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March 31, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-31

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et f i t 1 ffair4. Hti moot serve his cole ''; MORE KOUM N 1g'EIED. CnoyadNwEiii i orrs
I. I+ f '' noth Og most be said w lieD ounighlt in-__ A coooitdcOisbae numb-ar of tice bssks
AtlohdDal ire 1ii:r good name, liE e is confine'd Cane totcpatd in te oe been given by cntercotol friends
P bihdDiy(Sueda y excepted) daring to the aiotiv circle of ooIergc-a doate Chaangaluninbestpiiestdione bori
the Colle b year, at intests-niot aiwayo a froeituliii topide Alin D11 ;llIi). bonghct Withi. moineycointiributesid dc-
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, for ciscusslioci. iis iliras arec ciolct I tt is illulsorlHe, i, at isb dice lat two or three yea:rs' by-
OFFICE: Times lailding N. Main at., opposite if c oioinoiclsicc'if conceowlit eevated ., .,th . ue Stsudents thecocolves. Laost sences-
post office.cicangeos.s w lli beInivde silts re-
they cre caied "oiicinte C oido. r" tih'lcee mobersof Couseo 2 iccrliet-
,ail to lieossnicicing of roomcs !ict ii-
ED~ITORS ils sphilre is distresiicgiy isilleow eot ioe'io'cii heselcorie sibsoribeciniccaticlitioco to the
W. W. tiones, '08, XW. Wc. TsHAYERs, '9c L. veiyHlepcal nte:ot
E. . Dsosess '0 1 . i. Hns,~. and yet -ice is exicecteci Inbe vigoros, wing. .T ueydeicoirlticect of aniccalmar-esnal coitvibuition $25 for ice lcnr-
J. L. WASR, '98 M. icteresticig and orig-isal. iiooyiici siioutoi c'ss hase of gas miuchc of lice New idnMI~Sl
EDITOR-ON-OSOIEF fsieroic c ietid Ihordictiocoary as icaibeen issiue..In
0n f11110 om o h hr lw.1 . . iiaoaoON, '900L. ESE MAY VOTE. too scncaii tinseet the needksof its clii. order to, focililato lice iandiiiag of the
51 CNAdOINd EDITOR dents, cibouct 140 icc nuccber, cand isesawiicavrgeo'r0)pr
J. F'. TssOssAS, 's7. (Conoticcecd frocc First Piage.) nkigefrstoeueromonhe week, twolagecsso hls
f ~ iceo IiP .A tois lcor beloss. It IS cot siniikeiv tbh lhave beesn tade for the room;c by
L. C. WAcata,'96.Sns, '199, F. N. Snirage, 'i9S, 0. H. Rtoomc 4, n owusd icy 'rof. Scott's icean.s :of one ctise the essacys axerec
ASSOCiATE. EDITORS , e,'li3 L, A. C. Steisn, '96 L, S. A. cu><sses icc rhetoric and compohdsiion turned to the stuentcos for res-isioci
L, A. i'ratt, 'Ci G. M. Heath, '96 iP. Steine, '1'. E. Stevens, 10,8L, G. C. will be icted for hiologica uirliosc's. 'by iccecics of lace oilher thceyare lilculj
S. it. Sacitic,'01 L. IB. B. Mdetheaccy, 'so. Stocc, '93, C. AV'. Secibery, '9OS, E. C. iflcwohcseeilheccigc rcc'len revised. Aitemptciolscase beenc
F. Simconcs, '98.; iiH. .CGmmon, 's7 M. Sields, '96 L, ItI. Y. Suii, '96l~d, A1. . nade to miake use roomc look silo ac-
F'. A. h'ucil{, '93 E. O H. Roe, '98 D.i.i'icetorc'cl to ac bcooccgeccilcchss',sats'i'.
Louise Dodge, '99. AI. Trucoy, 193L, R. It. Tcaylor,', fi seierlciasvtwcc sole ive by cons-rsiig silosoicci'of lice
The subcr iptios price of ticetDaily has ,Tcic,'il .D lerun 9 ieugAibie roomcoucclcd be obtinsed, ~iicssleelc vit ae cc ee
been reducedi to itS .inc advance far lice rest J. B.filloicico, 9(i, J. B. Tosser, 'l96 off w'aitphcotographcis of famnuoes painct-
the botainicat learcent icas Its eyes
of the year. ,Leaves'scsriptios a ' the L, . V. W. lecyer, 1'%L , It. B. 1'i--p- lc rocsO lc catior igs and withporcis fltecy
Daily office or with P. 0. Moyer, U. of M. o terasoitefrtfor otat fltrr
News Stad. iccs, '9ll, Ale'cUnsold, '9l7, H. FoI Rom41usdntnlairota- nmccciihe lc ore bsssof ('cii'yle acid
Tuy, 136 A Van~~ren,'96L.W. I.Emoerson Dcha'e been giveno th ie soomc.
Editor of today's papoerTsl llA.'tcrc, L0L c' incasottlecturc'rcomsi, host Iliso s a
N. S. lPOdTTERl, oi., 't)8 Vodicy, '96i t, F. B. Vickers, 'l7, L. s t - liltr, TIcvt tis beg ininsg of a delrlt-icent
icbscscstory, or iii'r cc c siccac r.
______________________ D_____t. Vendilec', 'l9l, It.'sicect, . ' . lcoib se .0 isiet.ci'iisg brie iciay'be of seal sc-cs-leece
'Thie pec~ilcg of in irosorailinigct XWosdrsss', '908, I.H. B.Wehlior"e', 'l93, A. roosic is kepst0open. f or rseelicig cud
lime is citingreigictanceds's a ubso', ccitt comi
teicsieme'hecliioms of thue variouss alks A. Webbcer, hIS, C. B. 1'snitts., '9ii. Forojoiioc. th leltier 155cc-wrtntigeh.hosa ayanoe
055 tile caimpuis:seems ito imcrcc'cssc ii. i. Wedisti, '9S, D. \X'octsteeris', t ias bc'c osivdei cu siccevenisg icnthic' week. Nes'eciisles
rather' thacin tic disninihic the'cumerc L. C. Wctlkcr, 'cI.C. W'111ii, it ihOofitem osercowsdced, fSisossicig lisct
of usighily psticls ticlt cct'ISJ, S. Ii . Wa'iimer, 'JS, 's. It. Wleeks, '.nresec 1 ccecscsetrovisioms is e
across lice sod. Rlicece thcice was '99, tD. Wgm,1ill.C. Ii. t'illicncs, t6rwqates'lDiiitoad vti nale frtewr anIlleet
hut one sliotoe ccc-before tisere licetL, it. E. Wisne,'93, Miss IE.'s'slii,aivoiking libirary 'of ablont 200 vol.-dohi'omnit s contentisrelicr eni.4
siilie.5,which eoliicie 'itcc'c'tut' ex- MisCcohleI.icogccht
non'tivo', nie arundosicillenhccd of lice '13 I . 1.D.' Wsscctai'c'. '97,B.I'.. .AisCulteO tN eea
raM~ing TI)-- caI~spls is kep in its A oteccoie8,coll.cI.iocseof boicki6,0.55 l'icctollectiosof bookstn rhecorcsct'occclcassici.cmp ltcct c ou'elocr-
catiig Tm esoss s eit nIt Wcce, OS F i.Weses ' ld (.S1,mge such litera'yicv cstiisccis, a Scat- emcgccge'sciets cciidocEsly iillecI. Ash-
ususicltgoodulcositilon oniyccatimhe ouit- it. W'ccigict. lOS L, F. C. Walidronm, '1c7, tscgo is'scc s'cli~ clj'l lcc c.4 .tcvris sr
lay of considerable money cand effort. E. :I. 1Wiite, H. S.. C. H. Wmig't, .90 of logic, psychoclogy, eiicis amle sesibe- 'Thiso large sinigie romics;, seittbbt for
Stuenests shlud coslsiuetill11iscfeeLt cuci Meeting of '98 L. ties, and lice hscic'rccahtiosccc, Stasndardu, suei, 32 S. Division ci.

keep on tlwiaaks. 'lie sntceiitcut-1
ent'hissmcadhe couuerousaeffor-ts to itl
sip tine bare plcles iiihsod. bnt Los
been unauble is do so ocw-mg Is thce
presenceof aplycass 5hcct is alssays so
smuchei behcincduhad thcat it cust cut
across iwheevier possible. This is a
sncall mutter, yet if aliwounld bred it,
coicclencibie tronucle amid ne edless ex-
pense iould be savaied.
'Thie fclls'cvisg ccitocimlis -iicinis
frm'cstccle Dalily Primctlscacc, adimir-
ably sets forthn 11cc fact ticat thur col-
lege newoinicaer nusmn does not alivays
huive tscltimllteiholotriuities for te
expression of ectlilfial oudnion:
I is a most sonions cquestion whethser
or nt ihe editorial hcas a legitimate
place in the college daly. eats ago,
alien these papesrs were issued hut
once or twicee a iweek, thore woo prob-
ably enough nmaterial for vigorous
eiditorhil conment; hot lion demands
ncoswmode on chice college editoral
wn2iler lanad.time licoitations of his
spluerle, smake it a:difficult task Io
reach. even a. nmod erately lhigh stood-
arcd of exc'ellenc'e.Time editor of lice_
big city d sly huns practioahly the -vhole
woltd open to limo,' Fact and cuor,
hilstosy and tradition, science asciiair-,
hsobilics and religionm, all are subjects
wltlnwif e masny deasi and yet not
be accused of leaving hfis stcdere. Thee
collegiainsst face a different sltoe of

Time first year buss class heidI a meet-
incg ycstc'rdl-a cficccoom iuueciatehy
-after'tine lociscre to lislenm to tim e -
1poct of tlime lhletie cuccmmmmec'. His cc-
pocrt shossed slot manyb' eciccidutes
ii's-e lmyinag ion' Ohy, teasmsand ltt
is-tic tpopmcs er shiri theCrlimswouldc
iris-c a. good los ebal cuine. 'fle oss
css-e-v, cucoicci csciki smeves' time
ciucitor -andclvited cis . t~as Ida iftyl~
cecnts to catise ther necessary mney to
busis andmccibcsebaslh csoilies. A
ecmcsmunitcc is-as apdinted io confcr
winci imhte otdies' las' cissces andtioinpc-
tities the fcueltytis adIjournc sork isn
thue depoartmnent time'rhunreday before
spring vaeotiocs.
Chess Club Tournament.
Play icc lie Chess (Clbiourncment
was resiumed last nigh,. Thoomas a-on
flails Moomuluosvk, asciiWitmcancfom-1
Palmner. 'Moses swore once gaamn fr-om
Mttin. MIauuhac-t wonm his set in
thie previosus round fi-ont Sqires andcc
a-so one gumuuoc fronm Hers', Tomas
ancdiWhcitmnan play inctheIke niuficals
next 'Phosedy night as do time wii-
cn's of thne Moses-Martin and Mono-
The best Hone of Otlice Fouiltoe to
be found ini the cily at Hattles lens'
0110r Store.itoHl Top Dmos~e, Tilling
Chala's, Rlevolving Cases, etc., nil go-
iuc at s'educedtt iies, Now's the
chaincre for lAudeuals intendiag to iti
sip offices,.

OhlWellington. .
We believe the Wellington
Bicycle to hoetime best $75.00 '
wheel made. The irst one wce ~
refeived we sold in less than '
j' two hour. Everyone is dehight -
^ed with it. It is made of the '
finest 1, in. seamless tubing, .
abjustah'e handle. bars, easy
sadidlea finest steel boacrcngs, -.rJ
h barrel hsubs and yoske, and ma-
roon enanmel. It has all the
_____ up-toc-date features, and you __
06^-'s it maiss it if you don't see it
before youc buy. Price, $75.00, "'
- ~Ladies' or Gent's Model.
~zThe Annt Arbor Orga~n Co.-

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