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November 03, 1978 - Image 8

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1978-11-03

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8 Friday, Noveitte13, 1918


The Finest

The Unholy Alliance of Hitler and Farben


NEW YORK — Hitler of the patent and cartel sec-
could never have launched tion of the Anti-Trust Di-
his all-out aggression vision of the Department of
against Europe and the rest Justice during World War
of the Western world with- II, traces the rise and fall
out_ the full cooperation of and rise again of I.G. (inter-
one industrial complex, I.G. ressen gemeinschaft,
"community of interests")
That's the conclusion that "secured the-vital self-
reached by Joseph Borkin in sufficiency that enabled
the explosive account of Germany to maneuver in
!.C.C. License MC125985
corporate greed and de- the world of power politics."
gradation detailed in his
In the same way that
4713 Horger at Michigan Ave.
new book, "The Crime and William Manchester out-
P.O. BOX 1264
Punishment- of I.G. Farben lined the commitment of the
Dearborn, Mich. 48126
(MacMillan Free Press). German munitions indus-
Tel. 584-5000
Borkin, who served as chief try to the Third Reich in his
■•■■■■ ••••• ■■■•■■■■■■■■■–iii-W bestseller, "The Arms of
Krupp," Borkin shows how
I.G. engaged in an unholy

alliance with Hitler and
embarked on an unprece-

dented moral descent as it
Fourth Annual
totally compromised human
decency and ethical
standards for economic .
Borkin's documenta-
7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11
• tion is painstaking, in-


• credible and often first-
• hand. ("Joseph Borkin
Botsford Inn

• probably knows more
28000 Grand River
about I.G. than anyone
Farmington Hills_
outside of it," wrote the
PRIZES • Associated Press in 1943).
He outlines-how the eco-
$500 Limit
$40 per couple
nomic structure of I.G.
1 Tax Deductible
Tickets: 4444848
Farben evolved from a
Proceeds benefit disease researci,
♦ loosely-knit
■•■■■•■■•■••■••■••■■■■■■•■ of dyestuff producers in







We have known


for more than 40 years and we most emphatically
endorse him as a man of integrity and one who will
be a real state senator in the best interests of all the

This ad paid forby
Joe and Sara Levine and Michael and Mary Levine

1903 to a highly sophisti-
cated and influential
giant conglomerate with
diverse and far-reaching
production capacities —
the prototype of the
"The Crime and Punish-
ment of I.G. Farben"
chronicleS the growth of
LG.: the "marriage of neces-
sity with Hitler; the eco-
nomic maneuverings in
Europe, the United States
and other countries; the
complicated "cloaking" to
camouflage I.G.'s involve-
ment with foreign com-
- ponies; the building of its
privately-owned concentra-
, tion camp, I.G. Auschwitz;
the dismantling of the
industrial empire after
World War II; and its even-
tual and successful recon-
Among the public figures
implicated in the shocking
I.G.-related financial scan-
dals unveiled in the book
are Attorney General
Robert Kennedy and Prince
Radziwill, Warren G..Hard-
ing, John Foster Dulles, and
industrialist Charles E.
According to Borkin, al-
though I.G. Farben was' not
the first member of the
German business commu-
nity to support Hitlees
megalomaniacal power
thrust in the 1930's, it soon
became the most important
industrial factor in his suc-
cess. Backed with 73 per-
cent of Hitler's "Four Year
Plan" allocations for the
chemical industry, by the
late 1930's I.G. was produc-
ing all the synthetic oil,
synthetic rubber, poison
gases (including Zyklon B),
magnesium, lubricating oil,
explosives, methanol, sera,
plasticizers, dyestuffs, nic-
kel and other necessities for
the war machine.
As Hitler's troops
moved across Europe,
I.G., under quasi-
legalistic authority in-
vested by such party
powers as Hermann
Goering, Heinrich Him-
mler, and Hitler himself,
plundered the chemical
industries in each con-
quered country until its
industrial empire ran
from the Bering Sea to
the Mediterranean, from
the English Channel to
the Danube. The I.G. cor-
porate goal paralleled
Hitler's own dream for
world domination: first







Paid for by: Broomfield Campaign Committee, P.O. Box 24, Birmingham, Michigan - 43012; Arthur G. Elliott, Chaillincm;

Denton Hassell, Treasurer

Europe, then the Soviet building of I.G. Farben
Union, and then the after Nuremberg. A key
United States.
part of this "rebirth"
To reach this goal and concerned the General
satisfy Hitler's increasing Aniline and Film Corpo-
need for higher production ration (G.A.F.), which
of synthetic rubber, I.G. had been I.G.'s most val._
management voted to in- uable American prop-
vest $250 million of its own erty. Although G.A.F.
funds to construct the was seized during the
largest privately-owned war by the Alien Prop-
synthetic oil and rubber fac- erty_Custodian, its Swiss
tory in the world . . . an "neutral" owners (who
industrial complex that changed the corporate
consumed more electrical name from the Farben-
power than the city of Be- associated I.G. Chemie/
rlin. The plant was located Inthrhandel to mask
near Auschwitz to take ad- German ties) were ulti-
vantage of the endless sup- mately paid over $120
ply of slave labor (one-and- million dollars in repara-
one-half Reichmarks a day tion settlements.
for children), but the S.S.
Robert Kennedy, then at-
guards' brutal treatment of torney general, provided
the.inmates and the twice- the aid and influence which
daily, four-mile double-time led to this settlement after
forced march (the "S.S. his negotiations with "In-
Trot") proved unproductive. terhandel" officials ar-
In. 1942, I.G. built its own ranged by the late Prince
concentration camp, a move Radziwill, President Ken-
which marked the -com- nedy's brother-in-law.
pany's descent from its
Although the book is ti-
industrial zenith to the tled "The Crime and
moral nadir of a new eco-. Punishment of I.G. Far-
nomic -approach to slave ben," Borkin's exhaustive
documentation proves that
"The construction of I.G. I.G. Farben was not se-
Auschwitz has assured I.G. verely punished at all., Soon
a unique place in business after the war ended, I.G.
history. By adopting the member companies (espe-
theory and practice of Nazi cially. Bayer, Hoechst and
morality it was able to de- B.A.S.F.) gradually re-
part from the conventional gained their power; today
economics of slavery in each of the so-called "Big
which slaves are tradi- Three" is bigger than I.G.
tionally treated as capital ever was at its zenith, and
equipment to be maintained they are among the top 30
and serviced for optimum industrial giants in the
use and depreciated over a world.
normal life span.
Borkin shows that recent
"Instead, I.G. reduced events have brought the
slave labor to a consum- - story full circle: "On April
able raw material, a" Fool's Day, 1978, it was re-
human ore from which vealed -that G.A.F. sold to
the mineral of life was B.A.S.F. its dyestuff plant
systematically extracted. in Rensselaer, New York,
When no usable energy originally built by Carl
remained, the living Duisberg and 'seized as
dross was shipped to the enemy property by the
gassing chambers and Alien Property Custodian
cremation furnaces at in both World War I and II
Birkenau, where the SS . . . Once again, the wartime
recycled it into the Ger- confiscation and peacetime
man war economy — gold recapture of I.G. Farben
teeth for the Reichsbank, property has completed its
hair for mattresses, and _ cycle."
fat for soap."
Borkin will be one of the
During its operation an featured speakers at the
estimated 30(1,000 workers Jewish Community Cen-
passed through the arched ter's Book Fair next month.
entrance of I.G. Asuchwitz
"In the infancy of cic-
(with its motto of "Work ilization, when our island
Makes You Free"), of which was as savage as New
at least 25,000 were worked Guinea, when letters and
to death.
arts were still unkown to
When Germany's defeat Athens, when scarecely a
seemed imminent, I.G.
executives destroyed most thatched but stood on what
of the records of the I.G. Au- was afterwards the site of
schwitz operation and their Ro.rne, this condeinned
own financial machinations people (Jews) had fenced
and plundering, but enough cities and cedar palacF
documentation. remained their splendid Temple, th
(and Borkin includes it in -fleets . of merchant ships,
his book) to incriminate the their schools of sacred
company and its executives _ learning, their great states-
during the post-war men and soldiers, their nat-
Nuremberg trials. -
ural philosophefs, their his-
One of the most unset- torians, and their poets.
"What nation ever con-
tling chapters traces the
trial and subsequent ac- tended more manfully
quittal -of most of the I.G. against overwhelming odds
executives. For the few for its independence and
found guilty of mass mur- religion? What nation ever,
der, slavery and "spolia- in its last agonies, gave
tion," the longest sentence such signal proofs of what
was eight years, the most may be accomplished by a
common only 1 1/2 years.
brave despair?"
A major part of the Thomas Babin
WO-A' eonberzig

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