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February 26, 1894 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-26

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All the new Spring Styles and Novelties in Gents' Wear.
AT ) L UTITTE1 ILI S . & ..

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Aran Arbor Saving Ei Et
-M 1"3 Ia (l31
Vi. i w i i{!.iri 'ii'. __
iati2 iaiaa V a[/va - t ia. '(1/.i la. i t1 Ot' 111 S)lt r laathiliai /a Ia aaw/)tt lo i Sdi/i//i/ wa/
shi'l 1f. t /i itzs.r. a hior. P It ii ieratrm . (ii'ialih i ta'iti s moiikr ar.(adar.
THE ANN AREOR Al/GUS I)riicuiat/piraa///y. ,Od ibyDem & C.
PRN IG ,-- Wilaiaset11ypi mte iaol
< P BLSHNG41 South Maiu Street.E N OM A Y

(i/ii ()'S '(n,1Firt doo eta oiStine S ti ii a
;. U. OF M. FLAGS.
'a siar Sttblu.eti/innr
ortaitch pin. Pic/e$1.0
lVil. A I'Isf), j),.Jiarr.
FLOW iRS, f+11 QVtxgS

Stut Work aSpecialty. UNIVERSITY NOTES. Fftdlgaesfrii helca,. ~ltl~ irie.AC~re.
Lades Aeisicla/deesiit1)'au.55its AN "BONNIE." S. C. A. xwill attend thie students'
1 ins eaitioi- it eniti des Wtsso. international voluntary movenment'l, lt2Qa 12L l IL
iatl(.l letn n dlo i t i *+- '/taaIie is-t/iersicivonsBier: to be 1held in IDetroit thtis week1..
?,tl i.,oerhro ,o.t11/iriii at tue/u sole a/i'in z1 Ti.Ihe ljunior lit oratorical ronteat tai/tt/~a tO/aaiiPs/ S ir
__________________________ Ines a srnera ai n/nabaasire, .Pays iter--
/; rof. Angfell lectured to t/ielawsa occurs toiniglht at eiglht o'clork in c tonSt a-in s Jirposits. Ilas Satety
today.a awI~ Room 24. the i-on/ca/ants are all I,. S/E't/P/'.Pres. 1. 014E St/i, Cahiier
i1)e qui section int/ in/ince wil/ studrents of oratory and as a resutIt /tiit/ei isitytanrg
iiethi 111 seek. /a/ exciting contestmany be exp/ected.
~~I~> i;If' a' A 1I. Potter dent '8g is locatedrT he first facutlty concert of the-
--a/ -at /tolr/driire, R. . 1ccolo tscail eedTir- )lV5
'f/ta senior lasvs will receive t/-eir day evening. Tickets for the series
xlast ///i/ in rea/ estate t/iis week. of concerts are 0/n sale at the usual ~l~
fTe junior class will lho/l a social iplaces. The price has bteen /laced -\..
5 L2i53 °t/S 2at3Graitger's tall, Friday nig/it, a tedla o heetr ee. R ARE THE BEST.
rac,.Rev. J. W. ilas/iford, tII)RET.SOKRSI/i.,~t/
5/is ,3 I~.893 a/ -. CS/ob,'sIG AREayTiTiSOKiSt o are w t -
11as t xtud Sot) /i. as ac- jpresideint of /Ohiio W\esleyan; It W in~ tosai ai/littite iat/i pric/
t pted/ r/iria1 p/osition/ in/te Sot// ia- Rogers, LL. n.v1/.,rspresident ot North- wiiinn THIS BRAND sul/triiortoala/hes.
kot/1 agricu/tual college.wstr//iitr/yanlR ei The Richmond Straight Cit Nol
RHo R a- /lhiF .litirdock, '~lav, who G ilbtert, I). D., of Cleveland, ()iaio, Czt T'TI
ithi//ir/i rti/i ttr Iave been engaged ostirthe Wiesleyan aretiii / utui/it i/iat theb + . iiai
ISloi// terhipwjh istfatheri i,ltiian ili it r f OLD LEAF
a<t"'al''// Guia,/iseisco/ iil Lecture costrse. Next Sna- cagrow in a iititi.
a/c xsa-o /a4 0 in thestale bar examain/ation. '/a//h evening, Rev. /li/cSpiie, wvl:0 Ra e mpeOF MAiONlli (trsits
'' '4-- ,-- -% /(/c r onliarIt/tl rail studti/us hall/ 1sr strasvaased e t/s~vit l in the old ba/auiw i/s vi'y /isb.
d i/ursa in conalosition/. (n ac- Missions.' Q/sit i/i t ' rt/tit t aii ti/i tie/i//alasa I
he P~oto'hue addtress /o the S. C. A. Sun
iti ,/iiticoun-/i /t of over work, lie huis been/'
i~rt it1 t~iu ta.irctil//> . o ellted to onit Course iS. day moriiing Nvas given by Mr. y
MOOR & WETMO '.Te Detroit tinily papers devote oils, secretary of the ''Students' TAKE NOTICE
coiisiderable space to roastinug Miss Volunteer M'ovement.", He spoke
FT rN AIION AL A y l a'es Herudon's newv ventuire,"Thie in the interest of foreign missions, -
tI1'ANN A//t/i/ ilwit/i a Temaper'r svhich iaiiibe ansi of the clainas of two-thirds of 11. iu0vrta Ii-afiad attlll,117//ti
aa geat et17,0.Suls/ aiiind /itits.a prsetedatile Ganoerahosethe world uiaon this help of the na~ai/dtilil /ltiia
/iiirt ui itt~g oiagit indt/Sioli/j.t tsifa to night. I/f the p lay is not a sue- Christian one-third. IfIome mis-
ere .titsaaes reti/'otvte rot'a roai ( ei"cesiitei0dtiv to
1 isACII.Pres. s. W.Cl-/.it/(5i5 .( a i.er cess' in D/etroit, wviere it tans tite sions nsiould be supported. but the itcr u5 t / r ~/itr
1,)1/iS At/N'l/I dolnlli-a/iN CA'N /I ,at/vantage of a first class theater, fact that in foreign fields there is
Resul l~sint/ig ai ,t/tit aiticle'.ire i eeyadarta/uiaiei only one missionary for every two G 4 ~4 p
tsat o fr<t/i atalee tryt.-rat/iwintithundred thousand persons, shown
a,.i(1contyto ia~il or ;ood. ddrssprouctonin urfar-famedaui that their need is much greater than
witrti -tam/ut, i/ittsi/si ii/i /i) tioNit7 Crum -o 2E s ' L a in alr
4otiyl tReInod a us Washington it.

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