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December 03, 1976 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1976-12-03

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2 Friday, December 3, 1976


Purely Commentary

The Records Are Opened: Truman,
Marshall, Clifford Roles Revealed
Not only because secret diplomatic engagements
are usually secretly arrived at and therefore remain
unknown, but because in democratic countries, if that
label is to remain unchallenged, there are set rules for
revealing the contents of the hidden documents that
relate to such negotiations. In some countries it is
necessary to wait half a century, and those involved
never suffer the consequences of exposes. In this
country it is 30 years. That is why some of the Franklin
D. Roosevelt involvements became known in the mid-
1960s. The Harry D. Truman role is becoming known
It is by way of the newest U.S. State Department
volume of letters and documents relating to the re-
birth of the state of Israel that the Truman role is now
in the limelight.
President Truman began to favor the Zionist
cause. He had harsh words with some Zionist spokes-
men but he overruled the opponents of statehood for
Israel. Warren A. Austin, the chief U.S. delegate to the
UN was so angry, he did not inform his associates from
the U.S. at the UN about the Truman attitude. He just
walked off and went home. Clark Clifford, then an
important member of the State Department, advised
Truman to recognize Israel. Robert A. Lovett, the as-
sistant secretary of state, viewed such action as in-
jurious to the United States. Secretary of State
George Marshall actually threatened Truman. He said
he would vote against him — that was in 1948 — if
Truman recognized Israel.
General Marshall's threat was made two days be-
fore Truman emerged as the first to recognize Israel,
giving the U.S. that historic glory, on May 14, 1948.
The irony of it all is that General Marshall never voted
in his life, and that Clifford is now one of the chief
lobbyists in Washington for the Arab oil industry that
is conducting a war against Israel.
The question emerges anew whether in general
terms it is still the most cogent advice to adhere to the
Psalmist's admonition: "Al tivtekhu b'ndivim" — trust
not in princes.
But there is still a Truman in the chronicled re-
cord of our history. Therefore, even the Psalmist is to
be taken with a grain of salt.

Israel's Dropouts Problem:
Yordim Under Toleration
Israel's problems are manifold. One of them is that
of the Yordim, the departees who have remained in the
United States, Canada, Australia and other demo-
cratic countries where the economic advantages are
much greater than in Israel.
Naturally, the Israelis are concerned and dis-
turbed over the dropouts. Diaspora Jews are even
more upset about the tens of thousands who come for
American benefits and remain here, cutting their ties
with their nation. Emissaries from Israel are more
tolerant. For example: the able educator from Haifa,
Yael Rom, was compassionate. She regretted the
breakaways but explained that she understood what

Turning Back the Pages of History: When Truman
Defied Opponents of Statehood for Israel . . . Pangs
of Conscience at the UN and the UNESCO Fiasco

By Philip


motivates people to grasp the more affluent and more church were called Junitarians and the preachers of
Unitarianism were angered when Jews who became
Generals Shaul Horev and Shaul Rosolio also re- their converts began to occupy front rows in their
fused to be upset. In fact, they pointed to the Second churches and wanted to be First Readers) shunned the
Aliya of the first decade of this century, the migration ideal.
movement of which David Ben-Gurion and Itzhak
Now it is the Unitarian Church and the similar
Ben-Zvi were members, suffered from more than 90 so-called liberals in Christendom who are antagonistic
percent dropouts.
to Israel. It is now a matter of disturbance that the
Mayor Abraham Beame of New York was even liberals are in the ranks of the anti-Israelis. Why?
confronted with the problem when he visited Israel Indeed, why?
with a group of mayors from major American cities
Is this why a journalist who has been conducting a
when he was asked how he viewed the presence in New harmful campaign against his own people on the
York City alone of more than 100,000 yordim. Mayor ground of exaggerated liberalism towards the Arabs
Beame replied that he hadn't heard about it and — David Shaham — is coming here to speak next
anyway, with millions coming in and going out daily, a Tuesday for the Quakers at the First Unitarian
mere 100,000 are a footnote, not a chapter, in current Church? Why doesn't he go to the Arabs to urge then
New York history.
and to plead with them to meet face to face with Jev.
Israel would like to deal•in such figures, but must and Israelis and to make direct negotiations for peact,
view with anxiety a 100,000 manpower numeral and amity?
population-wise. Historically, however, and time-wise,
What sort of "Fellowship" is this new advocacy?
Mayor Beame is correct. Yordim remain a footnote, Why doesn't it have a word of encouragement from
not an established fact, for a people battling to make Arabs? Why suddenly a new Palestinian campaign
progress and to defy dangers to its very existence, and when the chief obstruction to peace is a magnifying of
to the Jewish peOple whence that nation stems.
suspicion and enmity rather than the creation of
genuine good will?
The UNESCO Developments: Pangs
The Arabs welcome him when he attacks Jews and
of Conscience and Realities
Israelis and when it gets to brass tacks about meeting
A conscience is a delicate matter. It haunted the with Israelis they back off. Is this the type of emissary
and sponsorship by so-called liberals that will create a
nations who ousted Israel from UNESCO — the
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural respect for peace-seeking and peace-making? Pfui!.
Organization. Israel was re-admitted. But immedi- Self-Ridicule at the UN:
ately thereafter, at Nairobi, the Third World resumed
Human Rights Under Derision
antagonisms with abusive resolutions.
Charges were made that Israel was abusing Arabs
Israel's UN Ambassador Chaim Herzog expected
in the occupied territories. The condemnations were too much when he warned the United Nations Assem-
made before anyone could investigate, and investiga-
bly not to invite ridicule by adopting the most recent of
tions would confirm progress that was attained by the resolutions that were aimed, as he interpreted
Israel, the human values that were introduced for them, at the destruction of the Jewish state.
Arabs when Egyptian rule in Gaza was totally state-
There is a source of satisfaction in the position of
less. Studies would affirm that the best schooling is the Western nations, including the United States, who
provided by Israel for the Arabs in her territories, that voted nearly as a bloc against the anti-Israel state-
the Arabs have the right to travel and to enroll in
ment. But the alignment of the Third World allies re-
universities in Arab countries. While Israel was being mains a distressing factor for all who had hoped that
abused the Good Fence Policy was retained on the there will be an element of reason in international
Lebanese border. But the animosities remain and ap- relations. Some states are the size of Southfield, with a
plicable to them is an old Yiddish saying: "Gey bet population less than Hamtramck, yet they have
yeisher bah a kozack" — "Go, seek justice from a cos- equality with the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, France
sack." That's the trouble: where there is hatred the
and other nations. It is the one-vote power of the Third
human conscience often awakens too late.
World, and the domination of the oil-producing coun-
tries, that is the cause for ridicule and for the nonsense
The Liberals Who Abandoned
that dominates the world organization.
Friendships for Zionism
What is yet to be learned by those ganging up to
When Zionism was a dream-movement the liberal vote against Israel is that the Jewish state is not on
Christians were in its corner. Unitarians were at the auction block, that Israel will not submit to a
suicide, that the sovereignty attained with
meetings and dinners of the American Christian forced
labor, out of the historical legacy that is ineras-
Palestine Committee which was headed intermit- much
tently by Senators Vandenburg, Wagner and Taft. The able will not be abandoned.
It is the hyprocrisy of the UN anti-Israel votes —
Quakers were friendly to the movement. They had
against Israel surely do it with tongue in
nothing to lose: few expected the dream of Zionism to cheek voting
— that makes the vital Human Rights Day en-
be realized.
gineered by the UN for observance on Dec. 10 a sort of
With realism came an aloofness. Unitarians and derision. Yet not all of the nations are fooled all of the
Quakers and others became skeptics. Even the Jews time. Human Rights Day as an inspiration for global
who admired Unitarianism (those who joined the decency remains an aspiration never to be abandoned.

Amnesty International Criticizes Prisoner Repression and Execution

Many Arab countries are
severely criticized in a
massive catalogue of rep-
ressions and execution of
political prisoners in var-
ious parts of the world,
published here by Am-
nesty International.
The annual report by
the 15-year-old organiza-
tion says that more than
100 countries imprisoned
people for their beliefs,
and denied them fair and
prompt trials in 1975/6. In
many countries, the pris-
oners were tortured or
The chapter on the
Middle East, including
Israel, says that Iran and
Iraq give greatest cause
for concern, followed by
Oman, Syria and Libya.
In Saudi Arabia, the
Yemen Arab Republic
and some Persian Gulf
states, there is a lack of
information about the
plight of prisoners, due to
intimidation of the popu-
lation and legal profes-

Only Egypt and Israel sections.
allowed Amnesty Interna- In Bulgaria, the report
tional to send observers to deals with the cases of
political trials in the past three . Jews who face death
year. (In Israel, the trial sentences on espionage
was that of an Arab nurse charges. Two of them had
charged with membership their sentences corn-
in El Fatah). muted.. Dr. Heinrich Spet-
According to the report, ter was eventually allowed
there are approximately to leave for. Israel. But
2,500 Arabs imprisoned in Solomon Ben-Joseph is
Israel and the occupied still serving a 121/2-year
territories for alleged jail term (reduced on ap-
security offenses. How- - peal from 15 years).
ever, the report fails to Last year, Amnesty
confirm or deny allega- also heard of another
tions of torture by Israel Jew, Nicholas Stefanov
brought to Amnesty In- Chamurlisky, a clerk in a
ternational's attention.
cooperative, arrested in
Israel also is the only Sofia in September 1974.
Middle East country out He was charged with es-
of the 33 states where the pionage on the basis of his
Amnesty movement is contact with an Italian
represented by a national Embassy employe
section, although there through whom he sent
are individual supporters letters to relatives in the
in six. Arab countries. United States.
In the Soviet Union,
However, his arrest ap-
where the leaders of the pears to be related to his
Moscow group of Am- attempts to obtain a
nesty International were passport and to his openly
imprisoned or exiled at critical views. He was
the end of last year, about sentenced to death and in
300 Soviet prisoners of February 1976 Amnesty
conscience have been International appealed to
"adopted" by Amnesty President Todor Zhivkov

urging commutation of ports say they may have
the sentence. The appeal died in prison.
was heard by the Sup-
The report also de-
reme Court in March but scribes the cause of Ale-
the result is not yet xander Leon Aronson, a
known. Chamurlisky is Jewish male nurse from
being held in the Vratza The Netherlands, who
city prison. traveled to Iraqi Kurdis-
In Iraq, where the inci- tan in the summer of 1974
dence of reported execu- to give medical assistance
tions is probably the to the Kurds. He was ar-
highest in the Middle rested in March 1975 fol-
East, Amnesty Interna- lowing the Iraq/Iran ag-
tional tried to intervene reement and sentenced to
mainly on behalf of many death on charges of spy-
Kurds and Shia Moslems. ing for Israel and acting
Two members of the as an adviser to Kurdish
tiny Jewish community leader Mulla Mustafa
for whom it still works are Barzani.
Shua Soffer and Akram
The Dutch government
Baher, who were arrested received confirmation
in 1968 and 1969.
only in mid-March 1976
Following the Iraqi gov- that Aronson had been
ernment's adoption on executed three months
Nov. 26, 1975 of a resolu- previously.
Lion entitling all Iraqi
In Syria, where Am-
Jews who left Iraq after nesty
1948 to return home and claims to know of 600
enjoy equal rights with political prisoners, it is
Iraqi citizens under the currently working on 34
law, Amnesty appealed to individual cases. Of 286
President Ahmed Hassan untried detainees, 79
Al - Bakr for information have been arrested since
about Soffer and Baher June 1975, including Mos-
but-no reply has been re- lens brethren, Com-
ceived. Unconfirmed re -munists, Nasserists,

Palestinians and Iraqi-
faction Baathists.
Former President
Nureddin Atassi, who suf-
fers from diabetes, has
spent the past six years in
Al-Mezze military prison.
He and other members of
the former regime, also
held there, have still not
been charged or tried.
No news has been re- .
ceived of Albert Elia,
former head of the Jewish
community in Lebanon,
who was abducted to
Syria in September 1971'
In Libya, from wher,,_
torture is increasingly
reported, there has been
a similar decline in
human 'rights in the past
year. In the face of dis-
satisfaction with his rule,
President Muammar
Qaddafi has ordered the
arrest of all his oppo-
Amnesty is working for
about 40 Libyans ar-
rested in April 1973 for
membership in illegal
political parties and still
held despite a court order
for their release in De-
cember 1974.

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