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February 25, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-25

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Wpoe teo makeeaebte btidi forii THE SUBJECT "ARMENIA."
i i<c le sies tis se os We
has9 Ia tsecured the tgrncy fur the i Character of the Orations-The
99 A 3 ,speakors and Their Subjects-
9999 Ii ytea, which has rarned a 199Names of the Judges-The Mark-
hig rt t tt lio't as one of te 401
bes w et Isttmalh; trie $100. We 919I ngs
r t eh tt le tee t ttfor eth t Is Th99 Olt at or . icai li, co tes t tii firt
111 thii1yts 'a2benso grtttly Ci- ao l.i.htstittIWl Attii
Sitalr it i 111I-heRs t a t 8 l lt
tiei itt 555 tt 5.. Wetit~iltdie or lilt As .?tili whlei teoratistns Citre of t
ttilcesta tc ns, cast or easy 0"9
pamets ehRl-.c- i fart lespyrotiechic thant is
Ii ~ ~ ~ ~ 999tsil TEANABROGNC=111uul it prelimiinatry cotttests. All the
THE A MNAiIN ST. A spea11kers sitotiretl drefitl tutu tbo.ltstt-1
9199 ~ ~ fu 8., /I.II T. ~ ti l itdthr wast a re-
Sh na COb:<lc of elitttx thlat was is admr
---______- o I] S. llatrlott intl (s. Kittbs in lilt-
..itaitiits ili-aCttire so dti l stly t-tts--
LiUf UMr1 it r.At. B~arilelis sptlech wits al-
Fuall line of Baseball Goods mtlil Wholtly ttrlilitt'ltilt'ii it and T
for the Season of 1896. Cily P'rolem" of _Mr. Rntabi, iitoitglt
flt3 ntisersily's ortilit Irtillittis.7
'See. W~indow for lv is ye't reittarlutitt Cirte t'ttreilyle,
I torictti gytititties.
in a few Odds and Ends lT' list of liii sitaeti il tult lte
in Sweaters. subljerts foltt. Te ortaitis ss're tie-
lniretd in lt' onrter litre iit:
lieel'aii Co. tom. KittirliTie City P'robleti."
C'. '1'. Sli tor , "t'oliir~is intt h le unlit"
STATE ST. Slates."
E-. iIailel "PritCSutuarng, it
__________________ J. J. l-'reit, "Attericat an1d Ainitri-
~-J The Leading Tailor, 9G. 1P. MeaCtoiluii "('avour'."
P'rofs. Llotyd, Drtake and Coles ati Itd
cnd only direct Importer in the city,
has j usC received his etire stock of as15 itgs ott Itottght tattd comollsitiltt;
Foreign and Domestic Wooiens for Priof. ttt'itpi anidi Itutors~liC Itties

Unity Club Lecttre. FIESILM.AN INI)OORi MEET.
lit's.Jet' S. Me(itilesltet' ilt Cttlltto- FOR THE CONTEST,
ill liii'Unitya ('ltb etit~irs inhis ietutre
"Oldti('tnt-ordlintl Oltd tttiltrltge. Events of the .Evening-Open to
Freshmen of All Departments-
Mass." Order of the Program-Entries
Mr. TWO Ctser stidt: B"Itetropose Ct Must Be Made Now.
tell y-oti hotw' 11511 littimatet' hiss'
placs fmou. "Il swrd. ol.' 110 titi' htileluithryitltdtoi om t i ll~
alt's uit' itisill'rjihwtt. i'Theire isftes preitlitiar lagr.lllie' Fritdty
noruttterps. Wi t li iite it il'eIt:;itel totlestaitllllttl e
litha'tsbeitt thstuedtisr ost C lItl higheithr tto tr. tIit tit'kCat tht,
able Tlle to n i olnpacelt 112X1 ;yitii 1111,u r ts .:11111,+ h
hutth i~is hittg tssli gtr-eyiiiit. ii' rlalu tauk llilt Crly Thriis lats
st;'1117i'e"S Ye he, hos j]"lvle."' t l Ilt e it-tititi asii lrs' dsti ti lilettul iiire
toi es-jiltndits tt-iottilicutiti's l0' ndi t heits. - ri 1 Jil~p oev ut
hi a-mg it'ntiort's nc11177." void sht hl.iiijttptit, ot advdl tl Ioh'tfitvt
ewellof entrprisein itslint-tilt' i--itt' 1 si-ie, llditt' layiritt'esl i rst
ofilts '-tliiar' It's-id als iitti3 itis de-n' r m n -l vry dlato ,a
U.y Y4 e h ofu8. Chess (Clu . l i;i ellk trutthe Stert'la'y, it11is Cityr ill
ma'yi do.sit at.tsipl ('holtsiear-l thet trttheeeetshtttC iu'retshittill ai ,tisitlit -
lit tltr'1 Etigitterflwgoldidiig at 7 Cls0,isad'pen'ts'riespliieeito -e.too
inl'r'st'd li t'tiss lt'ltt' tlt-ttit Shsi-utipttt ruth, itmet. ita itu a
itt' e h o ut ell'i'l it le lactC lut'stliii' ussitis Ct-ill Is' lit1
AConortiiha's t s-ilnlt'cen tfitetlThemLti erary Sociti. e.han
tothsetataOnteaits'llltre fiity'i'ks ii(1,1811
ln t the euttltibeinu;tisoldlhi f it' SieAeuhuil llett it-iy it
I~h mos prlilieitof heseis t t wll betillgofeorii ot hel 4:Ott 1iti n111astul

Spring anti Scinoon .911.at
Full Dress Suits a Specialty.
W~e catut suy yousatnd at the loe sst
UoY1 siy1 1 Bok
for the Second Semester. Large
stock of Secondlhantd Toxt-
Mocks a t Special Prices.
Writing Paper by thte Pound ibc,
201c and lac. Sole agent fur Water-
man's Ideal Fountait Pen.
Up Tows, fDawn Tawn,
eliersityBoostoire, Opposite Ceurt House
255. Stats St. 4 N. Male St.

intl Johttnsnas judges oil iltiiii'iy.
W'hentt heir repiort was5 trotught in is
ftiC '98 lasss Ileitaitfeeblet' ttemplt at
ysil givintg 1111te.-utientce, toldI atti
dhrriueylu'h'undttemonatstrtivte, filscl ont.
'linttttkitugs are apetlueil:
Dutler Drate Lloydj
Kutab------4 4 1
tBtrtlett --- it------ 2 4
l~retit---------- 6 06 0
i'ertuihie-----i--- I 3 2
M 'Coui- I it it-- 1 1
ilee ug hles Johnons
tnab-t-----------6 6 0
Storm --------- 4 it 4
Bartlett----------2 2 it
lireth-----C---- t5 it
Reriite-------- 2 it
McCollium- it------ 1a
Clarence Jollinsont, '95 E, hats located
at Cheaetne, Wya.
An exitmiinea~iin for (toe remnovah of
coniltions in Phtysicsa1,t.11illbe 11t--d
Saturdity, Februtary' 29). ill 9 a. tn., inl

v ersuly. Atny tmtember of lie I - iis''u-- -
ience'Stut daty tu litl.'lTi'eiproglirall
sity ulelnittgto. enut', c-tillhatldulis
uuliti'hut uit' st li' ixt'-iul ~ was' stu ittbleitoIts he uttly tualtu yaut utp
suibjects peiit'ititlgto liii' lift' andt
muithet', tittuiles 'IAmier', 9ItS.SS bte' o., u'oftl' 'tsii-tn
A'. D. turriuk, t'si I' htitse, 1and11Alhln o h 1alizĀ«:a
CapWl hit Ailhihan1d11Aiht utiNtsoc'lu-iii'
Cilultbeu. __________________ haveinilpirosplect a jinlt uprogram.tt.1
Cornell Dlefeats Penn, htiabeen 111hecustinu of these tswo so'
Cornelsi-on Intshe tshird inter-col- clothes to ev'ery'a ai' hl a eanis;t,
bt'it 1lu-t o trt ytbeen (<l(tIu'Tkht'l
leglulte 551011 Pettttsy'itlva lt'IFriy -
- s'luthlir thei'joittmteetittg hils aet'
eseninug by a' unanitmouis ivoteiof till' will hut'of Ot-titunit'oh 1101. T'i'ht
jtudges. The qutiotiol tdebautedtivas.lit~eratry soci(etisare this year tumore
"Rtesolve(L Whatthue IFeeerutI tiovm'n- lut'tshiirohis ltill thley hitlilben for
znunO shuoutldtprovitde by generatiltx- treriAly als ipast 11111 Jfrteioubted.
lvbecomling -u promlinent faeler in
anon or te estblisuzen~ of n llversity life. Meimblers acre received
tional univ'ersity at Washilngton, D. a n 10 11 lloooetlsy
C." Cornell defended the negative. sitleotne.

bluhe main building by Proef. J. 0. Reed. I

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