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May 20, 1983 - Image 69

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1983-05-20

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Friday, May 20, 1983 69

'Hitler in Vienna' Adds Voluminously to Tracing Fuehrer's Bias

Niederosterreich' and was
written by Karl Merinsky
in 1966.
"In this dissertation the
author pays special atten-
tion to the troop encamp-
ment in the Waldviertel and
the practice range that all
but used the small town of
Dollersheim for target prac-
tice once Hitler had taken
over Austria. Hitler's ques-
tionable grandmother was
born in the little town of
Strones nearby and was
buried in the churchyard of
. "The dreary rural drama
of the illegitimate birth of
Alois; the illegal changing
of the registry 30 years later
to make it seem Alois was a
born Hitler and not a
legalized one; the doubts of
Jewish heritage in Hitler's
mind — all these things
were played out in and
around Dollersheim.
"By the time the Ger-
man army got through
practicing with their big
guns, the village of Dol-
lersheim, having been
evacuated for that very
purpose, was destroyed,
including the grave of
Maria Anna
Schicklgruber. The area
is still an army troop in-
"Merinsky, after patient
researching, was unable to
trace the Frankenberger
connection any further. But
he does suggest — and this
is the most important point
1 of the Jewish-grandfather
story — that whether or not
Hitler was of Jewish origin
is in itself unimportant. The
important thing is that Hit-
ler doubted his own heri-
tage and through this doubt
may have been driven to the
extremes of anti-Semitism
to prove to the world his
`pure Aryan' background."
In his early years in Vie-
nna, Hitler already
nourished his hatred by cal-
ling Jews pimps and white
slavers. He blamed Jews for
prostitution. He found ac-
cess to the anti-Semitic
treatises that were rampant
at the time. He found com-
fort in the growing anti-
Semitism in Austria, in the
Jew-baiting policies of the
Hitler's early siege of
anti-Semitism, the manner
in which his virus grew, is
related by J. Sydney Jones:
"From this initial phys-
ical repulsion, Hitler says
that he soon learned of all
the terrible occupations
these people had —
white-slavers and pimps.
'If you cut even cau-
tiously into such an ab-
scess, you found, like a
maggot in a rotting body,
often dazzled by the sud-
den light — a kike!"
"Suddenly Hitler's lan-
guage turns to the gutter
variety. There is the echo of
Lanz about this line, and
the foul, seething sickness
at heart that attaches to the
"Hitler said that he
started to realize that all
the filth written in his Vie-
nna days — none of which
he deigned to read — was
J perpetrated by the Jews.

Hitler's early years in dying of the dreaded disease
Vienna, his association by a Jew, Dr. Eduard Block.
with the extreme anti- Miraculously, Dr. Block
Semites, as well as his fam- survived after the Hitler as-
ily background, add sig- sumption of domination
nificantly to a more com- over Austria.
The Hitler family back-
plete understanding of the
Nazi leader's hatred for ground, the record purpor-
tedly tracing Hitler's
In this period of testing Jewish background, is re-
whether the alleged Hitler lated in "Hitler in Vienna"
Diaries now under dispute in this footnote:
"Much has been written
have historical importance,
"Hitler in Vienna: 1907- about the possibility of Hit-
1913, Clues to the Future" ler's grandfather on his
by J. Sydney Jones (Stein father's side having been
and Day) assumes special Jewish. The story goes that
value in the study of the Hans Frank, once governor
background of the inspirer general of Poland, was
called in by Hitler in the
of mass murders.
The Hitler approach to late 1930s to investigage
his vile hatred, from the the rumor that his father,
anti-Semitism of Richard Alois, had been the illegiti-
Wagner and Wagner's son- mate child of Maria Anna
in-law Houston Steward Schicklgruber and the 19-
Chamberlain, whose record year-old son of the Jewish
for Jew-baiting is among family Frankenberger in
the extremest on record, Granz for whom she was
point to the path followed in working.
"Payments were sup-
the creation of the Nazi
posedly delivered for the
The author of this re- first years of Alois's life,
vealing work draws im- even after Maria Anna
mensely on the data pro- married Georg Hitler and
vided by Hitler's friend, was living in the
August Kubizek.
"An unpublished doctoral
Much attention is given
to Hitler's family roots, his dissertation on file at the
devotion to his mother Vienna Institut fur Zeitges-
Clara who died of cancer. chichte sheds interesting
There is an intimation that light on this old story. The
perhaps there was an addi- work is entitled 'Das Ende
tion to the hatred for Jews des Zweiten Weltkrieges
in the fact that his mother und die Besatzungszeit im
was treated as she was Raum vom Zwettl und in


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They were the destroyers of
culture. At the end of the
section, like some old-time
revivalist preacher, Hitler
winds up his arguments by
putting it all on the Lord:
`By defending myself
against the Jew, I am fight-
ing for the work of the Lord.'
"There is a pitifully
righteous tone about that
closing. A good job of sales-
manship, Hitler seems to
think. Toward the end of
`Mein Kampf,' just in case
the reader did not get the
point, Hitler throws in a lit-
tle erotica for good measure:
" 'These black para-
sites of nations systemat-
ically violate our inex-
perienced young blond
girls and thereby destroy
something that in this
world cannot be re-
placed. The black-haired
Jewish youth lies in wait
for hours on end, satan-
ically glaring at and spy-
ing on the unsuspicious
girl whom he plans to
seduce, adulterating her
blood and removing her
from the blood of her own
people ...'
"And elsewhere he writes
of the 'nightmare vision of
the seduction of hundreds of
thousands of girls by repul-
sive, crooked-leg, Jew bas-
"These quotes could have
come from the illustrations
of `Ostara' and show that
the young Hitler had
learned his lessons well
from Lanz.
"We are right to feel a
nagging doubt about this
instant radicalization of the

young 'student' Hitler. It 1943, that his orders to the
matters little now whether countrary had been ignored.
"Somehow the notion
or not Hitler was, in his
heart of hearts, truly anti- of Hitler only using an-
Semitic. The results are the ti-Semitism as a political
same: European Jews were trick is more monstrous
all but exterminated be- than that of the hate-
cause of him. Yet Hitler's crazed Hitler trying to
anti-Semitism seems so pat; kill the Jews to prove to
so calculated in its sen- the world that his
sationalism; so calculated to grandmother had not
sell to the lower-middle really had his father by a
Jewish grandfather. It is
"Hitler was aware of a chilling thought that
the necessity of giving the one man, without feeling
people one enemy — one it himself, could package
clearly defined fiend to hate and sell it to thg
be fought for emotional masses like so many bars
reasons. The socialists of soap.
"That this produce this
had the capitalist class
for their enemy. Hitler's false emotion, this sales
object of hate was the gimmick could be responsi-
ble for the extermination of
"His respect for the anti- six million Jews (and mil-
Semitic Lueger points to lions more Gypsies, Slays
this exploiative use of and Communists) is almost
anti-Semitism. Lueger de- too surreal to consider.
"Hitler only increases the
clared that he would decide
who was a Jew; after win- mystery surrounding his
ning votes on an anti- true degree of personal
Semitic ticket, he went anti-Semitism — or makes
ahead to have Jewish advis- it finally crystal clear — by
ers. Lueger had seen the statements given in his
power of anti-Semitism for political testament of April
political purposes.
29, 1945, one day before he
"It was a good object les- and Eva Braun Hitler com-
mitted suicide in the Berlin
son for Hitler.
"Recent evidence con- bunker."
Jones' "Hitler in Vienna"
cerning Hitler's responsibil-
ity for the 'final solution,' is one of the most important
that horrible euphemisim documentaries currently to
for the liquidation of the be added to the Hitler file
Jews, also points to the pos- and to the bookshelves ex-
sibility that Hitler may posing the hatred that led to
have been a paper anti- the death of 20 million inno-
Semite. It is possible that cent people .. .
Hitler never gave a direct
order for the extermination
The painter Camille Pis-
of the Jews and might even
have been unaware, up to saro was Jewish.



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