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January 16, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-16

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c hearty co-operation of the depart- Dectamtation, Mr. Tollison; ora-
' -nt . ' ' ent anal with such assistance 'To- tion, P". I'. Carr; speech, M. L. P.
Plitshed Daily (Muasay-s excepted) curiae Wit'' vwilI e to Michigan what ''ttte 'cLaughlin. tImpromptu debate,
te olieze tar, l' Stingle'' is to V ale-a pride to the affirniatise, H-. D. Mlessick; nega-
THE U. OF N. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION department whtich it reprcesenits. tive, NV. K. Moore. Debate: Re-

r5 jNESS

Sutbscrptioa ntie 142.50per year, insariably
Aacranre $single aspires 3 vents. Sabscrip-
tions siay ber let at the ofihce ef she HAItY,
at Stottlet's, writh anyofI the editors or
athorizedt soliciors.
C'ommusnieatsons should reach the altare by
7 o'clock P..ra. it they are to appear the neat
lay. Addlress all matter inteaded tar pushlica-
tsios ts the Masaging Editor. All Cusisess
cammunictatios shauld Ce test as the Bant-
Ann Arhor. Mich.
C, A. DNOts,Lawt'44, Mattagig Esdstor.
It. A. tlSP.s Ln it. '114, Assistantt.
,.A. Lt,:it, Lit. 'Cl, Athletic Editoir.
S. NV. (rlt'tISS. . 0.Lit., OBusinesestAlagr.
Nts s,. A. 7t ,1,11 - i.97, Asistant.
H.I3 5 mioa,'. t tt 1.',A . .
L. .' AstnS i. I ,S de, 't . 1'. ED.It'llC. 1
'. 1,'l ei,9. 811 .11 11.11 tlt tiI' ri c,i.
Aill rc utb ti h ofict uS thre 8;fa i
kcritedy of pblicaigon. lsrheli
p'rcaet,151 airoic itlIIaie n ix
aw department for yearn, and re-
'Sects great credit npon the ntan so
has5 given 1 so iuch of his time in
peorfectitng the plans for it. It cani
be no longer saitd, as it tax been in
the past, that nien often left tbe de-
partnment withtout suifficient knsosvl-
edge of actual practice to begin a
Csuit in a jusitice coutrt. That IQ'gal
instrurtion tisthe best Oviec-prar-
tice antxhteory are unitedl. We arc
proud of the court, nx every lasv
student is, 81111 xixh it great xiuccesx.
SIC,1 ithx pleaxure t11at we8 an-
nouince odas the establixlhnent of
a senior annustal in tile litwVdeipart-
menit. For some timae thle i) 51
tan arguedl thisx matt er editorially
and swc have met with tile hearty co-
operation of te omembers of tile
senior class. That the students of
the senior lasw clans nill assist the
editors in this tater ix certainl, for
it is a great honor conferred on te
lasw clans of '94. Michigan will be
one of the few suniversities in the
land to maintain an annsual in the
professional department. It in the
aim of the editorial boartd to msake
"To-Wit' thoroughly representa-
tive of the law departmsent.
The board of editors bespeak the

K~i' tore ve saseaI ppota-solved thsat the Wilson Bill should
ONCEmor wehavean ppotu- e psse asreported to the House
nity to ihope that souse practical us of Representatires. Affirmative, steLAIGSCOLP\BSNS
is to be gotten outofth5 lngrie- C. Robinson and J. C. Kroodsma; 1111 SHORTHAND. Miagnificentbuildig; nine
IeS Waermn HW eachrls,,large attensdance; god disciplineseutper-
lenWtringymnasiun.Ho negative, A. L. Curtis and A. P'. ioreworak;twellsuppliedureding roost: daily leciate-
Saturdsay evening teceptions;lt pen the tl ~irte pear
losng before thease hopes will be Gilmolir. Extion-talhalitis~esaracigsteetcs inEpos
dashedalto the ground we shall not exuens~es $z8to$5.5 per week inprivate tamilies.
venture to predict. We are assured _atP.eR.atatEcaY, 5PRre.
that the six or sevents housatsd dol--
lars nosw ini te hands of the and it- 1 jED
tug contmittee will be hsanded over
to thse board of regents at their I
meeting to-morrow night, and thsat ' j 1~
it is expetctedl that a portion of it, - . -A
wvill be applied to the completiotn of TieceTt~iie tl inet, ct ')-owlety, Ncr-SI ,o
thse runninsg-track. We are also in- Horsf'ord'S Acid Phosphate str;lt l:lA TIineslli1 ~l~l
formed tit the gymnasium will cer- 7:1.5a. n[l. :111,
tainly be ready for use by thse tennis Is thje insost effective and agree- 14r:i1.5)s1). nit.' \o.rl9:1, p. 111;,
nsen in twvo weeks, whsichs we sureiy asea,,A, neitne only,
abe eed~~y xstnefor Allttrinscds'lxyrl"rellttillllicc.
hope is true, yet hesitate to pre- RS . d(tcFtlNtVot5. . Int, Ann1Arors
dirt as a certainty. Ax to tetuse preventing indigestion, and re w. H. tBENNETT',G. P. A. Tole.
of a pxortio~n of te equlipmsent fundi hevis tihose diseases atising GI jIJDOPE1 I IOU
for te buildinsg of the runoninsg- I lNt: NIGHTII'ONLY.
track, too much cansiot be said t o Oi a sisortlered stomsach. TUESDAY EVENING, JAN. 16th.
urge tile regensts to take tlhis action. r.V.X.GdnSpige, H11--1-1- I--I
There certainsly can be no valid rca- Mass., sayx1 '5 saisse itfralc an exeelles (
sotn ficrletting-tin fund lie idle jrvllaiTi llietil.csTapesss A L LL iI rS
tionttiafter tmonthswvhensa aconsider- prcietatieof tisibes~, ll~t tion ad let teitl 11I 1'' l JI IT.171 1-i i
able rculd be acconsplised towartd elhf, srereeci. " u rih S.tacrite 1s ;~i
the interior fittinsg up of the gyssna- a nIihSae m n-
sius asns somse tittle ssse coulsd be de- Bty1es 511
rived fronm it. The gymtnasiumnt sas tlDecritepr, 1111'phi1lsttrrea11 tpplictionlltol1A CARLOAD OF SPECIAL SCENERY.
built for sotathlieg else Shua ilace lRumfodChemiealtWortss, Providenae,td.I. 151Cm S. 5-s-ct 1' 'll - k.5 11 n -
for holsdinsgthe 'J'hots. lTis is te tcsr't ,lnllsl' 111 s°t; ls. ~ s-'Pssvtl l,tte irle.In 11111 'irst row :tile
for he egets t li- talles', Osi.
opportuinity frtergnst is- For Sale by all DRgiss se~~rvel d asal-e11- citlv111111-. (l, -
play Stheir itnterest in te welfare tcf Druggists__________________________________________________
te oniversity by prompt~t actiots. l
Freshman Class Social. /4ecJ& ifCL-£

lTe final arrangemaents Ihave been
stade for the '97 class social whirlh
will be hselitn sGranger's halt, Jan.
utis. ironm present intlicatcots it
soul Ise a credit to te ettergy of te
frexsmen atnt if it is sutlpo~rted as it
shottidtsr. it will be a very etijoy-
able affair. i t vill take the fortm of
a social gathering until 9:30o pc.1m.
during swhichs time te '97 glee club
wviii render several selections, afterI
wvhichs dasncing xviiibegits andcisouse
entertainmuetwsill also be psrovitded
for those swhio tdssnot dance. ftc-
fresictnts will focus part of lisa
programm e.'Twesnty-five censstnad-
mtission wilt be chsarged to tdefray
expenses andi it is hoisedth lat '97~
class spirit will shsow itself loyally
and make thse social a success.
Jeffersonian Soctoty.
A regular tieeting of the Jeffer-
sonian Society will be held Thsurs-
day evening next. Tise programt
whirls shich was held over front last
Imeeting will be as follows.

29 5 Conness t.
t Mecarfsswenucrc of-
Hlf -Ton~e (uts.
(b Oie oeJouI15asfao1)
Rersdurtiaotf Pe1)od Ink
151555ifs,(ts)s-a criptAutqraPi)I$Itfe.;t
G aiiexafArcdlec~ursxl,5etiets hc,4
~' ~ - (Apd otlier Dressinp .
% c1j5 Pitures
-dtciii.ho issEl ihceBookis-.s~aurnsai
CalIC rd e/ku CxrdA5DneOrder5
Ii t(-Xti Or)5 e
Crreipondence~olicited. 5 ..d

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