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December 09, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-12-09

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___________THE U. OF M. DAILY.

51 SO. tMAsN ST. D~irector and Manager.
Good Work Guaranteed. Goods called for
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.
22 Years Iin the Basiuaess.'. '"-
M. M. Soabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave.
+$TATE $AVfl$ BA12K+
Coi. Main and Washington Streets.
,A. tL. NOBLE, Pros. ROBsrsrePnass irS 0 'sh'r
Finest plave in the city. Pronmpt Wi getting
out work and delivering. Office, 1u Rost H-
ron St. Telepshosse 83.
- - O I !We are here to stay. W~e are prepared to
glerie aclasof wvork so the trude of this city
unequaled iby any otblir isose eerocwaled
h ere and sol reelld by aiiy Oily'ITilor is
Americand at iriees gvrni d bay aodx or-
doed. uits fro 3R.lla ((lityidlmTas o any
price dei-rid. 1,iieiCuomsToilorin-,hb
Noa. ANN StllltitT.
46 S. Slate Street.
MONDtAY-8 p. m. Adancied Class los la-
diea aida nlleiimen.
MO1NDXY-- p. iii. Ladies.' dlsa. cl' a-.
T''UIDAY pi . m. Gentilli mils 0 ciig
p.m. C hildieis -.d anerclasg
.f o n. Ladiea' disicing a.
Private lesos hy appsoiintmnt.
" ,

Sat.. Dec. 9.-Scool ot icl. lupil' le-
Sat., lie. 9-ldge Ewin, of (liliagi, o
"Oratory" before the' Oratoral Asoia-
tion, in law lectre room.
Moi. tie,. li-Unity Cl, Dr. J. H. Kellogg.
of Battle Creek Sanitaium-tA Sound Mid
in. aoSound Bodv.
Not o Brutal Atr All.
The laue and cry over tiae brutal-
ity of football is still furnishing the
newspapers of the country with
much matter for their sporting col-
uians and great ignorance is dis-
played as to the merits and denae-
its of tiae game.
No one wii deny that there is an
elenient of danger in football. It is
so in cary sport. The strangest
blaunders have been aaade by critics
of the game who ieve confused
Ruigby footblall witi Associatiot, or
Galic, football, tie latter being a
kickinig game. lir instace, thae
N. _'. HeIralid arraignas footlall and
cliarges it sithingathecause o
twenty-six ueaths andin inumerable
atccidecnts tliringtli asaat season,
cauaed ly kicking liar ball in scrim-
miages. The ball is never kicked iia
a scrimmage in Riugby football, and
thaetwenty-six deaths spoken of
were causedliia England ly tie old-
style kitking ganme.
As to the five or six deaths at
Rtigby football the past season, one
was caused by a player, wvho hadtino
cleats on his shoes, sipping on liar
wet groaind, no ohae player touch-
ing himi. Another was caset by a
player, whlo was about to be tatked,
throing himltf foraard ith avii
lhanilpring, a very foolishianaituni-
heard-of priceeding. Consiierig
liareoter ieahs unavoidable, the
prtportiona of fatal acidenta at fot-
ball wil comiaiare aitha other sienn,
baaelall lavinig caused seven deatls
duorinag the seassi. If football crit-
ics would have more regartftr facts,
there would be no more foolihl con-
parisons of Rugby football wita
Right in Line.
The Alpha Nu contest for coos-
log its representatives for tae debate
prelimiinary to the inter-iniversity
debsate will positively occr on
Thursday, Dec. a. The tquestion
for debate will be: "Resolved, That
the Regulation of the Tariff Should
be left to a Not-partisan Commis-
Any member of the society may
enter the contest. All contestants
must hand in their names with the
side they prefer, to J. Q. Adams be-
fore the meeting of the society on
Dec. 15, at which all final arrange-
ments will be made.

Now Radcliffe College.
The Board of Overseers at Har-
yard, Wednesday, decided to abolisha
the Harvard Annex as a separate
institution. Hlereafter it will be
known as Radcliffe college, a part
of Harvard university, the women
students sharing the degrees given
in the academy part of the college
now attended by men. Thae discon-
tinuance of the annex for the in-
struction of women was brought
about through the efforts of Mrs.
Agassiz, widow of the famous sci-
enist, who has long been working
to have the annex made a regular
part of liar university. Usder the
action of tile board the president
and fellows of Harvard college are
appainitedtheia visitors of the lar-
yard coriaoration, and are vested
wvithl paor antiautority as
futly as if the sanme had laen orig-
mnally itoiferred uion tec president
anad elloavs by liar charter.
The University of Vermntn wil
celebrate its 22d anniversary next
Thar iegree of Ph. 1. has ben
conferred on a woman by the tUni-
versity of IHeidelberg.
According to the "Year Books of
liar Universities of thar Worli,"taere
are in ali 47 universities. TarUni-
versity of Paris is the largest, hav-
ing 9,1i15 saudeits, Vienna coese
next witla a meabershipa of 7,220,
anal Berliniathirt, ihi aiacrtal-
met of 5,5'7.
Daving the footlball season of
1892-9,3 ini Great Britain thare were
twenty-six ieatts ona the field c-
salting froni football acciients,
thiirty-inie broken legs, twelve
broken arnms, tweny-five broken
collar botnes, and seventy-five oiler
Oratorical Associaton,
The Executive Conanittee and
its sub-comnittees will meet in Room
24, M~onday, Dec. I, at 5 p. mn.
At this time all accounts must be
renderedl of membership tikets sol.
Every nember of these committees
is requestetd to be present.
Excurion to the Atlantic Cout.
To parties that are thiiking of a trip
south to Coluimbus, Ohio, Charleston,
W. Va, Cliftons Forge, Catlsville,
Petersburg, Richmosd, Providence
Forge. Williamsburg, Newport News,
Old Point Comfort, Norfolk, Va.,
Washiington, D. C,, low rates for round
trip and one way tickets. Please ap-
ply to Geo. J. Clark, Pass. and General
Agent, Ohio Central R. R, Room 7
Oltd Let Bldg.. corer of Summit and
Madison streets, Toledo.

At al price, ntl or miiited, 0,oder.
Slay iect froimaNei-aaYirkimporliiiteenslave'
a6 per cyIt.
C. D CASSIDY, 'Dent '4.'
C all or tn rid oralin27MayarlS.
'96 Oracle.
The Oracle, the animal Sophomore
publication, is nearly ready. ft will
be on hand so that you can take it
home- Christmas. Its 150 pages are
foil of good thinags, sort stories,
poems, a remarluibly bright character
sketch of "Dopy" ad then the grinds
i-yes no end of them-fifty pages at
least. And the canes are ten to one
that you arc among those ground. To
read the Oracle will cure a freshman
of his freshniess. Soph., Junior and
Seinior will buy the Oracle for the sake
of the good it leas dole thena in the
past. There are nearly forty illustra-
tions, sixteen of whiichlire fol page.
The eoveris a oet aiid tasty design,
printed in four colors, the first xork of
thrle kind ever a:sed lure. Thle book
xiii be placed oiistle ini ali the boo-
stoicssnad in the maini hal, Monay,
Dia. Is, atithelicsunl trite, 2-a ents.
a(i.'0ati01" ENa- TAs.ltND.
All thein'yitapIetitrs, alsopieioiciia,
saagaiies, etc. Gvt it arcadl, I.
1). Rtichiarsd, beoaxCiok Itovse.
-J. E.PelierJp, the reinosw-iedlhai
cutter 11r111 Detroit, lis leasevdtie
Ciaok Hoiuse btrher shlopandiv furishd-
ed it in elegtait sap. Ie extends a
cordiali invitationfirall to isit hise
nlew place.itf
Have you beeia to Ilazlewx-od's Bli-
liared hl yet. Newvces anid every-
thing sice. State htreet.
oiliA1NsuCR'S x' ni utax01'aleANCIJN.
All are puilsi, positively n vioitos.
Tuition fees5-, for Lamies, Gentlemin
andl Chialdtrinaliks. .Aretductionato
lfcrmer pupils, l-o whlere more taini
mne fromlestone famiilytake lessos
hleanausoma1,ut' atlii'ewi-daices eafore
the hislidayt iy attli ihpes.
Roomans ta itt--Froit Site of
ltoaiins, hetilt Il hurn iiaiIaaue Itooks
fromUnla iva-rs-it- t ay a N 'l5tMinoSt.
Fort irteduce' a te a'ticket taOhiio,
%Ve-sti Vt. iadld iVa t. luintls aly lii
R. S-.(Greainwooata, 'lit-It t-f.g,'Toledos
Annll Arboa&irt' h 7iuallMlvi. itol. uhau
hiaoik, . ).:..
D~o yion x itIuo rent our raom'?
Wi'hyhant t insevrite ie or-xtioill
1511 loaraliiculuiiinifira tfewx-days
Mote room;uItu a-ve beeni renteadthruegi
thie DILY thatiiihruigh ayites-
meiumll~l, ftauthlii' l)A I L hrctically
fals'itoa every stueit's hands.
"01i1i1a COMx POaRa-isliih' (igara bought
at thei. & :4. Dtrag Store.
Thie J. I.T-iichbs Ci. have receiei a
fise hne if uneckwear-the very latest.
Have yiour phoios taken at Randal's
before fhr rush f Christiais.
AarscraIrio.-D~o you think of buy-
iag a lylum'writer thisa yar Theii cal
lt the DA.IiY siice if 7011 wish oie be-
low cost.
BRsACEla i' withi aigootpair of sobou-
der braces. A large stock al ow prices
at Brown's Drug Store. A fexw shop
worns braces it 50c.
Go to BRONs'sS DhThturiSTORaE for ahl
Laboriatory supplies. Dtissecting cases,
iarons andhsleeves.-Lowv Ptices.
"The German" at Granger's.
Privte ilstractioii in the cotiln-
"The (lerumiss"-its riules iid figures,
the wxatz, twoi-step, and any dassce of
merit that miayle desired. Mr. ad
Mrs. Grangee instruct at all classes,
and can te engaiged for private lessons
at boors nmit occupied by classes. If
you wjsli to joinl is class, now is the
time. Grasger's Academy, ground
floor, I6 Maynarid street. .54-57

Mrnute Tatute(Rteuvised)ttNov. Lit, 1893.
iD. N. Expreess.-. I4,1., N. Y,..& C. Putt, 720
AtlantiutExlsrs. 17 Siuii& isxp. SCO..85
Fat East'iuIju.. 94t IC N. 1 irtetet 101
N. S. iutied-as.1 3 P M
A. xM. Fttaistia~et'nlExp. 1i55
Mi~ l dEs-...4 108Si. It. &EKal. Spi... l6llS
N. Y. & u. Sput.. 5Cuts(liN. Rxprss. 850
Piacifie Espess...10 1
O.W. RUGooES, H. WV. Haye,
0. P. & T. Agt., Chicea. Agt.,.nA.rbaor.
Studeut Work a Speialty-
Blest 5Workmen anuad LowestlPcinn nthe City.
eollowst Gentliemena, Sicturday merninsa10
and Thusday evei'niigs 8:00; Ladies. Saturday
aeternoionisa4. tadiesanuid Gi'ntlneeni,al-
vanced clata, auesdlav eveiings8. Grsund
.fosr. It Maiard street. Tuition. oiie term
(tweivie mc-it-) 55. Piipiis received at any
:Bic 0- c.u
llesdqoartu-a famrSigias.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

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