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December 23, 1977 - Image 54

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1977-12-23

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.THE DET.591,T JEWI$tl • i NWS
.54 -Friday, .Decemb er 23, 1977

, ■

Hococaust Victims Listed in Hall of Names

Yad Vashem dedicated its Hall of Names recently, containing millions of pages of testimony about the deaths of the
Six Million during the Nazi Holocaust. The names of some three million Holocaust victims have been registered by
relatives in the Hall of Names. Yad Vashem officials are asking Jews throughout the world to register the names of
relatives who perished in the Holocaust.

`On Your may Out Pick Me Up Too'

(Editor's note: The follow-
ing editorial appeared in
the non-sectarian Colorado
Springs Gazette Telegraph
and was written by a non-
Jew, William Alkan. It has
been re-printed in several
church publications and
Jewish newspapers.)
" 'Jews, go home!' Well
now, this is nothing new.
Never in the past have you
taken this gentle suggestion
to move on. But heaven for-
bid, suppose just once you
thought that expression of a
few sick people actually ex-

pressed the conviction of all
the people of this wonderful
lind of ours, and all of you
started to pack your bags
and leave for parts un-
"Just before you leave,
would you do me a favor?
Would you leave your for-
mula for the Salk vaccine
with me before you decide
weren't around to give as
much as you have given us.
to leave? You wouldn't be
so heartless as to let my
children contract polio.
`And please, have pity on

us; please show us the se-
cret of how to develop such
geniuses as Einstein and
Steinmetz and oh, so many
others who have helped us
all.. After all, we owe you
most of the A-Bomb, most
of our rocket research and
perhaps the fact that we
are alive today, instead of
looking up from our chains
and from our graves to see
an aging, happy Hitler
drive slowly up in one of
our Cadillacs.
"On your way out, Jews,
will you do me just one

more favor? Will you
please drive by my house
and pick me up, too? I'm
not sure I could live too
well in a land where you
If you ever leave, love goes
with you; democracy goes
with you; God goes with
you. Just pull in front of
my house, slow down and
honk because, so help me.
I'm going with you, too."
A wise man said once,
"When praised excessively,
relax and enjoy it." So be


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The Jewish intellect will
be uplifted and the emo-
tional faculty will expe-
rience a corresponding
revival and reinvigoration.
The practical heroism of
founding and planting.
building and perfecting will
be accompanied by the
awakening of the dormant
love of God and the fruitful
cognition of His new songs
will be created, breathing
the love of God and echoing
this mighty word. New and
bright domains of culture
will be discovered, tilled
and fructified. The old will
be renewed and the new will
be sanctified...
This dynamic flow will
appear when the Congrega-
tion of Israel and its spirit
are united with the land of
Great is the capacity of
Israel for things divine.
—Rabbi Abraham I. Kook

One reason why ornamen-
tal cursing gives pleasure to
Jews is that since fighting
was so despised, verbalized
hostility came to be corre-
spondingly prized. Con-
sider: If you break my jaw,
you have merely demon-
strated the power of your
muscle—which an animal,
ignoramus or barbarian can
do. If, instead, you hurl a
juicy execration at me, you
act like a man, not a beast;
you use the wits God gave
you – instead of fists, feet,
teeth, claws or fangs..
—Leo Rosten

U.S. Doctors Want Israel
to License its Podiatrists

"The authorities of the
state of Israel have failed to
The American Physicians
license the podiatrist," the
Fellowship, Inc., for the Is-
APF added, "resulting in
rael Medical Association,
less than optimum medical
has called upon the state of
care for many patients who,
Israel to license Israeli
lacking preventive treat-
practioners of podiatry.
ment, may have to undergo
According to the APF
statement, the podiatrist
has unusual expertise in the
AJCongress: Ban
care of the foot and is li-
censed to practice in every -Ethnic Data on
state in the U.S. The dura-
Job Application
tion and degree of podiatry
training is almost on the
NEW YORK—The Ameri-
same level as that of the
can Jewish Congress has
urged the Civil Service
Every major hospital in
Commission to scrap a plan
the U.S. has staff podiatrists
require federal employ-
whom the APF believes are
ees and job applicants to
especially valuable in pre-
supply data about their
venting amputations among
race, ethnic background and
patients with diabetes and
other circulatory diseases.
Naomi Levine, executive
The APF asserted that it
of the AJ Congress,
is unfair to compare the
in a letter to Alan K. Camp-
highly-specialized teaching
bell, chairman of the Civil
and training (usually 8
Service Commission, said:
years after high school) that
"Such information on appli-
is given the American po-
diatrist with the relatively cation forms facilitates de-
inadequate teaching and ex- liberate, intentional dis-
perience that is the pattern crimination. We are by no
means persuaded that such
of the European podiatrist.
discrimination is no longer
a problem."
Soviets' A-Bomb
Recently, Civil Service
Developed by Jew Commission officials were,
quoted as saying that infor-
NEW YORK The name
mation that was deleted
of the principal developer of
from job applications in the
the Soviet • Union's first
1960s "will provide a better
atomic bomb, Boris Van-
data base that will, in turn,
nikov, was kept secret be-
lead to more hiring of worn-
cause he was Jewish, ac-
en and minority groups."
cording to recent reports.
The return to race, sex
Vannikov, who died in
and ethnic data is expected
1962, developed the bomb in
to begin early in 1978 for
1949, during Stalin's anti-
upper level positions and
Semitic campaigns. Van-
sometime thereafter for the
nikov was commisar of ar-
balance of federal jobs.
maments for the USSR dur-
ing World War II, promoted
Park Makes Way
to colonel-general, and qui-
etly given the Stalin Prize
for City Traffic
twice and the Order of Le-
nin six times.

Warm Carpeting
Patent Awarded

patent has been issued to
the Israeli inventor of an
electrically-heated carpet-
The heating element is
woven into nonconducting
carpet fibers. The stranded
copper wiring is coated to
withstand foot traffic and
furniture, and the con-
nections go through a con-
trol box.

PLO Opens Office

in Luxembourg

Palestine Liberation Organ-
ization was authorized to
operate an information bu-
reau in Luxembourg.
The Luxembourg author-
ization will enable the PLO
representative to engage in
similar activities to those
conducted in Belgium.
The PLO has been oper-
ating an information bureau
in Brussels since 1976. It is
believed that this office will
also cover Luxembourg.
. .

Square, also known as Dize-
ngoff Circle, has been re-
moved to make way for a
dome-covered intersection
for the five roadways that
radiate from that spot.
The square was named
for the wife of Tel Aviv's
founder and first mayor,
Meir Dizengoff. It was for
the past 40 years symbolic
of the Israeli desire to be
like the rest of the civilized

Israel Economy
to Aid DiaMond

drastic changes in Israel's
new economic policy will
help encourage the contin-
uing growth of the diamond
industry here, according to
trade leaders.
The new moves by the
Likud administration, which
include floating of the Israel
currency - in effect, a 50
percent devaluation - will
result in considerably
lowered cost of production
labor in dollar terms, Moshe .'
Schnitzer, president of the
Israel Diamond Exchange,

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