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May 19, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-19

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0. I. Ilis. 'VS. I '.t. 5. Piiits,'tc. pras u hy w ud h on
BOSINES'S Mt. mimili New Typ at Telescope. Itt' rscititidtfwhchifrptstinofthis e15 i al h nwettos
L.If IAN .' , i Stt i o is 9S"itii',rfth ntinitiutiotiet is sitfll t itiitts c i a d e 1
ASSOCIATE khIHT~h pla1i'tt.g '.so.eItinst i i n pit lac Sli t hetlit haricttris otit neiti o amits ittm,05e
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Prots.t . s tit tin s'fiit' he''it. tit tuls AnNosst Thesis.
'en C NT Et'Dia au s m. IT aiRoS s 5 w s li 'andi5 I t t~ a qtt os It eyt i li g it it secW ig
re~ss' lsdtmm~t' t ale nti'ivai eir' t if cl, tihis deintlveryscu in iIis l ttls ttti-t'li
w w iitif sui 9. t .an Smith iteli L '5 itltitiatatvepo erth t
'tmtt i t t gytt e " i t t t i 't . h '' i . i t ' I lhi t ' t v t if t'u 'l o l . L . L . G i n ' 9 L I . e y e o e e s o e a % h c r fin q it trtol s . it t st , s t i l t nS l i t
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Da'titys" Neo sawit h t. o. ie t lt. Sit' l r t t'tuu't's, tu t'so ing hro hti'u Sit i t tuut>. i t c utIj,
o iit(hlult 'Sii ti t sut' lt ct t lt''uuuu ettltt5 tle iimot..t t flit' Suru intu its ttetn- fO
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