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March 06, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-06

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M~JHIGAN ___ ai
c -T io i g -G odTime Table IRevised:I'lach 1, M11A5 IiN
r. r .C.tI B. K..& . RT
maialln d Ex -050 Sall 'sNo lottery srheies. You tay for 1hat ol get io d &CI . K.& Rr
NY. plxail 5,.0 N. Y.?),kl al 7i31]Solid breech IrgsetwieenToletdo, Oie
Fasters Es_-l 10 N. S. Liited.9 2; CASH saves you 25 per cent. E+vry garment f~tte( ,d ( i ilsl1V, . V.ia t olos, She ir
A. at. r. . 1 ofSll1lS1 t~ho it olydrectrte
Atantic Es.-'730It actiteLEx -17 17 andlgaatel hnad fstlEnsiealolS t
G. I. Espress .11 05 lhi. Nt. E....1tH ent~etles. The largest line in the state to select Tledo, .
G. I.E --F ---55
oW. noT(l5, vn.W HAYra from. 3/ll il l of Simpes at the Cook House eery indlay, .
G. P. & . Ag., Chicago. AgtAnnArbrTtiesday. It wilt will pit3011u toiseethe ine eubsO 0
M EK!i CTOt L ENEAGLE C, ERIAtha d epert 0.
--,TEHONOR SYSTEM. Pn.sBsbl ceue t laat W. V.
Opnosfrom Various Colleges. 111Theliricipl g~itsii l'cls-l PtesurV.
R.A..ILR~O.AD, Aulii rt'lioli ltesi fr11n1tie cll- v0111151basebll e Cliii are11thle fol- Old Point Comfot, V.
50555 UT. sesify tf Vriilia ii ri'aid o 't-heIl Ilwt1]~i: Wlliamsbur, Va.
72ai 74a'. ourssmhabennblsrrbyittsly pi .Fiarp~~ a Newport News, Va.
"1.:21 . nm. II1:0i* . Itlt y tin.1 171 iitili n Tt'oliAti 2 listcitia Niorork, Va.
4:15 1i. m. 11:211. m, le Ysl' ttvont s li il o t t 111:1 Leileti. I hs13 11 1 nd il nii rstirilll. Ftg.
A lltrains daily eceptOSnday 1-rdsi, ,itid ii . I'lilsdillli Na drwi~oiiist resi n i l l 11rogh ri rle.
"Traiis ran betiweeiiAiiiiArir oicd Toledlo tnt-a:r111u1rther1tiin f1oriaiiionicialIii'io..ihitrAietcti
W.H.BNN T S I.G EENI0Oi, Aget "Ilil r i oles 111 amI iii lre-c i lay Saurtiay, AprliTil lb,. Lellit, st iii N_ OLTON 1101K, Ceii' Iost . A..
W. O ENT .P.A. Tolido 0. TIledo, O0
__________________________________ it1h lilalil1 1l '-fu tW.1 A17 PETA. ERSTIClMichia I 'ss Aent
dent s a1.1w11le'. t~lol,111e111l1i- Grand Opera House.
Time Table, Oct. 27, 1895. 2l. lt'e iMitae 5It is 1 v oiiIi\lt tlt-l prl2. f1 llbs. - -
brace Ysllati teem Cogress si. il. 10 : 11t1 thIi'Hticle r sl i llt i h en for117 Wi'stiii'st May - I.--Cornettii:ll :al fl DAY'RCH +
andH710 as 11:1, 2:15,51:00, 11:4, 15):1Ea d( sistc iof 11111' tils- it I- i ll 1il. el( Ilsr . Iii
Leace, Ass Arbor Junctio,:11, :15 and liei' iiTlihe- y YelstII Isnblt Setii~lf. 1:71,. 'n ei-1.mllstI-:
1130 a. i.; 1:15, 2:4,5:0, 7:15, :43 aid 11:1173(t]11dly a 1 C llel . P il ,enoi itltSu fc mtrrrs
e-se YpsilantI irmo Cor sssl.,1:31, c -- li i 11111111Il fie'1111 )", f1iy t lE F N I 6 A E
Leavce Aiis Atbor Jau tie, 2:00, 4:W, :0, "'Vois fi11.<Vbilaten nt P( rotc7- lb. C A
7:010 n 119:0p in. Aloa l y- 5 \1~n r. hl nldu
W Carunionoiitsy timne Fare: sigli tilp I5 lb15 1. I3 I : i i , e'staIIir. ilt lhl.KA H IN GE M NE
censts; round trip tickiets 25 ne to KTHRIE-l 1IE
- Wii 17 lAli s:, eSu t ipol t. I blllll.15. 7iay _2.HItcard, a' W.11. 'irS e riIory D ilrme,-,Artisr
TT______________________I____- 'lilal ph-la~. lt i, ig ot, Nllla.1,~ l'-riii oh
wS aJ 'T "rrt 71011pnon11:17-.rru h- ltnfa{ Jry (tit,, >1"Rcr :laas Lcihsiril-anit. t.1:rss
ofcy0 vo0 "S
fosrIs.ss.ill fhe l lti 11 nstitil :1btc1-1.ao
NF XV C iINFSHOP 'i letYlt715 -rt l ii-1 S in _.-(Cornl-l, at I1111. RAND AOLIANI ONOERT.
HUNTER iBROS., (}L1 p p ,lCT' l CI--
Skates Concaved. ctsill thei I' ht-Io1 veii et "tC i oh thten .y oa r1ill t iwtI eplalgn1er.n
Experimn.tal XWork. 115 l 111lltliiii tiiti71 ul71]i hiti I(IlBA VEINU MH. GN
RIENTSCLER, (11111 he 11 lt ruilu+t111 wlld I 1 y lng , Ilral i! , .ALLEN,
11111 Iti5 end ivry i,111] 11 pon itI's i-i7.le '(111111 itg. ________f,____________ ly I anDetroit,Hrooni e.
P OT Ce r011'11 lillO thatli itrt male otisI- THiE 01111)Ct-N 1I Il tt5AG i YesiNill Isiarsi hi.Ogan l tl a. 5 oun i-i
Liois iosit m tt'ie 101a 51tll 11 sr , iI'r1c -h!]I"r ei o e id itbfoe
ANNI ARBOR. MICH. i'iiiliotriIlis istIll Ietic s ilnl i 11:-If yoi t alraoncasthotiusd mileso'ickets, 6 0c.
LITf loe l firl.1 nn h tangteya onwl ao110]~ ics on a1, a ts t .sd5 lil, als, t,~isi
HROT LURCHES AT ALL HOURS iCo 107 tli' 7515te u 1111111' sit lto - ltby itlt711551117a0touaI~l'lliiil us.ite lb-l st.n,:andlair iit .it' tl OR aln'Ns
"W ( l~~~~' 11 111r'et st it irstt i- 111-11 1e111 .The bet liin the timarket re lost-s F R H-ENFTO T EOGA U D
Chocolates and Candies Sy freilingis ltstit t-llolilllnot t . imtedy uttns of Ohio Cnral Lths. FR EBNEITO
.JOLLY & 00's t itol t h s-If,'ir 1\Is' t ]1tli"-s stet-i s ios'htitith le ntre 1. &,sO (2 2d emeter
ta.,i nlss ttudnto ls s :a It-lul' y0M nesotorof liflsblul, the Rl0- Se eser
20S. State S., Sger Bloch. should support itillil di helilt it 11i511-lS. t'-l t r, et. Setlagnts toCOhio Cftilt( ( ( ?
Large Lie if Fines Pipes, Tobcscos and i M-hns (f issillpioll. lI' ies betfore ltlrbisiil. Price $20; UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DANCING
(ilgrs geti ee yar.Opposite LAW building.
The sysill it.l oss 111 etilbl,'sii litno- Ijl' RI L 10011 w12)11 1SIotlY.
RAN DALL[ dined tho Wisosin, hil ot Prof. 1. A.I'fle i lust-S(esta o ld oer TERMS $3 FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.
Pho ogr ph r 3ng dan f he ollgeof c Il soshsslprie of $17 for the bcst solrt
pIotograpI.e1_ lei ellie, se110 tl fillwililiiiistory suntattgl sbljet.Coltti- K~II(AN ~~E S int h Nw:Itosfon l eate r nie
15 Washington Block. olIntlus ils:1111the lboaird r rscthe right t ii Ito henwsyli o Iae
"I 11111115 lie. sysuti Ii a gadl ono-(is 1al lin ucript sbmlitted. Iartivedt Optrail(Ir01k
lOIP & iiCO. i 26 S STATE S ei-lhihts171o rssit; 1ind soro Dawly -s hbeolnmt-lredfolr WM wAnoSw[ SOE
T ol albr o ierolcgCall os them lee Ill iyiiottlo wh-eIl'0 uttt
Fine Lunches, I'lt451i i.,lar subscibelu~rs. Thts s en 1011dote ______________________
Fine Chocolates, . _- wihonity exiiense to thlinlII orde HEr NERADN ~LAE AL
and Baited Goods. RIlOSISEI7IitI' EX~tilISIONS VlA to sow -themtie ll ueithte IDaI~ily H {QRADNBLIR AL
Try Onr Lunches. (7111(7CEiNTR~lAfL LINEN. 11s itlUniteriy nIltit 1 11Aso1)111 Al iPO Afl TIPV CT I2 Eflr
_____________________________________ To, irgilill a1111t1110Soth, M,iuo-ii10. t o ill call upnti(sic pio1(115 1wo T ~' U ICKET I II1 IEl
C!OTRELL & LEONARD, (ne farefr roundiotril.Sot' agentshhalts ben sntthliiiperluithose117A1 0Ito 5107, TO LO(AN O(I i1SONA
((1110Central I wen o ,r ldrss, SW. A. deisre to tbegone1'reguhlar l ',li,Itls I IrLai Y
-Albany; N. Y~.. Porli',S. P. A.,Deriot, 711:l.;I J01111 till be Nglfrrt oi 0 tun-ltil l to stI tlol l 01i Iibl 1 t I0iwrt
Maker-of leres, '. P. A.,Fitidlsy, Ohio. h510sal. CigartirobaItosblnr st-illttes
I ~ WsunloIAn exlerined'neoo G Il- disotinedI wihoutt a ny ,-tsg- fr jf ~~TrflrrflCAEBR,
tapsG (}wn r. See r. Gillepie at Ann . bor the'numilbes dliered. HI'UN flb, 01,t a itl
- jg o' :tr.Mdcl tdnsT~ paet etfoitYale't9,Harvard T'efll'siy ilt tlehe11ired ilby par-13-our 110n10of poet cases uade is 'Tle Daily woct11 deivrd byeu I t
1 tPrinceton 9 andul nor or by 111ll21for th'rmindtlher offytu wat thIl i at the Agus Beets ree or by mall ferteremaindeof
nmsyswe'liot ad 11id lgchiga'911? thteyear for $1.2. I Bindery. t11 year for $127.

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