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November 29, 1974 - Image 54

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1974-11-29

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54—Friday, Nov. 29, 1974 . . . . THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS.

No Rise Seen in Soviet Aliya

sorption Minister Shlomo Ro-
sen told the Knesset that the
anticipated increase in im-
migration from the Soviet
Union has failed to material-
ize so far.
There has been no rise yet
in the - aliya figures since
Oct. 18 when letters were ex

`Israel Will Never
Submit,' Tsur Says


rael is not Czechoslovakia.
It will never be. It will never
submit. We will fight again
if necessary, knowing that
you are behind us, not 3,-
000,000 but 13,000,000 Jews
the world over."
Jewish National Fund chair-
man Jacob Tsur gave this
rousing assurance here to
the delegates of Bnai Brith's
triennial convention who vis-
ited the Bnai Brith Forest at
Kesalon in the Judaean Hills.
Describing his recent speak-
ing mission in Western Eu-
rope, Tsur, formerly an Is-
raeli ambassador to Paris,
said he had seen "every-
where the fall of moral prin-
ciples and moral decay.
The governments which
once stood with us are falter-
ing before the demands of
the Arab oil magnates. Let
the world remember that Is-
rael is not Czechoslovakia."

The following, written two years ago by a 10th-grade
student, Linda Brenners, is excerpted from her longer poem,
changed between Secretary "The Unfinished Tragedy." (Her parents are members of
of State Henry A. Kissinger Shaarit Haplaytah—Survivors of the Nazi Holocaust.)
and Sen. Henry M. Jackson
detailing the U.S.-Soviet un- I remember the tortured days of my past
derstanding on emigration, And yet I cannot bring myself to cry,
Rosen said.
For I have shed the painful tears of the Jewish People
He said he hoped the Sov- And often in my lifetime I have died.
* *
iet authorities would soon
lift the emigration barriers, The life of a Jew was a cheap one and one way or another
as promised, and that tens The world had to be eradicated of all the cheapness
of thousands of Jews would So began the death marches.
be allowed to leave the USSR The callous, incompassionate Nazis, ravenous for death
"hopefully for Israel."
Organized these marches to test our strength.
Strength—we had none
Rosen acknowledged that
there has been recently an No physical strength and no mental strength
increase in the number of
Soviet Jews who decided to Without support, we staggered on
go to countries other than Bleeting sheep herded to be sheared of life.
Israel after reaching Vien- Exhausted, we didn't even know what kept us going on.
na. Reports by a Jewish Ag- Many lost the drive to fight and struggle to keep their
lives from the
ency spokesman put them at
27 per cent of the total num- Strangling hands of the Nazis.
ber of Jews departing the They fell to the ground, which at once opened up to bury
Soviet Union.
I mourned for the fallen, but what did it do?
Rosen did not dispute that
figure.. He said the problem Miraculously, some still clung to existence
of the immigration fall-off But their bony claws could not hold on to the slippery walls
and of the departure of im-
of life.
migrants from Israel de- To wash the world clean of its impurities, the Nazis washed
pendent as much on the set-
the Jews.
tled population as on the En masse, they were led to what they believed wer e showers.
newcomers. He urged "a rise They lined up naked—shivering in the shower lines.
in public morale and educa- They turned on the faucets
tion toward love of home- Gas cloaked the room and bore its way to the lungs.
land and Zionism without They choked once, twice, never again.
Rosen said that since his Where were the Jews of America?
ministry was established in A country conceived in liberty and the pursuit of happiness
1968, 250,000 olim had arrived Were they too busy enjoying their freedom that they had
in Israel and 220,000 had re-
no regard for that of others?
mained there.
They were deaf—could they not hear the cries and screams
of innocent children
Being killed? And mothers watching Nazis beat the heads
of their infants
Mercilessly against the walls until their heads split open
And their blood flooded the earth and drowned life?
of Denver, Colo., a son, Had they lost all that makes one human?
Daniel Ellis.
Could they not smell the smoke of Treblinka that consumed
* * *
the people
Nov. 14—To Mr. and Mrs. And burned them into nothing—ashes, cigarette butts
Joel Reisman (Dorene Good- To be dropped into a ashtray and forgotten forever?
stein), former Detroiters of
Columbia, Md., a son, Darin The mountain at first was calm and small.
But it grew larger and was fed with bigotries and prejudice.
* *
It trembled and quaked and the world felt its tremors.
Nov. 12—To Mr. and Mrs. Bursting to enormity, it seethed inside of hatred.
Arthur Brand (Eileen Mad- Hatred was the furnace that ignited the fire.
ven), 1931 Parmenter, Royal The world looked on in fear and abhorrence but no one
Oak, a son, Neal Joshua.
dared to speak—
a * *
Until it was too late.
Nov. 10—To Mr. and Mrs. The volcano erupted and the fiery lava of hatred
Lawrence Ianni (Marcia Covered the land
Rosenberg), 7143 Cottonwood And killed 6,000,000
Knoll, West Bloomfield, a All of them innocent, except that they were Jewish.
Yet, I cannot bring myself to cry
daughter, Carol Lindsay.
For too often in my lifetime, I have died.
* * *
Nov. 6—To Mr. and Mrs.
David Benyas (Beth Feld-
man), former Detroiters of
Raleigh, N.C., a daughter,
By RABBI SAMUEL FOX proach requires a call and
Carrie Rachel.
(Copyright 1974, JTA, Inc.)
response between the leader
• * *
Traditional Judaism re- of the prayers and the public.
Oct. 25—To Mr. and Mrs. quires a minimum of 10 men
The number 10 is derived
Michael Silverton (Sharon (a minyan) to be present in
the rabbis from several
Raphael), former Detroiters order to conduct a public by
sources in the Bible. When
of Skokie, Ill., a daughter, service. • Abraham pleaded for the
Amy Hope.
Technically, it should be preservation of the wicked
* *
understood that any number city of Sodom, the agree-
Sept. 30—To Dr. and Mrs. of people can pray together. ment was that if 10 righteous
Marvin Sonne (Fran Froh- Even one person may pray men were to be found in the
lick), former Detroiters of by himself. However, there city it could be saved. Thus
San Clement e, Calif., a are certain prayers that may 10 is the minimum which
daughter, Amy Jennifer.
only be recited in public, deserves the special attention
• *
kedusha, kadish, horhu, of the Almighty. When the
Sept. 24—To Dr. and Mrs. etc. The "bophy" is a call 10 spies who spoke dispar-
Alden Leib (Lorraine Ber- by the leader of the prayers agingly about the land of Is-
man), 28382 Harwich Dr., to the rest of the public to rael were accused, they were
Farmington Hills, a daugh- join in prayer. Therefore, it accused not as 10 individu-
ter, Stacie Jill.
als but as a community.
requires the quorum.
The kadish and kedusha Thus, the number. 10 was
Aug. 27—To Mr. and Mrs. constitute a glorification of cited by the rabbis as a min-
Stephen M. Patz, 14221 La- the Divine name in sacred imum number of people to
belle, Oak Park, a son, Dar- words. This license was comprise a community. Ten
ren Elon.
granted only to a public quo- can contain a community of
* * *
rum. Generally speaking, salvation or a community of
To Dr. and Mrs. Irving I. while the Jew may approach condemnation.
Foon (Ruth Smith), 23300 the Almighty even as an in-
Improve yourself before
Providence, Southfield, an dividual, he also approaches
adopted daughter, Abigail the Almighty as a part of a you attempt to improve oth-
public quorum. This ap- ers.—Talmud.
,.•###### r


Nov. 22—To Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas Gendron (Michelle
Tonkin), of Gibralter, a
daughter, Melissa Aimee.
* .* *
Nov. 21—To Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Leshman (Barbara
Beigel), 6276 Wynford, West
Bloomfield, a son, Scott Paul.
Nov. 18—To Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. McKenzie (Harriet
Deutch), former Detroiters





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From 'The - Unfinished Tragedy'


By RABBI SAMUEL J. FOX people of Israel in the midst
(Copyright 1974, JTA, Inc.)
of their suffering. The seven
What is the meaning of portions thus read follow a
the expression "shlita"
special order so that they
which is added to the name may not be interchanged
with one another (Tosafot,
of a distinguished rabbi
Megilla 31b). Some com-
when writing to him for-
mally or speaking of him?
mentaries like to regard the
The word "shlita" is an seven portions as a dialogue
abbreviation for the Hebrew between the people of Israel
words that make up a clause and the Almighty. At first
which blesses the individual the prophet himself tries to
referred to. The full expres- console the people, then the
sion is "Sheyikhyeh L'Orekh people refuse to be console •
Yomim Tovim, Amen" which with the prophet along. T
means "may he live for long prophet reports this back
good days, Amen." Such an God who then Himself c
expression is a general char- soles the people. Tisha
acteristic of bestowing one's which is the anniversar
good wishes and blessing up- the destruction of the Temple
on an individual when refer- in Jerusalem is thus followed
ring to him. Thus such ex- by a progressive series of
pressions as "Nero Yair" consolations which finally re-
(May his light shine) or conditions the people to a
"sheyikhyeh" (may he live) more optimistic outlook on
are often used when refer- life and finally prepares them
ring to people formally. Since for the New Year and the
a rabbi is usually a man of Rosh Hashana holiday which
distinction a longer blessing is confronted with hope in-
is recited. This generally as- stead of despair.
sumed that one cannot be
neutral about people. One Commuter—one who spends
must always wish a good
his life
person well. Likewise, it is a In riding to and from his
custom, when referring to a
demonic person who is re- A man who shaves and
nown for his evil to add the
takes a train,
expression "Yimakh Shmo And then rides back to
V'zichro" which means "may
shave again.—Elwyn White
his name and memory be
erased." The latter is only Classifieds Get Quick Results
used for people who are more
or less universally recognized
as extremely evil. Such an
expression was added to the
name of Hitler, for example:
Soften the sidewalks,
* *
Shorten the miles!
Why are the seven Sab-
baths that fall between
Tisha b'Av and Rosh Has-
hana treated as a special
These seven Sabbaths are
called the "Sheva d'Necham-
ta" which means "the seven
(Sabbaths) of Consolation."
Tan, bone, white.
The particular emphasis
' T.M. RIPPLE Sole Corp.
comes from the content of
the seven Haftorot (prophet-
ic portions) that are read
on each of these seven Sab-
bath mornings respectively.
33 East Adams
19360 Livernois— • 20901 Kelly Rd.
The portions are selections
from the Prophetic books
which seek to console the



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