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January 16, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-01-16

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Time Table (Revised) Nov. 24 185. .t01'loi of tile ('heloial Society. Leni-
Mail and E - tO5 Maill-.. S ...A Mr . A. E. Rose will be at the Cook. House with a Choice don. Mo.
N. Y. pecial.... 5 0 N. Y SpeIal.... 730 115l fL+det03.Bson ek
Eastern Exa. it. 12 N. S. Lmimted.... 0 M5 Line of Woolens from Jora1 fEletoi.Bso.Xvk
Atlantic Eu-7 30 Pacific En---_12 7DETOIT
C#. . Eapress ...li OSCli.N. Ex.10728 THE GOLDENIEALEL OU i ETROI-.
G. R. Es___._.JOIrlkl of te 2FraklinInstitute.
G P. & T. At., Chicaco. RAt., Ann Arbor Fine Dressers it will pay you to se the lie anI compare Pila. Mo.
prices strictly first class work. Up-to-date styles. Low- Josrnl of Geology. Ciago. ii-
est prices. iarterly.
EE g. yJournal of Hellenic Stuies. London.
yIField Coltilitau Muouin. 1'sdliciit- reg
PEROIAS TlELIRR ions. Chicago. Gift. Joral of te Istitton of Ietri-
RAILROAD. ~Floa. lllhug. 3 Nosca Eniers.Lii.
Time Table, Jan. 12, 196. Ciifrlbltt fser iilliotle'iv5teci Frs Tevs.Iib.ti-oitly ctiald tieitiEngineers. Lorio.
NiORTH. 0002. Leiyzig. Mo. Gift. Qlr
7:2 a.m. 7:40 a..-Qur
"12:2 p.m. 11:4a.mn. Cestsry. N. Y. Mo. Foinn. N. Y. Mo.ltrnloMoiiogy so.Mi
4:15 p.m.n, 9:21 p. m.JoraofMiIhll.Bsni-
Al trains daily ecept Snday Ciiites vew alssrg 11 :ttt~i 'hniict Itiianta. ilone. liontly
'Trains run between Ann Arbor and Toledo No.M.lor '"oPhsqe herq-o
onY. R. S. GREENWOOD Aent IJuradePyiuToiq t
W. H. BENNETT . P. A. Toledo 0. Chtemial News. London. Weekly. (eological Moagain. Loidn. Mo. A ,~iue trs o
ANN AROR & YSILANI ST R. (Leiical Society tlondon). t'roceci- Gioriiale Sorico dela literasra Itlil Journal of Political ~coioliy.Cli
ANABO _S, _____T S, Y ings. (See also oita.ta.Turin ad looi.yilg. Qor
Time Table, ,Oct. 27, 1895. Clieiiisclis Cenrallatt. Ianbtr. Hi~arpris Magziio. N. Y. Mqo. Joerial fuer 1rakts-e heiie. Leit-
Leave Ypsilanti from Conress St., 7:10,8:5 Weekly. itriord Sminai:r Ilert. Iii-iiithtl- zg 4iuiler er
and 11:00 a. m.; 12:45,2:15,5:00, :45, 9:15 andzi n beayar
iS4p.m tild studyMonthly. Ciie'go-N. Y. (ift
Leae Ann Arbor Junction, 7:40915 and b Jurnail futr die Rle eilt i ndAlg-
11:0 a.i.; 1415, 2:45, 5:30,7:15, 9:4a and 11:15 Citizen. Phlilaidelphii. S. H11:r-trnt (lalnts MItgzie.Bs
e. mn. willitit laflemioik (reli). IWernu.
SUNDAY TIMIE. tivil Service Chronicle. Idianapl~is.ltl. Qur. (ift. Qlr
Leave Ypsilanti from Congrest..1:0,:0, Sb, Hrvard M use tnniofIComptaativ /00 oliut fteIoylMco:ia
:0, :0 and 9:00 pi.m.JunlfteRoa irspca
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 2:00, 4:00, 5:30, tlas~ical evieW. 1Loiidon. 10oneil:- logy. Bletins nt l Seiiii:. (ift. 0 n :3 .i.Soitetf Lolido. ( niimbers a
ct;Carsr ra nd detiptcts ieFare: r: et.sinle trip 151I ais ~i ar. 11arvarit ili esity ulle'in. :,niu- SerGft
War. F. PAKER, supt.(Colum~bia Colel(gtStieis in History, bloss tyer.(ift. yhear.li~o ft.i otlSatsi.i o
THE KINDERG&RDEN BILLIARD HALL t ioiical11 uii ia.N .J-a SdI oe't- ii: llli icy olol.Q~r
oinnibin (College (Curirversity Bili- graphical Contributions. flr. (li, lt. . no. Qh ornlio f tie Society of(lhemical iiIn-
WHAO SALECIGARS tin). Gift. lbtirnc. thc~igs. (lila. toty ,1t01 o
TOBACCOS AND CIGARETTES. dsr.Lno.To(rcial 1and1 iiisieial 0 lilc enn(riis. L11dbi. tutl. .oiia oh oit i Sa siil
Railroad + Ticket + .Brokers. N. Y. Weekly. Iinisiiel dEre. IBerlin. M. Pri. Mo.
Money to loan on persosal property. ( oniiisSioiiter Intirnaiioualent c-Ihi'Yolscio eitoehilift. .Suih-L-it- TuiGo olliy lta b
j nie suig. zig. Ii-iiiiiithly Gift.
R ANDALL (ora~~~Iililtes RIiilus tde lacadenic eso lhiinsiil-N tclriciitci. Mtnit. M ounlo rhe adCihcgii
Sele(necs.Iarts.11 etkl3. Gift.lorsasortopi:11trtgri
P h t g a he oper Ilie1isodtingo bi.Luo. ur 3igoz, N. .. Mt.Gift.
1 -t t d a t-er siq Intternaitionthe.ssti ts,'c:Ira:,ttil n lt~l.JstS Botaniseer .allrslaelh. Bie-
tiesilist ntes~tlioale.lili ttcrnisiseit F:rs-lingn.Ss..- in
15 Washington Block. Cnera tr. l'Phila. . hbrg. 2li nvrst urery on
T DOP & CO.9 STAE '2ute ooary lRe-ow. Lonon.jMo. iaudAritect.Chcag. I3oii.Setiiionli
STET++ Cornlniversity ILirary BleiIlne.AnAb,.9nubr ~ai~ err eln er-otl
Call on them for Ithaca. (ift. year.ly
Fine Lunches, (siti. N. Y. Wetkly. Insititutions of -Melillil REngieets .in Suenet's Helper. Dtroi. Mo.
Fiae Chocolates, Dtttsceicllunitsfiial. Belin.So. rocteiiigs. Lottntdtn. (uar. (it
and Baked Goods.Git
Try Our Lunches. eisiiZislrf ec esosde it.lgict iaio ctnnll. Library. Lonton.Mit.
_____________________________________ ems Iuterriclmtswesesm. Leipzig. Itersnational .oturna~l of Ltiis. hli ib .lray oural.N. Y. Mo.
+ (Ituarn (Quar. ('o ecotne.
C h fn i S Dina. Chitago. Ssmi-nontlly. .ahrults stl ti aistlichthite
W luck~ 5VtI Dilc Notes. Boston. Acthteohtgseliei In-tiuts.IBerli- A very dfesirale stuite, hot and cold
5 oDigie'sl'tcytk-hTeifas oKiea.tl(eisr.waer, bath, gls, electric ight, furnace
U. OF X. PINS. Sulir.Wel..thrasl ee 'ilstti utStki heat, and all modern improvements.
{{/{t O~ofHouse new. Cor. Huron and Divisio
* , J Dreigist's tCircular. N. XY. SbG(ift. htv Ilitlge. 1ttolom. st.
Jewelery store. 5toinomist. London. Weekly. Inumbei~rs a yer.__________________________
~rrn CATERER 1dnugl eiw se.jhbnct ier la sise hilotogi. TLH1JI[AT LL{Ol tl
iHNGTRnERrn 2 N.aWasIng' Ril'uen lon. B-osto. 10 numiiers .I Leipzig. U(
Year. ;Twinbteeler fier N\tionalot'konioilit- Chocolates and Candies
NE11 MACH NEC4A op1 athnt'aioal Review. N. Yr.MSo. ssis St tisltk.Jtnti Mo.-T
it illla~lr ~uretinililTilses. Lodtoi. S. hthibsscertiie'fler 's'ise~ch1tfishene 'JOLLi~dY & 00's.
HUNTER BROS, 9 E LIBERTY ST. lctrial Review. Lontdon. S'ckly. itanik. ILtipzg. (uatr. 20. State St.Ster Block.
Skats Cnelved.Ele~rlai Ieviw. . Y.Weely.Large Lie f Fins Pipes. Tbacosnd
Skaes oncave. Eeetital eviw. ',.Y. eeky.Jtslrt'brivlt tder lPlitriaiic e ,i- cigars.
Experimental Work. Gift zig.
Eejl Angineering. Loidon. W ekly. ste huft. Jet. (Quatr.
R qi~et sEseriag. Misozn. WNl. Y.Sis. Jewaish lu zlsctrly ituel. htti.(_
L n i e r n a a i e . Y o e i h Q a t r y R v e . L noRe n d e r s o f t h e D a i l y w i l l c o n - E i g i i e r i l lg a llo t M i ni s i g J o un i a l . N ." 1 0 1 1 1 0s 1-l o p k i n s I nl t s e r s i t y ( i i tt s a r s .Y o n
for a favor on the Editors by men-Me
tioning this paper when dealing Y. Weekly. Bltimsore.(ift.
with advertisers. Englieerisno News. N. Y. Weekly. Joins Hokino siversity Stis in -mss npr.ereltern Sse adree-
menuin art aymnt fraihi grade Acme
Enginering Record. N. Y. Weekly. bHisorical ntl lolilcal Sicue. be~t sateshihwe ed the onsappova. we-
Giibso.u.& Clark, REnglsh Historical IReview. London. Baltimlore. silatoml.Y i ecs
Quar. Journa~l of the Ame'iaii Clicoical Yo gLaise ~ s
PNOTOGAPNER srstoysor grs pplytlemtbsellreecen-I
I tirgliche Shullat. ueersan Soiey. . . M. enac e llfrparllclars.
PH TGAPERrussgeichMo.ehuhlt. o Jes oit, aotyeANY. iSa. Society of ACME CYCLE COPANY,
12 Wl H U RON ST. Fao. Mexico. Mo. (ift. Nval Enlineers. Wash. Qsar. ® ELKAT, IND.


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