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December 16, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-16

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MICHIGAN GENT(A11 Never Known Before. a!I CIf7RAL aSIES
Time Table (Revised) May 1, 184.
EAST. WEST Sch a sale as wewill start Monday, Dec. 16th, was never known beforethe sho '
P. M A M business at this time of the year.
Mal aed Ex-___3 50 Mall-______ lia4 Or entire stock (nothing reserved) will be offered a reduced pice otl Dec 2th. T. 0. & C. By. . & X. By..
N.Y.Special .... 5 010 N. S. . Specla.. -97 230
Eastern xEs.---1 12 N. S istd.1 Nothing Will Be Charged During this 'Sale. Solid through trino betwee Toledo, Ohio,.
A.tlantciic Ex.. .M.5 We must have casts for everything. We assure you we are nss haviog this se for plrasure. sn hretony.V. dl Coumu, h
At.ani Epes...540 W Ptea E .s it tssmply s matter of bainess. Its certanly not pleasure to sell took cods at rduction shotad nydrect rote..
D. N. Espresa ,..ll40 sIC. trnEs 1Q _280I price. especilly whoa goods re said to be advaciag at the factorIes, bt we arresid BEWNe
G.RGRres_1 5 h.N.E 55_10 t andthey mutgo. Toledo, .
0. W. itnoot .R, H. EW. HATES,
G. P. & T. Agt.. Chicago. Ag.,_ Ann . Arbor JA O S & LI, N D ida .
",Wasingon ib. Wasigton t. C Atubena . 0
r j T 1Middieport, .
EVERY TUESDAY_{ Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
Tnme Table, De. . isIlsa., Mr. A. E. Rose will 1)e at the Cook Ho.use with a Choice Old Point Comfort, Va..
7:7 a. m. "7:40 a. m. Line of Woolens from Wlliamsbug, Va.
"12:25 p. m. I t1:30 am. Newport News, Va..
4,15~m, :' prnNorfork, Va.
'Alt train daily eept Sunday TEG LE
tTrains run between Ann Arbor and Toledo AGEC . ER I And nit southeastern poins. Elegant
only.drawing room crs on all through trains.
y . S.. GREENWOOD. Agent Fine Dressers it willpayo to see theI lie and compa re thert nforsation all on your local
W. H. BENNETT . P. A. Toledo Stritlyafrst cosscowork.Ticetl Puss. gtwrite
prices tityfrtaswr. Up-to-date styles.Tol MO LTON HOCK. TolPas. ed o,0
Lowes l>1'Ce5.. A. PETERS. Mihiga Pass. Agent
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST. RY oes rce.,______0.______
Detroit, Mich.
Time Table, Oct. 27, 1898. Weish Universitio. 11e new men~i in the college, iots waits -
Leave Ypsilanti from Con gress St., 7:10.8:45 for athe ewtie-heologiali student on RIP.A.NS
and 11:0a. i.; 12,.4,2:15,5:0,:4, 9:15 and The Yale ewss gicsle Iofullosig imstoeipoIlslizngPor.
10:46 p . -wo oepo lshzl oes
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 740Oil5ad a_______of____________rsiie
11:30 a. ffi.; 1:15, 2:45, 5:30, 7:1, :45 and 11:15 At.eosii- ofWlh Ctsriis
P. m. SNDYTAEITeunvrAtesoHWlsC. 'snt" The modern stand-
SLDYTIEeiavei-este ifWilsi:etnhorn le second egeter aone- .
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress St.,.1:30,3:30, tmayeriotuo featres to the Am:ercan:~ aml ei
:5 :00 ad53 .m hour course will be ofered in Arabic w ard FmiyMei
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 2:0, 4:00,5:30, -college Inain. C::tneutedt as they are (See Asnonceiient P. 14). It. is offer-
7:30 and 9:30 p. .-.cne : Cures the-
Cats run on city time Pare: single trip 1 0an:al1 enirely different sySt-Ml: fr:iai ed for tie firt ime andi is rci: 1
fet:round trip tickets 25 cents eddt tuet f]lIlae n
WPM. . PARnEnR, Supt. this colleges of this eoliitry they affodoedelt tdesso > :ules011~ Commonevr-a
man oplaruniiesof ounthe ctf-to those who exiect to lake IHebre-w
:ii1 t E SAEail or tAlltis o ntilgthadf-Several slidents have ills of humanity.
thesametode eds 'iTh t9tohe hre escgiln-- leady exressedl a desire o join the' i ruo
MAMM T -IE SAEfr-tnctoy s clto:b~it ~ teassyril s:.ns <IOwish to join
H::hesofBngor, Aber lr::y 1: an:d 01::class are rqete osold id o
..J OTI,,..Yt-0&. S" C:::dif:1a-c the chief centrs of : dlnlcai:ames to the unde:rsiged~, as the B~
200S. Sate 5.. aer Bloc, to nWaeTeeael:.rtdinbosms b ree efr h oi
HotlandG Co:l Onrstrtat Altl Hours. ti nWoe.dayese5itl11 ots t JtAeMiESeti.befRAteGbll
Nothi Wales, tentral WaleIs and 44ys J MESadisAo, - s________t.____
THE KINDERGARDEN BILLIARD HALL Sothi ails in: theordel or t::ses 4 Mdion o wnys C oclts
WHOLESALE CIGARS rl111r1 is nitodoriiuito;y life il5ny(totf 31032-SEEIIS FEXCURgSIONS L w e' hclts
TOBACOS ND CGARETES, them andthe tudets lve il reis*To Virgiiia and t01: Soth, Nov. 19, H tL nh s
TOBACOSANDCIGRETES. tI~oii,:11:1 i::st~sleils iveii:cs-il- Doc. 3 andI 17, 15,."
Railroad + Ticket f Brokers. tare-ilhbordintig hoses, in wichtl tly- On the ahove dates agents of tho
Money to loo on persotiat property. :1:st0bh by- 10 ittlock each night. Iii Ohio Central Liles will sell Ecursion U T ',4 .SaeS
June1:ast thIir :st exatiimiai 1511 ::tr ticets at oie fare for the rond tri;T T L 'S4 .Stt t
:ZN A I to~ry toa dogre:-ws hld B1 iefore inut for returtl 10 ays.
thenlsthe gi llisilios didti st 'rutsde- Coslt 0._C. Agents, eO lGurne
P h i o t o g r a p hli e r geess Now, h oowever, a t Stdet in ty A ay 16000 SMILES.; U C nta tU gve yU an rt s p l m t
take___the___degree____of__BA. lth~er att(last lasaladr, the Oi eta ogv o natsplmn
Lines mileage ticket, swith latest addi- with the U. of M. Daily every
15 Washington Block. hli- years suyindl itlpssiig sits,ions is the best. Coveringthe Big day in the week, ad we do not
factorily il tree.Oxiltillatln. FI' .&0. . I.&D. ho o- offer iany forty-eight page edi-
TODN X tiYllIrt ons at our present rate of $25,50 a
. STATE C o-osicatisii lhas boet aitpi, ut tial antI innumlerlale ohei- system:s, it year. We aimn to give a thor-
thiorsiles aro so strict tat represents- is the favorite Traveers Companion. oghy representative, up-to-
Call on them for dt Uivriynewpaer co-
Fine Lunches, toves of otposite sexes (-ilat orv-:: All students-rmtaiting iithoe eity- ering all departments of the
Fine Chocolates, sInetk to eachi other i in eittiion. Tiht durig tie' hia~y 5v1ac1tionare cur- orniriandlhestuen
and Baked (Goods. eilosxtiolus art-e trietl Ottil l ihs, dihisly ivited to tisstnl the daitntg
Try OurLuinches,.athough: Wesht is the:lainguage of the htarty to 1l1 t-pliace Fiday eeninog,
studtnts Thle dialect-sdiifr in ifter-De27',ttrig'sc dm fiWe UflGane-
"riAG PINS S UUA.OtloaiistepretWlh elg Prsan Attuirof IRoss in ats Oi- llv UU tiU
lye asooItave a su neefounudit the north. eot to get. btl 5ItheIported s by J. C5hrit.a Pla- regular delivery of the Daily at
-of imported The Welsh studenit,11a0 four Mlsatlitoin from hett Orienlt, o aea your door until the end of the
S'TEINS" laysleat college year, furnishing you
dythireecorrespionding0 about to the S. State st., $1 pr bttle. 6:5 prompt, accurate and. complete
,WM. ARNOLD'S Americtuell-s and a fosurths at :) Susicah--. Stinbaui, Xi Psi Pil, reports of University eet
dreelry strr st-ock lin hioeveninig. Thli:ion cost '9 D, teacher of Bahijoai, Mdlin fclyandlcasihtieso letin of the dates of athletic
abotsfiveountdts 0trmt - r Oteli and Guiitr. Ain Arbor Organ Co. gamies, entertainments, etc-the
ii in rrn CATERER, 1k 7 Volland St. 40-mniute ison news of your ownl and the other
HA GS Rto2 E ashn onsprya.Tecst oflvnati ets., 60-iute leson 7 ct. departments in such a manner
_________________________a Welsh university taveages sonic- Guitar for Sale-A Graitd Concert aset enable you to keep posted
regarding everything happening
N~EW MACHINE SHOP whiere betoven fity andt sixtylstshlhtl.. Washburn Giuiar for sale cheap. For or pertaining to the University
HUNTER BROS., 9 E LIBERTY ST. 'Four hundred is about hio iumhberO0f furthhr ptisculairs pply at the Hlub,
Skates Concaved. htmen at eacht of the three unisefu'ities; 3 and 5 E: Washington S.Ihrsn
Skte onlve.the faculties or snaihtes, s thy are Single room and oard te be had at Thr' o otradiction
Experimental Work. called, inumber abotut twtenty ptrofes- No. 17 S. Stale t Only three doors
________________________from campus. Heat and light fur to the fact that the U. of M.
srandte instructors. Weekly gaper: ished. Daily is the only paper which
R eqiuest are publioied by the students, and In1 For Ient-Toofurnisibed subtes, bathu can make you this offer. It has
teathletic world football and tentis and furnace heat, corner of Division io competitor. If you feel any
Readers of the Daily will con-th interest in the University you
fa ao nteEioab e-are prolilllent. In regard to hazing ad Willianm 0. 57 will receive sore than yu
tinig hi ppe wendeligthe Welsh undergraduate reverses the Wanted-Anothter steward. Appfy money's worth from your sub-
with advertisers. Auerican custom and does not "hae" to Mrs. H. C. Eames, T N. State St. football season.




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