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April 11, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-04-11

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4iC.of l~ and athletic grounds wr the espec fCQ L[IIBIiAI T' 1IF RECFI 1Ts
sal points of interest. Thte cilnba' .4 - 11
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) durin;owr ree with alag house andI
at LCoIlis, y ar, by Wwereey wilgreetedo a d large b-
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION were tetndered a reception at the W a hywl ofry u ad hw t b
-home of IMiss Boutwvell. tamn them.
Sabscription price saab5 per year, invariably After the reception thse clubs left _______
ie advane Singlr copies a cents. Sabscrip-
tions may be left at the office of the DAILY, by a special train for Ypsilanti and TRADE RECEIPTS.
at Stofflets, with ansy o1 the editores or arrived home early Sunday morn
authorized solicitore. thslcb 0g fst adStuayo are coupons issued by mercbats for the purpose of shiowisig the
Communications should reachthofcebin.O Friday adStryofamounit of cah trade they get froin stsbscribesrs fosr the Colinibian.
7I o'clock P. n. it they ar to appear the oral this week the elubs will take another elsdi
lay. Address all matter intended for publica-Cylpda
tito the Mtanaging Editor. All busness trip to Adrian, Marshall and several I
oammunicatione sbould be sent to the nasi- of the toswns in the weotern part of TRADE RECEIPTS.
tes Mdannger. DI the tate svhichi will close the trips canl be secured thfle full aioount of your pturchases froml all suer--
*Ann Arhor. Mich. fur this year except to Toledo swhichselals 1(ot' itby pesl sig a dttfiai Crdise y s
EDTR.will occur sooni. Showinthfat -coo are a stubscriber for thle Colutmbiats Cyelopedia.
C. A. Oc-rscie, Law'94, MnagintgEditor. Th clubs willmetoorwI TRADE RECEIPTS.
11. A. SPottiso, Lit. '94, Acsittant. night at 7 P, us. for practice, and i do riot nileatI any increase in thle praice of gootds lpurchlasesl, or flint
.1. L. Lotti, Lit. '95, Assistiet.
F. SVebs oe'5,AsWc. every umember is turgetd to be pres- VS(lonust bttv' ally . lre than youi are no5w buying.
ATrtL ,At I(J. A Livo Lit.'96i, Athletic Editoe. ent. TRADE RECEIPTS.
ava. A.,'(Aoh, Lit. 9,,IBusintees Mantager.
_.a' o ERiARYS. Iase. -costatslutttely tiothintg except tlie troutbleo cf goitng to the sft1res
~~~. ~ 1 .. fiV,'1. a. Haln. '145, For fine soalps, toothsbrtushtes antId ll hytn eothteisi ~aii orp~'~ibstee
R. ft. Aussti :. acigars Crlstor
F. P. 5cbilec, "90. EC. I.. Mciodule,'sigars, go to the .it. & itl. Dustr.TR D RE IP S
_________________ TJ4.RADPE EP S
E y C. LyeH11 I. ItI lra-bios, '96i. ________________________
Agnrs Morley, '917. r~o>riI;
CoeieV. Dul Is.Speci. ttsllttatil.u s rit s m~fehants sire cbotcernledmeans inc treasedl traile for 1110111
Hss,-cyoln CcicoScses'.1'. ..Jeosius., ?1^. 1111d111th lattmer's are tos sluacethe betneits of it.
All copymstscttsteiceltl c '.11':e0RECEIPTS.
sf tesdy o01 etilictice. v TRADERE IP S
ii ~'h) 1 ssill fie ilcceptedlby uS at ontethlthebir face 5val1u11eiin uhl plielit
TM _pp__ U6Llfor HaU1sit if (lie (tollltllbiullCycelopsediatat reglar rtice.
Ar the ruffling o h _.1,
=i ,ct. fn .i tooa cassstywil "ci a leiclitlice ii-

staff last night, J. 1L. Lonie, '95 lit,
swas elected managing editor. Fi. IY.
Sadler, S. *13. Shilrley, '95 lit and F'.
H. AWillets, '95, assistants. Ain. A.
M4ogk wvas re-elected bulsiness man-j
ager. The newv board seill assumeo
control of t1hel~i

Horsford's Acid PhosphateI
Is the inoist effective ,id IfLree-
able tretmedy in existentce for
preventing indligestion, and re-
liev5inlt2' those bisetwses aErisingy

Israre itof ")2volumlles, 26,000 pages andtiil000 illu1st rationls.
1o (lie Ilmounltt of twsetlty-fiv-e dollarms seced~b fromtitally ol' all if tie-
stores wsiil entlitle y(oul to a volu1111 of flie(siolmboin Cvcloupledia.
Extra Oll- tllv inding.
S'i-l'lt ITT ll' 1?I CII~L, Utop~lial'lillisssrs.
I .Il-IlS XH l)Itl'( ANID ('lE31CAI. Co,
I. . 11 i 1fLt.l.IMeVats. ;INN Altit I TE XVI. U N lDIIZ
ST X it lit& CO. Grosessies ass(ns mcik-rv

Wiare paisnesdlbslearls of the sudl- ffh~l~s'lt~ ftie
ten disapspearance (If01Sf of our
forsmer associates sonstiseDrW W rde. iclel
Thef only assignalile reason fortier I
strange actisin is to he fouudin llthse I .':"Isil s scl
theory of ano usbalanced indsi'il'0olls ieclnI tslii15 .11
the effects of over study, lives -tite ~s 1 . 's.
u-ho kniewv Mis lots snes -a I-5ls
psressedl iitti 1h1r persna~li ts.

1 j
I, ,


Oisr fa in ersity (lee anei Btasnjo
clubs recently retssrnesl froms a s-cry
successftsl trip to Coldsvater and
Hlillasdale. Thse clubs left Friday
noon last by way oif Jackson and ar-
rivfdl at Coldwvater at zi: o p. ns.
They wvere at once taketi to thse
hsotel and after refreshmsents were
escisrted bsy friends and the alumni
to the various places of interest
about tse city, including thse public
school, court house, Lesvis' art col-
lection and State psublic school.
tn the evening, after tile concert,
a recepstion seas given to the clush
by Miss Ifelen Randall, a pronsinent
young society lady of thsat city anul
swell knoswn here.
On Satursdny afternoon thse clubs
left for fHillsdale and tshortly after
the arrival weere taken to see thse

I~ sill a ,s- l it5 it' ll Ini sils ins I
For Sale by all Druggists
tng so pne a lie mcrc tuanathle pric
chedsfoIr lie osrsiinaey traesssCigarettes,
wils aid THIS BRAND suirt-ieIallcluers..
The Richmond Straight Cut No. I
nrec made fcom Iles'ieset, issostdslicsate
i lasie, snsthiglhest cos1 GOLD LEAF
tisatlh n f t he11s slls mssisanauesa
belosw is an evey spakagf.

- Ns45sMoll cl. X. 11$. Ilil rm).
LQY'i.stE1 -lAVuSc f.4tfJQ~O"HV(.io
ll~mse Ilol 'oidi md S 1t t ic . .1,-,
'TksFrPae' celaU ItLt ~,~1~~t,> pia s
The sat-riostands tor justLwhat it is.
The e OstBicvclo built fur $125.00.R '
S3ase-basS aaxni Iar Y-swus 't'enssxxx. r -yY-
Spi ltin's IlalstssIsl l I mti I It' tns od S ,
th ti l e.<sci st l ;uss'st'ssis t's is-s-v. -- ,ltt
A."G. palding 6&6!Bros.,.
Chicago. Now York. Philadelphia la/ t f ?
OF bANN AIt;IIOS. ad SHORTHAND . t1 tgnsttic 1,1 bstilsding; nin
Csapitsa ll, $50,500. iSurpl s d'Prtito ls a 000, iss'.tstc l... t suppslied readintsgeroam: aily ecturcm
'I't~s'.tet' asc~seilb~skiogsuai '' aturdsay eventisngceptionss'; o~enthlit'enitire year
eiit exchatsgebossglt andsd old, sete rs of tsr. - hortelsss c nd l:,s'tilss". Isl ill 15515' .sssl ,ss t
ceiproue fo trv lers abroad. - xitst,,'. 'lts.:Ito ssls.Tspert we k itnss''llss, ,ls
cjes~~t~g-e 5.svCLSICoN Csctir.be .set dtassst, siicsP. R LAY RS
echool of Daneing. Ground Floor,
MAYNARD STREET. hejlhnY ItffP5IIidjr C anfls~ ~lh
~1~ N E ' A1WJ~ 7heoioralsii nl tttit attce
C'alt Isis-'entesifr tieatearstlies, IRt'sept- eaton Savins oDeposits. las Safety'
listls, llaits ', ens'. 5111t sa, sslicli s il. 1SDeposi ol e sis'for rest.
u-misier-'muost be intiocs'esd. RItsienlt R. cs"It, IPI,1<,-es. 5F. H. IIETS, Cs'siee,
asndsosfice'at As'sssis'y. - Itlltik oensSlstaeslstycS,.steg.

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