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October 11, 1974 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1974-10-11

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Acrimony and Terror Drag Mankind Back Into
Jungle . . . Inhumanity of Man to Man That Brands
Israel as a Luxury in World Dominated by Hate

Purely Commentary

By Philip

A UN That Glorifies Terrorists Abandons Basic Rules of Decency

Acrimony is a mild word when applied to the form
oratory assumes at the United Nations.
The international organization, formed for the purpose
of advancing world peace, becomes malignantly inhuman
the moment the blocs antagonistic to Israel _take over
the platform. They never abandon it when truth seeks
access into the areas of hatred poisonously irrigated by
an endless avalanche of speeches.
The entire world suffers from the plague of terrorism
that has been nurtured by the attitudes that exist in the
world organization. Yet every step taken by the hate-
inspired majority of the world organization nourishes the
terror that keeps threatening mankind.
During one of the most recent terroristic acts, the New
York Times (Sept. 19 issue) demanded "Stopping the
Terrorists" and pointed a finger at the guilty by stating:
The end of the grim vigil at the French Embassy
in The Hague cannot take the eyes of the world off the
three Japanese terrorists who held 12 persons, includ-
ing French Ambassador Jacques Senard, captive —
nine of them for four interminable days. The fact that
all the hostages have now been released • physically
unhurt hardly minimizes this latest criminal act by
international outlaws.
The main reason for continuation of the plague of
international piracy, kidnaping and extortion is the
long history. of open or covert complicity by govern-
ments which, by their refusal tg invoke the full force
of the law against such criminals, undermine the
peace and safety of civilized societies everywhere. The
only way to stop the terror is to shut off all sanctu-
aries for terrorists. The answer to governments which
refuse to cooperate in such simple procedures to up-
hold international law is to confront them with the
prospect of being ostracized and quarantined.
The only acceptable course open to the authorities
at Damascus, where the aircraft commandeered by 'the
terrorists has landed, is to arrest the trio, and with
them the 25-year-old fellow•extremist whose - release
from a French prison they extorted with guns pointed
at their innocent victims, and bring them to justice,
preferably, by turning them over to the Dutch police.

Zalman Shazar—Scholar and Hasid

Shneur Zalman (Rubashov) Shazar com-
bined in his pleasant personality the genius
of many cultures. It carried over from the
last years of the 19th into the entire fulcrum
of the 20th Century.
He emerged from the shtetl, the small
Russian ghetto- town, into the Russian uni-
versity ajid thence into the world of scholars
and diplomats without losing an _iota of the
Jewish qualities of the Old World; while
gaining all of the spirit and power of West-
ern culture. In both he displayed knowledge,
and he imparted it to his fellow men with
The late president of Israel was a master
of languages. He was an orator in Yiddish
and Hebrew as well as in English. And he
wrote equally powerfully in all of them.
Therefore, he also mastered the classics
of all of these three languages.
He was respectful and therefore earned
great respect in return. He lived amidst
many secularists, yet he loved the syna-
gogue and was a hasid on a high level of
spiritual enthusiasm. He did not shrink from
his tefilin and talit while sharing the devo-
tions of the Chabad affiliates, and, indeed,
he personified the very meaning of that
word which stems from the initials of the
three Hebrew words Khakma, Bina, Da'at-

It will be instructive to see whether the Syrian Gov-
ernment now allies itself with civilized procedure or
with the terrorists.
Tragically, appeals to reason fall on deaf ears. There
is no hope that sparks of decency might be ignited among
a majority of UN delegates. The hatred for. Israel, the
power of the oil magnates, has blinded statesmen who
are expected to have visions of decency, and where it was
expected that there may emerge an ear for kindness deaf-
ness has set in. Inhumanity of man to man has acquired
a center for action in the parliament of the nations of the
If the-haters should decide on a platform for Yassir
Arafat, the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization,
the inspirer of terrorism, there won't be a place for honor
and decency in the world assembly that is destroying
rather than creating hopes for peace.
The vision of Isaiah has been one of the symbols of
that parliament. That hope has been turned into a sham
and the shambles are being defiled by demoniacal tactics.

recen. meeting of a committee in race discrimination at
the United Nations, referred to Israel's existence as a
luxury for the world when he declared:
" . . . Human rights, which is the issue, is an issue which

will resolve itself once the Palestinian people recapture their
primary right, their overriding right, the right to self-deter-
mination, and the day is closer than many people would
think. And you might, Mr. Chairman, remember that I said
last year, that eventually, maybe in a year, maybe in five,
the steady current of history will be and justice will be
done and peoples right will emerge triumphant and the crazy
dream would have faded and everyone would realize that
crimes against humanity like any other crime doesn't pay.
And, Mr. Chairman, came October (1973) to mark the begin-
nings of this natural course of history.
"October came to wine out the June (1967) syndrome.
Since October, Israel has lost its sex anneal and cancer in
the area has turned into septic focus which will eventually
be removed. The spoiled child of the Middle East has become
the sick man of the Middle East.
"Minister Sapir himself said 'October cost us more than
billion. We cannot afford to fight such a war every couple •
years; maybe the Arabs could.' In fact there would hav
been no longer an all Israeli state for the huge American
airlift and one wonders what kind of state is this, a political
fallacy that needs blood transfusions in order to stay alive.
"Will it stay alive, as the Sunday Times once put the
question, to see the year 2000? Israel, using business language,
claims that it was a good American investment. October
proved that it was a very bad investment. It did threaten to
cut the veins that carry life to the whole world, while Israel
proved to be a paper tiger unable to defend its own very
existence and while it appeared to be just a political luxury
that the world could do without"!

Once again . American policy is being put to the test.
How many concessions will be made to terrorists? Are our
representatives at the United Nations able to stem the tide
of hatred and will mere rhetoric serve the purpose of pre-
venting calamities for Israel, for the few who still offer
a hand of friendship to the Jewish state? Will Henry A.
Kissinger bring back a message of cheer from his newest
Middle East trip?
Andrei Gromyko, speaking for the Soviet Union, re-
affirmed his government acquiescence to Israel's right to
exist. What does the USSR do to guarantee it? It keeps
pouring munitions into the camps of those who advocate
Israel's destruction!
Dr. Kissinger keeps reiterating an American aspira-
tion for peace. How is that policy, which was viewed as
traditional in American-Israel relations, jibe with the views.
of those who must guarantee that peace? Neither Anwar
Sadat nor any other Arab spokesman has even spoken in
terms other than Israel's eventual disappearance.
An Egyptian representative, M. Khalifa, addressing a

Only a bigot and a hater of men would ever dare
assert that any of the 20 Arab states, which occupy mil-
lions of acres of land and whose wealth has begun to
dominate the world, is a luxury. Not a single Arab leader
has ever granted Israel the just right of existence.
History will know how to judge the current events that
emanate from a sentiment that brands a small group
amidst so many saber-rattling nations as a luxury in the
world's social structure. But the generation yet to be judged
appears unaware of the crimes that are being committed
while sanctions for genocide are being granted by the
world parliament that dares call itself a unity of nations.
Perhaps the wisdom of Isaiah (swords shall be broken
into plowshares) should be removed from the entrance
hall to the UN and in its stead should be substituted a
warning that those entering it must abandon all hope for

wisdom, understanding, knowledge.
In the early years of Zionist struggles
for attainment of the libertarian goals of
the great movement that sought fulfillment
of prophecy for the rebirth of the Jewish
nation, he labored tirelessly, traveling every-
where to propagate the great cause. He
inspired many thousands, and from their
ranks Israel gained citizens of stature.
When he became Israel's third president,
he rose to his high position with dignity,
ability to meet the statesmen of the world
with courage, and when it fell to his lot to
welcome Pope Paul VI to Israel he meas-
ured up to the task as a proud Jew and
distinguished Israeli.
His name will live in Jewish history with
a blessing due a man of devotion, scholar-
ship, leadership ability and the charm of
the head of a state in the making of which
he played an historic role.

That, in itself, symbolized one of the
major results of reborn Jewish statehood.
With the emergence of Israel there was
emphasis on the rebirth of the Holy Tongue
as the spoken language of the Jewish state
and its citizens.
It might have been hoped that the un-
usual occurrence of Hebrew 'being used as
a diplomatic medium of expression would
awaken concern among the nations of the
world in the unusual occurrence of the lan-
guage of the Bible, the accepted guide to all
of mankind's religious faiths, would also
inject a desire to protect the small nation
that perpetuates the Holy Tongue against
any calamities and cataclysms.
But the bursts of oratory are imbedded
in so much hatred that hope for an early
adoption of compassion vanishes.
What a sad contributing factor to the
international tragedy!
* * *

Hebrew on Deaf Ears at UN
For the first time in the history of the
United Nations, an address was heard in
Yigal Allon's address was translated for
the General Assembly delegates in various
languages from his address in his native

Tragedy of Egyptian Jewry

They are free, 'but lonely and uneasy, is
the summary of Barbara Walters' Today
Show report on the remaining Jews in
Egypt. She visited the Cairo synagogue on
Rosh Hashana and later spoke to some of
the 450 remaining Jews in Cairo and Alex-
andria out of a community of 100,000 in

One couple attempted to whitewash the
conditions and to speak as if there were
normalcy. But the very admission of isola-
tion from the rest of the community was
sufficient to emphasize the tragedy of Jews
in all Arab countries. There are few of them
left and the 700,000 Jews from Moslem coun-
tries who settled in Israel are witnesses
in a case cf humiliation, destruction and
Ms. Walters may have summed up_ the
existing situation when she said regarding
her interviews with Egyptian Jews: "Men-
tion Israel and the Jews (in Cairo) clam
The report brought back from Cairo by
Ms. Walters is one of tragedy. Few young
people remain among the 450 survivors
whose average age is. in the 60s. A thriving
community was destroyed by the Egyptians.
Great wealth was confiscated, and now a
few survivors are given the freedom to wor-
ship in the remaining synagogue. For the
Egyptians, who join the cry of "Jihad"—
holy war—against Israel with a pledge to
destroy Israel, to claim that they defend
religious freedoms is as ludicrous as the
Sadat flattery of "Dear Henry" to Kissinger
while glorifying the murderous PLO and
confirming the aim of pursuing the war to
end Israel's existence.

Allon Addresses United Nations in Hebrew: Sincere Negotiations Bring Peace

Foreign Minister Yigal
Allon of Israel told the UN
General Assembly Thursday
that "not a single one of the
problems encompassed in
the Arab-Israeli dispute can
be solved by war" and that
"there is no problem, includ-
ing the question of the in-
dependent identity of the
Palestinians, which cannot
be solved by sincere nego-
tiations between the parties."
Allon, speaking in Hebrew,
the first time in the history
of the United Nations that
the Assembly was addressed
in that language, declared,
"Only a peace founded on

respect for the interests of
both parties can be genuine,
stable and durable."
He said that "the geo-
strategic conditions which
have evolved in the Middle
East make such a peace
possible" and that "Israel
would be prepared to give
favorable considerations to a
significant territorial com-
promise, but she cannot com-
promise on her security."
He said that if "the condi-
tions are not yet ripe" for
the conclusion of a final
peace settlement between Is-
rael and its neighbors, Israel
is prepared to "examine the
possibilities of reaching in-

2 Friday, October 11, 1974 THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS

terim agreements
. '. pro-
viding for effective mutual
security arrangements, that,
in the course of time will
lead to negotiations for a
peace treaty which will de-
termine the final borders."
It was Allon's first appear-
ance before the 138-member
body as head of the Israeli
delegation since he became
foreign minister earlier this
year. The tone of his address
was described as both firm
and conciliatory.
Declaring that "detente
will either be global and ap-
ply to the Middle East as
well, or there will be no
detente at all," Allon ac-
cused the Soviet Union of
being "one of the principal

causes of tension" in the
"The Soviet Union is doing
no service to the people of
the area when it counts
weapons of war among its
main exports to some coun-
tries of the Middle East,"
Allon said.
The Israeli Foreign Min-
ister was most bitter in his
castigation of the Palestine
Liberation Organization
(PLO) which he described
as "not a national liberation
movement but the roof or-
ganization of disunited and
splintered terrorist groups
whose pretensions and sup-
port do not spring from the
broad masses of the Pales-
tinian population."

Noting that more Arabs
than Israelis have been
killed by these terrorist
groups and more terrorists
have been killed in clashes
with regular Arab forces
than by Israeli security
forces, Allon noted that
"these facts are obvious to
anybody who cares to exam-
ine them."
The PLO, he said, "stands
in direct contradiction to the
Charter of the United Na-
tions. It denies absolutely
the right of Israel to exist
and postulates its destruc-
tion as a principal objective."
He also accused the Arab
states of perpetuating the
refugee problem since 1948
"in order to exploit human

suffering for political and
propaganda ends."
He noted that far more dif,.
ficult refugee problems
other parts of the world haN, ,_
been solved long ago. He said
that given good will, the
question of compensation for
both Arab refugees and Jew-
ish refugees from the Arab
states can be settled.
Earlier in his address, Al-
lon called attention to the
plight of Jews in Syria and
the Soviet Union. He ex-
pressed hope that what is
left of the ancient Jewish
community of Syria which is
"subjected to unceasing op-
pression" will, "as an act
of humanity, be finally al-
lowed to leave.",

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