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April 28, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-28

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VOL. VL. No. 149.



_. 1

if-, I a gs if-W Aw~m-11ORATORS MEET' AT CHIICAG. 5=- Baseball Prospects of '97. PREPll~ ARlING FOR'tl NEXT YEAR.
~4 Must llv lO 2td'liliieoi~iii t5"r~iiltCu i
i 7Csore we sow ocupyhLas ~Annual Contest of Northern Ora- t tiituathletc nrl t 1.1say ood overmn Cu ans
111 quarers. V torical l~eao le Friday. flroooi iniiGlomi IC '9i's bs' l More Moufles.
Ii p11 W e 1M ust Close OutNii Oi'ridiiay'i'iig iixi p11roset: w're' dics0sed aniiil ge"nera'l Te osioo 'li'(iilIb
tis yde. lWe offer oi'ee' wioh 1tifl. A15stroger'i'temi ill lbe ploel 'iilii I) i
s ill 'eli oods if low prices i cr tiit icontest ollii' Nurthen nefu>satwlil ar) ilb ~i
I1W mo'ani sytog to buiyers i oiiini tfhoes'fieditibis yer 11than ili'eO trci ege te affai0prom1andiiscGigs hebauIiil r'i tinglel'too
pp iiioiU'INEegieS heyeairsroo- and1s the.15c.iiiale si is odiiil i'lic 110'1(
THIS MEANS i~~~~~jes lo blite Il'larst adsodisi sic'- ddtsstenh rctrnn
If TI MEu an Unyi)xinL t he 1 l issfil of its sit ever hel. Ex- len iino havism adeasiudyof' ii
moisieliiie'ge oiuiiprici~s I rsne t rcic sne si h
1THE ANN ARBOR ORGAN GO.,il t pesdean Ill in al riobiiilii Was vuieud iierlllayshe pidto 11))yipill liioiidlcke pel e Iiot if
fl IIiii 0 fdoi flosigsio:olilili. plbisiliiil Of'is.
fl S. MAIN-S'T. III li'jili'soiliiigi ul 'iilofi-ltdheilisi in en llet'aii ''ii'is'O ii-frIls~'i'os
I9 W Tejd ao Silthot 11(tden.d'li. Mliosllil ThereXib r e 'ii'oi'us i iPof Iis' earund
lBUY EH HUR BICYCLES. 4 i" will he cnrttugllls,1 leesidtet ryoffcero.stuento(ti'.he ..lli'1 i'a
1"s . . Tiisi-iig. if \lesirii leserse. s ' i15 11ill) i1111I e ci
I1 NEVERYBODYS MOUTH IUiversil. Judge Wil. A. Wiiiois. iff ilesss. iiiiilaigll.C(arprlir. tii'liA. II asis )'cI'hoir 1. oilt'r.Th
1IVRBOYS u t'eldiaalslis I'sited SloP'os C'i'citiit Oici" s o (le liibi r 'ancxiii'stht
lilolil dAppii'sssrosidensiwainiofsi ier- ebeship irill h(llii'ilyi n-
LI iliwaaStatli'v'osersiyind1(11th' ee.,dyTeflotin xnsbctee (i asI flutinlig tis stae sli' Ii idelei
ln ore''wiasluuloi (( ('i susirihe
li onxuiu h iiveurldelofltatltheiiiP'o'inii'ill1lmiicoiloile
sul..u on ulelisen;'. I 'olufild. ie ttl strinogs.lishii'.I' ululyP(i' u'iuuaofi e l
IcelCr a mliiipre.t'ai slle s foliiss: uci ii'l'itbilul.toi, 'l'.r irn the(fiifol. A'uts i 1.'if wor
ll T. WS N Rilso f Ctlcerg'(i .irsiy. sm * wdn asalAniir etIg hasbeen ied foreIas_;sre a'eleil: I')eein~
i an fMciaGtsb.g 1 leedi. cli uitll neuxt ftall.
F. Warud, otNoi'thsw'isteri., "Telii liii5 All eandhdaes foir lss Issesll Mluu'ersOf te 'ii)aieonted l'lto
Fresh Strawberry CrushN e ttinadI)es A. oni ist ioniusic tlieu'uniiis Cov'e'r Oiiim'illtliii '1the(.i
at Sc'hiuidt, of Wiseousiu, "'lTu110;iisi'iF('iiftaiial'ttlu'ii'icgs (i'fMaiiNra(ioiai
loll of tliii' 1iniilliliiR . ' nd soul aiirieiirei'qiuiiste'dlto trn out.. Civil see Ieforno leago.,sswhi'h
K eeler if lowsa Siiate 'iiie sil n. 'A iaercolli n liuiic tili'li y
Murum rys Drug Stare 'ti'Iowlio Mw"~Senior Law Memorial. sei'llmlntiissi addu gitsi l ouuc
_1bnue il ehld atthe1' liii- Auieetiiig of the senior lawsxcluss of thuuroi'i's of r'forcm iiithi' cii-
1E.WsigoStct quette (Clu ftri'r esidendwasihli'ilyeser'day to her iii'replt nii'ial. state aduii onu~isal juisdici-
17 B.WashngtonSt.,cor. tHarperof Chiu'agu i t'li'iisif, will of ioiiiiittei'i'nutedt is0ie'eive sb-tinsy of t 'liiuitry. It Is lroable
Fourth' Ave. tendur ithe visitrs :usre'et'io. Nealy' oeiptiouus forcehss Ieoiral. T'liii' t ln ifi 'col mi')ng of teilu'b
ll itie rollsgi'pesidents swill heliicii" (Ohiluittus'ei'portedt satsfact'u}o'-li' wiill b ld iillsooi.
IM..PORTA.'1NT N' OTICE. (etsad minyi;wiill reispondiilti) iitoasts nss huosing seen aioiut 225 ReubicnsWileerctve
_________________ t ii i clue.tueu'ligi 11of (lie'class. (f Guse uuire.' thaunIs)
TI. -'~-xr' Cl(ill)m1110 vari'ous cllui..'s anuutt 11or-'er lie'nt xsus'ribedu 111(1oheu'rs e'- Tei'AmeIricanl C'llege' leohli'ai
G . H . WVVIL.'.?'. iies will hi' luesut. Wiscounsihss lpr'esse'dlthemselsials iufaivo' of tlhi,'Leaugie itenduus o taki' 1111 actie. hit
The Leading Tailor, proisedl it21), uiand ortlusnesleru aind lproet. ithe' comhig 1olithel c0inii gu.
and only direct Importer io the city,Chlieuago will of ourse bein iifull Iit- AbouutT100 remalul;i' t 10olbeseeun, Mieuu sill le'sut utfrouiieah co'ullete
buas just received his entire stock of te'liuuuue. It is desialeilPat 51 "li- buut i'nouiighas alr'eadiy been uusiub- tliu11as51sp'aks s'l5.euiully 1thios' w'ho
Foreign saod Domestic Woolens for gon suini a gol repriles'ntatioi. A siedli'ito ssuimemoueuril. 'I'li sve lidiiexeiencee s "slluicli
Spring sod Summer '96, at setionl iill e nres'eed :n"his luul- comm~lite sas iusrut'td to inhuishi theu'seakers."
14. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST.. EAR MAIN.hpoe. A $3 rat:Iroulidip)1(ca ll(' cnvsisof(le cluss anudulrepourt at un- A thiuroughu euuuas.' of thu arious
Full Dress Suits a Specialty. seeuredl if 130l delegats go Cfrom helre. other uuueiug to le alledl soon. cllgis ill te stured i a short
Aeordiugly, ll hose uncteliig Is gio '99 Oracle Board. titun to otuin thue' lrfi ru'nees e'ntr-
(1W 551 ill fc ilitte luatti'i'5by ' inluIliildtinledl regar'uing thme lepuii'n can
Special Sale Iute iiunaes at ounee either to Proif. The fraterniycauus to elect au- diaes for P'r'studenit and iul ''Iresi-
Tu'ueloodlon J 11. Onarles it the udiuatesfr he 'ht)Ou'uacle touuduwas dnt. Thlis uwrksw'as beunuuit P1'nue
Psi 13lion house. held atith(le ('liitsihouosi' Suday auduounlo this we''ek Iib-Walter S. Iaris, tilue
Baseball Supplies, Lawn (lii'; followinig uuucu were chosen: J. B. seretary of Cle League,uand printe,
TensRcktLwnTni Julius Caesar". at Toledo. tell, Siguua Phli; ('harles IHole. l'hiens akesLwnTnnsslips re beingigaleto (the' ndel'i-
Supplies.Sotn God ofTickets lave beenu paced 01n sale to- Kappa(5 Psi; i. Battie,' Deltaus 101graueus (lure a.)king iadesigiuation
ds;' at the usual pla)cs' for 'helre- Dla uu 1 1 luuueu nGt
evey esritin.Theta 'i. of Cle reipient's choice for Clii two
evr ecito.sentation -of JuliusuCuesar hum 'fulcls ______ _ oies.
SEE OUR STOCK AND PRICES on Cle evening. of to;' 9 lt Cle VII- Res Gestae Out Tomorrow. Pharmic on S. L. A. Board.
entire tueatr. 'T'he ifiefis $ for In order o isune the urig uit ci'f
Cle round trip snP entertainmuent in- perfect copies of (le Ices Gstue none The departiuent of puarmacaylas-
s-cuie. A Iarge rowdsh- ould attend will e tken front(le lindery touay. cured represemnttion on (le Students'
WfrHoS Ann Arbor as the 'etire proesLcueAscaineetrlbad
)'fley will be placsed on sle insead o etr soitoneetrlhad
tip Tows, Down Town, ate to be devoed to (leCud for the cmorrowv mornimg in the law building, Their elector is G. IW. Besl, '97 P
Calveeslmw Bookstore, Oppste as Masose
155B. Stats St. 4 N Main 8Sn Womns's Gy'munasiuni. Tppan Hmal and the lain hall. Phi Glut


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