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January 08, 1896 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1896-01-08

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For a YOUSMOKE?)fx Pj1T
4 Pittsburg Stogies for 5 c r t ~ i i x
U RS O UEO7 Full Value Cigars for - - - - - 25c ~ J J 1 ]I
FLLDESD TXEO6 Prodigy Cigars for - - - - 25c
CALL ON 4 owl Boquet Cigars for- - -- - --25c
1( 3 Royal Banner Cigars for - - - - 25Cc
Jos. Lowest Market Price by the Box.
Merchant Tailor, 44 South Mai Street.
,trictly high grade work at UNIVERSITY NOTES. 1 An Alumna in London
moderate prices. 11xrtrsili te Ain h ube f-i ni
10 E. Washington St. Gaduiate Club at Philadlphia. sity alumni who are atttn iliet u
Prof. Griffin lecimres to the secnd attetion is MicaslBrewster1,itho asa
andit third year law classes today. mnembr of at quartet of Ainei
The lie X estei literary society wilt gi;rls inma ing- athit ina LondonIfyo aean xhrr,
given anquiiiiet at Irettyiitas Friday ciey. The 5t.Faul's s ,. aie ni Ii; 6
R e Biyl. nig t. fith) has te follou-iig to siytregad- ii E
Ride a Bkyce. T_.It,.Nelson, 'ti-.set his tacatiot inghter:B
a in Aiii Arbor. ie is located in CI- "Miss Mewster ic of Enlsh ti-
AIf you are in~ a great harry,a
.,ay, enta e oiiohiSides. Bruigtuft i O R E M R
RIDE A VICTOR. 'Ite liitiStac oard tave placeud Bay City, Mini., slit was ettucalted at O R & WE M E
Vt, box ini the 11a111 ot the lantt ildi iitig ihie-ama Piiieroty. ter mlusical -6 S. MAN ST. AND STATE ST.,
Th togs ih he nte for cotrbutions. gifts art' inhecritedl,bohllpIaents lit CORNER OF WILLIAM,
A market Fred C. rwin, 't, stint a few days tng tmained musicianis, -wxh ifrttrtect AVE a totIPetE it otaOs'
Its simplicity of constrution (f his vacationi around the camlps. i every vty their daghlte~s tletUIEST -TXT-BO !
renders i also the mst easy tie is teacicilig ii By City. tetciuhette to siig ii tic rteid 11111' VRiY- ET-BOS
run. tne. ; The 1\ bstr huse of rtetresentsi sic is, a child. Later oi lass Bitew- New and Second-Hand.
We sepoudsof ruibl seel# ivkies ntl Senatei'wsill etfor reor- str totk art in concerta. in t ciiNote ooks tind oiler Student' Spplis.
where othrs oar ounces, and tha I Fiutain pets, fle Saioiery, Sporting
VICTOR costa mrs to bud aa gilatiotild il~ctilofii f iirs 'o- -t'titoibtt'ttoc'al taility "tof t high Goods, etc., which they oier at the lwesct
I hiltprices.
any oiher bicycle. nigtrdr. Ilr sigig tites si ntura li
____I ALND ~ tter, ad she is so dettottd tliti Call and see us before Purchasing.
CAEDR tart, that lihi vecy grte tttwitof i _________________-_________
OVER '"A WHEEL CO. I iii. 10, (raneras Academy.- Iressoit she possesses is reledli to l 4 ET N + 'T'Eas lvI
11-t-,iNct. tc De taer. Dar-a. p oii.fullst ictt-attcgce. Ier iheatim.,Ihard-
a r-k st:ti3iFri., Feb. 14. Wternan tyitnas- eeicais ttey dmy btic'th. tithei xer-IN DANCING.
t-,A,, is sruraina 'r~~l tmTwtentieth Anual Ball of heo-A:u~
tPalladitumi fraternities. ieieiit lstlttlt'ctic'a ci-~S
- F.,---.--_.--*.'--, rrts gists, tre ototte iclars with
COIILIME'TA~Y TOM111LINfal ortoile r, Gti 6- c's Accidmy,
('t)ciil.IM N'lAthX 'It M t helIN inafftctel ltitc> if it full steet riutt lolar, -M'cayairdt.
FIRST N.ATIONALI BANm:..PI.Ntt sccanc','cicc tttives a enderng tI
01F ANN ARBiOR. Secrtettaty tlut fthkiflAntiArbotr
tO at Cit.hasi'it'it-'it te ftlltttsiti tl-ntittiistngs woltly itneiw t nCl X Y S
Organiacd it. tsiinia'r ino~h o critinrs Itiqueevdn a lis
saal100,000.Srpls andProfits, $4,00nestiitnil ric Iucotct imis-crtct .t 5 ilii'i'it t
"Trns~es ageerl bnkngbuinss wo2apere i te . . . coatI7 Bc t71'cv, woji, Stdyige1si OPER{ A HOUSE ]JEWEipLE1R
P. BIACHI Pcc. S.1. CLARKSON.cfashIer. ('c.fiir"iiceiriitl'ooa tcrc. PINS-U. of M., A. A. H. S.
future__b__fr__her__int________l__orl_____ "Ann mttrbrMich. Dec'r.1:, 'yt. Theinesinheciy._Cme_____e
THRE ANN ARDOR SAVINGS DANK -Mr. Leis 11.52ij(i tenct, 'cigi. Aiit'IlE01h0 IO C i AL MLEAGE Tefns iitect.Coeadse
Capial Situni o50N turplua, $50. Der ir ouI riit ii(ieto If you tatel o- thosiandlmies a+ r t4
Reourcc, $1,i0,00. " ci ht iityui
Orgaizerd ander ttiGeneral OBaning Lawaexpresstoi icytti maytitinis fori'yourimdung the yea' yotu sill svn ioec ' @Yt
of this Stai. Receivecadcpoit, Saras a d -i in tuing ltyandi tie Meliniy ptcihaing a tousan ictl tie t. towe t
selas ehancge on the pinipal cties af the 5 t'' i h i
United States. tDrafts eashed uon ppe C(randt ianohufor thinCoucerut at lii-Tie bot inthe imaik are t mthose i- W ae utrcivdaCxr
idenkificatthun.Saety depsit Sane toSe irdstmcci.0mce1e
Os'FICERm:cCristian flak Prea.m W. . vt'sit'c-Ilchil ciSaturdmi entt saimg teci. sued ty agentof Ohio Cnrl iiltilt Sd Sie]rt it'e I meiccAll tt
Harr inVite-pes.;this E itiace te dosineatmck ccaes andc
Cashier:M.tiJ. SeikoAssistnt Caher k14thi.iItave teilc micc-plea'tsrei touThey are good over lthemo loportat iciu. t-a11 Iinad act a fre
__________________________________h__ veiitthinopporutnity of bett'tting an- systems inchdimg the enimoeIt &LtO ! -samle.
P~~A '5. til iaitxwilm hit' ieiisof thot x- system tWes of Pittsburg, the Bi, PALMER'S PHARMACY.
0 c V. ctllink mstrmicii'it. is evenmitihoni Four, etc. See agents of Oio Ceniohl hFo' the net cutter td hand-
TO US the rest of the year sd intmtesnnmt tile afforded me the Linen before pucasing. Price tki; suarti Iteies, 'phone oms' Liry.
an lar t dnc i te e .ctitatfattiit. good one year. , . r
adlantdacinte "Agaimi tendeing my siict'rst A{BC
latest styles. thanks for your' curtesy I re'mimmmAA,
~ IEST COLO ACN Yours re ecftlfmhy,' During le seccnt semeser a one- SPECIAL.
'UNIVERSIT SCHOOL OFDANCING lDOt.Lt VON S(At'AII'" four corse til be offered in Arabic A.aATNFnrlD4etr n
4t AND 46 . STATE ST. (See Anouncement p. 1). I. is off en- raRkTIN. tomral atdremrCu
1,000 MILES. ed for tie firsk time and is recoi- lottn. Emblingis a Speiaty. No. I",~
________________________ - Always at leader, the Ohio Central memded to students of languages andl 'cWashinto St.
-- NT Leaes mieage ticket, twith latet addi- to those whvlo exec to tak le hhbrec OF M. OHAVIN- PARtORt ad Bit-
~ Ntons is the best. Covering the Big or Assyran. Several students have U. reti;:Allth ppotttcnairtcla css-
I ILour, B. S:,., C., 1. & D., Ohio Ce- already exhressed a desire to oirn the Imported antibomeottirn. hLadirs-t
* tic bhir dhessicngand btine Prols. J. .
1 7sIF{ tral and inumnerable other sysiems, it class. All studemnts wvho tish to join Tronosi 'ho S. State si,
name to he uderigne, asthe HENYOU WANy'r lte iied
F-{ T -booknmust be ordered before the ol- Fngrle, ver Sheehan'Sboot stoe. Lo-
BlJ V M Iinvetory, se wcil sel all Pinlitir, rtr ptonaet re
Carpets md Drapeies t greatly . days. JAMES A. CRI G, t, oaoyacamact r
Possibly your gym. suit dued haires. IIALI.EIIS F UEN-44Mdsnt .~I
is in that comdition. If TUthE STORIE. 68 Inventory Sae-Buy your IFuniurelum
soecag tfranw Lost-Frhduy, Dc. i, on Wishington mowv'whie it ho cheap at Htllen'stFur- LINEN
one a rtane or Stote t., a pocket book coinahedg niture Store. (' LAR_
On tabout $11. The findter wll please Wopanted-Aouer stewad. Apply ~-n. AND
MS[LBS yce[pooo leave at Vars book store. to Dirs. H. C. )Jameu, 7 N Stoe S.-'Y NI"---
1 W.Wsigo . There is no stock in the State WRt A5A5 GV
and few in the United States IGHT, KAY g1 uuuIO

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