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September 03, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-09-03

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LF.W H. CLEMENT, Indications Give Promise of a Very
50 So. M1ASS 5T. IDircstorad Masa~os'. Successful Year In Musical Cir-
cles-The New School of
Good Waork Guaanoteed. loods called for Thloasnsnd autesf
aod deivere 1. A. F. COVERT. Prop. Thloasnsnd autesc
+ C T R Michigan" will all rejoice in the
NANI ;az i E. Washissahon street fact that the musical outlook for the
22 Ytears i:: the 5ius.><aess.s?.- coining year is very promising. The
CITY LAUNDRY,, School of Music, which by sloe way
M. X. Seabelt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave. may he looked upon as a direct pro.
KEEP YOUR A"5YTWTTH duct of the enthusiastic support of
+$TATE $AVIP2G$ BAD2K+ things nusical hy our students, swill
I as Mosin and S5's'.Ssson Sssets shortly occupy the new and comnmo-
A. L.'ssBL,Pres. idsssssssc Piia, Csss (ah'r. dious building which has been erect-
'The 13. & M. 1prlig Sor ed during the vacation. This build-
Ta She place to ibuy ayslins so She Orag, tins'. ingswhich is adapted to the special
slsioisi 1155es. ~s'.i-. i~ Oe. needs of a music school, containing
G-O 'TO fine airy teaching roonms, a cosy cc-
I . E. JOLLY & C o.'s cital hal, and every facility for
Wh1 outasisure osoeshof'SFine Cholssatle
Candies. sltosaes',at csts. 0'Wass. Tohacco, mulsical wvork, will becoume the rally.
C!,_aetelsand theiestI Slach or Pipes ia
lite siy. tng poinot for thoe lumerous enter-
LADESandGENTS' LUNCH5ROOM. rises of the Univiersity Musical
R. E. Jolly & Co.,26 S. State St Society. The admirable corpos of
D A NANG and D ELSA R T E instrutctor'stoss beeno strengithensed
MRS ANNE WARD F0STER by. the asddition of a fine singing
46 S. %tate Streel. teaschoer, wvho is also a beautiful con-
MONOSI)A 5-.dssleCla s o ade ert singer. Mr. Silas R. Mills will
NT-I. N'-'itiletIsleS s Ga o .Ii emsain. Miss Bailey, lion seswsing.
Chihlh' (isldren',;ss , 2p r
551511 ' l 5s,4o i 'i inlg teacher,isas ibeesoesgaged as
Pesssl lisso i 555e51al1105 soloist is the 'Fort street tYresbyte-
Ann Arbor Savings ]Bank natoanchulrch, Detroit. :Miss Jesnnette
akir ls. Jin tis) I.Lontdon, a pilofSihersvood
iftns Shre Reivels . it. 1; lid ~,<111 Schoarwvenkla, takses Miss
oilS. eesisise oas hi piii'ill title (5e 11w5'
Uneitedi Stsie [Soils ii s'd 5 sisso.i is''Povey's iplace iso tile School. She
rent. i as sesidedl a nunober of years in
Hasarr s Si, c llii.11 l. ~cl~.CA- erlin, is an accomplished solo per-
Sisie; S I ci, AlS 1isOformer, and an experienced teachoer.

of these who wee fortunate enough to
see them. Man is nmighty to contrive
and through the "art preervative of
all arts," the Banroft ompaiy of Ci-
eago are isuig a serial wonk in twe-
ty-five part, fuslly illustrsatedl with
steel engravings 12 by 10eiehes iEch
part will contain 40 pages and the
priee is onily $t.l0 per purt. Two parts
to he issued eah month.
Tile Book of the Fair is the only
work in asiy ise attenmpting to repro-
sduse this exposition etire. 110 this
respect it is without a eopetitor. It
cofies itself neiter to art alone oa
one side, nor to dry statistis ol the
other, ht ams to present ill attrat-
lye anod eesrate form the whlole realm
of art, industry, seiene and learning,
as here exhibited by the nations so far
as ecanlbe done withoi reasonablle lin-
its. This work sould blinu the haids
of every studet andl we eaomnenl it
highly to all.
1.55',T1IN NEW ' OOSI.7'
Man iager Sawyr of the Grsnd01-
01a 1house,0w111 giehils ptrotsa o v-l10
elty 1i0 the hig aqlute spetdle, "Lost
ill New Y011k,"0whicebwill e givens a
magnificenlt poducton at the Grad
niext Tueday eveing October 6, with
the News Yok anid Bostonss.dt ads
two arloadh oh seney We cops the
following 110101 the StLoutis Globe-
Dein^,";" t'
coy 1 n ew Yok " 'a eonesy-
drans thesenhssatonal type s onesat
the I'eople'a tt 10 populr.5.Thle
houlise wos iliteallyoamnmed-glleries,
boxes paquiet and all--andlmanuy peo-
pie swere tulrnoed away yesterday after-
nsoon. The story deals with tleunder-
c urrent of life in Newv York, the plot
hisging 010 the trialsoa5111 ultimate on-
cess of a waif. 5Te blcklnailers el-
tice people ito their lair, aniod hasve
somel of their vitims set to Wsr'
Insanel~ Asylum. These victims make
their esape, ald this rpresenltatioi
ill the thirsd st is a "triumnphl of sage
rea'lism'o" tb sesa a fsvorite expresiei
of thsetriecal mnallgers of toay.
With the DAILY College
life is a Success, without it
a failure.
iNisin lseetedinisthis eolsmns[it he rt
sif la ent e liei. Seialaeisi'o tilonge
slme, fndsIxtain sSessistlssis y aoi'liissat
Sihe DAsyolice.1
State St. Musie Stre.-W'ilsey.
(let the et-The Daily Iitr Oeant
El-o oNxi'oss l).ss'.-Grsilger's Aesd-
cissy is hnoh' 11p11 fill'the reep~tions f
pupl~ils. Oe bsockowest f tUniersity
hbuilsiugs. tGroundillfloor. 1- 7
Yoil eani hiss newSVorsconds-asndl
booisks isedf ill ll tle depilrtmlets of
thesUiversity, t the Stdiet'lBok
Store, State steet t redued prices.
Get vour chumli to sttscrie woitlyu 1
for the Inter Oean.
5Te Methoist IEpiscopl1tSsuny-
Sehool have allra11es tree attructie
eclases for studests anids yongll people.
A cass for youngi ientugh5 lt by Se-
retury F. A. Maily of the S. C. A.
A lass for youn~ig ladies by Mrs. Ca-1
lsrt sandilMrstCoern. las for
both ladiies ands gentlemnel, iy . F.
Wiesternostudents ho soant westeri
news. (;et the Intr Oeean.
Get ysur Utpolseig wosrk doe at
Msartinilllll sPrices hisw 'andl wor.
gualranteed. 1-4
Soiitors 'Wanmted-EnIqireli'at the
IT. f 7. DAll offise, Opea 1Hous
bloek, soppo~site (Cotlt hosse
Shueet Imusie stigs, ete.,t ecat
pricessast Stats' Street Musicu Strs.
AWis 1e.

Chieago and the Wordas Fair, at-
trat the WIord. Get the Inter Oean,
the het pger published in the west,
and keep abret of the timles.
Tile strongest line of 50c Nekwar
iia the state. Wuger & Co. 1-3
Koei & Hlelolo, dealers ito Ifuriture,
Carpets, mnufacsistrera of specilties
in Fi~uire sand Upholtery, h5.5
anud 60 S. Maiun street. it
if you~ would save mnley, buy your
lasw, mesial and sdetal books at Slse-
tan & Co.'s, wholesale a10d retail book-
sellers, Stute street. 1-7
F. Stofflet. Opera Ilouse Newsdeal-
er, will oonu have 2,000 subsribers for
the Detroit, Cieago, Toledo and New
York papers lie handles, wvhens boards
soll lose. Call early. 1
Notiee the Iter Oean speial th-
letic es.
Choiee Tobaceo, Cigars aildl Iipe at
Slieldol's Biliard h1a11, No. 3 North
Minl street. 1-7
Every student should register at
oncee at Brownl's drug5 store orner ol'
Min and HsuiiIeronistreets. Tis regis-
ter is the only 0100econulted by tele-
gralphllmessenigers. 1-7
Subseribe for the Inter Oean owo
ossd get all the Worlds Fair newsV.
Sonme 'big' consert sie guitarot
"coicdl'' priees, ot Sate street Musie
Store. It
Go to Htazlewood's Billiard Hal,
Stoate street. Nessly renovated. Gel-
tlemanlly attendsant.
Blurehfielsd, the Tailor, is the old re-
liable paee tos get your clothes'Ie
has theniciest liue in tlis city, sld the
tlest of it s the louest prices by all
odds. SloNo 6 Last Iuron street.
Ansi Arhor Dye WIok at 3 WVest
Hturuonustiet- specit tentionagie
tso cleansuingia'ndssre"'irng" suits. 1-tuve
yasir ligit sits (hed 1-7
Ssotue suc!<ba~oist State Street
Mulsic Store.Wilsey.
A fieiusIspay 'fsiLea thr Library
fiurniture 5mi so Ifancy Parlor
Piecee at Matin i l1lle'sa 1-4
Colleg'e athleics fully5 represente,
by spleial corespsondents ussthe Inter
casTet rms: ' 11 Ladies'a'1d11getle-
mn i$.0I ioi 12'lesols; childre's
clas,1$41011isr 0" lessonis; Delate,
'3.6 1orlu "le\sos.llit
If51yo uX lit all'sleasdingig lliy paper
deluiveed toiyouss '.iibuue t ocee ot
Operlu 01s '5 's Sanhld 12 N. M10i11
'gent frt hss srh111 PresTibtne 0111
1"' sii" s s Ne sterSOeanl, IHerals,
TrbT'sltts iles'iasilNewstsRlecord
al10ssso New Iii'.1111n1tiToeopapers. 1
Sts'te Stisice-Store.-Wilsey.
Ih kis 01N u eommtledslathec Inte
Msartin lilr is makltig'uaspecial
effort to isfypepl M oodh siss
prics iusthesse haltim s." -4
1Plite011111 vhshessIptilils 11105'for iDe-
hrit11(I ""is Newv 'orist ainilToledo,
papiers. . 1S0tllet hA lltOperu
Ilouse Newsea lei. 1
Call onliStifilat, the Ioseaer. o-
the Inuter Oseil.
Lowest1price t "State Street Mtusi
Store. \Wiley.
Bu~rchfiseldh iiill enake yosu os sut fronm
$211 lp to the ine511st slushpats froms
$0.01 il. liois Illatlon the air
timoes? No 6EIi thi S ltreet. 1
Forasfi rst-Is 1111l1cedlat Glazuers
Riestauirant, No. 2 E.hIur'on St. 1-7
The Iter Oeeat's irculahtionin aAlun
Arbor leadssall compeiIItitors ill the wset.
Choic'e thunillS iiNit 1g. Manuu.
newS this's. 'Wag"nserl&.CO.,'t'ailors.
Nesv Laundry. Try lus for the et
worSk y1111e1e01 sa.sv r"u don(le ina
eight huiurs'noiextra''hl-i"e. Ocee, 11
EF Huos tieest Work 47-11 W.,
{lurn. Telehn' 1.

I l kp c s... ::) Da E1 p oIi ..Si 4
N.'-' E n ie ... 5i N v i~ i n c , f
N. . .-t'0.Li ..l'31 G. i lsi ''KW 1. i
il.sl sl. hi . x rc. f;5
Atlantic'l51x 55'-Ss i-s-i Iiill' 's'i's - i"OI
D. N-. E pesI .. 0
G. t. Ex rsis .. iii 1
0. W Ruwa~s, I Wl{ YS, I
C; I l 'il. I is' ." As-ist., A n Aro r.i

Mr. H-ermann A. Zeitz, whsose mag-
nificent violin playing wvill be re-
noenobered by those fortunlate nloulgh
to sear thin beautiful Trio Concert
giv'en by thse Milsoaukten Trio last
year, takns AMr. F reserick Mills'
position as teacher of the violuin.
\tr. /Zeitz is a poupil of thin greatest
violiinist in thon worlsh, Joachim, and
is sstly conositered one of thse finest
violinists is then oest. The stuileists
who desire vocal practire swill he
pleasedl to knowv thtalMiss Lucy 1.1
Cole, teaclher of nsicsin 10the putblic
schsools, woill haoe several classes in
sighst sinsging.' lTon office of thue
School oill he for thse present in
Newberry Hall. Thle registration
in the Schsool is already very large.
Then Choral tUniono Series will in-
,luhe some-vr--- nattracIns.n

Sullserise ins' tuhn U. oh M. DAtLY. flull annoutncement of the season's
Suscrise islethe tU. oh ll. DAILY. prnogranmmle will be issued very soon.
Y' 2 ZY7T Y~i [YBock Review.
hUIlSCI i 1150 110 The greatest achieveenlts of man
TH E IDA ILY are owithiout as douclteonutainues h i
thueipaueosus tract ini Jackson iPark,
liii tO,55G Is'iFASe. 1111011 whuichlis bsiltthue sreatest of ulh
pe ye r. olds Falna-thuc Columbiauii Expo-
. itio. Htundlreds hav die h
wss'o farltsh as vman sieversaw5S
X btfwuhefore, lndih lich w0111soonoii hsap~pear
forever fron view. It wouldl he sadl
Subiseribsehonrclue U. oh A.. DAtILYs. inudeedh if there oere 11noiesas oh pre-
sensing thlese seenes hoi fiutureO gener-
Siuljserihse sor thus'I1. ohf11. DAILY ationsO, excephrilsosgh thle memoris

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