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June 01, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-06-01

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ZC fPubliaed Daly (Snnays excepted) during
ta.Xkoll -Sr ar, .
batarription price 02.50 per year,-invariably
In advance Single eopiea 3 rents. Subscrip-
tione may be left at the office of the DAILY,
at Stofffet's, with any of the editors or
autborized slicitors.
e'mmunicatina should reach the office by
7 no'cckP. M. if they are an appear the neat
dlay. Address all matter intended fnr publica-
tion an the .Managing Editor. All business
communications should be sent to the Busi-
THE U. of Mt. DAILY,
Ann Arbor.,SMich.
J. L.. Lo miE;, Lit, '15, Managing Etter.
F. P. fsetLeu, Lit. '916, Assistant.
F.H. WILLTS, Lit. '5,. Assistant.
SB. 11ttLEY, Lit. '95, Assistant. (
JA. Lefmov, Lit. '96, Athletic Editor.
Wlil. A. Mom.sr, Lit. '97, Business Manger.
1' 0. .Towele.'li
Mt. H. Cstce attn'Si. FIt. Han-kill, )4,5
I . .tatt'06. . CL. Esuss' l5.
M rie t I'ti on +"r. esslts '1.
(nstV. S~ mtitstpec']. .L.. 'tsstissiule,'94.
1-sstey cslet naasp 'i. 1. s. Nilsil -k, '195.
All1copy tmutste at theoficbalefore5 ilum
sf tieslay of pulalltttio.

forenoon will be given to the con- II
sideration of typhoid fcvcy, and the ~
afternoon to small-pox. Professor
George I)ock, M. D., will givc a
papcr on thin subject.
A Second Challenge.
A challenge has heretofore been
isted by the Webster society to
play basbull against the Jeffersonian
soiety, bust such challenge han beenf
disregarded by she Jeffersonians.
A second challenge in hereby ten-

Because you get what you take. Some wheels are
not worth taking. We have one that you can have
free of charge--providing you call for it--and we also
have for sale the SUNOL Bicycle.
The SUNOL is today the hest looking wheel on
the msarket.. It took first prize at the 'World's Fair for

dered that society and if no action 1sest general construction, best sprocket attacbinent and
is taken upon it the Webster societyi best chain adljustmeunt.
will claim thse championship be-t
twveen she two societies, by default. If1 yost swant a wiseelteak at
MANAGER WvEBlSTER SOCIToY. #It ask thse price and let as
- ''~"'""""'~' sssoaswhy ii snot thsewheel
'Te Foley Goild will nold the tos)uy
lat nmeting of the season in St.
Thonmas Hull tomorrow evening. EBERB ACH HARDWTARE CO.
Thlere wii be an election of officers,


THlE series of extra lectures now
being offered to the laws should be
taken advatage of by every student
in that department. 'rhe lectures
are on the practical asipects of law
work, and are of especial vaule to
the senior class. Thle large attend-
ance at tile lectures givens by Pro-
fessors Mecheml and Kirchnier sow-
cel the interest felt, alndfas5lurge a
tnmber sholdlilhear tile tmost e-.cel-
lent lentilfC ltof J. s\W. Donosvanl
tongh oilns l 'Skill is )-. aIs.
I s lt>1111 sIlt sill be 5a1 Ilsy dyoar
TliehigalzalteslL. lsntie trlorzisnI
errors the freshmuatn-sophomo15re fieds
dayv, IIlwahich ililslraw vlarge Illmll3ll
to tile Athiletic field. Illtheilsf -
001)11thle 'Vaursity swill 1' .up011
against the strotng ). A.- C. teamil
and in view of our recent showvitng
with Chicago, one of tile lurgest
crouNds of tile season is expected.

besides the transaction of othser imo-
portant business. All student nien- CNOIA E
hers are requlested to be preset.t
_________________ orru r~ttc ~n
The name stands Cur 'List what it is.
Th etBcycle builtsfur $i25.00. Q
--asea'.tnl nd ,anawn 'Ienrtn. (-I-
-p tldsnis e i11111 satndlLastsss lels I s '
Horsford's Aclid Phosphate arC5 scd etsiV'y Ihssttsst the1 t-. ,al 4. Sailing s per Week 4
tiatus goss' ass ess ts lslss-.tt. c.sssslstelus -
trt'sesleaatalss ea tt s en ' es se. To s1ssl ties
Is the msost effective tnd agree- A. G. Spalding & Biros..
Ch~icago.- New York. Phiadelphia. HC G
aisle remedy in existence for O O G
prevntig 1 atd is'.Ann Arbor Savings Ban Islss1is.lssoe,111 il
Prv n i g i d~el{ o n n d e- Assss As'~lsse l. (ls I stssnl Isols5,0. 5s11,11v11, MIi e, ilfo Ie
. S nze n tpisi-.G na1 iisssn-s,'s Lawsls '
lis's-itg those liseases aiSing o hi Sae.Revv 2 Ye~ois ti ni tsslsey, hey 9VseeII .ls sib
lbied Staes I~aa is tslinistIsiols oe 15 tais0 osIt
fros t a. liast'slt 'll stlolllt . ll. tiitesl elt s fe t e i t boxse11 svtosrfit Notlirn ' . < ,n 1 - sal
l'pic i : Clsiist t i in - c Pros.: 95. 15.
Dr. 'W . GP. 3ardner, Spsissgfisel, shier-'.11..1. FitztAsst. l'ss.ivt. 1 )-s l is)) '
Lp ,,,,~s ' vobseislc ts nexcellesst THE ANN ARBOR ARGUS B. L. BURKE, tGen. Pas.Ag '
sientiie of1and l0vita ai1 . lplesant lPRINTING qand- -- 1 11I '1Osvaoll
evsthssl1155 5~a55'ea)silesI'Ils~PUBLISHING
Stutdent Work a specialty. KI-f
Best lWorslssts--gssslLowst PrPs-s inthe sitsy, -jar If lllt 4r9mi ~ancall~h
Oseit c5sIls 1151)1sle reoilass'sp1115 Istt st _______________________________
Ramfsed ChemicalWoeks, Providence, . KR EP 6 V.1't Rl BAl 701 ft 991WIHT I 1-t'itl$)0,(1i.tIls.Iitttittts'titt. Prfts '"0 0)~t.
Bessatsressf Ssset isuets ansd Imts itiss. +TT A~2~~~g lm etseal latldinv ssiso asise
j (C e. Slsain attlnd slsngstnS trtte s. I ( i i lsest Bss'e's fer rent.,
For Sale by all Druggists A. L, Nots. E, P'stRBEts ss ItsCt.absb'r. -TBe 5.ufihler

At Cillcago, our trac team willl be
striving for victory over the strong- L LW R I K B C C E
est westertn college track nien in the TO . 4JAJ'A IilI I I YC II
country. Suinh days as tomorrowvB F A O _______P Ts 5'r.jk t- ls'lesls
do msore to bonum athletics thlan all _____________ileI a,4cE vstz t c~
the - jsealss. It is a case swhere V'IAl f4C. "VIt.}, l '"" lisr''s listsi .01 lsi155Il 555515i~rti.is55a550'l 55e ar s itIts, i
c nm l i) Iitloe l1;,o 1tiYtto t y lu i reu , st or si li se is 111 testiss tr. lraltmstSituersses 's
i~tl l s better thadn precepst. C( seIss t~ tltO'ls' s f la t iliel.si?-ileeelt 55t5'1555 ss i t etItl ltlt ' l s it s th II ya ast rodslter.I' 5 ttis Iit'e foris'
e 1lll 551 leIlla ltis i.ei ut-sslseI liot ct ii its whet uel rVarnleH 1rider sa s tSesttil t ftI slsti'lat sse
I sllessssssas-s'tls-lossl-ii <Iaa¬ę =ic 1 t e ttlle tos 1tlte'yIare
Stt fOi"aid Stateoef New Yerk," at s ttesi sdiieel.
Healtht officers to meed. ( ' DAILeTIME TABLE.
The second annsual conference of L'tlssl.s',::3 pernls etIuflo.slli..1-itt1 A.R1E J H J LE ADE RS
the Healths officers of Mcignwill CEsNTRASTAsNDARDTMEs
s's a t' 'I'" . &Sa it st oeals ae. tl slsnjo
meet at the University Ihygenic Ia- t eefiesiissi'ilIt's Itled-itt 'i t tosII ttBuf- ls'e I w ar i c.k ?.sIla).nose tisiteI
ealo, Ifiagara Falls, Toronon. fewseYoek, i8:1I us l ue'tsat tttio at',, t I;. 1 dlg t, h i mtst-e assnia l' fW arwvick:
boratoay, Thnrs.day and Friday, Boston,Albany, Thsousand Istands, or mussrrig~idl, lls tsrsiesulty <sttttts stI Stotle CoiI.Itteiit~lon aes~ua-io ssttittetioto
June 14 and 15. Thuorsday after- i 1 a i s-sss't' vlts oitt, llis owtee1( ' it tcst, 1is al fatsr-Cetsidi rtSisal). 9thea 1,011
noon and evening xwill be given to t'oteIa a ikcth1 I S si 1 1t lt-san uisvk nae a no isris 5551 s lo l.st
the discussion of tuberculosis. Pro- wyeit- fortorisIt issnihet ICesnlasosss~'
fessor F. G. Novy, Ma. 1). ,will read H.R.ROPERs, T F. tiNWM nA, l.1tsel #tsiese ssh tJese~
a paper on this subject. Friday GLEVELA VD, 0. Warwick Cycle Mfg. Co. Springfield, Mass.

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