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November 21, 1895 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1895-11-21

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Tlie Very LateSt Noble's Star Clothing House,,.fiai.
Novelty in Goods., N ck.
For the next 2 weeks for Some of the newest things in Four-in-Hands,
'$19.00 AND $23. 00. Puffs, Strings and Bows. Some of 'Oure
J05. W . Kjo jlau, baucl's" Best.
The Practical Tailor, S BE 0 u R 'WI N0DOW. ~
to~ R. Washiagton It., fUp statrst
-Try Our "Red Star " Oil.
5E plyNosmk. o feniv do. il otcarth ic.Perfectly safe. Light gravity, Has no equal in this
Youngmarket. Delivered promptly to any part of the city in
Minour cans. Price ide per g lon. BEr
____tsdistse DEAN & 0COMPANY). u r
aetseIpr paymeficb5fr a Sih trde Aeco 44 South Main Stret.
teefs' whih we send thuem o prroval. No I
.'ek dsne untlithe biyceeearies and prvesGI
E~boysrgirtapplyhey mst bewell ec..-Thurs., Nov. 21-R eent's ietg ouIa
hosseghwrts srpprtoyrt nlreeni the 'ff5 foottall teai will loe its Thurs., Nov. 1, 4:15 p. in., lonit -orlr, fo
ACME CYCLE COlIPANY, 3pitutotstakenu toay. Ittihic itolpittleafrc-Mietiog of '9.h)eitc
- ELKHART .«. _N.------ Thleiet(', 1eno ecitations inconzc Fri., -Nov. '2.-First reshman social es'willtt
shown are
at 61 aner's cademy. Ticets *$1, of bitriht
fourin Atronmy tis wek.ill ida
. SPALDING & BROS. orinAtootyti1ot ri.,No. 22, S p.nto.,Prsbyeri nalssoasn
*&Miss Atay i. toolsy. of 7,i5. Stats' liorsti trof. ticisy on "ASonner Mkelton,
Football Supplies a of.,will ;ist a car'(lparty ' 'l'l insti t omptsi.''ittis at
Specialty. t5''iit" Psri..Nov. 22, S p. i., Roo050 t, o- S
F Eerry requtste for te itos, riht tick"le othes'is (snesrig, ng idi.-- n itrngSo- lirehntgmedaktPtserey dswod x.Gnle
'anys.weacet'stSes 'p',elyeathaitrs nssobrodenitigiog. prCertlan
ra Blt terins,Sor. Pots. te't itthi 15 toiiA Nov. 23.-:'MilnesotagluatitDetroit. t ai asy
j.. Nose fMask Rubertotsslhl- tue "te'or ti'stttty. Mtti., Nov. 2-tHon.Edward 11. 'l I Msef
isse, Shin Guards Head tr'tt.o
httrness. Oplding's Ottia' lrof. firt'trstidti iot letre to tth' 1(t'iibefore Piity t'ltb. subj'ct: "'lb
tnt'rc'ottegiae Footatt eysedno neon raetAeia.
mutttse nusd is atl tat 'elt ftsliti rltts' y'trdt i asclt tr'tl'tAii'iti'
Gttmest trie. $5 00. MotNo.I Sti.
ptidieg'a tOlit I totht I Of t' illnetss o' Mrs. st'st. 1 Utrn tv.2.St. ottitaritn
t" 1 C le-Nec ttots-Ptctue 1uel-rcT I..le Il Tl
- tof ll Ite Leading laycrs. Prof. 'Tritbltoot's class i Sttko' lll'l lt. .t.AitiMt" rit a
ttris, 10 ts. littidomey Gr'atest ,Atftfrtalt" Itity Cliitlb
fliost rated FoottllCatttogue set Free. tl~l erinrrtttiiiit iiisledtt'tt irst rniferi
cotit t. the Acadt
Newr York, Chiag, l'hiladeplsia. reading of "('oritlans" totay. 'Tes.. Ntv. 2, S p. it..T-frds t1.1nIoflMusi
Aif. I. Thisehsrt, 17t'.E., 'Wthtt-Rev. J.1.AL1Ittttkly on "(n Tar ii 05'cc tn
.FIRST N.ATIONAL 1BA.NK. liaieeniwtrkinig oiflitit'like555r lii'theRbel Ani},"1Y. S. f. A. tollse.
Ott'ANN ARBOR. fosthit'ptst yiirhlithetrnttet t '1115., 1Dec. , . om.,tUnitrias0.113
'CaItal,,00Ola.OSurptssard Prfits, 7e4,00 ooltg'.tBostoni.on ha"'l'liasks' iy lusb
Transects a general hasing bsisse 'Te Sphoimoiire'f stltss will be read'y (ouse
Foreto exehanges bogt sod sold. Furns
-letters nf credit. for Ilit' MitinesotiatesoniiStirda'tty, Fri., Dec. 6.-Soponore hop.
P. 54011 tres, . Si. . AEEOON.Cashier titd will tpr(snta very attt'tntive il' 11st..Dec. It. tilatgr's te itbn-
TH N RO AVINGSIOBANS______________ Attit. Dii. ,S p.i1ff tnitatiaint
Capital Stock. 5,00)' 5rpit sittota. J AYS AN) MICIAtIS. clfrl-Resv. .JointSydot, ittSt.
Rtesonrces, $$1,100,000.iThe f01rk in(Germtian, pritat' aulfLtotts, oii "'hoe voititt of tAari-1
organiredunder the GenrralBnksin LawstA
,t ths State. Ieceles depoits. hoys ard ill<zsl.t, iffereid by i'.Tieltuig ~stitian tttiior"Latiy sib otns.
snle echinge on the principal itis of the avertsetd olthetulleltin bat is tt -o., iDe. Ili, S Itne.,tiittitn55
PlbatedStates. Drtafts ctshed nose proper ' tat
ientiieation. Stfety idepositbosxes to rent. irle oportitytitll thittestttntltschitrh-Prof. . T. .aglty. itt lee'-Orli ChitanMc Pe.tW
Harriman, Vice-I'es.: Chas E. iseck. ini the law adtteittattl tptrtmetshil(]t, "Is Elecricity in its Iftincy?"' 1
Cahierth. J. IFritz Assistant Csier. ohio hitily not hveshait. agotdscauses' tlity C('b bcorse. PA1
itt'itsiltitrr'iriiryvtr. TPE CHICAGO ( AItE--$5.f. We t
U !work iti the clts'es of the lierary de- iFo this evet thic An Abos Rail- hire
od -wSill rtttt a specitl traini throtgh hoe
'We are nosatairs. and wenaresup in all the p~r at.tto(Chicago lit SMilat (this being the~1
New and Standard Dances. 'The 'vale of Gesrmiiin ibtoti irors- rht eiis io S h
IiNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DANCING dost lfits t pracial tall literary patr- eutive boarsi of the Athletic
44 AND 40 S. STATE ST. toss iais ot vl tow otif tri Associatiot), proviiing 200 lick-
____________________etanio.' ets are soik $5 pays for the 'ex- 0 . I
_______________- TIHANKSGtVING V-A('CATlON. pnse of a round trip. Secure yor neds
'r -LE] For theo above recess the Ann Arbor copons now a the dpof, at Cook Wnhtnlgt
falra -iill sell tickets to stdenfts house, W hr's State st. -tore, or of TTrOF I
PLACE T and tacherspresenting proper certii- Mrt. Saint, of the Athletic ioard. V b
PcI..C ates, at one and one-third fare for the yaanteiciout bde tonay
BUY' 'Y'O ~ R round trip, good going Nov 27 andsI,>28, Nov. 2. Tronoc:
wiitlimhtit until Dec. 2. Tickets will R. S. GIREENWOOD, Agent~THEFN
Ibe sold te all points it Michigan ad HUtNTERS' RATES. Fingrple
j OL t all points on the lines of our Toledo Agents of Ohio Central Lines are oratory a
connections, within tie Central Traffic selling I-uters' Tickets to all points
Association, in the unting territory t hunters'41
-IS AT- R. S. GREENWOOD, Agent. rates. See Ohio Central Agens. 12
jRobert G. Ilgersol's lecttres anhd Lost-A Paul R. Wirt fountain pen.
MI T IB I S works may be had at 14 Saynard st., tleae return to M2 S. Fifth ave.
J. A. Iosen, agent for C. P. Farrell. Subscribe for the Dail.
Offce 1 . ano St. FRATERNITY BADES, 4 }. ~s WICH TKAY & CO,
_____________ FRATERNITY STATIONERY A Detroit Mich RD

Man -A S
vsbees wearing gltineand sombire
itse lst fwyears. This faillwe
complte cantge. Somet will prefer
I theiifmsore ntiisllstc dres-
.dotp thise nec colors. The goods
egrey ad brown tweeds with a dashl
cons in plids tand stripes. Yin
sseatifut display othess ribisa
e ilts of itertiti teseinKersys,
Ctstor, FrIn tetttntIBeovers,
Shetands, Astrahans and Chin'
t Ttiorinig Stor, N. (. Hurorn t
test wshiing to inftetormed on tis
d ctrrecttinindtrss eiite
a spestiaty of Drss Cormests na
,ftaes tr ktadies
d Irs. nasa Granger inite flis
nte fisuboject 01fidacing to cle
,nty, 0 Maynard st., oppsite School
buiilding. No staitrs to mont
1 iintnroonondselo~
of M. PINS.
Yenwttcatneat still one yon
edint lokany fatherttter
is alookt or Militry Bruses
'esi suit your taste and yur
dt S. Sate sk.
seeisptorirordtrnHolnms' Lvey
arko nd bageage. Thisotly
sa-fd rig finlttcwn, and Ie
> are all ihighi steppees.
MARTIN, Funeral Director, Ct
i Mettllic Caseto and Cmmnn
Embalming a Speclty. It. H .
ott st.
M. SHAVING l'ARLOR and nat-
mas. All ppirtmens firt clns.
and dmestic icigar. Ladles' artis-
resing nd bathing pariors. .IE.
:ki,'3f S. State st.
SYOU WVANT yur lothen cleaned,
%sed, reined r reond go to Mrs.
over Shehan's bok store. Le-'
.prons made torder

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