rrors oilhe pr f Th tr o f h-ole' Eiin Piole'ault- U. 'ron, A. .. Itsg-
Chica-sgo. Izothisinninig lieigan hal of this I.f T. Daily till-i' r-nidered-erl's.anst ..Htcinsson, SI is-digan; C.
the' bauses full sesveraitthess.but bthtuaistatiieint of tilre siitoandet-. iersrlihiergc't atndlI.'. ('lis, Ch'i-
Wastkins aitilShied etrO e t ouk t i'penditures ofktheir vsou re-totie eago.
this plate 015 cose decisonsandul Silr cs'liii'osiiof use- gymnsasisumsfunidi,111111 ut'in lg sixteens-oundiisht-L. E.
vas caled ut ostrikees. ritiring tht i icksha ane rfitof $16 C'1 Csampbeih, iE. 1'.dil'oit. J. WI. IBenest,
side. Sug's utmpirinig heesas qutke sandl I. C. Mlhg, SMihigsn; .V
wlily beihadlusutshing s-eiuhii-ss'i'isi-it i-..Sk'gsy'rC.h.
quhestlionalesini sirsal plits. Chllweek in this' matins hal,sshe'ie lthe seilhilliamsonei, C. . 1',St brye, huhC.
cago esas blankedcini lithirIChlf. en'sisiiuitir ofthis C.sFi.sRoi'sslaslas F.
Deans tbroiight uint'inext Cliiifor logic, Chietg.
leaoisasuse. 'liii'esitoirsof theIllis
the 'Varsity inl the sesenhiriehig laisserde oeare 15.0 sucshs Uioso hs inie--1 X.Csu
irs 015 a filsers'choo, stealing st- cniiislhtdWotiornul o hs'S05- netit,SMcCioinkey. L. tarvey5. asdit PI.
aud andscoring onilIWinston,, errorI. beieBillin.Is'phut, SMlsigai; C.I. ltirscisturger,
Ini their half of this inninig Chisiago ek-'' . Isgis, Garrey, andi C'-. .oby.(el-
increased their stole tih'sireemoe, irsi Sophomore Social, eago.
ls by WIinestoin ands Adkinson,. asnid-Relay race--f. It. Suart, J. M.
errors by Hlliister, MKenzie assd1Thhe lst class socicals of this yearTChtlomas, J. Auer, 11. C. eisilg, I.
Deans. silhlegvens tonight lt (Gransger's, by T. Helled, S.1.AT. Duffy, asse N. Ayre,
,Heard alsd Holister eache soredin 1 the sophomesu sc sial ciomittee, of Mihilgasn; 'I. II. Psattersoen, C. I. Bars-
thee nextonta lase onabulsiterseh- se-Iis-hiS.TI. IWarriner ihaimsan. It roghs, C. L.touslson,lW. '. sackson,
hrerger's error aod Deans' lit. 'Then-wseill te the 0111' segigeuparty o thee-ansdi '. tHymaniicauesg.
else visitors got their last rein, wen, sceson andelgeniidteusi seill be i a- Halcf-miele ren-W.C. Mathew, J.1
Wistsona reachieed first ose - a ieliers' te'iiluuite. T'heitickest are 0110dolathrjMS. Deiffy. B. F. Bailey, 13. TV.elsd,
choe, svts adlvasnceid to third by hts aushdsmay be obtiniied from tesechauir- Mihisgans; TH. Calhouni, I. A. kste-
finns Adkinsono and Iterschsberger, antlesseer or at the door. son, W.I'. Dress, alsd SteCtesuusias,
scored on an error. Chicago.
Ini thin nisnth Watkins openeed eiths a Charles H. CGlaliosn, businsess shutl- Sile rns-B. . Bailey, J.1.M. Duffy,
b it, stolesecend, eent to thired nitASeagr of thi n 1iiversity of Chiagos ansd W. . attheseSitiigan; 1.
Kienzic's sacrifice anid was brought in I elckly, accemniaiedlthe-Chucago lCalhonsi.H. A. Petersos, C. . Taylo
bey Heard's lit, after Shields hadi tease,an senst bolleis ofthle gassme Icand Stelennahsas, ('hieesge.
struck out. Condon then msade utaete close or es-ry issisnsg yesterdasy. (Contiued on Second age.)

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