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February 19, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-19

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M~c H1GANGENTR A Good Tailoring ai ~ i
Time Table (Revised) Nov. 24 1895.
Mail and Ex--350 Mail ------ S .i8 At Moleirate Prices. Thit's the basis of itli'110p .Ry .&M y
N. Y. Special---. 5 00 N. Y. Special-.-- 75)0N etr X 1et ta lrN larg1e 1 Soi -sicr tan lat e ev Toledo, (Ihis
Eastern Mx .--10 12 N. S. Limited.--. 9 25 iesn ite-(srlot hnor. agessssi an sell rlssss, W. Vs., viae Colurn-bus, the
A. M. P. M. stock to select froml. sot and onlv dirc r11ute5.
Atlastic Ex____ 7 3 Pacific Es .----12 15 -2~VE:
DN. Mapress--- 540 Wester Ex__ a.2 00S rigi L re
G. R. Express .11 05 Chii. Nt. N.____102158 Our SpigStockisU u alyL re Ted,0
GP.&TAgchcGo. A., Ass----- A bo57 s 51 ~ els o FindlaysO
0. W. RUGGESo, H. W. HAYES, , ~ Mr A.E Rose xwill lie plaeZto show yoti r Denton o .
G._P.__T._______hicago______Annrbor__ e..iiple l at the (Cook Hounse every Tuiesil iy, suits Columbus, 0.
to Order from $20.00 Up. Athens, 0
TU 7,ini MA I ll flT TDiddes0.
P.Pleasant, W. Va.
y Richmond. Va.
.2 A lii (IIAN 0012.C li)l3l' ss.s11 Isi lssiit~sils llsy 15511' Pete.ePtebbusg, Va.
R.AILROAD. tlhaieiii s- Austt Isis. issass- si ui- Old Point Comfort, Va.
Time Table, Jan. axr, ee96. A goo~d thing nexer gloaws olsd. r-is- delendinly rich. Ini lie lrss thsesi Williamsburg, Va.
sNRe. SOUTH. is thiens ssi whsy 'A Buncihi sif K-es wears it msst lhavs' utets-il lss oe-r Newport News, Va.
7212 a. im. *7:401a.mi. gioes ville suchl a. -whsirl isf fsui ains $30~o,000I ill psrofits. alonel. Chless frok a
*12:20 p. mn. 11:6a.m. INrok a
.4:15 p.m 0n :21 p. M excitiisieisl. l-leilsiasssi is Ills iOsly! Isi shmili whos ssxiss tie Allielilsili Asd s1,1 soutestlern psints. Fls-ganes
All trains dsily except Sundsay -word t11 ideseribes the iSate of ta lss - 1 jls-s sills of lie fsese, slit ~isler' wills-ce d isg roos ess ons stl tus: rans
*Trainse run betwecen AssAs-hoe snd Toledo Fsor furth er informassstion cssll see ycur local
only. piii xslsis witness- Hoyt's illllliessl s-sl1-1 d irec-tione it gili bss prsosluceds st Ilhs Tiscset, Awenti oris el
R. S. GREENWOOD, Agent Thr MIOULTON HOU0K, 01ri'1 iass. A-t.,
W. HI. BENNETT 0. P. A. Toledo O. sedy~. Thiers iso a riosr of alltt-r fio~li r~ I '-sei 1-sssy iighst, hss slcess rivsi sisi Tsoledso, 0.
iiie rise to is00 fill Ilbis vslsss tOl(il y Is-llie, ru s f tse lliece ill W. A. PETERS, Mlichigani iss. A , nistiisi
ANN ARBOR 8& YPSILANTI ST. RY. Ns t liii hindis of lsiiglslir 12hat 55155555 Ness Yris, thse lixvi motsls rnsi iills - ___________________________
conviisels theieis e hou1111 ss sfom to it asnid lii fGllssselxrusI seis rand. Opera House.
Time Table, Oct. 27, 1895. btltis. All thsi lills-l, fssiilirss soslgs-, "cliaiiy's Aunit" hsass iie b5115rs the- -
& Leave Ypsilanti feom Congresss., 7:10. 8:45 lsiso. 111iii islis'lys are nosw. all(1 a1 lsiisou lllli xxiser nl stnn
'and1:00aXm. Aehor,2:15e5:00, :4, 9:1a and gsisssel ofslie asn;hsben itotit(-"njiolfo dr(iar WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY I9,
it I a. in.s isi5, 2:45, 5:30, 7:15, :45 and n iid i)iiliss, ss xluoisii x sliss 11:5 i^ , t is tal relsssssl all. 1 11A BON5I 'A s'x1F Is 1 an d
p. ns-ss110w icomedy. is1" sesl slpa y is. si fsi' silsolisciyelr. I s t s I i isi~ 57 sayi.4 a I- Clve iomansxy of tssnessisssx s i tIX O TI
SUNDAY TIME. hirlsix adhaldb lsAd o vrayero~hil a ri 1
Lea. Ypsilanti from Congresenst.,1:0 3:s 0 i t pie iis aissis 1of ]keyss ssrixe 1ecrssl i -sx5I w A ---~
:00,t nd 9:00 p. in. I sothil its si Ti1iIIY. All t riii Iil 1 bssellI AI'ris-i. lii Ill isie it is A B~-unch~ l! "t i y
Lceave Ass Arbor Jsnction, 2:0,4:00,5:30,xi're i-si-s is lss ulilIl il stl sisi slssis iirssi.. tIsi- o . HE O E .
1:00usnd 9:50 p. Iz(elryi sdb h onnli-sil, l,-daig<trciii rs RTEH TL
Care renen on City time lbaee: single trip 15 s (liisliieg 11( is ~lsss l si' -sC' 11is-is bsien ai isilerisi s-si-s-sw f'ss. v six s-O
cenats; round trip tickets 25 cs-.1, 1 -isf ltiketsNR fab ,isno ly
WeM. 1F. iPAE, Supt. lie twos lss-lars rossieiss. At. thse Gransesi Isisslis. It is iissikiisg sr "Asi ss - i l i-s ts te eal ihin()sss-. issss, -.
sssls-iss-s. ~ r~t1 its itss nesItsis. .'s
lssiiitlt. sslol'' , Itasly, sliss ill S :::lssliii, OSig 11 ,sT I in t ssne nes. 11ufs niewL6Is .
i'cssvs=kiss Situatios. Isn I its o isisu . lea
-S-T UI ])DENT4I"'S T -- Seeni :mil thr issi a I isslli ft"Miis- is new usnes aned Situisoniss.
If yu wat god rliale lfe isurnce all'Lbeorignalt orpaa i p~sen~fi faPricesi ill - 3. Pice, -0c35 and0 and7cc
on Feed -r SMsOsbe, oficse No. 1, S. 'tissarley's Asit")'.wih x elsi-l s-ssx lssssi
iure. 1s(s3.lssi is isss -rs-x5,000 StIIlEs.
sight.(Iss " t s is ix Gl ltii sisi Alwasys f lltler, thse thus Central THE KINOERGAROEN BILLIARD HALL
NE W IA HN ShOP . "cllshale -nl Linxs nmileage ticket, xxith ililesit sdisi
us111 :1srvernisI tnoser foce.It A RAILROAD TICKET BROKERS
HUNTER BROS., 9 E. LIBERTY ST, svu'iilei bly Brando 1'551 iii vlowse F our, B. & 0., c, Il. & D., Ohio Ceis-
stiil ieeg l e i'aies ollllses ils-E'iss-irji Q?(NYT)l AN (N 5EIo A
Skates Concaved. 1 ~~~~tral ansI innumera~ible othse systes it O2ETOLA KLAiOrS it\L
Skates Con~~a~ed. whesi e us' 211511' irs ini A nlsliea wit 11is thie favxorite Travelers' Compsianion.'i~EiIV
Experimental Work. l1.ssileul Assbes Ns-sis- s-I Iisiils-sis-tivcsly - Wliol~Isale Cigars, Tobaiccs sasss Cigassetes.
1 lihi l i r, bri i ~il1:i 'Issolsls i5 usc- Atsuhisz-sl s-llleslsi -0 g( u sr bililig
REIITTCHiLER. slug stuill nLouisssn xvIiers ue is- sa doneu at lie Argsis inusesry, Masonis This CId eP sa3t
PHOTOC~~~.APHE~~! gest fit 1s-suil thisuigi thisese is hisoi ne110:. blok xovr Ann~ Aris 1 S xiixs Bank.- ERETI
ANN ARBO3R. MICH. Tfhis Case has Enam- STUDENT LAMP '
Chocolates and Candies' / MET LB E futtisaoley
S-ArC-- ,~$s~ 5ia1~iIfyu el
JOLZ.Y &CO's. Athfl tweegIeuR r "
20 115 State St. Sag~er Blockh AND~ SIDLU ii Taesal hlspissed-
La'gn Lie oc Fine Pipes, Tobanccos aned sueil bexc se o ay ddrexssbytesoe sss17sss-
(A' PS ~~~~~~~Oak Shelves andl :p listu. e N. Y i.lxles Ve,0)B -i
R AN11 D LL 1 yand is substantial and S
RAN AL ornamental. Holds 20 J ll115
- - OTones size Chambers 1arrivedc. Oilera, (rookis
P h t gep e -u ths-Se s
p h t g a t erI I~i Encyclopedia. Also windlowth. i u
15 Washington Block. ayete heee '~
- Dictionary on adjust- WMn ROL' EWL SOE
Tffl Q. (41lls ATI'L S IEfSOE

i uu r wb uu S T-- N T. +*.iI
Call on them for II 111 I'i
Fine Lunches,;'k I I
Fine Chocolates,'h, ~ I
and Baked Goods. I'
Try Our Lunches. j) ,
Albany. N. Y.,
Masere of!
Caps I Gowns I
.9s,. Princeton '916 and
we not add rjcian'8

placed at any angle or UANflSTE RFRn C20T t Rg'ioBs,

Thsowands of comn-
plimenlary letters re
ceived attest its popes
larity. For price and
catalogue address
Marsh Manf~ UrnCo
232 W'. Washington St.,
Chicago, Ill.

LoGiE-I)AlS SMACeeINE Tssi, Co.,
I east my vote for thseiversity of
Alicuigani Ass ArbsorMish., insthse con-
test for the $1.5 lathe' wshiih1111 slfer
to present on Mairchs, I1,190, to thse techssi-
eel schsool receiving the greatest number
ef votes.
Voters Fail Name-------------
Street No. . . . ..----------------
City------- State--------
(Tohersms-st lia e as st fifteces yearx
old. Ladies caast vote list emay aid in
secsring votes.


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