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March 14, 1975 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1975-03-14

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urely Commentary

Deluded Gangsterism Keeps Dragging Humanism Into the
Gutter and the Oil-Rich Arabs .Glorify Stupid Terrorism
. . . Jews ARE News Remains Dominant in the Media

By Philip


ws ARE News Remains the Dominant Factor in the World's Radio, Television and Newspapers

n the most tragic earlier years of this cen-
ry, under Czarism in Russia, during
nry Ford's ignorant propagation of anti-
mitism, when Charles Coughlin the de-
ed priest was glorifying the fallacious
otocols of the Elders of Zion forgeries, and
en in the Hitler era, Jews were constantly
the limelight.
Many in Jewry's ranks were either puzzled
embarrassed or hurt mentally or fright-
r ed, and they asked: why does the press
c ep us in the limelight, always outwitting
sensationally in the headlines?
That's when the reply, given so interest-
gly, was:
ws ARE News!
Apparently this is still so, and perhaps the

enforce that ideal,*Jews in Israel have
learned to defend themselves and to warn
that never again will there be a Holocaust
like the Hitler-made mass murder. •
They did not need to acquire that quality.
It is taught them by history. If there is to be
life, there must be self-defense for life.
Now the hatred for Jewry is because Israel
lives, because that name of the people also is
the name of their state. And what a.state! A
pinpoint in the vast area of oil-rich 20'Arab
It's a bit better now. Jews are prominent nations who are united by a hatred for this
in the professions, in finance and industry. little people determined to hold on to life.
Yet others in the world, nations with les-
But they have the audacity, having suffered
a third of its world population to the bestiali- sons to teach them otherwise, are being mis-
ties of the German Nazis, thep keep affirim. led by their oil-greedy diplomats to join in
ing an old principle: "shall not die . . ." To the task of constantly rebuking little Israel.

reasons are the same. In earlier years Jews
were charged with being capitalists by the
socialists and socialists by the capitalists.
They were disliked because they always re-
fused to abandon their faith. They were
hated because, confronted with many obsta-
cles, always battling for very existence, they
had to be twice as good as the competitor if
he was to be recognized as being half as good
as his opponent in trade, and education, in
skilled labors.


Jews not only make the headlines: they
win the magazine cover emphases, as evi-
denced in the recent Time Magazine article,
"American Jews and Israel."
Little Israel is begrudged the right to live.
That's why there are people on a misjudged
bandwagon called Palestinians. That's why
there is so much terrorism — because bar-
barians know no other way of striving for an
end to Israel. That creates sensation — and
the headlines!
The situations have not changed very
much, from the era of brutalities by nations
and individuals to the present day. That is
why the explanation today is like the one of
the earlier 1900s:
Jews ARE News.'

ales of Horror as Terrorists Keep Brutalizing Innocents in Their Continuing World Vendetta of Hatred

It is hardly to be expected that deluded gangsters who are trained to hate and to destroy
at the risk of their own lives exercise a modicum of common sense in risking invasion
f and attacks upon Israel. The amazing puzzle is that the leaders of these gangsters, who
ncite them to murder innocent people, have not learned that operations like the one on
he shores of Tel Aviv last week are futile. They are hopeless for the bandits and they
.eveal the stupidity of the leaders. It is easy to come to the forum of the United Nations
with gun in holster and to threaten Jews, Israel, the democratic elements of the world's
.- ociety of nations. Why not? Isn't night day, black white, man beast, when the Soviet and
fro-Asian blocs unite to attack Israel.
What a peculiar role little Israel plays in the annals of mankind! People who hate each
ther become partners in crime, are united, when Jews are the targets.
\What does it all mean? Will the quest for oil become so demanding that even after Lod,
Munich. Ma'alot, Kiryat Shemona, Tel Aviv and other incidents, that selfish among the
nations will continue to worship Arafat and yield to his barbarism?
The jungle assumes a parasitical form compared with the humanities evidenced in the
rab domains. The Tel Aviv night of horior caught them gloating in their quarters. The

y en

murderers were hailed as heroes. In such an atmosphere, how can Secretary of State Henry
Kissinger be expected to attain an understanding in a serious conflict? How can it be helped
when the posers as statesmen, who are ever ready to condemn Israel in the aborted United
Nations, have failed to speak out against the terror? How much hope is there for civilization
when Pope Paul VI, who is ever sanctimonious in his peace sermons has again failed to
speak out firmly against anti-Jewish brutalities? These are among the travesties experi-
enced in the Middle East, bloodied by Arab-made terror. -
Not a single Arab has deplored any of the Arafat-inspired horrors., Secretary of State
Henry A. Kissinger was the first to condemn what had happened on the Tel Aviv water-
front. A few hesitant politicians in other lands echoed his sense of horror. Only the United
States speaks out decently. Only this great Republic lives up to the principles of justice.
Israel and world Jewry are grateful for it, and all of mankind can well appfeciate the
American attitude of friendship for Israel. It sets an example for human beings to keep
alive the human spark in al,vorld society that submits to brutality and medievalism under
the inspiration of Arab bandits who boast whenever they kill. Their emissaries for mur-
der never survive. That, too, is the lesson of humanism when contrasted with the common
decencies which must be reconfirmed if man is not to be perpetuated into- beast.

M udge Mack's Role as Libertarian Movement Leader

Biographical literature,
'actualy presented, can
rovide most fascinating
nd instructive reading. It
erges the personality with
iistory and defines the tem-
2erment of the time in
which the hero of the biog-
raphy lived.
"The Life and Time of Ju-
lian W. Mack" by Harry
Barnard is this type of book.
It is about one of Ainerican
Jewry's most distinguished
personalities of the first
half of this century.
It traces the --crucial
events in world Jewry, the
rise of the Zionist movement
into its great libertarian
position, the struggle for
just rights by Jews in this
country and abroad and the
success of a native Ameri-
can Jew who chose closest
alliance with his people in
the law, government and
major causes for social jus-
A Reform Jew who could
have fallen under the in-
fluence of extremists
whose bitterness in rela-
tion to the Jewish national
movement matched the
most violent in the council
for Judaism of today, Ju-
lian Mack was cautious in
teaching judgment on the
values ofAhe movement for
Jewish national revival.
The late Rabbi Emil
Hirsch was a friend and a
close associate and he
might have been led into
the other extreme of anti-
Zionism had he listened to
him. But he also was a
friend of the distinguished
philosopher, Horace M.
Kellen, and he was an
admirer of Louis D. Bran-
deis. The latter two had
greater effect upon him


than the enemies of the
Jewish libertarian cause.
He might have been in-
fluenced, as was his wife
who never endorsed his
Zionist views, by the man
who married them — Dr.
David Philipson of Cincin-
nati. Rabbi Philipson
never recovered from his
anti-Zionism. He failed to
influence Judge Mack.
Mack's two brothers,
expecially Ralph Mack,
were anti-Zionist, and
Ralph became an adherent
of the Council for Juda-
ism. But Julian Mack
emerged the great liber-
tarian who not only dedi-
cated his life to Zionism
but 'also was among the
early supporters of civil
liberties and a defender of
the blacks in an expecially
impressive matter involv-
ing Negro students at Har-
Judge Mack was closely
allied with Felix Frank-
furter and an incident in-
volving Mack's battle
against Harvard President
A. - Lawrence Lowell's
prejudices is worth men-
tioning. Lowell had
charged that Jewish stu-
dents were stealing books
from the Harvard Library.
Mack became concerned.
He was advised by Frank-
furter to ask Lowell how
many book thefts were re-
ported by the library.
Lowell sheepishly told him
there were two robberies:
one was by a Jew.
Many more anecdotes
are related, lending to the
fascination of reading
Barnard's life story of
Judge Mack.
This biography has the
special merit of historical

analysis of - Zionist events
in the early years of the
movement's growth in this
country, the relationship,
of American leaders —
Brandeis, Mack, Stephen
Wise — with the world
leaders — Chaim Weiz-
mann, Menahim 'Ussish-
kin, Shmaryahu Levin —
and the Americans who
sided the the latter.
Judge. Mack played an
important role as a Bran-
deisist at the Cleveland
Zionist convention in 1921.
Like his associates, espe-
cially Rabbi Wise, he re-
turned to the ranks. Later,
in the era of Nazi threats,
he labored with Brandeis
to strive for havens for the

oppressed Jews of Europe.
Those who knew Mack
will find in the recon-
structed story of his life a
means of recalling the
struggles for Zionist rec-
ognition. A nostalgic sense
of admiration is reborn in
recalling the idealism of
Judge Mack. A dedicated
religious Jew, a great
American, one of the na-
tion's most distinguished
jurists, it is well to recall
his notable contributions
towards the development
of American Zionism. He
has left a legacy to be
cherished by American
Jewry and the Zionist


Encyclopedia Lists Backers
of 3 U.S. Jewish Movements

Each branch of American
Jewfy tends to give the maxi:
mum figure of adherents for
statistical purposes, the Ency-
clopaedia Judaica states.
The Conservatives claim
350,000 affiliated families, com-
prising approximately 1,500,000
persons; the Reform movement
250,000, representing 1,000,000
persons; the Orthodox approxi-
mately 300,000 families, consti-
tuting 1,500,000 persons (Or-
thodox families tend to be
slightly larger than the rest).
It must be born in mind, how- _
ever, that membership in an Or-
thodox synagogue is not to be
regarded as identical with ob-
servance of Orthodox Judaism,
and the number of strictly ob- •
servant Jews in the U.S. is re-
garded as not higher than 300,-

Accepting the Jewish popu-
lation of the U.S. as six mil-
lion, it would emerge that

two-thirds of American Jews
• are synagogue affiliated, with
one-third unaffiliated.

Meanwhile, the encyclopedia
states 'there are approximately
13,160 synagogues in the world,
but the figures for several coun-
tries are not absolutely exact.

Israel's' ministry for religious
affairs provides a figure of 6,-
000 which puts Israel on top of
the list. In 1971, the United
States followed with roughly
5,500 synagogues of which the
Conservatives claim 830, the Re-
form 698.

Britain has 399 synagogues,
France 187, Canada 169, South
Africa 166. In the Soviet Union
there are about 100 synagogues,
but the number of those func-
tioning is probably much
smaller. Then follows Argen-
tina with 99, Italy with 54, Aus-
tralia with 53, Iran and Mor-
occo with 50 each.

N.Y. Federation Tests New
Job Training Plan for Jews


(Copyright , 1975, JTA, Inc.)

40-year-old Federation Em-
ployment and Guidince
Service here is testing a
cooperative program with
New York City synagogues
to provide, both in the syn-
agogues and in FEtS of-
fices, help to many more
Jews to cope with current
economic pressures.
The FEGS, an affiliate of
the Federation of Jewish
Philanthropies, is providing
free training programs to
members of cooperating
synagogues to serve as liai-
son with the FEGS in the
new program. The federa-
tion commission on syn-.
agogue relations, which
serves as a link between fed-
eration agencies and syn-
agogue groups, has organ-
ized a special task force for
the cooperative project. Lay
and religious leaders from
the metropolitan are make
up the task force.
The cooperative program
is one of several new efforts
by the FEGS to expand the
number of Jews to whom it
provides training, rehabili-
tation and job placement,
including the aged, 'handi-
capped, poor Jews and
young people, as well as
those with special job prob-
Each participating syn-
agogue selects a congre-
gant to be trained as liai-
son for the FEGS individ-
ual and group vocational
services. More than 55
synagogues have already
named such representa-
tives, a spokesman said.

The first grOup of repre-
sentatives have already
received the training
needed to carry out their
Through synagogues,
FEGS will offer to elderly,
young, aault, middle-aged
and teenage congregants
such services as career coun-
seling, testing, rehabilita-
tion, skills training, job
programs and some scholar-
ship training funds.
In another effort to meet
the job needs of people
within their own commu-
nity, the FEGS said it was
bringing job opportunities
and job training to residents
in Brooklyn's Crown
Heights and Queen's Far
Rockaway with the opening
of facilities in those areas.
The FEGS Crown Heights
office was opened especially
to serve Orthodox Jews who
have special problems in
finding jobs. Temporarily
housed at the local Jewish
Community Council and
operating on a part-time
schedule, the FEGS office is
putting special emphasig on
helping Orthodox women
who need jobs.
The Rockaway Penin-
sula FEGS office arranges
job counseling for young
people and provides for
other job-related pro-
grams on the premises of
existing local Jewish or-
The FEGS also reported
that 11 Hasidic Jews had
been hired by Consolidated
Edison, described as the
first company to start a
training course for Hasidic

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