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April 14, 1978 - Image 50

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1978-04-14

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Friday, April 14, 1978 51

Sephardic Passover Recipes Are Made Available

Sephardic families eat
foods representative of their
native countries during
Passover, rather than the
traditional foods eaten by
the Ashkenazim: gefilte
fish, chopped liver, chicken
soup, turkey and the like.
The Passover observance
also differs in that on the
Seder plate, Sephardim re-
place the horseradish for
the bitter herbs with
romaine lettpce, and rice is
allowed, whereas
Ashkenazic observance for-
bids the eating of grains
during the festival.
Whereas Ashkenazim hide
the afikoman at the second
Seder for the children to
hunt, the Sephardim place
it in a special sack, alter-
nately slung over the shoul-
der of each family member
and carried in a special rite
signifying the burden of the
enslaved Jews.
The New York Times has
made available some
Sephardic Passover recipes
which follow:

1 medium-sized juice orange
1 pound pitted dates
14 cup sugar
1 /4 tsp. powdered cinnamon
2 tbsp. wine or brandy, op-
14 cup chopped walnuts, op-
Cut orange in pieces, skin
and all, and remove pits. Chop
or grind with a knife, food mill,
or meat grinder. This can also
be done In a food processor,
grinding the orange first, re-
moving It from the bowl, then
grinding the dates.
Mix the sugar into the com-
bined orange and dates and
cook over gentle heat In a
heavy-bottomed saucepan,
stirring frequently until mix-
ture_is very soft and jamilke
and sugar has dissolved. This
will take about 20 minutes. Stir
in cinnamon, wine or brandy
and cook five minutes longer.
Stir in walnuts If you are using
Place in serving dish in re-
frigerator overnight. Serve at
room temperature.
Yield: 114 to 2 cups.
Note: If you observe Pas-
sover strictly, It is best to
check with your own rabbi on
the parts of a food processor
that must be changed to com-
ply with ritual laws.

1 pound rhubarb, 4 or 5 stems
4 cups water
4 ounces of tomato sauce (half
an 8-ounce can)
1 tsp. salt
Y4 cup vegetable oil
Pinch of sugar if needed
2 pounds salmon cut In steaks
about 11/4 Inches thick
Peel rhubarb and cut Into
one-inch chunks. Cook In four
cups water until very soft —
about 20 minutes. Add tomato
sauce, salt, oil and a tiny pinch
of sugar if mixture seems very
sour. Simmer for five minutes.

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The leaders of the nine
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Add fish, and poach for
about 15 minutes, or until
done. Adjust seasonings In
Lift fish from sauce with
slotted spoon and arrange on
a platter or in a pan. Pour
sauce over and chill overnight.
Serve with jellied sauce and
lemon wedges on the side.
Yield: 4 to 5 servings.

•• •

Bake In middle of preheated
oven for 45 minutes to one
hour or until filling is set and
top matzot are golden brown.
Yield: 8 to 10 servings.
Variation: For added flavor,
a little cinnamon or dried
herbs such as thyme, newly
purchased for Passover, can
be added to the meat mixture.
These should be made the
day before they are to be
served, then reheated just be-
fore they are eaten.

(Fritada de Espinaca)
2 pounds fresh spinach
4 matzot
(Kaftan de Prase)
7 large eggs
12 very large leeks
114 tsp. salt
3 matzot
14 tsp. black pepper
3 large eggs
1 tsp. salt
Vegetable oil for pan
Preheat oven to 350 de- V. tsp. black pepper
Matzo meal, for dredging
Wash spinach thoroughly in Vegetable oil, for frying
several changes of water until 2 lemons, cut In quarters
all sand is removed. Break off
Buy the largest, thickest
and discard stems and chop leeks you can find for this; if
leaves finely with a knife on a you buy them In bunches and
chopping board, or In a find that one or two In a bunch
wooden chopping bowl with a are thin, buy extras. Trim off
half-moon chopper.
roots and all tough outer green
Soak matzot in warm water leaves. You will use the white
to cover for 10 minutes or until and only the tenderest yellow
completely soft. Pick up small green center stalk leaves —
handfuls and squeeze out as about six to seven inches In
much water as possible. Com- all. Spilt each leek down the
bine eggs, salt and pepper middle, then cut In small
with matza pulp. Stir into pieces. Soak In several
changes of cold water until
Pour oil into 9x13-inch bak- leeks are completely free of
ing pan; you should have sand. About four changes.
about one-eighth Inch depth.
Place leeks in a saucepan
Turn pudding mixture Into pan with unsalted water to cover.
and brush a little more oil over Cook for about 45 minutes, or
top. Bake In middle of pre- until leeks are completely soft
heated oven for about one and mashable. Drain well.
hour or until high and puffy When cool enough to handle,
and thoroughly set. Cut In pick up small bunches of the
squares and serve Im- cooked leeks and squeeze out
as much water as possible.
Yield: 8 to 10 portions.
This will reduce the leeks to a
Variations: One or two tab- rear-pulp. Chop briefly, or cut
lespoons grated onion, and/or coarsely with a knife.
one-half teaspoon nutmeg can
Soak matzot in warm water
be added to the spinach mix- for about 10 minutes or until
completely soft. Squeeze out
If this Is to be served at a as much water as possible.
dairy meal, two cups of cot- The matzot will be close to a
tage cheese —a very good ad- pulp.
dition as It makes for a creamy
Beat eggs, salt and pepper
texture — or 114 cups grated Into malzots, then beat in leek
cheddar cheese can also be pulp. You should have a mix-
stirred into the mixture. - ture that will be sticky and soft
Two tablespoons-of oil can but that can be molded Into
be stirred into the mixture to small patties about two Inches
make it a little smoother and In diameter and close to a half-
creamier. Butter may be sub- inch thick. If mixture is too
stituted for oil if this Is not to liquid to mold, add mates meal
be served with meat — or, of by teaspoonfuls until mixture
course, If you do not observe can be shaped
kosher laws.
Shape patties and dredge
•• •
very lightly on all sides in
matza meal.
Fry slowly In hot oil until the
1 small onion, diced
first side Is golden brown.
1 cup chopped parsley
Turn and fry second side. Total
2 tbsps. vegetable oil
frying time should be about 10
214 pounds lean ground beef
minutes per batch. Drain on
1 tsp. salt, or to taste
paper towel then place In a
14 tsp. black pepper, or to taste baking dish. Cover loosely and
12 large eggs
store In the refrigerator over-
Vegetable oil, for pan
12 matzot
Before serving, preheat
Preheat oven to 350 de- oven to 250 degrees. Sprinkle
the croquettes liberally with
Saute onion and parsley In lemon juice and bake for about
oil until both are slightly soft. 20 to 30 minutes or until
Add meat. Stir and saute until thoroughly warm. Serve at
meat is lightly browned. Add once.
salt and pepper to taste. het
Yield: About 30 croquettes.
mixture cool. Stir six eggs Into
Note: ff you do not observe
kosher rules, or If you plan to
Pour a one-eighth Inch serve these croquettes with a
depth of oil Into a 10-by 15- dairy meal, fry them in butter,
inch baking pan.
with or without a little vegeta-
Soak six matzot In warm ble oil added to retard burning.
water until they Just begin to
soften, but not so long that
they fall apart. Beat the remain-
ing 6 eggs with a pinch of salt
and slowly and carefully dip 2 cups sugar
matzot, one by one, Into 1 pound honey
beaten eggs, coating on both 1 cup water
sides. Let excess drip off. Ar- 3 cups chopped walnuts
range first six matzot on the 214 cups matte farfel
bottom of the baking pan. Turn Y2 tsp. powdered cinnamon, or
meat into pan and spread to taste
evenly over layer of matzot. 12 tsp. powdered ginger, or to
Soak and dip into egg the re- taste
retaining six matzot and place Margarine for greasing pan
Combine sugar, honey and
In an even top layer over meat.

water In a heavy saucepan.
Place over low heat, stirring
constantly for about five mi-
nutes or until sugar is com-
pletely dissolved. Continue
cooking over low heat, without
further stirring for one to 114
hours, or until syrup reaches
the hard-ball stage on a candy
thermometer. If you have no
thermometer, test by letting
droplets of syrup fall Into ice
water; if the droplets form hard
balls, the syrup Is done.
While syrup Is cooking,
spread a light coating ornsar-
gear's onto a 10-by 15-inch
Jelly roll pan or comparable
pan or platter.
When syrup has reached
hard-ball stage, remove from
heat and working quickly, stir
In nuts, farfel, cinnamon and
ginger. Mix well with a wooden
spoon. Turn out onto greased
Let stand until cold and
hard. This may become almost
brittle if the day is cold and dry
enough; or It may be a stiff,
chewy candy. In either case,
cut Into small squares with a
sharp knife Just before serv-
ing. if this Is made on a very
damp day, or if the syrup is not
sufficiently cooked, the result
will be an almost runny syrup.
Yield: One 10-oy 15-Inch


For nearly 100 Passover seasons
Jewish families have known the en-
joyment of the Swee-Touch-Nee fam-
ily of fine tea products. For fine tea
products for this Passover season
think Swee-Touch-Nee.

For Over thirty-five years. families
have been relying on. Planter: Oil
for all their Kosher cooking.
On Passover and all year through.
They like it because it's pure, light and
polyunsaturated. So the true taste
of the food comes through. Try
this traditional Passover recipe
and see what we mean. Cook it with
Kosher and Parve Planters Oil.
And Happy Passover.



A Passover
from the

Passover Oil

Makes4-6 servings
1 (4-pound) chicken, cut in serving pieces
2 teaspoons ground ginger
Pinch salt


1/2 cup Planters Peanut Oil
V4 cup honey

Orange slices
Rub chicken pieces with half orange.
Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon ground ginger and
salt. Combine Planters Peanut Oil, honey
and remaining I teaspoon ginger. Arrange
chicken in baking dish and brush with
honey mixture.
Roast in moderate oven (350* F.) I 1/2 to
2 hours, basting occasionally with the
honey mixture. Garnish with orange slices
before serving.


Certified Kosher and Parve for Passover

by Rabbi Bernard Levy.

Another fine product of
Standard Brands.



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