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October 31, 1893 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-31

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'AC. of 'nIf. Tartu{.
Patlished Daily (eundaya excepted) durig
the Collee year, by
'y, eriptiOn price *3.5O per year, inariably
In dsaee einle cope 3 rents. Sbcrip-
tmons may be left at the ote ot the DAILY,
at PSfflet', with any of the editora be
authorized sottitors.
Communicationa hold reach the cffice by
7 a'clock P.. if they are o appear the next
lay. Addreaa all matter iteded for pblic-
tine to the Managing Editor. All bsinei
communicationa hold be set to the Bil-
oeii Manager.
THE U. of . DAILY,
Am Arbor, ic..
C. A. tDENISOo, Low 'a, Managing Editor.
NORMAN FLOWERS, Li. 'P, Asitant.
H. A. SPALING, Lit. '4, Assistot.
T1. L. Looe, Lit. 'P5, Asitant.
T. A. Leso, Lit. 'P6, Aehletic Editor.
S. W. CURTISS, . . Lt.,c..Bosinens Manager.
Wm. A. MtOK, Lit. '7, Asistat.t
H. B. Gammon "4 Pach Wlers, '4.
Miss Los 'aes, 14. It. Hfail. 'P.
R. . Aoein,'5. MEICAsL.
w., N. Chtoate, 'W1. E. L. Parildale, '4.
'. P.dler, 'P6, H. D. l-larkis, '(5.
caeos,4 M.siOiliAoIf,
L. F. Corad, '3. C. G. Jenis, 15.
The Editors do nst old thmelvs respon
sible for csc opinoins or staemiests of corres-
pondents, appearing ii cis DAILY.
All copy msl be at the o1hcc beore':30 . m.
Of te day of pblicaioin.
THE difficulty of awarding pries
for the Northwetern Intercolleg-
iate Athletic Association field-day
last June has been satisfactorially
ettled. Michigan till holda first
place, having received a larger num-
ber of points in the contests.
THE great World's Fair was offi-
cially cloed yesterday, and with ita
close ends the mot succesful edu-
cational intitution the world has
ever seen. Never before have the
universities of Ihis country had an
opportunity to exhibit the work
done and dispel the ideas soml'Sime
prevalent that college work is not
tangible, but largely by ideal. One
glance at the exhibits will suffice to
convince every one that the univer-
sities of this country are progres-
sive. We have every reason to be
proud of our exhibit at the Fair.
The exhibit will do the U. of Ms. an
inestimable amount of good in
spreading the name of the univer-
sity abroad.
A GLANCE at the last number of
the U. of C. Weekly would leave
the impression that Chicago rarely
wins a victory at football. Several
columns are given to editorials,
write-ups, etc., etc., on the game
with the U. of M., quoting the fol-
lowing from the DAILY- of the ass
Seventeen men, inctuding Manager Baird,
Cah Barb or and Traiser Moulton, left oe

Chlcagoolattnight at 9:20. prep ,red to show charting of a large portion of the
the CicagotUnieersity ooth.all teamp howteh
ixslyed. Capti Dyert ane ir ld heavens. j \
cent oti tiicail of the team yesterday mor- The lenses, which were nmade by -l
lug. Tbs' sansis note invery godt form, si amrngedncesU
is exipectedi to rest with matrc larels toIClark ofCamrde are 24inhsI
thircedt i iaetr tefoa lnghofte ogLL~e ekl dd:combintion being seven feet and j/
"Conftidence" Py sometimtes win it fot-
11111 gamc", but low "soebklitt^anitd hevr three incies. A photographic
"roshsir" utioragrenedel more, an the photo 14 by 17 inches will be used. .
Michigan uoys discote, h eecoemiirmi ered.for 'HORTHND SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
The elecop wil reainhereforandHORHAND. t"gitcitbuidng nine
InIi edtnso natceabout two years, when it will be iowr el piae edingom; daly etures,
enile ~orosVitr,' esent to the station, at Peru-The Extialfciweitiae o cingcwestdensInepyear
discover the following words: Crmo.tos-tiothandgates~ocgi~oeoieepiems.iing
Crimso. expnses 2 to $2.75 pee weet Ia piaefamlie.
5Michigan Mauled by Chicago Men Fo ewhex aione, addes
of Muscle in a Great Game of Foot --- P. R. CLEARY, PES.
ball. Brains Against Brains.' All TOED
of which proves that a victory,a M w
whch was won b small odds, comn -jfl/7I~
pletely turned the heads of the edi---
tors of the Weekly, who probably NORH IHIA
voice the sentiments of all the st- orsford's Acid Phosphate -7 RIWY
dens o Cicao nivrsty.WeTime TaletkingtirtetSuPadnuty Pay 1,Ii i-g
dnsoChcgo Uiesiy eTraiss ]averot'niiiArbor by Cetrl-,.
admit that our football team is not Istems fetv n ge- stN'RT'. itos.
thte mot formidable in the land, able remedy in existence for a1':i5t c. 1145 . .
and we can say liesame~ of Chic- y4;15 il. !1: ttO p.it
ttttiltiay ttrai i goitt oSrts at i :) a.i.
go's team. To tthe Weekly we can p breventing indigestion; and re- s~ttt bY tiann Pi u i lb45t.tm.
nti tt u nctr-g 2 itiei n ps . ilettt lto-
oly say that that is a brave ln an1ei~toedsse x~1 bdttltotrrt]uttio pnm. tI t- a
who knows better ihoweto control bLrogntipothi traitntt
Trisrnbewi'o Ann AbtirandtToedo
himself in victory than in defeat. frotta tdsiord~ered stomitach. onlyt S. ttltENIOOG, Aet, AntiAror.
_____________W. H. BENNE'TT, . P. A. Toldot
Yale-Princeton Score Crds. Dr. W. W. Gardner, Spigfield,
Mass., says: I atae it as aiix celent J1Rhose . 0000550W, lorit. Grower st
J oses,CUtinatiatta and Flowers at all van-
The official score cards of the-peventative of tndigestio, anit a peasat ety. Flosal deign astde pon short notice.
No. ttiiseratoy street, opp cemetery gate.
Yale-Prsnceton game at Nesv York, acidataed dink when propery dilted with
will be beauties. They will be oval water, and sweetened."
in shape and about ten inches long WEBSTETR'S
by seven wide and have the appear- Diesriptivecpuunphtetfree on appliation to INTERNAI.IONA.
once of a flattened football. The Humford Chemical Works, Providene..I. lirey-DCJ1IN R
entreof Pbsttte atd tmittstons. AEnaiieg"aea.______DICTIONARY__
covers are made of leather of the ..GandEd al e.
Sccesr ofh
exact color of pigskin, and have a For Sale by all Druggit. , "Unabriged."~
seam running through them length-- Ten years spent
oin reisng,tP00ed-
wise. These are laced together at ipy'tp'pii '-s-e~'pmoye n
te back with a leather thong, ex- I1 l I IU [1 /,1 J Ysl -'. eapeoed.F ipA
acly like those used to lace a foot- Mic ei;, Ev1 erbody
ball. On the front cover appears FRDYEE iGt NOV.oary. t an
in gold letters: iiYale vs. Prince- s F Only One Perform- concerning thetii-
ance.- toe, speling, pew-
to." The bdy f the 'uve -r - raeatias, and
oyotesuenr , Thelragedias meaniig ot wrd.
tontan Abu itLpgso in ibrary-nltself. It alogise
contins boutsixt pags offinee oe nadesired inorm tin concerning
coated paper, every third or fourth - _ Mr. 'Walker tesinestperstns; fats crncerasag cle
countris,iie,twns, anduleatsra fea-
page of which is given uip'to half- I.-L, Whiteside t tefte glube pahrticlr ocnerning
noted fictitiout.serns ndstutplacen' tans-
tone illustrations o h aiosah omlt at to ffoiti qutatinod,and
v A erfct Prfom- rors-it;etc.,et., etc.
letic teams of Harvard, Princeton ancet.et etisit liri Workise ravluable in te
see. - ousehould, asdtcuthictarcher, sclsear, pe-
and Yale, and pictures of prominent fs~ TN esioalsan, atdselftedcator.
college athletes. Ten thousand T E ± Sldby adPP okdaier.
H A . R C. Merriam C.
copies will be issued and sold at 25 Mr .luuiteside us theMlant isly : te. P'ubioher, WEBSTER'S
cents each. 1PRItCS:Ieserved seats, 5.00; Aduuisniatu Sptiuttiitd,da. nrsssoot
se-an f'rst ratw ts Pruitts Circle, ,. 5onot bny cluea phto
fSt 00 'i rthtettt- Circle bck f flst row, 7c; rpucuceaisoassielesiDCIONARY
Giltey tilt diios
Harvard's New Telescope. CuPt se uldSeat on sae t svatt' Jetoirleyg7'Senid furree ospectns.
'The new photographic telescope,
the gift of Miss C. W. Bruce, of=--- _ --- _
New York, will soon be ready forU.U i
use at the observatory. The mount-IU ? N
details are necessary for the com- 'E
pletion of the work which has been '~1 1
going on for about two years. aolnBnoZhes hIIIIIII?7ffi%.
The telescope is the largest of its "Best in the World
kind in the world. Its peculiar fea-- Erryp'WashstsenIntrt~ent is
tore is the possession of two inde- thepodctfouen aslisahin
ercand 11 r seobe haiat
pendent objectives, a "doublet," ti Sastrcelene A bte l
Intlburnt taSouveC taion"
forming a rectilinear combination, enaiehoin pataiscorIledig
which does away with distortion, iteseistrumentsFre. Co.STT& IOOSS.HIAO
and thus makes possible accurate -
fA /

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