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February 27, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-27

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5t 3-n.iii sri. Director tuici Miccer. NwSiigS~e nNgiee Shirts anid Nekwear. H-as
and Ca(i~ps. Comie il10an(1 See lhwaI.
Godork Gi tu.iiucctr 4 (nounaile orNo. 9 South Min street, itoe e -il evnie'dl y TwStoutc.
ad dliveried. A F. ..OVERT, Prop. _____________________________
et.Fl al device.s Ide upn clit notce. (HICtAGO,) 106 A-V'tisl Ae., .L.F(tCLAIM.
No tobsrivtoviy ytren spp enr in lte
________________________________________ i (i i- . 25. 4,840 Psitcion: Filleud. 05 Pu'itiueu tiled 9n0ie
z: fears 1n the Huiones.w " SEND FOE OUR AGENCY MANUAL.
CITY LAUNDRY, AiJENCIES: o r: , ( os Any cdcr' s. oiliij' Co~~ ,~'0~lt Inco1poied,
M. Di. Saubolt, No. 4 N. Fourth AV".
BEPIo1HA~ U. OF M.C(ALLNDAI. the entertainnmentlasovn ofiCi11)i
+3$TATC $IAVIt2GS 13A2K+'ccc. cr.FunyCOWI itbest of its kind ever iven i1nthe
t'orBlaie ii ng as ion si vii. Muse. ic 'ii' Y1errrcialhuicpiluiflierity city. As an iitiaorc 71Ir.
. I. No itPrIl-,u lilie C PH l I [A1,,Cc. incr. Vit, Marh .- Juniioi' c.t. Siulci i-rn cccv iJncol ii is vone of the best beore thy
CROWN PN Co. r OUNTAIN A NDGOLD 'Ei-Ico. .-itc] Intr-So icty Dcciv. ccv Amceican pulicsi.
ui-ubondonlv. on. tic.cc(Otto cic---In l c .I.:\I JuniorLaw Contest. )
EcccviMi... ,i-ori.'ti-i0, lci. icc .mcci. c
vics icc'. The j u r lawc orctrical coitest
nCHCAG.uJewish InstiutIon s. ciiirrti eeii t70 t
___________________________________________ '[le lainw ic o lecture yoom-.Tice follow-
The___________la_______________lecture nvooit scs nle u core the cntestarts: V .csen-
DANCING and DELSA RTE filed lst eenicig, the occasioncbIe-ccrans, Ittian Jones, . 31. 1Down'c-
MRS. ANNIE WARD FOSTER is.g hieanv kocviton's cctrodctcory cg, Ri. I.Jones, J"I. 7. ictJuiy*1.
46 S. State Street. Icecure in lie series on jeiisl Isli- N. i-accis, j). 7. I leny, acid . 1.
MIONDAY-'p iA Naedli1cceFo LR 3u
dufcclea i Icirticcns at the 'imcie ol ('Ihrst. I 1nci c
I'tliE D s Ip.incc. iGc 'n iccccccc c cc' Ci- cthis ecture te D eani spoke o1 they i-I ~c wsill Ibe furnsishec th ie
las variou~-sciourcesfrmwihko
3ATUH vcc 'crt cin, iu -im'. accsts lie ccc slcct vv s'qu artete, atnid -cssol usith iar cc-
]eg vt ecicIritd inuestiontis'comcpaninet.
scipcc. u.hliilc-n rei'e-. ci - dersed. Thse three liri cilal soucires{ lrif Ii .7. 1lsicpov Iic.
luur ii'.cli" icr ii ny I iiii'tIs. aued cre the Sciptulres, t1ce'Ta- ('chas --. . W isimiancand Pof. F.F
ni vicl'wsancd geineral lhisories. Jocinsooc oill le jucdges onv celisers.
'1~- 'he taintucclis 11cc ookof lie- -.«
ccbccei lass aicditrtdition-is cnd cccni AN NOUN CEM ENTS.
l ans a lit ov ut ies intjosccl pon Lec ccicllcccrc, I ialcricI ti-o
th ipcpc'yth a tort loft e ic'ccclcccc ciiil m ee icc rcoccc2 1 I1ccci
scriptucres, ccltrcditlincis a dccciccs clue, 71arc-Icr, acl;5p i ItI
- ltici . '11cc' c icc-ctIocpats to lt e imliorta-itiItllcatIes-ry iemn s bc s
hooklc lie Sili'lcccaccvi lie (Gecmara present. I>C c-c- icc ccc cci
- -___J-esilshritteci lawc5vie lie lactec is BasuBolists Attention.
GAl a iol ~t cin of trcad ciins acid 'ci i- circiliclac s ifor the V'73rcsii
MWHIGAN GENTRAL I1moos. ac)l emms adi hi
.T iet c v(tetis cNi ,Mc -itt, I . c c Tlie secocdc pl tsrI cc leIctucre w sjas ciccs at conce swihi lie pocsiioncc Ir i
- cvi ccc - decided Ino lie ihisorv occihlicew5icis c c c-ic they wshs tIcctrystocGeo, .rc)
Ati>nccut Ex-.lccs. Ic r i.&l p.. s'1o i- d. C. Shiields, i t N. 'lhcuec
F'ast tn Ei-i .i s '.i.t caii cccl zolioicl cile, Greciancivciilizaticoncc Sreet.
0. It,. RI .. o, .r-
r-tail it c 55e ci nc vs IIts andcl c:ycclcgc. A ntcccu t
Mail an rvp .. 4Iii 1L civic '-iii cccn oun em nt
N'i. Y. ~l. S li O.i. cc0, iN no civis c 'le scbjes ollie cominccg lecisres_
o w. t I 5t lu-u iarc'cc licliosnI.-itisudcents, iseiscbers cci F. cnd
i-. t. t it l I Chcii vi A-i ,AiciccAvrbor. 2. 'lie lieopile andii lie Stale. I cA. M ., 5cce cciiqcesedctoti cet in t
TOEO oiticical haris. lecuce doomiof usawbcuildicg, T'hurs-
T.hlie Schools, lie Synucgcgcccc-eveciig.i-achtic 73.
Iancil lie Sausiedricici. -'
NORH MCHIAN c - s. lecipl i-ccrici. Dnning an Dlsrte.
NORH RAILWAY. . cc. l'rimciinal Jucrispruccitiie. Mits. Acnic iardi Foser's sec ondI
'rcc-c~uci Iciicg -i-cv ciicy.Scc.-s mcc. Thlie Trial of Christ frocni a erm i-f tiaicig andil setarte be-
Trainsci cci c'AiAn iir Iy iclircnic L wyr'.San i nt ins Slctur , Feb. cit. i-rs.
Nio. iicIiict i-si-u-SOOrn uv-ci nacton.Foster teaches all tle latest (latices
:I>i. . i 15OcS L. mi. - r" -- also addis iDlsarte eercises to lie
etuli-p. nIi l l 6 tcIi- .
4:181. i. cicUuep. III Inimcal Frank Lincoln. coinstuction, owhicih gives beacity and
only eviciitc-ieceA--crcii'locic- grate to lie dancng. Particularl
.A vli tisSu s cdiyelci OvSundy.lice cicurcici-f Cirist ons crowdced attention i givenc ti-chal-coom nd ~
Iti-S. GJEN WOOD, Agenti-AnnciArbiorsreti lct. is Fse i s
Wt, I. IENNE'c'', . . A. 'roledo.ct. i-cts lct[1ot ccpaciylast nigiht bystet tiu t. 'M .Fo er sa-
sistedl in altuer classes by he
-ANN ARBOR thocse wvio cattle ti-clook uton lietdaughter Miss Foster. For prtic-
111"]- Itrfill!l I V .FUND p C. ifuinon" side of life. T'o say that i-lus inqucire at 4i- Soth Sate s.
i-ic M. Lincoln succceeded in driving off humr. Foster is in Ants Arbor all1
23 SOUTH FOURTH AVE. lie "blcies" frocctanty one who ons (lays of lie weeko excepting cchllr-.
E.S. SEtevts, - Manager. unfi-runae enosghi to be icy that day and Friday, wnhen se is in ti---
____________________________troll anti ircardl lake ducringcg
p}( Zt~1 CA ER R, sad stcate of cinitd would not fuly whiclhoe 'Milsostcer attends toc
tit i i 1 . 05eiuin i-OcrI~et. expriess telituti on.al O~c n lie sohole, a- binoless. T rin1Io

33OWDISH & HOUSE Prorietor'.
i-ilICEt, 8.UTomITAT'cvii ET
Dener, clat ucor Gatery, aducii-scsill ibc
served in li-e usual arisi isoisier. Siticgs
may le had a: any ime iy i-I. Morgucn, acni
als iiy Mr. Giso, inccmeholetrlie co--
Morgan & Gibson.
'i-d SHORTHAND Ruiir cccuidig vn
:r, " -ic--- I u 111, 1i111cacr-uci cc roo ;Iil y c'ccc c re-. s. c-
tiulia nveiugrece~io ; ocu i,, i recc,,yro
) e, Ion a n ar liuc-c iiietilpa ciigs iii' ic-i-c i
k -c' i iiciiliiitsz duiiicnic-cuiu1ci llc tiu-ua c suu
i'ccuc-cce'u c -i sc-cc tidress i c nicc -ecci
1ly cic'onc beeilti li desoci 's Bi-
i-crd I o.Nwee n hn ic. tate sreet
For ceti-ct l-iricte I ic-lis tlioli c
ws~vt7 VuIalcidcci7) Va.upoints ctchy Icc
1I. S. GCIte'" I,.uuc i I i'i t ccgl-Toldoc
tcci artborc cc Ni-ch i hi-I
Seniorin ;111 dillicniltments aleenti
hi-l to ic cicd ractes li l iuiluga,ilhi C
.. 'r. -icie ; o
'The -h - wi -- j ''Ilioetfortiliic
pc-cns lii, cl er,1cc-Ie ccciiks canii
ioos -,om6 i ttic viii's -iii-Satei
Forcfoe soasic toocuthi brvu--shs aduci
ii lsdgot t 'eIM vi. ltDi-ugstore.c
For c nI- frntS ic wills vii
lr. A. E, osccl thec'
Gode 1?allvii t soill coii ii
Olt ic - ucid cc novelies sat11he
Coo'diiil rIT- lc diyI ehruc-cro-z;.
it ccii's llintccercse oe xaliumoinecu
thisi line.- It h udreds-,ofspeccial (
O igti 5 ci- ceSlit padtterns f eachc)
of tic iu'cliii ciatdlci-hoicest goocds.
Voicca p) :oi.1 (c' sourir-et- nowsor cc
god I)bicc'-livesredlccaudi-ytiie
befiorc: hecloscec-occithe college ear.
Suits-toi01i-ri. $Sun11d.liv(hintmac
ctl it is wocrthn your wntile.
(cugs R'hetorica Analysis, at
(cciv cccity or it library. 'indle-
please crcturnto Ii)a100 inoffice or
L,.. toric', ctItackard.
Al1l cuntibuctionsndacidurawigs
for IT-~it: mutbIe handedtiin be-
fori- 'chi-t 31. A llse ore e-
firt cnutheii-urtc of contribtors will
isureaeri- lit-i-c apearcnce of lie
lrc lOCc OM (cs. Ttci-7'u'r

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