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May 12, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-05-12

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_____ ____ ____THE U. OF M. DAILY.
-" f ' " atv Oracle Board Election. /
"1 _A the meeting of the Oracle JAM ES M~j DA VIS
Piti e a Daiy (undays excepted) during hoard, to elect a managing editor -STLL-
iCo ci.yar, b and business manager. Mr. A. K. aT o N
THE U. OF M. IDEPENDTENT ASSOCIATION R. Httchinson, of Ionia, represent- I4.'
-uerpsnrc ..sOpryaivral ing the Independents, was chosen
in advance Siglecopiesa cents. Suscrip managin, editor, and Mr. E. H. Aa yAaloiyo h CsssECUIERGTt
lone may be left at the office of the aoi.v,llmpsyPiU.th World's Fait, both Colsamibiana at Chicago, an1d( Mi-
at BtoMay e th sbany of the editors or Hm iyPiUrepresentingth
ahridsieor.fratertities, was appointed usiness witer at Sat Franisco.
'utommzdoictos, shouldireach the ofce by manager. I I
o'~lock .s..it theya are to appear the nex.__ .. _Iv7 ~ h
say. Addreaa ni matter intended fr pablica- tomplimenta for the "T-Wit:" O1J N kY j5
ion to the Maaging Editor. All business Editors.
cosceunications should be ent to the Bss' Original Retouched Stereoscopic Views !
'es anager. Mr. Percy Findlay, editor of the
Ann Abr ik Yale Shingle, of Yale lavy school, ''lu.sd fogia.isd a r ftii s i, sa ilels .~sil
says: ''Permit te to congratulate habn tsadd to what ssas already a uparlllsleio roaasevery (ustry t
EDT R ,tie (lobe. ndeis tsra ss akllig the sngivssi ofatthe Californsias Midwainstr Itenes-
t. L. foud:s, Li 'Bc daagsngEsdsto. you onits excellent character. It Loa xoiina.SnFacso
v P ssr' '1Li a[Atat t is, I think, the est ook in its Ae fusheie inest 'i nnaeops. ruslaof every (1si lylss
FH SA thiriLslit 9.A'ssist Aseestsssenst aitsenr yyscalllaythisswy thrsuhla l leg byiicucluv , ilssa gosss cl ns
0 Nuls t "1' asatllsisluhre I have ever sect. In making ssfscsss- sslsessssslsislsatsssi ro s'.
iA tkc , ss "6, thletscEdFsitsr. this a feature of your school you t..iiI' s c i e su~i~ tlso reSalsfoishisfr i n ,lllls ilns-a
WM a. A lossse, BI iusnsrsMancager have one your successors a great _ ,s
LuUsriL.w" service and imposeid lpon0 them the r. . T V1.v+
L. HvIiH scsll'c' oligation of m itiig the high
ta.! At.anysofithe'fll, maintaining
r ss>.L v~aiindae,ic standard awhich you have set.
FIiris C:s 5m N .i It I a s ________T________r________________ rch.k eiSiL isshla. P, l's p 'W . Aeletaise .t., 'Torontoi an u.
' ""'"""" " "12"07 Dzlos'msn St., lit. Lui, ila. e) S. Meiias. Sea , i p sl, Lg.
Belcins, (Gesmany . Syne, \uiaalia.
721 I - 2 1 d ~n ~ . iCiy.of Mesi.
A lAIRGE Crowd shoulid turn out_________________
to see the game this afternoon. TIhe _ THE ANN ARBOR ARGUS
indications are that it will he P ITN nmudh"o
closer than Wednesday's. Horsfords Acid Phosphate PRN IN ndusI~
pe df - - PUBLISHING
Tnin article in the Newu of yes- Is the most effective ansi agree- Student Work a Specialty.
terdlay, making fun of the Alpha Nou Best Workmeasdi LosetPrice s icthesCiy.
anti Adelphi literary soieties is in able remedy in exstne o
had taste to say the least. In the peetn nlietoad "TIakes First Placec.' if LOV'IV u, % V"r~
y pr~enln~qIndgestonand re-The name stands for fst what it is. 1555 vi ss tL c. OilsANDEVYBODY.
first place, niany of the statemlenits 1e ig ioedsess . The beat Bicycle but or$12500. {U a A&}} Florit S.e. a. A..
are untrue. \Vhile thse societies are a51 Baseball ___and____________'renni____
nrot flourishing, et they are far fo cio'dr' sonci. Ssltiis5.sc rBis ss il niLwSni goto ss
from the ''moribaud'f"state in ahira t ssslrciissl I ra),m l'assls is a li islls(I--
titasstheiscrodire he. i ts tr-. c1151 s 5lc l
the NesacorrespsondentaoullirI Dr. MW. MW. CGardner, Sinfie~hld, v tl"1 calsisI' are i n.c ctrei- (/aE
nake one believe them. Moreover Mass.,sayr.Ia valec iaalas exellent .Sadug &Bo.
Ci cosn . New York. Phladelphia -g T
sch itemosito tile University5noipreventative *ofc irai 155,ecand leasat ,.__________________._ _Y__________
gooid. Thenptblicrcnt fu~ Ildge of auilul t 1 leuk aciena tvopicsly .ilstel sihlsFIRST. Alil AL B ANK
their trutia er faliy, aisildoes n5t 1 arie dsen eteei ill'F ANN ARBOR)5. ~ /g/
kuowavt10wsitht the rospers of the ir ___ s il i ul scii cs ss Il e i 1
osv rocai seliyarlilraalbra1"Is5 insia pisiIhioolss' ts irlLEsADIN SCHOOL O BUSINES
of the Societies svere saver lirfighter. R oun clrdChemicellWorks, PsovideoueRI .>Ak r s .R tG l isiS sev (sss' 555111 I Iri555is it n larilsl csssai
Bciiafl Itili. ait ssi and ss..l.'sssiois. y
,..isssslt to stssss i si ts ss, nl its s.its I r
'I'sir ill gies aavrtr-u ofthe For Sale by all Druggists, t'M tIIOtCEee'lnaii i$ss2sunes
Castalian s in aother colsumn. T'fun ' .v atiouaaddr~ss c
edi toys have devoted a lre porion EXCELSIOR LAUNDIRY DTfls ~ -j~J ~e~ ~u
of their book to cuts, atnd have °10 5 555' titovliN S'T'IEE. CHU I OF L M EU I N yU rytj~
Gossd 55cai.l lsua rt .Gooas cal e forssi ffl'1 llIllfIS'-111i1 Iral i itsl'il lll
probably more thou any annual ever aci deIlivaesd. A. F. COVET, Prop. tyI °l '
before published i the University. I S 4CalcrdSpttt s~it tiosIs. sissss Eid als slUltits
heftrr prrutothuhPALACE + BARBER .+.SHOP ti oesan i a'aslia ist) sie s at'y itec-
AThsliisthary lproductionsOWENho'ughs Ladis ArtiticHairdreig Parlors, Past ill svis'T c tsoics.IlaSafstlny
rather iliited tita num~ber, are giood, INo. ,1ast 1H.ro St.Opse((ut TA11 1,id i! m uilt. n: .,I ll.-t . H.issas E H, Cashier.
ess,- c PisiId:ol -scil :~ . ui tbs. f t5511 t AII ise-iste tcslinn Iissa-, esn Ii.Rlals. 'ri's. r.'yH itic 1t-ic
andl tile rins whichlalflby nowhave ______________1_asi________________L.______i
be red b ne ly vey stu- barsli trsttsl giygn ,flAgd iioiVg7 m,,,, z eard. ik tx Ie 1151 s. ,
deront f lbyorm pcallyfearoftlcU()rrr}i afrerddl prly i9lid iaiti6Vd ll DAN NG and DELSA E CITY LAUNID Y,
borok. 'Tie Ditss Ions rsot ie-n. Cosit i ii tlsist MRIS. - A D FOSiTE MM. Seablt, FNo. 4 70. 'na fixA.,
lieve,Ioswever, thart tile (Castiua isUIST AO4 IL6'S.ate tret C. -CtO0NPsf0o OUTAI ACOLD
lit G i n slssss I stlsits ii Itsn- ds a nd Is si s its 'il(Is-sr ENMAKRS
asi n1s jutred by the jsske lalli silsiia sililititi itlint i cs-tal ri 'sixv itr1ptI . sdc ts l si tcais's il. cco G
has been played 1111011 theni s the ns ,'s . sh.ntl ssl i .Is I A- r . is. stteswte-ir" e ii~nit
1)00k would sell on fts merits with- lt lh is ia -i t 5i at.ltt~aIa5
tsslssnscssstsssRs cisi-h i101 stci is'.n .tis "'''s l~ncn
Alout a single grindl.'Tke stealing atd icsnc sstI"s'ni ltn. cs isicsS501t Ioln'sitii lt- caai ,,-w
printing of them,Ihowever, deserves .laT Jmee i tsv ssl ian eiiitlilI sis 1,5'aitottlei.' 25i)0 ii 01. 5IPivatietlessonsobsssanksss. , "''"+e"a
tlsquwaled censure. Th I ilsi aisl ar.i L riss i'.'rssfa'cialiatiesslssi cnta.re
sisiasi eaci.Sn' SiSLEOURACOtUNT WI1THiiTHE't
'The seniors are to bloom out intnstsaslsr- ssloxtilssisnu-
DR. IW. E.QUINE,,stn. stain ancid5Washigto Sres c. IIRST CLASS A1lOR,
cap and gown Monday. etIS . HarisoS~. - Chicao, it A. L. h Nsui cres OTdol t - t as ' r. i'.WillimSt~ret, Firt doas t 5c'of~lt Stat' rt,

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