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December 16, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-16

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___ . _ - G; i IS A1,i'PLAUJ1S. NOISE. Comnmunication,. ORhXCLE ONrL~TDY
18 oL enough-1 for 001e person to l ERI B RED AT A NN ARBOR. ilrtioi.ii-1 iacie
h~i lly 01 at oite t lime. 01im'E c h E- o-'st I ~ (nI iti l f 1. Contains 150 Pages of Readiing
l:4 tiitszr inot eiioto-ii flow- Q f reshmen Most Heartily Applaud -Matter-Gootd Cuts and Grinds-
toi lii }i p1.? teIid- fieo c'Is l l.4o;- of oiie1om 2 0C pisA etl a i
i@ ever, toiiuiply ,101~ Stu1- ItA Coed Auodience H ear the Fourth120CieAladBo.
# l' -dlls. wii- ltiy tie ist's 41 { Somnber in thes S. U. A, Course. iii 11 1,11 iiili 111111
13l1 coiitetilly iln stt c i vil's 1 III t Mrs. Bishop and ;Miss Fomell Are - 11111 110. If it wore Ii 11111110 t I') 111 1 11lt 'i;8 ililEIE til 'uy lillt
tlii IIit 'I1.lt ~ ' t ~ 1
140 (m ksoelE oI ii g it~iroiiof t-1r11100 liii tho Favorites, 1 1,111 io-l shill I1t11 1i' I 111 J iit\l l l 1 1110 Ii IiI lsti- ill Ill-
lilt f tli,'
BI ETTER LUOK AT OUR SI E I I. fl-otriill' iliiii i : 1, 111
U. F M GUITAR. tif it , ~ I~ I1I cd 11 i ; 11III -i~,ii- irc111 111 1 cil lii~l iii sli1 -it it-i\
Inli U O l it iit lit1i1111 t 111.c i- l b iy li ,R il m. lii C' 1(r iio i l] 11. 1111 i i --l-i, 11 1.111 1 li' 111l 111
Ifii lilt 1'ilf~ lc~ 101.11 . i : 1'' 31 -I1 21°11,- i' IIC ;13( il th s'il ItI
I ___ __t____o___ a its ltle lii°-1 liii1 11",1 fi le 111 :".1; l)IE o iliil11: 11., I'i- i. ii - 1 1 i-li 110 i iiiii i
I"+l I111 11111115 <l (iEEi l)iifloIi 0.1. 1111 11 : i1]i- ll tli i 1111 11 pr iei. a i cort' .11i"?l if
1t iiia '1tE' li' ic'l 11'E" 33,3( l I- is t 1 1 1 o lliiiir.i lii Ili
t I LI ,( - P. I 11if1 fht)( Iili'sI~' itt'1o , I 'S
tN IE Ei'dl t fit i 1111 ii0' i- , ill us li '1Ii- l-ii li-
S i ti e. i 10 li i 111 i 1t' ii 1 M 1 wit il ( tI ' Ii lt 1 '1 i Ii -T h-t IIt) 'i slii( w130 1' i~ lh oiti isoe Illiii
iiofi 11 ti 111, .11 1 i i , II is l( I l it] It()5 li iio -- - i 1. 011 Ill 11 I i o lL '- Iii t tp iii I
'51111 11's luitteil li 11111 liiota ' l- 11l 111 Eli 211 1E>121 I0 i, l ii it -u- i i. - u it~t illi 1011 i
II' lEIii'l i f 1 rii 2l 1s r t lili i c' I . sl t it uu - er fo il m ll" ti-si- mac ii i tt iii t -i l 11 he re til 11 1 - I~ c'> it 1 11
It liio 1111 tii-ile-- .i0iti i- .11 i', -iE 0i ll ,111 11 sIi it 1 .lE: :1 1fliii ; 1] 011.
AT-iulli--l the c il li-i wEoteth-l 11. dold d ilt-:II-i s ot iis iuiih (u 1ii 1, T ' 1' lillhut~ Ioic o 111 ( hook
ii 1'11111 iii"lcE .l j+it 1111111

t-( o toulrtt5itro o ld1lt1111111ol
io St illnt t 11011s"I2uricehi's.
loiin- prhw.

ii ,'1-" ' 1- -11 f; ii"1; 111+ IIc 11.1 i
'JW li II-l i:1p f:
ciin (c, o _l ~Io gM lii1liion -l w -s
1tlt I1: x 1-ilt'lt'11;i1~1 1 C ii-
I'( in" 11 :1 l i-ol it ii ctiti l1Cii i
-- ii- i'tl o t _ ,*I'11 oi ir .T., -

Pnd ]It't'I11-uo-iIn-ir it ii- 1 ti 1,i -~
JwI li 1111down, liirii 1 iii my,, :1iiii
1l il til-. iii lit iii in -l iii an di (q iti f I
:'II~t3t;_ 11It ily wlltt he 12 IW I tiii iM M

li't- >f tl - t I 1111- i(S i-th i
1 r i t- ii thi I. 1111, .111 II
Ill'I~llit}14 1,1-clteii tiil11110 io
1110 wi ii 150, -1 Ii liii -ell6.lw-
lt~iii . - tii .11 i the i ili .1 d it lit
51 111 iils1illo y 1,~ll oni ii ll

ii z iitti,i- tl]Ii-iolil
w ii t I iote lIZI t

;)i11; d? ii)

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Y, i{


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r- s %e Fa k rijili l '' 1 1 1 (7>11 i tZ ii lit i tii i '{'i--i 11:,'0t 1i il-l il hiev td Io 1.017; (epl ii lln
A.1 ' -IU I . i I ili, nl. ii t i- iu-1 , 21 i 1)11-,ti- I ills , iiii y urioll I-1% ii -i f ll- <t:! i lei1<izeI- ila : e I b
The Lit1.)1t'. II - 1011.11 1.10 i lilttSit i 11 11111
r I IlI, cd t il aii. l3'; ! o "1)'o.t 111n11 ..". i 1,1 i 111 , ~ t. it i- t--
T Nlw,,laDestp- lilihiostliiti-il liii li{i\d"- )1A1Correctonf t il.Fres ii ii-hmei - Club.II i
A .e a r . C s-us I u i iltE i e e- ' .0 1 1 1 5 i i i i l i ' i i u 1 1 1 a i u u t u o i I i t i u u i l s t i . O i
________ Ma ot ti-s Fdi:riaf. 0riii lhuiti 1 ii II { {i u 1 -llt t I3. ii iuuii siultiu il -lii
Ld' f',t"i)s so l thin {tytn i O iliI ht Ici :111 ht, h l ihiil 11 ii h l iillI -ui 'lc (1iiia iFs u tilil is li 1)1 fino)).i
3 1 F TI I i-sl~ iulShliiI5~ii hhilti1111111oitlioocotoiull uiior ho 11 guuiit'1til ii1111ueouuis i
t\ i dl f 3 1 i zI ;:)1 - _zI___ft. \ 1. llS 11 ilihi t 11,11 1. tiSiil11-u ii his
tIl laE.l iM S Telu SEAslhiki ll tsiii lti
1 Is.t - _ltl-,t I tt vi'c«1 'lc o(11li~ mf
Ctdendrs Ilnl Dil~ies fih' 18l(i. M Ilil iit IiIilt I hI 111fo 110t tliAlCourr'95 ol fTa Mee. p- iui l a-i.0hli iil1111ii
Teacher's Bibles. L rgest1h'l)r-1I1{i'lIP luhilhl1lll 111111 liu>t 11 1111
ATh lhi t tn o o k , hl'ir.v iltSraip Ol~,.ii e t ollI(l 11 uulif tuu i-u nh if uhluiu I us.
s t c"i'he c t y , 0 0 p h p - u g l s.Fi h u v 11 1 1 i ii i l i 1 1 1 C ii fl? " 1 I Cle u 1i i i l il h l 1 h l i hi' 1 1
ia o k t 2 t s each.,Y . Ila fc'l 5 hel r 1111110 he1iinfur I " theiie-s -i o~i31, t ll h11 111~( O0,ti ll1 ~ , 1 Iolt
tillA".. itugo. ht iliho x13,111 e'rat"fMnt: fill hillijllhllrt h-'uuathuo I , Nro~c tii ct.. ~ n
t" tIll theh1111(1i't1x:1((' th\ a-etc - hlv4t' Ir ajo- h~tioas, I' aepin S"las
WI{ HI 1 SiPr's tiuiv ' ih tlil2t10I1110h l"l1.httt l urhrl~iiis ~
Up Tos, Dwn Ton. g is o i l l' al r iildm' f hib- i -010irllsohsd Oi l 1iothellISllui llte- llrioll bS.Ielb itear Ofl)e Pill
Stnderity 1liclane Booksto, ppst Cotlos
( OS. elSt aDat rit. sN.fMainS. IElethlse o r int detail. non athe'ic4,Io '8Fo bl e mMet vlokil i- lier, astis l 1)eiC Jack.

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