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March 12, 1976 - Image 31

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1976-03-12

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Friday, March 12, 1976 31

Israelis Clamor for Permanent American Resident Status


study has taken place.
This state of affairs led
me to conduct a small re-
(Editor's note: Gad Nah-, search on my own, a modest
shon is a lecturer in Amer- contribution based on neu-
Americana Complex
ican history at John Jay tral data, which, I hope, will
College in New York City stimulate further research
1, 2, 3, 4
and a lecturer-in-resi- and discussion and melt the
Greenfield N. of 9 Mile
dence at the Theodor Herzl rigidity of the Israeli politi-
Institute in NYC.)
cal establishment.
The development of the
My data is based on the
•111EATERS-1 Show only
Israeli revolution in the 1960 and 1970 U.S. census,

at 1:00—$1
world of American immi- and particularly on the an-
gration has been taking 'a nual reports of the U.S.
clear shape since 1965-66.
Immigration and Naturali-
Those familiar with the zation Service. Certain spe-
"GABLE and LOMBARD" Israeli street and press real- cific problems were encoun-
ize how "hot" this topic is. tered in the study of this
Indeed, this is a very gloomy specific national group: Is-
issue since it affects the fu- rael has been systematically
ture well-being of the state categorized within the
12 Mile-Coolidge
and the vital appeal and Asiatic group -only since
strength of the Zionist idea. 1964; Israel was referred to
Unfortunately, the Israeli - as Palestine in certain ta-
Weekdays Open at 7
debate on this vital issue is bles as late as 1950; the
A Mel Brooks Gene Wilder Comedy
based on assumptions, sen- main obstacle was the fact
"BLAZING SADDLES" (R) timents and half-truths and that many Israelis were not
is governed by value-judg- born in Israel and were thus
7:30 & 9:20
ments rather than by a considered in the tables as
Sat. Open at 7:15 -
scientific and pragmatic members of the national
B.S. at 7:40 & 9:30
approach. Furthermore, the group of their country of
Sun. Open at 1:45
Israeli political establish- birth. This problem would
"Blazing Saddles"
ment, because of frustra- not exist, for example, in a
at 2:15-4:05-5:55-7:40 & 9:30
tions and psychological study of Italian immigra-
No Coupons Accepted With This Picture
blocks has preferred to hide tion-to this country.
behind an autistic wall of
According to the 1960
American census; 38,346
The outcome of this neg- declared Hebrew as their
ative approach haS been - mother tongue. In the 1970
the informal excommuni- census 101,686 did so. It
Neil Simon's
of the yordim, the should be noted that some
Israeli emigrants and the Israelis declared Yiddish
widening of the credibility and other languages as
Starring Pierre Turgeon
gap between Israel and its t'heir mother tongue. On
Directed by
children and grandchil- the other hand, the num-
Edgar A. Guest Ill
dren abroad.
every Friday and Saturday
ber of non-Israeli Jews
evening—Dinner from 7:30
Firstly, one must know who consider Hebrew their
p.m.—Show 8:45
his field, namely conduct a mother tongue is minimal.
basic demographic study of
The Israelis entering the
the Israeli community in U.S. have been classified by
Somerset Mall
Big Beaver Road at Coolidge, Troy'
the U.S. To my knowledge, the authorities into two dif-
no such properly conducted ferent groups: immigrants

(Copyright 1976, JTA, Inc.)

The Old Mill
just cooked
up something new.

The Sunday
Brunch-Buffet is now
an all-day feast!

Ever since it began. the Old Mill's
Sunday Brunch has been acclaimed as
one of the most delicious, lavish spreads
ever served. And now, we've made it
even better!
We've extended the hours - serving
from 11 -a.rn, to 8 p.m. And we've added
a tempting selection of piping hot buffet
dishes that go on at 4 o'clock!
Put it all together and you've got the
Sunday Brunch-Buffet. A magnificent
array of fresh plump strawberries, chilled
juices, smoked salmon, cole slaw,
Waldorf salad, barbecued short ribs, hot
cakes made to order, eggs, smoked
country ham, crispy bacon, sausage,
Danish pastries, hot blueberry muffins,
homemade Bread Pudding with cherry
sauce, sliced Beef Rolon, fresh home-
made soup, Swedish meatballs, chicken
ala king...and more! All for the incredible
price of $5.85 for adults, $3.00 for
children. You've go't to see it and taste
it to believe it!
Flow about next Sunday?!

The Buckboard Buffet
captures the flavor of
the Old West.

Tuesday nights have taken on a
spectacular new look at the Old Mill.
From 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., we'll be serving
- up one of the most scrumptious Western-
style buffets you've ever seen. Chef
Sullivant has rustled up a passel of tasty
vittles and lavishly arrayed them on an
authentic old wooden wagon.
It's the Old Mill's Buckboard Buffet,
replete with sliced bar round of beef,
barbecued ribs-on-a-spit, barbecued
chicken, corn on the cob, homemade
baked beans, fresh vegetables, potatoes,
assorted soups, a tasty selection of
cheeses and salads, and piping hot
homemade corn bread! And it's priced
like we're still in the gold rush days-
just $5.76 for adults, $3.00 for children.
So, come and get it, pardner. Hit the
trail for the Old Mill. Every Tuesday.
5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

For reservations for the
Buckboard Buffet or the Sunday
Brunch-Buffet, call 623-9300.







5838 Dixie Highway
Waterford, Mich.




t1 0; 4 '

.4) Larne";

and non-immigrants. How-
ever, because of the imme-
diate correlation between
theSe two groups it seems
noteworthy to mention that
the liberalization of the old
discriminatory immigration
laws in 1965 has largely
benefitted the Asiatic group
of Which Israel is part and
eased the road to the acquis-
ition of the Green Card,
namely the permanent resi-
dent visa.
The non-immigrant group
is divided into the following
categories: governMent offi-
cials; temporary visitors for
pleastire; students; visitors
for trade and investments;
exchange agreements; tem-
porary workerS; special
groups — air crews, transit,
representatives of the mass
media, etc. The total num-
bers include the immediate
family of people in such
groups. For instance, if a
student comes here with a
wife and two children, all
four would belong to the
third category.
Even though the Israeli
immigration revolution be-
gan in 1966, I would like to
make some reference to
previous years. In 1948 only
2,819 Israelis entered the
U.S. In 1951, 198 govern-
ment officials, 1,058 busi-
nessmen, 1,189 temporary
visitors came. In 1957, 4,108
arrived, half of them tour-
ists. In 1962 more than
10,000 Israelis came, most
of them tourists. Since then
there has been a permanent
increase, and from 1966 on-
ward, we are faced with
great upward movement.
To show this rapid in-
crease I developed a table,
based on the annual re-
ports of the Immigration
Service. Since current im-
migration regulations ena-
ble the non-immigrant to
change his non-immigrant
status into that of perma-
nent resident once he has
entered this country, I pre-
sented the number of those
who obtained permanent
residency which entitles
them, five years later, to
become naturalized Amer-
ican citizens.
The study of the statisti-
cal data in the table leads to
the following major conclu-
sions: The significant in-
crease in the number of Is-
raelis entering the U.S.
started in 1966 in which the
total was 16,993 people.
__Since that year we are faced
by a sharp rise which was
not slowed down by the
Yom Kippur War.
. It should be noted that a
significant number of the
incoming visitors were not
tourists, businessmen or
students, but people who
came with the definite in-
tention of staying here, get-
ting the Green Card and
eventually, American citi-
The total. number of
Green Cards issued to Is-
raelis in 1966, was 404. In
1967, 667 people received
it, yet from 1972 the table
shows a slight decrea-se in
numbers. This is probably
due to the impact of the
Yom Kippur War and to
the recent rigidity of the
Immigration Office as the
result of a certain revival
in American nativism.

As the result of the inten-
sification of the U.S.-Amer-
ican Jewry-Israel relations
an annual average of 1,000
officials and their aides and
families has lived here.
Since the Israeli economy
is tied up to the dollar,
many Israeli businessmen
have arrived here. Surpris-
ingly, Israeli investors have
come to invest money in
American enterprises. In
the last decade their num-
ber has tripled. Considering
the fact that one is eligible
to get the Green Card upon
an investment of $50,000 in
the U.S., one is not sur-
prised to find members of
this group well represented
among the huge crowd of
the Green Card seekers..

The discussion of the
student group amounts to
a discussion of the sinews

and futufe of Israel. This
crowd of Sabras and their
families discovered the
American university as
early as 1953 (138), but
since 1967 they have been
pouring in. This group has
demonstrated a systematic
tendency to increase the
number of the Green Card
holders; around 10 percent
change their visas into
Green Cards.
Israelis have not failed to
achieve their goal using
other techniques. The ex-
change agreement is a
promising one. Others have -
managed to enter Uncle
Sam's territory as tempo-
rary workers or trainees,
and since,1973 we encounter
a whole new category of
fiances. In fact, a total of 94
made _i_t this way and
reached their goal via the

Allon Praises Mexican Jews

The Israeli Foreign Minis-
Israeli Foreign Minister ter is scheduled to go to
Yigal Allon concluded his Washington today for a
official visit to Mexico last meeting with Secretary of
week by meeting with State Henry A. Kissinger
young Jews, holding private before returning to Israel.
talks with some 50 Jewish
communal leaders and ad- Film Features
dressing a public meeting Israel Highlights
attended by about 2,000
SKOKIE, Ill. -- The fact
members of the Jewish com- that yesterday's pioneers
who settled and started Is-
In his address to the Jew- rael's kibutzim are today's
ish community last week on "senior citizens there is ex-
the eve of his departure to amined in a poignant por-
Guatemala-, Honduras and trayal of growing old on the
Costa Rica, Allon praised kibutz, in the current
the Jewish community for monthly. newsreel, "Israel
its devotion to Jewish_ tradi- Report."
The image of the kibutz-
The Israeli leader said nik is still that of the young
that the Arabs had man or woman tilling the
launched a 'drive against soil, but today many kibut-
Zionism because a move- zim have made major social
ment for anti-Semitism and physical adjustments as
would be difficult to their founders move into
mount. He said the fight advanced-years.
At Givat Brenner, where
against this drive must
continue. He also stated "Israel Report" filmed its
that most of the problems special story about this
between Mexico and Israel profoundly emotional -tran-
had been resolved during sition, one-third of the
membership of 300 is past
his visit.
age 60. -
"Israel Report" also
New Flare-Up
soars up into the air on the
wings of Israel Aircraft
Reported Along
this month, trying out the
Lebanese Border company's businessman's
jet, as well as the new
TEL AVIV (JTA) — Ter- headline-making Kfir
rorist rockets exploded near fighter plane.
Manera last week and Is-
"Israel Report" also pre-
raeli artillery retaliated in a sents a special feature on
new flare-up along the Le- the life and ideas of Theodor
banese border. which had Herzl.
been quiet for some time.
CJFWF Issues
The shooting followed a
search-and-destroy mission New Jewish Play
by Israeli units who entered
NEW YORK — The Insti-
the Lebanese village of Mis- tute for Jewish Life, an affi-
a-Djabel about a half mile liate of the Council of Jew-
inside the border to blow up ish Federations and Welfare
a building used by terrorists Funds, has made available a
and their collaborators. No drama dealing with Jewish
Israeli casualties were re- living and critical contempo-
ported and no damage was rary. problems Jews face.
caused 'by the Katyusha
Entitled, "The Cross-
rockets fired later at Ma- roads," the play was written
nera which is some two by Rose Leiman Goldem-
miles from 1ViisTa-Diabel.
berg, for production by an
That hamlet, inhabited by amateur group. The script is
about 2,500 Arabs of the accompanied by production
Methusalian sect, has been notes and discussion guide
the target of several Israeli to help groups use the play
army strikes against terror- more effectively.
ist bases. Informed sources For a production set,
Said that Soviet-type bazoo- write Institute for Jewish
kas have been fired at Is- Life, Council of Jewish Fed-
raeli patrols in the vicinity erations
and Israeli artillery has re- _Funds, 315 Park Ave. S.,
New York City, N.Y. 10010.
turned the fire.

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