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November 25, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-11-25

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518So. MATENS-T. Director and Manager.
Good Work Guaranteed. Goods called far
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.
22 Years in the Business.2-
MI. M. Seabalt, Na. 4 N. Faourth Ave.
+$TATE $AVIflG$ BAflK+
Car. Main aod Washington Streets.
A. L. NOBLa,lices. ROBnnox PHIISoo, Cashr.
The 13. &Jfprkig Store
la the place to bay aoything in the Drag line.
Medicincs, Sponges, Brakhes, Etc. Etc.
It- E. JOLLY & Co.5s
Whoa you waat a pore hox at Pius Chocolate
Candieo. Stationery at coot. Cigars, Tohacco,
Cigaretico and the Finert Stack of Pipes is
the City.
R. E. Jolly & Co., 26 S. State St.
46 S. State Street.
MONDAY- Op.In. Advanced tClas.s tar to-
dir-. andtentleeooc.
MO0NDAY 7p. I. Ladies.' dolclartc class.
TUESI)AY-7 pom. Gentlcen's.d(acciag
SATURDAY-10) a. m. Oentlemen's lancing
2 p.m. Cildren's. dancing lass.
40. no. Lieos' odancing clac..
Privatc lessnstoy appoitment

Mon., Nor. 17.-Miss. JessicelBroswn, of Cleve-
land, on Child Charactera in Dickens. at
Inland Lcague.
M~on., Nov. 27.-NMe. Max Winkler, on "Rli-
giouso and Political Movementasnow Prera-
Taco., Na.-.28.-School at Music dedication.
Toes. Eve., Nov. 20-.Thanksgiving ree...bhr
Fi., lice. 8.-Marteau, the great violinist, is
S. L. A. coarse.
Alpha Nu Meeting.
The following program will be
given at the regular meeting of lbs
Alpha No literary society this even-
Music; imupromptu debate, by
Messrs. Block and Dykema; reci-
tation, F. D. Adams; society paper,
Mr. Mertz; debate, "Resolve, That
United Staten Revenue Should be
Raised by Direct rather then by In-
direct Taxation; affirmative, Lipson
and Colnmlings; negative, Stern and
Padley; -general idebate; mulsic;
critic's rcport.
Yale-Harvard Line-Up.
Thietills-up of the Harvarit and
Yale teams toiday wilt be as follows:

The Cambridge untiversity eleven
of England has won five successive
games in football this season, scor-
ing 97 points to their opponents 17.
Japan has two national educa-
tional associations, with a total
membership of over io,ooo. The
majority of the menmbers are univer-
oity men.
A congress of universitis has
been suggested by Harper's Weekly
as an effective means to solve the
present trouble in regard to tht
eligibility of football players.
Prof. Elshu Thompson, during
the course of his lectures on light-
ning and high potentials at Lynn,
Mass., received in his body a
discharge of a,ooo,ooo volts without
Tile University Athletic club,
which hlas the managenment of the
bnale-Princeton football game at
Manhattan Field on Thanksgiving
day, announced that the entice seat-
ing capacity of the grand stands,
coveredl and open-about 14,000-
has1:o spoken for and that 10,000
addiiuiiai seats could easily be dis-
posed of if they were available.
Rev. J. T. Sunderland wilt speak
next Sunday nmorning at the Uni-
terian chlurchI on "The Increase of
Faith: Was There Ever so Muchl
Faith as Now? " In the evening he
will give the fourth sermon in his
series on "'Jesus and His Religion,"
subject,"Did Jesus Work Miracles?"'
These ermoon annosnced 012 "Rev.
It. Fay Mills and the State Uni-
versity" will be postponed for one
week, to Sunday morning, Dcc. 3.

cse of a reasoiiigtaculty. Among
the mo-s pleasing exhibitions are a
game of leap-frcog. atid the walking of
the tight rope by JDynamite, a diminu-
tive smuls. iA brilliant effect is cented
by a military drill, partieipated ill by
all the horss." See thess remarkable
horses at the Granid tonight. It wilt
pay you.
Lillian Tucker and her company ap-
pears at the Grand Opera Htouse next
week, beginniing with Monday, Nov.
27, in a well selected repetoire. Speak-
hong of her, the Sc. Mary's (Canada)
,Journal says: "This week Miss Lil-
lian Tucker and Class. C. Vaughts
Company of players are attracting
good audiences at the opera house
every evening by their grand produc-
tions of famous sensational cosmedies.
As evidenice of the public's apprecia-
tion of this company worth the audi-
ences increase nightly, and to judge of
the hearty applause that greet their
efforts, Mr. Vaught and his troupe of
talented ptayers are genuine favorites
witho St. Mary's people.
The .]. T1. haroi Co. hoys received a
lisle liiofcineckwear-thie very latest.
Ilave yoisrphotsla taken at Randall's
bsefisre the rushk of Christmooa.
Two newly furnlishled froiitsites of
rooms, furniace hoeot and oil, very
cheap. Also good board at $2.20 per
week. 37 5. Inigalls.
Mactin Helle1r has received a large
assortmaent of Rattan Fursnituire, of
whsiclh a few of his latest patterns are
exhibited in his show window. He
sasys, however, clint this is only a part
of his stock for Christmao., ts ex-
expectstwvo more large shlipmenats with-
isn a few weeks. 47-49
ATTENTION-Do y011 thlink of buy-
ing a type-osriter this year? Tben call
at the DAILY office if you wish one be-
lose cost.
Htandomen'Rattanl cosichies at the
Popular Furioituire Store of Martin
Hlsler. 47-49.
For Eent.-Twso single roomls, 0115
suite, furnaeeiat. light, hot asandod
wvater bathl, toodollars intl three dot-
taco. 20 E. Jeffersoti t.
ihUsAt'E:Ut' with a good pair of alotli-
der broaces. A large stock at low prices
at Brow-l's IDrug Store. A few shop
wsorno braceslit a50c.
(ln to IlRNlosbss )oo S'roltE for all

itilma - --
A rnstran--
Bull eworti

-Lefts hod, Ilialol
.o LetTackle. Miliol
--eft Guard, Rgt--t
ii-_. uarte- ---
----H;ht Hair--
r--- et hlll .--
---F lI Back .--

- ---Newell
--- t-- eal..
--- Acton
_._.--l ooirrl-iil
- ---Bree

Time Taoloic(Reite so lt. th,1013
Mal...1 ....01421 Stool ...... .2
Day Ex.prss.:150 Oay r iers.5..80
N.S. Limoited. 510 4 1;4- .Limoitod.9450
N. Y. Limitedl. 04b51..s.
N. Palls Speo-ai. .]] 12 UIoiaga Express .. 10-5
N. Y. & Chi. tim.. 12:211 0. E. & Kai. Exp.. ti 0
A.00t. Chio. NExpress...8 505
Atlastie Express. 5a33 Paaofic Exprecs...l1i 201
D1. N. Exporess...160l:
0. R. Eapreso.. .10 44
0. W. EoonTG.OL, 11. or. HovFS,
G. P. k T. At. Chicagoo. Agt., Ass Arbor.
Student Wark a Specanty.
Best Washktoo andLowst Poices'nsthoCity.
CLASSES IN DANCING will meetl as
gollows:o Gonolemen,. S toroloy moorninogs 10
and Thursdaoy evenoinos 8:05; ,adies,;Satoordaoy
aftseroooosa 4. Ladies aond Gontlemen, oad-
vanced class, Toosdoay eveooings 5. Goanoooo
poor, 0 Mosoioord strccl. Tuoitiono. ooe toem
twelve wecoens$. voopisro-ceoedoiatoony
hieadquao~rcrs 2for Sip'o:.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

Crimson Enterprise.
The Harvard Crimson will pub-
lish an extra at the close of the
Vale-Harvard game tooday. Arrange-
ments have been made with a firm
of Springfield printers and a special
wire will be run from the grounds
to thecir office. Every move of each
man will be noted and by the time
the ganme is well over ten thousand
copies of the Crimson will be on
Of the 3,000 students enrolled at
the U.niversity of Berlin 8uo are
The smoallest university in the
world is in Africa with 5 students
antI 12 instructors.
The Republican Club of Harvard
have asked Governoor McKinley to
adldrcss the club at his earliest con-
At the last entrance examinations
at Cornell, three students took nur-
cessive examinations in the name of
a su~b freshman, a friend of the
three.. The faculty have tdiscovered
two of, these, and they hlave been
suspended for one year. The other
will also be suspended when found.

WHONDERFUL TclINED HOUSaES, Laboratory Suopplies. Dissecting cases,
Aks already lalonouncedh ill 01r1cot- aproios anothsleeves.-Lsow Prics.
snons, Prof. D. M. Brcistol and lis -- f"0
school of thirty educated nitles and tu tdents and Sociaties, Attention !
ponies wit exhibit iii this otera hIors,____
too nights, conomencinog Fritday. A
maootiinee will be givein Satturday after- Ani2 olo)ortlliity to securce fine furni-
n~oon. The following is from this tire at loon prices. A handsome oat-
Newark (N. J.) Daily Advertiser-: ot bookcaise and canned library table.
A large oaiod appreciative audience Revolving bookh shelves, easy chairs,
greeted IProf. D. M. Bristol's E+ques- sofa, pilol, bedlroom sets. & c. No
Curricultum at Miners. thoeatre host reasonabille offer declitoed. tnqulire aot
evening. Almost everyoneoisa lware No. l10 E. Jeffersonosl.
that this remarkable troupe consists of -- . " --
abiout thirty wonderfulily trained and lStudents' Thanksgiving Rateu.
beautifotl horses, this tricks aiid atse___
of svhio'hoire so numerous oand vanrted The 'leodo, Anni Arbor V .No. Mich.
that they are able to) entertasin a415aill11y. ill sell lickets toosttutents of the
dises for a whole evening. 'lbs openo U. Oh M. aill Yisilooolli Nornoal at one
inog of thoe show toakes the form of ao sldoe-thoirodot flufoe rslond trip, to alt
school, ionwwhichovarvunos tasks anth 011 pootots 010 theo lilies of our roaod atoi its
ties re assigloed to the horses. Ihe'Toleoonneclirtionos. except thoe Lake
ooost iotellogenot totd accomlplshetd of Shiio.''icketos will bh ol1211on Nov.
this horses is Suoltanl, a beautolif l oiooh a 2~011111dit, groodh to retuorn until Mon-
high-spiriteod an~imlol.whosesnoathemat-ohdayDeo:. 4. Studtetotosnisst be pro-
ical edtucation would coolpore tfnvora-idedwitho propler certiticates.
bly with clout of moany.oa chld.o Ile 1R. 5. GtR iOONVOtoDl, Agent.
tells time oand works sumis ion .Othoolo-
tic, anod eveni gives thoe proper anlswers
to (l-iestions prloposetd by personos ini ra,'gor'n 'Waltz Oxford."
this audience. Thletnost conispicouols __
-and hardest vworkedl nmember 01f this
comspaniy is D)enver, on nmule. lie is oal Mr. (rl:r iotrotohoorcol anod taughit
otoce this cobmedianl antI philosopher of li's 1l0'5s 10110 10:11 tioli of mnovemenits,
the shoow. the W :lc. (Oxord," all this class meet-
The secondl part of toeettertain- .ing 'tl'il0.O(liy evensing, and it wvas prco-
menot conists maily of feoats of ploys- nouncedl by 111111y ot this chaps this
icol skill oand boalncing, mlany of prettiest anth rosct graceefuol datnce of
whichlo uthbtedlly requtire thoe exer- theosreason.

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