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November 12, 1976 - Image 54

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1976-11-12

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Friday, November 12, 1976




Readers Forum

Materials submitted to the Readers Forum must be brief, The writer's name -will be withheld
from publication upon request. No unsigned letters will be published. Materials will not be
returned unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed.

Rabbis Angered by Commentary

Editor, The Jewish News:
I was shocked at your
uncalled for and vicious
attack upon an Orthodox
institution for holding an
annual fund-raising din-
ner at the Fairlane
For the past few years,
the dinner you refer to
has averaged almost
1,200 guests. Your own
reporter attended the
dinner last year, and it is
a sorry fact that you did
not speak with her before
you wrote the article.
We did, in fact, check
with each Orthodox and
Conservative Synagogue
in the area in an attempt
to hold a dinner for 1
000 people before we
scheduled any hall. We
found that the only
synagogue which could
conceivably hold that
amount would have to be
divided into two halls
which would be unfeasi-
ble for the type of affair
involving speakers and
honorees, and would, of
course, limit the number
of reservations we could
I hope that you realize
the responsibility you
have as a journalist in re-
cording the facts as they
are, and not in slanting
the facts from your view-
The damage you have
caused this great institu-
tion is irreparable and
unworthy of you. This is
not the first instance in
which your biased views
have caused untold misery
to the hundreds of chil-
dren from all aspects of
Jewish life who receive
their education at this in-
stitution. ,
I believe that you owe
our school an official
apology, and would hope
that you print your re-
traction in exactly the
space- in which you wrote
your article ... not on the
`Letters to the Editor'
Rabbi Norman Kahn

(Editor's Note: This vit-
riolic letter merits special
consideration only as a
confirmation of a trend,
which was deplored in
Purely Commentary last
week. Groups other than
the Orthodox have simi-
larly turned to non-
congregationanalism, but
this is indisputable: Or-
thodox functions much
smaller than those claimed
by the writer of the above
letter have gone to strange
quarters and have given
hashgakha for events
which shunned Jewish re-
ligious quarters. The claim
made to exonerate the
practice in the instance
quoted above — which may
well have been without the
intention of rejecting Con-
servative hospitality — is
the size of the audience. If
an event of such nature
would call for an audience
reduced by a couple of
hundred for the sake of
adhering to a policy of

synagogues by centering
events in their quarters,
both the cause and the
basic ethical principle
would, thereby, be served
with dignity and self-
* * *
Editor, The Jewish News:
A newspaper is cer-
tainly the place to air
legitimate differences of
opinion but I found your
editorial comment on the
"religious institution
going to Dearborn," snide
and uncalled for.
There is no Jewish in-
stitution in our commu-
nity that can accommo-
date the attendance that
this event has had over
the past few years.
Perhaps if those who
planned the multi million
dollar Jewish Community
Center had had foresight
instead of oversight such
a problem would not
As a result, the highly
expensive closed circuit
TV has to be used for
events like the book fair.
Wine-Prager debate, Is-
rael rock group etc. or
anything that goes be-
yond 600 people. All sides
of an issue should be
heard before rushing in to
Rabbi James I. Gordon

(Editor's Note: Perhaps
the venerable Rabbi has a
better definition for
"snide" than is to be found
in dictionaries. The
learned defender of reli-
gious groups who choose
non-congregational loca-
tions for public functions
may find a measure of ap-
-preciation for the jour-
nalistic judgment of this
newspaper in appreciation
of space being alloted to
most undignified and dis-
respectful language.
The fact remains that
this community has ex-
perienced a shunning of
congregational settings
for dinners by certain re-

ligious groups, on the
claim, as the above ex-
pression of anger avows.
of lack of large enough
facilities for their
functions. It is this news-
paper's conviction that a
public function could sac-
rifice a couple of hundred
attendees in the interest of
emphasis on the
synagogue as the center of
Jewish life.)
* * *
Editor, The Jewish News:
Your "Purely Commen-
tary" column of Friday,
Nov. 5, 1976 carries an
item title "Greater De-
troit Jewry on the way to
the Southwest." The per-
sual of this piece could not
but evoke a painful reac-
tion on the part of a
number of your readers.
The sarcastic tone con-
veys the kind of flippancy
and heavy humor(?)
which is unworthy of your
tradition as a serious and
ranking Jewish news-
paper. An outstanding
Torah institution in our
community deserves bet-
ter treatment at your
hands, whether you agree
with its philosophy or not.
If you are concerned
because "certain Or-
thodox groups will not
have their fund-raising
eating parties in the
community's established
synagogues (the Conser-
vative where Kashruth is
observed)", you are
touching upon an issue
which may be debatable
on its merits. There may
be a time and place to deal
with it.
But there are some
troubling questions: Why
have you never raised the
issue in the past when such
affairs took place at Cobo
Hall? Why do it now, a few
days before the major
fund-raising effort of the
institution, with an ill-
concealed suggestion for
some people to withhold
their support?
Furthermore, it is as-
tonishing that you should

be unaware of the fact,
that no synagogue in this
community can accom-
modate 1,200-1,300 diners
in one hall. Why this lapse
in your well-known habit
of careful research before
you go into print?
On balance, we have
unshakeable confidence
in the generosity, fair-
mindedness and dedica-
tion to Torah learning of
the men and women to
whom you were address-
ing yourself with a glar-
ing lack of subtlety. Your
commentary will do no
harm. But it is not the
way to achieve an atmos-
'phere of Good Will and
mutual understanding in
our Jewish community, a
goal which is your objec-
tive as "well as ours".
Council of Orthodox
Rabbis of Greater Detroit

NEW YORK (JTA) — 1951 he was invited by the
Dr. Harris J. Levine, one then Premier David Ben-
of the foremost pioneer Gurion to Jerusalem to re-
figures in the American ceive the most outstanding
and world Zionist move- award from the state of Is-
ment and top ranking fi- rael "for his initiative in
gure of Bnai Zion, died the launching of the first
Israel Bond drive in the
Nov. 3 at age 76.
Born in New York, United States" which set a
Levine, a physician by goal of $100 million.
profession, became active
In tribute to his out-
in the Zionist movement standing achievements to
in his early youth, and at the cause of Israel, par-
age 26 he emerged as a ticularly in its humanita-
leader in Bnai Zion and in rian projects, Kfar Bnai
the major fund-raising Zion, a prosperous ag-
institutions for Palestine, ricultural town near Tel
particularly in the Jewish Aviv, named its main
National Fund of thoroughfare in his
America and in the Keren honor.
Hayesod, Palestine
Foundation Fund which
Last month there wok
Rabbi Leizer Levin, was later incorporated in place a groundbreaking
ceremony of a new
President the United Israel Appeal.
He was the president of modern administration
(Editor's Note: Rabbi the Jewish National building bearing his
Levin, like the corre- Fund for 10 years, from name in the Bnai Zion In-
spondents who preceded 1950 to 1960. Un- stitute for Retarded Chil-
him, knows from experi- animously elected as dren in Rosh Ha'ayin
ence that our policies have president in 1939 in which which he helped to estab-
never been to harm any post he served until 1941, lish. Talmai Zvi, a remote
cause and will continue in Levine founded and settlement in the Negev
that vein. Neither do we headed the Bnai Zion was named for him by the
have any intention of Foundation which has es- Israel government.
abandoning a duty to the tablished and maintains
Among the high posts
community to criticize, as 30 humanitarian projects
in the instance that caused in Israel. He was a foun- he occupied were those
the conflagration, or to der of the American Red of vice president of the
defend the synagogue as Magen David and was its United Jewish Appeal,
the center of Jewish life. president from 1947 vice president of the New
York Teachers Seminary
Rabbi Levine perhaps in- through 1950.
-and chairman of the
advertently suggests that
Since the establishment board of the America-
an issue such as has
aroused anger bordering of Israel, Levine played a Israel Friendship League
on venom should be vital role in its economic of which he was a foun-
thoroughly reviewed by upbuilding. On Feb. 15, der. He was also a
responsible Jewish lead- 1970, on the occasion of his member of the World
ers. This now becomes the 70th birthday, he was pre- Zionist Actions Commit-
sented with the Bnai Zion tee, the governing body of
rabbinic duty.)
America-Israel Friend- the World Zionist Organi-
* * *
EDITOR'S POST- ship Gold Medal Award. In z ation.
SCRIPT: A fourth rabbi
wrote a long letter that
Dr. Alexander Wiener Dies,
was delivered by hand too
late for publication and too
Co-Discoverer of Rh Factor
insolent for publication. It
was written by Rabbi
NEW YORK — Dr. nity cases in 1935 and, in
David M. Leiberman. This
issue is closed with the un- Alexander Solomon 1952, compelling such
edited presentation of the Wiener, co-discoverer of tests in assault and
views of the three rabbis the Rh blood factor and homicide cases.
In 1937, Dr. Wiener, Dr.
printed above. Our com- serologist in the chief
Landsteiner and Dr.
munity respects estab- medical examiner's office Karl
Philip Levine discovered
lished, functioning agen-
the Rh factor while work-
cies and the services they at age 70.
While still in medical ing with rhesus monkeys.
render in the structures
Rh-positive blood can
they sponsor, and in the school, Dr: Wiener began cause adverse reactions
adherence of a dignified
principle of centralization mysteries of blood and re- during pregnancy or when
of Jewish life in the searched ways to save transfused to a person
lives where damaged with blood lacking the fac-
blood had previously tor (rh-negative).
Dr. Wiener later per-
meant certain but un-
explained death, espe- fected a method of replac-
cially among new ing damaged blood in in-
mothers and infants.
He was instrumental in Senators Seek
the passage of bills in
New York State uphold-
Kissinger Role
to provoke and hard to
ing the validity of blood
pacify, the temper of the
tests in disputed pater-
ators Abraham Ribicoff
—Mishna: Abot, 5.11
(D-Conn.) and Howard
Loss of temper is disre- Nat Boriskin, Led
Baker (R-Tenn.) called for
spect for the Divine Pres-
President-elect Jimmy
Carter to retain - cre-
—Rabbah b. Huna,
NEW YORK — Nat tary of State HE
Talmus: Nedarim, 22b Boriskin, former execu- Kissinger in some type of
Attempt not to placate a tive director of the Popu- advisory capacity to
man at'the time of his rage. lar Priced Dress Man- handle Middle East af-
—Simeon b. Eleazar. ufacturers Group and a fairs.
Mishna: Abot, 4.18. key figure for years in
The Senators, part of
Jose b. Halafts. contract negotiations af-
an American delegation
Talmud: Berakot, 7a fecting thousands of investigating Israel and
Anger deprives a sage of garment workers in the Egyptian nuclear energy
his wisdom, a prophet of New York metropolitan
needs, said on Wednesday
his vision.
area, died Nov. 5 at age
at a Jerusalem press con-
—Simeon b. Lakish. 79.
ference that retention of
Talmud: Pesahim, 66b.
Mr. Boriskin was a sup- Kissinger was necessary
See Sifra, Shemini, 2.12; porter of Jewish philan- because both sides
Sifre, Numbers, #157 thropies in the U.S. and in
trusted him.
Israel. He was said to
Baker said the idea had
have raised millions of been proposed to Carter
From the Compilation by the
late Rabbi Joseph L. Baron in "A
dollars for various but there has been no re-
charitable groups.
Treasury of Jewish Quotations."

Wisdom of the Sages ...Who Would
Not Destroy the World With Venom


Anger kills the foolish
—Bible: Job, 5.2
Anger rests in the
bosom of fools.
—Bible: Eccles., 7.9

Anger never went to bed
with me.
—Adda b. Ahaba.
Talmud: Taanit, 20b.

Ariger is blindness.
—Apocrypha: Patriarchs:
Dan., 2.2

Never be betrayed into
anger, not even on
heavenly matters.
—Caro, Maggid
Through anger heroes
—Ezobi, Kaarat
Kesef, 1270

Anger begins with mad-
ness, and ends with regret.
—Hasdai, Ben HaMelek
VeHaNazir, 1230, ch 30
Anger in a house is like a
worm in a plant.
—Hisda. Talmud: Sota, 3b
Loss of temper leads to
—Jonathan b. Eleazar.
Talmud: Nedarim, 22a.
Getting angry is like
worshipping idols.
Midrash LeOlam, ch 15
Anger and temper are
Death's executioners.
—Midrash Tehillim, 6.7
There are four kinds of
temper: easy to provoke
and to pacify, the gain can-
cels the loss; hard to pro-
voke and to pacify, the loss
cancels the gain; hard to
provoke and easy to pacify,
the temper of a hasid; easy

Harris Levine Dies, Led
Bnai Zion, JNF Movements


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