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March 05, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-05

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VOL. VI. NO. 1101.



1 WA TELiISON PLEASES AJL.got 110 111 Iinll-iiY'~
BICYCLES. IU________sts0. If Linoel 1111(1lile(1,no rvn
NM WeII111 t 0 11 Ig bb DELIVERED AN ELOQUENT EU L- ' rliI-io ou01111111 lld iv benn ill'Y.
1191 1r)1o cto caie 0$100 1(i,1(for10 OGY ON LINCOLN, ill h oy was l t 111 h111southernl1
icilel i e sfi t l i ,i .111 We'~ i
have 0 coo o citheo ooecy for the i'10011at 11011 110001v 111111 not of liv 1ionl.
+" tillDescribes His First Meeting With
DAYTON Lincoln -. Extracts From HI( t snta borwisIl
i;{ 11h elia io oe I the I0 Speech-Oratorical Contest 111ionliflll' 0110Irl11 1
M eantI gnyfrthe1 1 M rl 0 111 ttrO-110. tl el o
11i SN H URl s rnadineashs- s -11111 to have be0111111 t rate i.lul. Bu11
BE - {IJ iltbe-wasrgmo111 1thini1these0 1110 100101
i0100 11101 00oea1"o'brtl e > 1011111,ec lhv '11as p et tdhIis 1lr to h cea1r' OOa1111y11l1ec1101.rer onIt 1
ixleIr l i- t ile tw eilI 1111,' Inii 0 1 litheS .A.tou t; ttld te I
1 1 10 0 ( 1 1a11ind. 11 10so 5 h Ieury W 11rool 1t1n ht '1hel(dat1-1i 01 0111dihndIll spoke ll. Moo 11111
j1 Hamet ecRt, IIWI IiU 8JU 111 1111-01111 Ll11inc l~flim1111:1 101111 01 i IhiIetII 11111111ItiIl' lii
TH ANN ARBO QR~i~f 1 0 1CO1,l° 1e1 h 'lie andin ttin'or1oman1:I(d0dnletItli'
Fll ln fBaealGodf -can. W t 11110 0 I'o e11111e11111ti1111
for tS.e SAIS Tf1. i nta et li l iIl 11 ll i ll id.ot'. hld dr1111' 11110wI'X'I:llSoutrul te11111111011.
See ~~Tindow fore1111(101' tIetion of 110sdauice.~l11~
ol ll iiti 1ilo 1111 01111 110' 11(10' T11'eii t) 1r11i lu t 'oiiol 01111111 211
in Sw atrs 11 M0 otifl1ilwed 110Ol I'11ws1 f 10110 11(1icon11s1.aacerze n
iltltI'ienius 1of l<llOtnmli 1111 111Il11111 fall
s c Th e L e d i g alor e a d' eh iu t bm e h l. " t h e 00110 11 1 w e re1-1 1 11 t e p a n ti S o e io l l'e 0 1 1Il t h e
and otly irec Imp rterin te ciy, ittero, of ti~et ll opttilly ' o -,fllropo-ig ons riWhen is olll ay Iiill gl
F11 u stl reied 11B0se llGoost k01 001tiri lletiheyllwere menltilled ith 0 ar11110 oo , r . ewi h i g; ii OlllilllI
Forig ato D meti W otll fr tlni' 'I0l llthel a ed a lilitltg florsa0111' 1 1. sir',e tiitlof 1, lGod.i"i; lii
Sprin ant Sl~l hner'lilt 1111o0'.e 111ivi 11ed 1 1'5i 110, 0ite f ca llot. he nexlntaln r. 11011111'; r se11gtlo
NOSe W ASdINGo Ts ERMAN taInd., b1t10 foniot'expect' he f orse eheoOti l Contest, "lheoh'ih,2'0. i
Fult Drss Suit a, Speialty. "it11T0hia lt'ean -ilt DolAirisha'm l Sie ty Prio gramslt001 111 (11
p leco, 01 11101Mr. itefmiti lo isga efIeas pt olas o f Th h i e lt T eapn or o at d
in a few OddTs and Ends 111010ttoforiltonithttwial0-e-tort'; for i
U 11Y S weater. has lot articlsofilit-Or urslionL. 'A.
thatllet the r o y pesidlte 1-i
for te Secnd Seester Larg "F rni lie ms llte " ofhi ina r- 1 u oloigletislin lcoprt
a i n c h o f e c o n d h a n de ;Te x t - Ipto r s :
Ih ok t pe il rte 10 1 loen t, i ncol 'nit come m a ored I r fimaieDl.1r ngl ,ng
lttit oo lf.ws alOne by on teSovardl . 0. Tyo, rat .Dio
e atien r . Os;er, tellml es ose,
LAW TND TEDISAT. OO S eti'befoilteonha benih ohirsforehortIWlttenyA Sad
WritingaPaperuryothedPocndetectgivenaitThairthelyeto tlltdermovement islfot
2icand25c Soe aent or ate- 05.llebnfowfrd I, h 1y41x, J h itv'y
Iman'RIdaoNTainPen. E Lincln vats npesiet. M benh hf11 le lrt',WatierG.\ilc'dor ughSilan-
IUtticoln, o las h oepossible lie 1't.Mat ws GereI.lh mlen
W. Hk W ,eRsily p covcanddaterovhsaftethesoelen" ,WlotIvngC od
pT eadineg r Talo , hemodthaoedcome to theialdile h peutwod;tllt W tema, hdey
atrernlytdilorepres ie tercityeuse ,o ie.sho fHnytI~y olwn rgr audyeeig
ha s ateev ieSt 4n.irstck ile. a-h nype ia ce em el aab~ilter et row- ItPa col,Dr. ooug cnt ue

To lie Applied to Columobian Organ
-Proceeds to Do Toward Organ
SFund--Description of Instrument-
Program to e Rendered.
vinilg will probablIly treal0I tliza.ltgo
& V0110' Organ Coli., cntsstsof an it
t ightboi ottw1101 o1111101fiit1lnlg 11111,1111
thiroutt he 111'eiumiill of 11a0111111 1-1111of
pass110 of the oret e or.Ti
'oxis'tt(heito(Ifthl' hh I;-mhbyti a lm
(one11for 01 111'homan ul andp- ill o f (;-I 1
rohmal tleppe A w ire tclillli1- to110'-1
cand.tt1in n t~le ithi~(,t'Ip~lill Itbytol
mensof ae ery s.alpelllle ia
The 110rollofpae rstti s at-d its a box,
tttdotheWith less alsedein01I, 1 llte~
eil0 o Ivnt'i1g opeichates.t pe
1smill vflve 115 fohloox-o pesd
rol isorst pae.Alsiir - 15, mtoris
th. Overte, Wtichle,-11~sl ll'agter
thr Se kiieo teo Argan. Asmthe
witit thecorresponigechnneo
in 1the samei resullgt, no. Ir-us, lindt
ing Scherzo, OisdomarN igimaos ro-uad
-hOrga wlihwllieloeive
is.i Ovrureasflloys: alba,
f allrre.
. Firn s tre eS ale Se'Bal,
l I Agllers, i i,
--........_--- -----J. o. b'shhaae
s, br y 'Joill oluroe, o ..._.+ iz
-.Scer. "Orraase Ngh' Dea,
. Overtre, "Tayinghatcoe,"._._aese
------es ---Pr --------o---- F.LWaoze
1. ishestral- - -teiSoh sea y Sail, S
Pro. Inoo'lonandt. AegohFnaoe, o
timFeal Myearhmndent er uia-blet
3.eHdnrytVtIMsic wok yterdayzzon
to sickness.nce

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