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November 21, 1975 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1975-11-21

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2 November 21, 1975


Purely Commentary

Diplomacy of the Jungle Implanted on the Banks of the East
River in New York . . . Message of Courage to Israelis From
the Diaspora . . . Example of Vigilance Against Bigotry.

The Zionist Ideal and the
Enemies in the Ranks

By Philip


The Struggle, the Adamant
Travesty on East River
Who Won't Abandon Israel
This is a time for every Jew to uphold the Zionist ban -
In an editorial comment on a UN delegate's request for
Meanwhile the struggle for survival in Israel is a two- diplomatic
immunity for his biting dog, the Detroit News
ner, to say to the enemy who would destroy the fruits of the fold one: involving e the
military obligations
, to
the referred to the "undiplomatic UN dog" with t this definition:
Zionist labors, the libertarian state of Israel, that every slur strength necessary to withstand the onslaught
of retain
120 mil-
at Zionism
ranks. inspires new strength for the movement in Jew- lion in 20 nations, and the need to retain economic security.
"When we consider some of the two-legged UN am-
Paramount also is the retention of a high spirit of loyalty bassadors who have come to this country under diplo-
An admission is mandatory in viewing the developing among
matic immunity, we wonder what's really so illogical
vituperations against Zionism that the Arab and Commun-
Ted Douglas' series of articles in the Detroit News de-
ist blocs are not alone in Israel's and Jewry's enemy ranks, scribing his impressions of his visit in Israel were positive harmless canine.
that there are a few Jews who would undermine Jewish as-' and impressive.
pirations and the struggles for justice for Israel.
"All we really know for sure is that if we happen tt
In an article in the National Observer under the title Mood in Israel, Press Sunday Parade section article, "The be in Pelham and see a dog in striped pants, we intend
ee P George Michaelson also gave a good ac- to walk on the other side of the street."
"Five Critics of Israel: Are they Anti-Semitic?," Lawrence count of his findings in the Jewish state and he described,
Mosher lists Norman F. Dacey, Rabbi Elmer Berger, Nor- inter alia, the new civil defense activities known as Hamish-
This is such an apt comment on nearly everything that
ton Mezvinsky, Alfred Lilienthal and Rev. A. C. Forrest.
mar Haezrachi. He also deals realistically with the tensions is happening on the banks of the East River in the city of
Another name should have been added to this coterie of and the elements of disillusionment which have been viewed New York which could well have done without the added
enemies violinist.
of Israel: that of Moshe Menuhin, the father of the as a desire by some Israelis to emigrate and to seek a more plagues of the demented in statesmanship.
Why do they hate and fight Israel? Why do they deny and
he life elsewhere. Michaelson interviewed some Israelis
The occurrences of the last few weeks created more
reported one viewpoint in the follow
to Israel the right to survive? Don't they realize that every
re to escape has led
nations in the world. The villification of Israel, the panic
them to leave the country; Israeli authorities report
contributes towards Israel's difficulties to continue the bat-
among the semi-humans who voted as the Arabs and Corn-
tle for life?
that this year may be the first in which more Jews
munists dictated, the hypocritical talk about aid to the im-
will leave Israel than will come there to live. Yet, if
How fortunate that the virus of hatred remainspri-
poverished and undeveloped while voting for resolutions
the times have caused some to leave, generally it has
marily in the ranks of the crackpots, that the main forces
aimed at destroying an entire nation.
hardened the resolve of most Israelis.
of humanity are not so easily misled by the bigotry of anti-
Israe lism that has developed as the primary source of the
I recall my talk with three high-school students
It takes a lot of stamina for little Israel to remain
in a Jerusalem park. It was shortly after the Kissin-
late 20th Century anti-Semitism.
among the savages who gang up against her in the
ger shuttle, and I asked them what effect the interim
UNESCO, ILO, FAO and other UN agencies. The miracle is
Dayan's View on Russian
agreement would have on their lives. All three looked
that UNICEF is as yet untouched by the barbarism that has
Role i n M. E.: Revealing
at mein amazement, as if I had asked a foolish ques-
gained control of the UN. Should that, too, be invaded, could
tion, and then one of them, Raphael, replied — in a
Israel remain in the realm of insanity on the East Bank of
John F. Kennedy Episode
New York?
way, that more than any other statement I heard,
Knowledgeable Moshe Dayan has important views on
seemed to sum up the mood in Israel today.
The barbarism is not limited to the Third World.
Russia's involvement in the Middle East situation and in
"Look," he said, "I am 17 now, and all my life
What's happened to the Western powers
Arab-Israeli negotiations. He described his attitude in the
wers when the issue
Israel has been at war with the Arabs. How can I ex-
over the PLO arose in the FAO, to which Israel makes valid
interview he granted to Harper's magazine and in defining
pect that this will change overnight? I'll tell you the
and immense contributions, with only Israel and the United
his position on the role to be granted to the USSR he re-
truth, I would like to escape from it all, go to England
States voting against injection of savagery into UN consid-
vealed a John F. Kennedy involvement in Middle East delib-
or America, and have a good time. But, if I did so, I
erations? It may be a puzzle for future historians. For the
erations. As quoted in Harper's, the former Israel defensefeel I d somehow
be deserting the ship.
minister stated:
present generation it is the tragedy of the major
ity return-
"Instead, next year I go off to the army for three
ing to the jungle.
I don't know whether the Russians should be in-
years. I'm patriotic, yes, but do you think I like the
eluded as a signatory on an agreement, but they ter-
idea? You see, I've watched many of my friends a year
tainly cannot be ignored. They are strong enough to
or two older, go off to the army, and when they came
Interesting Ecumenism
torpedo any agreement between the Arabs and us. I
back they were changed people: serious, hardened,
don't know whether they are strong enough to make
sort of old men before their time. It is going to happen
A supplement in last week's Michigan Catholic in ob-
peace, but they are certainly strong enough to pre-
to me too — whether I want it to or not. So, when you
servance of the 10th anniversary of the Second Vatican
vent it!
ask me what effect this Kissinger peace business has
Council's Declarations on Non-Christian Religions deserves
By the way, let me tell you someting very inter-
on my life, I must tell you, just about none at all . .
esting: in 1963, when for the first time Syria and
except, if I look far ahead, which is not easy to do,
Iraq and Egypt formed a federation, our Prime Min-
ma y be someday my children will have it somewhat
Having had the assistance of the American Jewish
ister at the time, the late David Ben-curion,
different . . . maybe."
Committee and one of its chief experts on Ecumenism, Dr.
It is important that the truth should not be limited, Mark Tanenbaum, with the cooperation of liberal Catholic
worried about it; so he asked President Kennedy for
a guarantee. In his letter to Kennedy, Ben-Gurion
that it should be established in the interest of Israel and her experts, the message onthe title page, "Peace — Shalom,"
suggested that the best thing for Israel would be a
friends. Therefore the welcome to presentations like Mi- and the contents, expressing good will with a quest for coop-
mutual declaration statement by President Kennedy
chaelson's. He has located the spirit and he has transmitted eration, are most impressive and heartening.
and the Secretary of the Communist Party, Khrush -
what is in the heart of loyal Israelis. This is the spirit that
chew, that both of them — Russia and the U.S. — are
Woody Sandweiss, the local director of the Detroit
the counterpart from American Jews who say to AJCommittee office, had much to do in formalizin the
guaranteeing the boundaries and security and peace
such fellow Jews that their devotion will be matched by su
p- publication of this illuminating supplement. It is a bit of
in the Middle East. At that time the boundaries of
Israel were those before the '67 war. Kennedy re-
ening of religious movements' cooperation and good will.
jected Ben-Gurion's proposal. He said that it would

raise the prestige of the Russians in the Middle
East. Just think about this — now! Because, funny
as it is, the formula that the Russians suggest now is
almost word by word the same as what Ben-Gurion
suggested in '63. Amazing, isn't it?

The Russian involvement remains a serious aggrava-
tion in the Middle East. The Soviet representatives are ful-
minating their hatreds in United Nations speeches. Other-
wise there has been a measure of silence — and that is in
itself a bad omen. There is no doubt that the Russian aspi-
ration for domination in the Mediterranean is a factor of
great seriousness in the entire situation. Americans and Is-
raelis recognize the danger. It is undoubtedly the continu-
ing obstacle to hopes for peace for Israel.
Vitality of Vigilance

The value of vigilance is self-evident. The work of one
individual's dedicated labors deserve special commenda-
Helen (Mrs. Max) Dushkin, whose labors in many local
communal movements are well known, had occasion for
health reasons to listen more attentively than ever to radio
broadcasts. She learned about two negations: A local busi-
ness firm announced that it was Christian and catered to
Christians only, and a sectional Detroit welfare program
scheduled an election on a recent Saturday.
She acted promptly and as a result the election was
cancelled for another date — Seventh Day Adventists were
enlisted in the Jewish request for that purpose; and the
"Christian" firm stopped its prejudicial and illegal broad-
Helen Dushkin has a bit of advice for the civic minded:
let others listen, report, ask for action, and we'll have a
more democratic and better world to live in. Good advice
and commendable action for which Mrs. Dushkin earns

The Roll of Honor . . . in Revulsion of UN as a Jungle

America's men and women have risen to great heights in the past weeks.
They comprise a Roll of Honor in their revulsion to the jungle that has darkened the hallways and the
rostrum of the United Nations. Instead of emissaries for peace, the diplomats (sic!) have transfiured in
beasts. They did not fool the American people.

The Honor Roll is too lengthy to be enumerated anew. They, the courageous, justice-loving Americans, are
on the record. What they pronounced against the bigotry of the brutalized majority of the insaned at the UN
labels all Americans as lovers of freedom who will not deny it to the great libertarian cause of Zioni
the state of Israel and the Jewish people.
sm and to

The New Roads for Tourists Who Won't Be Insulated in Enemy Countries
Something else has developed unequivocally from the bestialities at the UN. Americans with a sense of
decency will not be tourists in Mexico or Brazil. They will think twice before going to Japan which did not have
the sense of decency to vote against the hate resolution at the UN and abstained out of fright from the Arabs
and because her statesmen (sic!) were oil-choked. There are countries with a sense of honor to be visited.
There is the United States to be toured. There is Israel to be visited again and again and again. Jews — all
Americans — will think twice before going to countries like Mexico that are turning to medievalism.
Israel has opposed boycotts of enemy countries. Her leaders have hoped for accord among the nations.
felt will
the same
as the have
from way.
now A
on. new turn has developed. Now those who insult humaneness must be rejected,

The Jewish Role in the Answer to the Savages
A few brief words need to be added in analyses of the outrage:

American Jews will not abandon Israel. They will hold high the banner of Zionism and all Jews with a
sense of glory for the great libertarian ideal will enroll in the Zionist ranks. The funds necessary forte
settlement of new settlers in Israel — may their numbers grow! — will be provided and the United Jewish
Appeal, through Detroit's Allied Jewish Campaign, will be treated with generosity. Israel Bonds will receive
greater support. These will be the answers to bigotry by American Jewry.

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