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February 27, 1976 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1976-02-27

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2 Friday, February 27, 1976


Purely Commentary

President Ford and the
American Church-State
Separation Principle

President Gerald R. Ford is a challenging
person. He abides by his set views. He disa-
grees with the Supreme Court and says so
bluntly. He is at odds with Congress and has
become a target for opponents who consider
him the "Veto President."
As an incumbent it'll be hard to beat him,
and if he is re-elected there will be many
controversies as legacies from the current
disagreements with the legislative body. If
he is re-elected and retains his view on the
traditional Separation Principle, he will face
a battle not only with Congress but with the
American traditionalists who know the
sanctity of separating church from state and
who insist that the Separation ideal must be
retained and respected.
While campaigning in New Hampshire,
President Ford stated, at a press conference
in Durham, that he favored a constitutional
amendment to permit the reading of prayers
in the public schools. He emphasized that he
disagreed with the decision of the Supreme
Court "which precluded the right to have
prayers in the schools."
Perhaps it was good politics to assert such
a view in New Hampshire, although it is
doubtful that a progressive state would suc-
cumb to fundamentalism and a return to the
medieval idea of risking a link of church
with state and the danger of church even-
tually dominating state.
It is unbelievable that a constitutional
amendment abandoning the Separation

The President's Religious Fervor and the Threat to the
Principle of Separation of Church and State . . . Ka-
hane's 'Martyrdom' . . . USSR-Arab Barbarians

ideal could get through any committee or
sub-committee in either the House of Repre-
sentatives or the Senate. It is well, however,
to know the President's views. Perhaps the
wisdom of his advisory staff will lead him
away from an idea he may not have studied
fully. He can benefit from James Madison
and Thomas Jefferson whose determination
to prevent infusion of European bigotries
into the American sphere led to the Separa-
tion Principle and the high ideal eliminating
danger from fanaticism and bigotries.
There was occasion in this column to criti-
cize President Ford's predecessor on a simi-
lar issue. Richard M. Nixon had introduced
prayer meetings in the White House. He,
too, failed to learn the historic lesson from
Madison, Jefferson and the early American
idealists who knew the danger of state-
church mergers. The problem posed by Pres-
ident Ford, and the one experienced during
his predecessor's White House rule, provide
an interesting subject for Bicentennial dis-
cussion and a great principle to emphasize
and adhere to.

Abrasive Kahane Aids
Enemy in `Martyr' Role
Rabbi Meir Kahane must have aspired to
martyrdom in his insistence on going to the
Brussels Conference on Soviet Jewry. He
was denied admission to the first such con-
ference five years ago, was ousted and ar-
rested then and he risked similar experience
at the sessions last week. He could have held
a rump session near the Brussels assembly

hall, but he must have preferred a repeat
performance in search for martyrdom, even
The result was expectable. He made the
headlines. The purpose of the conference was
lost in the journalistic quest for sensational-
ism. Kahane was the subject, not the plight
of Russian Jewry, in newspaper headlines.

Therefore, he had earned a role to the lik-
ing of the Soviet Union. The Kremlin should
have paid his expenses to Brussels, in appre-
ciation of the glory he brought its rulers by
having diverted emphasis from the Russian
persecutions to limelight for himself.

It could hardly be expected that Rabbi Ka-
hane would be cooperative and yield to disci-
pline in a matter so urgent as protection of
Jewish lives and the rights of Jewish com-
munities. He does things his way and there
is no hope for cooperation with the commu-
nity on a democratic basis.
Perhaps there was a blunder on the part of
the Brussels conference leadership in not
having given him a seat as an observer. All
he could do is shout, and that would hardly
be a new experience in dealing with a disrup-
ter of the peace in the Jewish community
and an advocate of violence.
The pity is that there is a Kahane for
whom one must plead free speech, since he
himself abuses it. To the many cancerous ex-
periences in Jewish life has been added a Ka-
hane and he, who abuses others, becomes a
victim of being denied a platform for his

By Philip

Renewed Anti-Semitic Trends:
Venomous Plays in France,
Streicher Image in Mexico
Since there is nothing new under the sun,
it is not surprising that anti-Semitic mani-
festations should be evidenced anew, even in
countries viewed as modern and democratic.
Anti-Semitic stage productions in France
are not new to liberals and to Jews who have
experienced anti-Dreyfusard outbursts in
the early years of this century and the pro-
Arab actions that were DeGaulle-encour-
aged. But the bigotries were not always over-
whelming and there remains suff nt
French decency to give assurance tha„ the
hatred of Jews is limited. France is, after all,
the land of liberte, egalite, fraternite.
There is hope that the anti-Semites will
never predominate there.
More distressing is the Mexican situation.
The boycott of travel southward has ended.
Israel has not interrupted good relations
with Mexico, just as she has continued diplo-
matic friendships with France and all other
countries whose yieldings to the Kremlin
and the Third World have been so harmful in
the United Nations. But that a Mexican
newspaper should have copied from Streich-
er's Stuermer .by portraying Jews viciously
in cartoons is cause for concern and outrage.
It is doubtful whether Mexicans generally
will condone such a revival of Hitlerism.
Revival of hatreds is deplorable, but the
decent citizens of the world always end with
apologies for bigotries. Better days are far
off, but the human factors need never be
judged as having vanished.

Jewish Collaborators With Diabolical Russians and Arab Genocide Planners

Renewed threats to Israel and to Jewry emanate from two sources already regis-
tered among the hatemongers who are set upon harming Jewry and detroying Israel.
From the Soviet Union come diabolical reports that seem aimed at continuing the
war against Israel.

Arab extremists, the terrorists who are undermining the peace in the Middle
East, are bent upon increasing genocidal threats to Jews and Israel. The USSR and
the PLO represent the evil partnership that menaces the Jews in their libertarian

Jewish Cohorts in Diabolical
Russian Anti-Zionist Campaign

sia other than to reject and resent her pro-Arab policies
Yet, about 150,000 Jews have migrated from the
which, in conjunction with the Third Workd, have led to the
Soviet Union in recent years. The Soviet census lists
abominations that have degraded the world organization.
something over two million citizens . as ethnic Jews.
Russia has her cohorts in the diabolical game of ma- Why an attitude like the Russian? Golda Meir explained it
(Jewish nationality is listed in the citizen's internal
ligning Zionism as if it were her bitterest enemy. From No- realistically, in her Brussels speech, when she said that
passport). The actual total is over three million, per-
vosti, via the USSR embassy in Washington, come the re- there is hatred for Jews because they refuse to disappear.
haps four. But many have assimilated or prefer to
leases resulting from the aggravation suffered by the Soviet
conceal their true identity because of the discrimi-
Now the Choral Synagogue rabbi and a few of the
Union from the criticisms leveled in Brussels.
nations — inability to enter the foreign services, the
henchmen are parties to the campaigrkof hate. It is so easy
higher cadres of the party, the upper echelons of the
It isn't a bit surprising that the chief spokesman for to understand why there is submission in an authoritarian
army and other elite posts, including academic ones.
the anti-Zionists in the Kremlin was a Jew. A Novosti arti- • state to the dictates of the rulers and how some among the
cle entitled "Soviet Jews Denounce Zionist Gathering in less-free will speak the minds of the tyrants who make
But anti-Semitism is talked about in the real
Brussels," was bylined "Rabbi Yakov Fishman of the Mos- them unfree.
Russia, is understood by the small handfuls of Jews
cow Choral Synagogue." It contained the accumulated offi-
still able to attend the dwindling number of syn-
The struggle for justice is not an easy one. The road to
cial Russian antagonisms that are heard so often from
USSR delegates in the UN and in the vast anti-Jewish prop-
This is tragic to the Nth degree. It is one of the most
aganda circulated to the people of Russia, Russia's attacks
the voice of world Jewry has not been silenced. Some will be deplorable results of the promise of better days in post-
on Israel and incidentally on world Jewry.
misled by the handful of cowered Russians who are tools in Czarist Russia turning into a mirage. In Czarist days there
Many of the Russian contentions, in the effort to prove the anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish campaign. The was worldwide public opinion against the Black Hundreds.
that the USSR is the chief opponent of anti-Semitism in the voice of the free world must, as it will, respond with honor. Today they are the Red Minions to which the civilized world
world, are based on untruths. Certainly, Russia was the The dignity of humanism and libertarianism will not be de- submits and pays homage. Any wonder that the Jewish
first nation in the world to outlaw anti-Semitism. Such pro- graded by bigotry and tyranny.
struggle and the dissidents' plight in the Soviet Union is so
cedures were not necessary in the United States where
equal rights are the normality rather than a condition re-
* * *
quiring legislation to provide justice for a segment of the
population. But, while Russia is on the record opposing an- Truth About Kremlin Anti-Semitism
PLO States Its Case for Utter
ti-Semitism, it is a legalized distortion. The legacies from
Would that the outlawing of anti-Semitism were ad- Destruction of Israel
Czarism have never been abaondoned. The anti-Semitic hered to by the USSR! But the fact is that it is a rule on
When the deluded among newsmen and columnists
Russian trend is appalling. The spirit of the Black paper, not a heartfelt observance of a human principle.
speak of moderation in Arab ranks they should be ad ihio
,. -4
Hundreds of Czarist pogromism is in evidence. The moment
Harrison E. Salisbury, the New York Times expert on to read the text of a statement made in Beirut last w
a Russian Jew applies for a visa to go to Israel, or to be
reunited with relatives in the U.S., he is an object for police Russian affairs whose knowledge is based on many years in Yassir Arafat's right hand man in the PLO, Salah Kha ef,
suspicions, he loses his job, and his children are tainted in his newspaper's service as Russian correspondent, certainly who is known as Abu Iyad. In a speech he delivered on Feb.
is objective. In his analysis of the Russian situation in last 16, the PLO leader referred to the "high price" his group is
the schools.
Sunday's New York Times Week in Review section, he ex- asked to pay, namely the recognition of Israel, in exchange
The Russian Jews have jobs, their youth are assured an posed the Russian role and stated:
for a Palestinian state on the West Bank, and he declared:
education. But bitter pills have to be swallowed and the dis-
sidents are often sent to mental institutions as punishment
"There is something the world must know. Let us all
The taboo on talk of chauvinism at the 25th
for criticizing the oppressive regime.
Party Congress will extend to its close relative, anti- die, let us all be killed, let us all be assassinated, but we will
Semitism. As Russian officials have long insisted: not recognize Israel."
But Rabbi Fishman is angry, and he has associates in
"There is no anti-Semitism in Russia. There is a law
This is supplementary to the reiterated threats to de-
the Russian Jewish ranks. A group of Jews, listed by
stroy Israel.
names, joined in a condemnation of the Brussels conference
and presented their declaration to the Belgian diplomats in
Any wonder that there is resistance, that belts are
But, in the other Russia, the real Russia, anti-
Semitism is chronic. Russia was the traditional tightened to assure security for Israel, that Arab "moder-
home of the hateful prejudice. Many of Hitler's anti- ation" is suspect?
This hatred for Zionists and for Jews, for Israel and for
Any wonder that there can be no question of making
Semitic fables were drawn from Russian sources.
the Jewish state's settlers and defenders, is difficult to corn-
Today anti-Semitism is encouraged by official pro- concessions that equate with suicide? Jews reject suicidal
prehend. Russia was second to the U.S. in recognizing Israel
planning. For Israel it is unacceptable. The battleground
pagandists. They slightly cloak their pamphlets,
and in establishing diplomatic relations with her. Andrei
directing them against "Zionists." Every effort of calls for added strength to Israel. and lovers of liberty will
Gromyko's address in the UN endorsing the Zionist ideal
was among the most powerful in the 1947 discussions which
Soviet Jews to leave the country is attacked as a remain grateful to the single provider of military hardware
for Israel — the United States.
led to the creation of the state of Israel. No one harms Rus-
special sort of treason.


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