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August 09, 1974 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1974-08-09

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Purely Commentary

Palestinians and 'Terrorist International' Warning Revelations

"Palestinians" has become a term leading to misrepresentations by those
seeking Israel's destruction and delusion in the ranks of the growing number of
Israelis and Jews who are anxious for speedy solutions of the Middle East problem
and therefore are ready to make all sorts of consessions for the sake of peace.
Inclining to whatever acquiescences could be vital to the achievement of amity,
even the most meager attainment of a lasting cease fire, many in Jewish ranks
have gone along with the proposals for a new Palestinian state or for whatever
could be arrived tat in a spirit of cooperation.
But it is this spirit of cooperativeness that is so lacking and the proposals for
a new state become merged into increasing suspicions that the objective for a new
nation is merely to increase the possibility eventually to destroy Israel.
It is true, as claimed by those rejecting aims for a new Arab state, that
Palestinians are Jordanians, Jordanians are Palestinians, and a state for them
already exists. But Hussein is not liked by many of his compatriots, there are
those who would create a buffer area from which to launch more attacks on Israel,
the Communist partisan would have a new zone from which to create trouble for
Israel, the area and the world.
The misled should take these facts into consideration. Chuck Stone has been
to Israel and his written sympathetically in the Jewish state's defense. But the
Palestinian myth has misled him, as it has many others. Therefore, it is necessary
to keep the record straight, to get at the truth, to be on guard lest more calamities
strike the entire embattled Mideast area.
The Palestinians themselves have been misdirected by the terrorists, and, most
tragically, those who have created the terror are the dominant factor in an unhappy
article in an Irish
"The Great Palestinian Confidence Trick" is the title of
newspaper, Yorkshire Post, in which the writer exposes the Palestinian predominance
in the "trade union" of world terrorism. It deals with "Terrorism International as
that movement prepared to meet in Belfast, and its revelations contain. the following:

The Middle East scenario
has all the predictable vio-
lence of a horror film seen
for the umpteenth time. As
Palestinian terrorist organi-
zations vie for prominence,
the script for the next epi-,
sode is already written.

Tomorrow (or next week,
next month) the terrorists
will slaughter more un-
armed Israeli civilians : if
the victims are women or
children, so much the bet-
ter for publicity purposes.
Israel will retaliate and will
then be condemned by the
United Nations for her ef-

But a new element in the
script is already discern-
ible. At the same time as
they engage in slaughter
and violence, the Palestin-
ian terrorists are gaining a
reputation for statesman-
ship. Western newspapers
carry articles on the "new
mood of realism" in Pales-
tinian circles. Rarely ^ a
week goes by without "re-
spe ctabl e" Palestinian
spokesmen in well-cut suits
appearing on television in
London, Paris and New
York. Influential commenta-
tors assess the weight of the
latest pronouncement by
Yassir Arafat. It is one of
the greatest confidence
tricks in modern political

Ta be fair to the terror-
ists, they have never at-
tempted to disguise their
aims. They are so con-
temptuous of Western wool-
ly-mindedness that they
brush aside all attempts to
whitewash t h e m. Every
soothing statement by their
smooth London spokesman,
Mr. Said Hammami, for in-
, stance, is instantly and
scornfully repudiated in

At the Palestine Council
meeting in Cairo this month,
the terrorists spelled out
their precise aims for all
who wish to see. They will
. . complete the libera-
tion of Palestinian soil as a
step to Arab unity" (which
means the destruction of
state of Israel): they will
struggle to "establish demo-
cratic national rule in Jor-

vent us from turning the
dan" (which means the de-
entire country into an ar-
struction of the Hussein re-
gime); they will "strength- senal." Israelis are under-
en solidarity with the social- standably reluctant to co-
ist countries and the forces operate in the destruction of
of liberation and progress their country, whether by
in the world to frustrate all
blitzkrieg or by salami tac-
Zionist reactionary and im-- tics, slice by sliCe.
perialist plans" (w h i c h
The truth is that the sick
means commitment to world
revolution). Nothing could minds which control the
Palestinian terrorist organ-
be clearer.
And those "experts" who izations are concerned less
believe that the terrorists with nationalist objectives
would be content with a than with international
Palestinian state on the chaos. The training camps
of the PDF and George Hab-
West Bank and in Gaza, co-
bash's PFLP brainwash
existing in peace with Is- their recruits on a diet of
rael, would do well to read Marxist and Maoist propa-
Points 2 and 3 of the Cairo ganda. Month after month
agreement. The Palestinian they are indoctrinated with
Liberation Organization will Lenin on revolution, Stalin
"struggle with every means, - on the principles of Lenin-
mainly armed struggle, to ism, Guevara on guerrilla
liberate the Palestinian ter- warfare; Giap on the Peo-
ritory and establish the ple's War, and Mao on the
militant independent na- class struggle. Their patron
tional authority of the peo- saint is not Mohammed but
ple on all parts of Pales- Fanon,. the Algerian theor-
tinian territory that will be ist of revolution whose pro-
liberated." They will "strug- nouncements on the psycho-
gle against any project for -- logical value of violence
the establishment of a Pal- inspire the terrorist acts.
estinian entity the price of
Next month's meeting of,
which would be recognition, the "Terrorists Internation-'
conciliation and secure al" in Belfast is only the
latest example of the close
The message is unmistak- links between international
able: a Palestinian state terrorist organizations.
would be used as'a base of Documents found in Lon-
operations in the continuing . donderry showed clearly
fight to destroy Israel. that the IRA had given fa-
Nayef Hawatmeh, leader of cilities to the Japanese Red
the Popular Democratic Army Group, the PFLP, the
Front which was responsi- Turkish Liberation Front
ble for the Ma'alot massa- and other groups. IRA re-
cre, is even more explicit. cruits were trained by El
In reply to the question, Fatah in Libya and Syria:
"Do you mean that even members of the fanatical
after the establishment of West German group, the
a Palestinian state in the Baader - Meinhoff gang,
West Bank and Gaza, you trained with the PFLP in
will be unwavering in your Lebanon, as did American
aim to destroy the state of Black Panthers: a PFLP
Israel?" he replied as fol- mission visited Dublin in
1972. French-Canadian ter-
trained at a Leba-
"Yes, we will establish rorists
nese PDF camp where they
our state and at the same were quoted as saying that
time remain loyal to the they were "learning how to
strategic aim of our revo- kill rather than how to mo-
lution. We will advance step bilize popular movements"
by step towards our objec- and that the particular ob-
tive. We will equip our ject of their training was to
people in the occupation become "experts in selec-
areas with arms. Once the tive assassination."
Palestinian state is estab-
Behind many of the ter-
lished, no supervisory sys-
tem of the kind that may be rorist activities can be dis-
set up by the UN will pre- cerned the hand of the So-

Terror as an International Crime and the
Horror of Brutalities Exposed in the Irish
Press . . . The 'Palestinians' Issue Defamed

viet Union. Palestinians are
recruited for training by the
KGB in Russia and Syria
under a scheme of assist-
ance which has broadened
as the Soviet position in
Egypt has weakened. A
KGB front organization,.
the Afro-Asian Solidarity
Committee, coordinates the
assistance program, which
has included arms for the
IRA forwarded via El Fa-
Hawatmeh and Habbash
make no secret of their
eventual aim: a protracted
people's war that would
turn the Middle East into
another Vietnam: a revolu-
tion in all the Arab states
which would be linked with
the campaign against Israel
and against "world imper-
ialism, led by the United
States." Yet these are the
men who sit on the 14-mem-
ber executive of the Pales-
tine Council, along with Ta-
lal Nagi, who helped to or-
ganize the butchery in Kir-
yat Shemona.
Their claim to represent

the Palestinian people is
grotesque. They do not rep-
resent the Palestinians in
Jordan, in Israel or in the
Gaza. Two-thirds of the
Palestinian people live in
these areas and they have
never been consulted by' the
PLO on what their future
should be or whether they
wish to be represented by
Marxist and Maoist revo-
lutionaries. It is small won-
der that Israel's new Prime
Minister, Yitzhak Rabin has
objected to being forced to
treat with "representatives
of sabotage and terrorist
organizations" a statement
for which he was duly re-
buked by fashionable pro-
gressives in the West.
The terrorists are not
fighting for a reasonable
peace settlement. They re-
ject United Nations Resolu-
tion 242. They deny Israel's
right to exist. They despise
moderate Arab politicians
like Sadat and Hussein who
might be prepared to sit
down and talk peace. They

By Philip

are the mad dogs of the
Arab world. Habbash boasts
"We are the jokers in the
pack. Without us the Arab
leaders cannot make peace
and we will never consent."
Yet there are still well-in-
tentioned people in the West
who fail to realize that the
terrorists commit their acts
of savagery not because
they are Maoists, anarch-
ists or nihilists—or because
they are in love with vio ,
lence. These naive Wester
ers, in politics and in
media, bear a heavy resp
sibility for the continuance
of Middle East violence.
It is terror for its own
sake. The threat is not just
to Israel but to civilized so-
ciety everywhere. The ter-
rorist Habbash said when
he visited North Korea:
"There can be no political
or geographical boundaries
or moral limits. In today's
world nobody is innocent
and nobody is neutral." Let
no one in the West say that
he has not been warned.

Portrayed here is a rather ugly picture. Its augury for the' world could spell
doom. For Israel and for Jewry it is horrifying. For mankind it is a challenge.

It is urgent to propagate concessions. For peace it is necessary to have the
two contending forces face each other and get to the root of the problems. Then there
can be some sort of accord. But as long as one side insists that Israel must keep
backing up, there can't be too much hope for an end to the conflagration.

Since Israel is the surrounded, the numerically overwhelmed, the endangered
with.few friends, the struggle continues.

Whence cometh help?. Is it only from Jewish ranks? Are we losing the under-
standing of commentators like Chuck Stone? Will the revelation appearing here
help set him and those in Jewish ranks on the road of understanding the true aims
of terrorists who shield under the title Palestinians?

. The past year was a tough one for Israel, the world—the United _States with
all its involvements stemming from foreign pressures and White House miscalcula-
tions and inexcusable blunders. The hope is that the coming months and years
won't be even worse.

From Dental Drilling to Drilling Soldiers

ut is a very complex and
busy man. During the Yom
Kippur War he combined his
private dental practice in
Jerusalem's Ramat Eshkol
with helping protect the Old
City against terrorist activ-
ities. By day he drilled teeth,
with his wife Cynthia serv-
ing as a combined dental hy-
At night, every night, he was
part of an unusual trio.
Along with an Israeli po-
lice superintendent, and a
naval commando, he walked
the narrow, blacked out
streets of the aged Old City,
ripping down terrorist signs
(which most of the popula-
tion never even learned
about), looking for terrorists
and helping the Arab inhabi-
tants. He volunteered for this
strange task, as he has for
most of his 39 years, for so
many other tasks.
Dr. Sockut grew up in West
Hartford. He went the route
that so many other fairly
comfortable Jews in Ameri-
ca have continued to go. "I
went to Hebrew school long
enough to do what had to be
done for my Bar Mitzva. I
completed my BA at the Uni-
versity of Connecticut, and
then graduated from the
Tufts School of Dental Medi-
cine." But within this usual
route was a dream.--A dream

which was actualized August
1971 when he and his family
arrived to settle in Israel.
"Since I was a kid I've al-
ways wanted to come. I've
always considered it natural
to come to Israel."
His wife Cynthia, 38,
also grew up in West Hart-
ford, and she graduated from
the University of Bridgeport.
She also attended Hebrew
school for a few years. Her
coming to Israel was not
part of a dream. "On my
own initiative I don't think
that I would have come. But
through Gene's initiative I
The Sockut's absorption
into Israeli life began in the
newly developed center
for professionals, Mevasseret
Zion — seven kilometers in
the hills outside of Jerusa-
lem, and remained there
when they joined Moshav
Beit Nekofa. The Sockuts live
on one acre of land overlook-
ing Jerusalem, in a rural at-
mosphere, and work in a new
part of Jerusalem — Ramat
In the U.S. Sockut was -ac-
tive in Bnai Brith. He was
vice president of the local
ZOA group, and part of the
Young Leadership group of
the American Jewish Com-
mittee. There was also the
men's division of Israel
Bonds, and the Hartford Jew-
ish Federation. The year

2 Friday, August 9, 1974

prior to his emigrating to Is-
rael he spent Sundays deve-
loping and teaching high
school students a course on
Jewish identity.
Sockut also was active po-
litically. One of the papers
that he wrote for the ADL on
the Middle East was used as
one of Sen. Edmond Muskie's
position papers.
He has always been inter-
ested in the power of the
media and in facilitating
communication. During the
Six-Day War's aftermath, he
flew to Israel as a reporter
for the CBS affiliate WINF
to do on-the-spot interviews
and analysis of the situation.
During his initial adaptation
to Israel in 1971, he worked
as a foreign press officer for
the ministry of tourism,
then he worked for the
mation department of ,,xe
foreign ministry.
In Connecticut, Mrs. Sock-
ut was part of the local lead-
ership of the National Coun-
cil of Jewish Women, mem-
ber of Beth El Synagogue's
sisterhood, a member of the
women's division of Israel
Bonds and a worker in the
Hartford Jewish Federation.
During the war she worked
as a volunteer packing medi-
cal supplies. She organized
her neighbors on the moshav
to gather items that the
soldiers needed at the front
such as cakes, candy, socks,
games and pocket radios.


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