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May 24, 1974 - Image 41

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1974-05-24

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Ugliness of Spreading Bigotries Hearty Words for Israel from Menuhin and Talmadge
their environment which are
Exposed in `New Anti-Semitism' By
Reiterating his s u p p or t chanics, tradesmen, crafts-
(Copyright 1974, JTA, Inc.)

incredible. There is space
There is a revived ant i_ Israel's policies in Jerusalem,
At the National Press Club's for everybody, there is
said that even as "the Jews"
Jewish bigotry in many ranks praise
God "they begin almost luncheon for Yehudi Menu- wealth for everybody, there's
and it expresses itself through simultaneously to put Him to hin, the violinist spoke and land for everybody, there's
(However the words were
a variety of hatemongers. intended,
they contained an ob- responded to questions main- intelligence for everybody.
Arnold Forster and Benja- vious allusion in the minds of ly pertinent to the arts until It is too tragic that the posi-
min R. Epstein, officials of many listeners on the very Sun- David Garrison Berger, the tive possibilities are not seen
the Anti-Defamation League day before the Crucifixion.)
Nor did Mr. Richardson men- club's historian with a long and only the old fears and
of Bnai Brith, show how the tion
that Father Berrigan, speak- personal association with Is- power struggles are being
developed movements are ing before a convention of Amer- raeli leaders, put this to fed."
ican Arabs in Washington, as-
basking in prejudices in "The sailed
Israel as "a criminal Jew- him: "The state of Israel—
These remarks brought the
New Anti-Semitism" (Mc- ish community" that "tortures What is your opinion after 26
loudest applause of the after-
seeks "biblical
Graw Hill Book Co.).
justification for its crimes against
noon from the approximately
Nearly forgotten, Gerald humanity" and "manufactures hu- ous response was substan- 250 attending. Menuhin, born
man waste." American Jewish tially as follows:
Lyman Kenneth Smith car- leaders, he said, "ignored the Asi-
to Russian emigrants in 1916
"I feel naturally, as a Jew,
ries on his spreading hatreds an holocaust in favor of aid to Is-
rael." Most Jews, he added, "aren't extremely partisan. It has in New York, gave a concert
through his magazine "The shaken by the burning flesh of
in San Francisco when he
ass and the Flag," and his children." (In a transparent pre- been the hope for hundreds was 7. He began playing the
at impartiality, he leveled and hundreds of years for
paganda that is reeking tense
violin when he was 3.
this cruelty against the Arabs,
Jews to return to Israel—in
with misrepresentations and too.)
Berger, a former New York
appeals to violence. By ex-
Not reading the ADL study, those days to die — to re- City newspaperman and now
posing him anew the new Mr. Richardson naturally misses turn to the religious and cul- a Washington lawyer, began
ironically, he points to tural homeland which has
book offers a timely indict- —though,
—our central thesis: that many
arranging appearances of Is..
ment of activities that keep major respectable voices in Amer- now become, of course, a raeli leaders at National
society have lately betrayed national homeland with all
adding venom to smoldering a ican
disturbing insensibility to Jew- the attendant difficulties Press Club lunches in 1950
fires of bigotry.
ish concerns, to personal feelings
when he scheduled the first
Jews as Jews, and—in other which befall nations that
In the media and the arts, of
cases not mentioned here—to have to survive. But I still of five speeches there by
there have been occurrences blatant anti-Semitism itself.
Foreign Minister Abba Eban.
Our point is well documented, have high hopes that the The late Israel Prime Minis-
that were marked by ill and
we neither attack. "legiti- breadth of vision that the
winds in the treatment ac- mate" political criticism of Is- Jew has shown over thou- ter David Ben-Gurion spoke
corded Jews. Passion plays rael nor attempt to "isolate" peo- sands of years . . . will find in 1951; Golda Meir, then
and performances 'akin to ple as Father Berrigan does.
foreign minister, in 1956;
The CSMonitor, on April its realization and (there and Israel's Labor Party
them, unfriendly commenta-
will be) an eventual frater-
tors who have spread libels,
nization of all peoples within leader Yitzhak Rabin in 1968
movies with messages that thinking . . . about the na- that area . . .
shortly after he had arrived
inspired suspicions, the anti- ture of the state of Irsael
"I think Israel will
. . as Israel's ambassador.
Semitism stemming from ha- and its future." What is im- fulfill its greatest mission as
* * *
tred for Israel and Zionism plied in "the nature of the the country, the people which Talmadge's Encouraging
transformed into the inter- existence of the state?" In will bring peace _and friend- Words for Israel
national campaign of anti- that same issue there is an ship to all the elements in
Some of the most encour-
Zionism with roots in this article by John K. Cooley the Middle East. That will aging words for Israel come
country as part of the Arab from Beirut claiming that come when the peoples of from members of Congress.
propaganda—these and many "most of the publicity in this region themselves decide A bellwether speech in this
other aspects of the hatreds Western news media has that they don't want to be respect was Senator Herman
been given to Israel charges
are exposed in this book.
the pawns of any great power E. Talmadge's to Jews in
Both the Radical Left and rather than Arab ones," and . • . to refuse arms sent Atlanta at a David Ben-
the Radical Right are shown
them by the great powers, Gurion Awards dinner hon-
to be the enemies of truth long list of charges, with a to concentrate on the human oring an old friend, attorney
of bill of complaints, problems and promises of
and the expounders of the sort
I. T. Cohen.
against Israel.
hatreds that add to the exist-
In that editorial the CSMon-
ing tensions. Radio hate-mon-
gering like that of Jeffrey St. itor made much of reports
John are a major part of the that 20 per cent of Israelis
rael spread like wildfire in
bigotries that pollute the me- plan to emigrate and to leave
(A Seven Arts Feature)
1948, and many of them left
the country., The claims are
There is a teacher in the en masse, but not all of
There are newspaper ani-
ORT s c h o o l in Teheran
mosities and a measure of disputed, but they make good named Abdollah, who has them. Abdollah's m o the r
went to Israel, but he re-
unfriendliness and o t h e r editorial copy for those seek- been tapped, to become head mained
among the few hun-
spheres related to the media,
of the department of air con- dred families left behind,
and the most blatant exam- pity that a great newspaper ditioning and refrigeration living
with his uncle.
ple of anti-Israelism is shown should thus fault itself.
technology. Strange name for
In those early years, Ab-
in the pages of the Christian
The Forster-Epstein vol- a Jew, but that is what his dollah worked as a gleaner
Science Monitor. It is on this ume is a study that must not father named him at his in the fields, begged, bor-
score that an exchange of let- be ignored in the search for birth 29 years ago.
rowed, lived from hand to
ters in the New York Times amity in the American so-
His odyssey from his native mouth until he came to a
adds to the regrettable ex- ciety. "There is abroad in hamlet of Karavandan to the town that had a school where
periences. The following let- our land," the two eminent industrial application of cry- he studied.
ter by Arnold Forster, ADL's authors of this book state, "a ogenics, which is his special-
One day milling around the
general counsel, was pub- large measure of indiffer- ty, in the ORT school, tele- marketplace of Zanjan, the
lished in the New lork Times, ence to the most profound ap- scopes in less than three big town of the province,
March 28:
prehensions of the Jewish decades the transformation and mixing with the Jewish
In his March 13 letter John P. people; a blandness and apa-
of Iran and of its Jews.
peddlers, he was told about
Richardson delivered a mislead-
ing comment on the recent Anti- thy in dealing with anti-Jew-
When Abdollah was bOrn, the ORT school in Teheran
Defamation League study which ish behavior; a widespread
Iran had no industry to speak and assured that he would
found a new insensitivity toward
Jews and Jewish concerns in incapacity or unwillingness of; schools were for the very find there a place to live.
various sectors of American so- to comprehend the necessity rich, and usually in Europe;
He proved an apt student,
ciety. It is too bad that Mr. of the existence of Israel to
there was no ORT, and the and in his senior year at
Richardson did not wait for the
publication of the study, for if Jewish safety and survival notion of technical or voca- the ORT school he took top
he had read it he would know throughout the world."
tional education had no roots honors in the state examina-
that his accusations are unfound-
ed—that is, his charges that
Russian, Arab, religious, or tradition whatsoever. Jews tion for refrigeration special-
ADL wants to "silence" or to black and other forms of were marginal people, de- ists. He was publicly honored
"isolate" all those who express
' - itimate" criticisms of Israel. anti-Semitism are dealt with spised as infidels and taught by the Shah for his achieve-
mentions specifically our alike, being brought into the just enough for Bar Mitzva. ment.
...tg The Christian Science Mon-
Karavandan was l i t t, l e
The next step was the uni-
itor. He does not mention (prob- light to be seen in all their
ably only because he has not read ugliness, in this volume.
more than a stopping place versity, tuition for which was
the study he is denouncing) that
Apathy may be charged on a caravan trail across the provided by the ORT Alumni
The Monitor stated that the
Arabs' Yom Kippur attack in Oc- primarily against Jewish Kurdish mountains where the Association. He continued to
tober was not aggression but only
past persists in the form iof live at the ORT school, since
an effort to recapture lost terri- leadership which is not con-
this was his only home, and
tory, that it was within the fronting the issues firmly oral tradition.
bounds of "responsibility" for
The Jews of Kurdistan he taught other young Jews
Moscow to arm the Arabs to "re- enough. While the book is di- found meaning in the endless
from distant places part
gain their lost lands" while it rected at the American peo-
was irresponsible for the U.S. to ple and all media of all faiths retelling of their first settle- time. Last June, he gradu-
arm Israel equally. Considering
ment in the 5th Century BCE ated at the head of his class
that Jews relate their security and races, it also aims at
as a people to Israel's safety Jewish activists. If "The New at the time of Ezra the as an engineer.
from destruction, this Monitor
Scribe, then serving in the
"Our plans for him," re-
opinion was certainly closer to Anti-Semitism" can arouse
our word "insensitivity" than to them from their apathy, it court of Cyrus the emanci- ports Joshua Gabay, director
pator, who had freed the of ORT Iran, "are to round
Mr. Richardson's "compassion."
will serve a great purpose.
Mr. Richardson also denounces
Jews from Babylonian cap- out his education with a
our criticism of Dean Francis B.
tivity. They lived, an esti- scholarship at a French uni-
Sayre and Father Daniel Berri-
This would be a much mated 18,000 of them, as versity to prepare him to
gan, who have been "respected
for courage." What he does not happier world if we allowed peddlers, beggars and ar-
assume the position of head
mention is that in a 1972 Palm
of the refrigeration depart-
Sunday sermon (our specific ob- opportunity to do all the tisans.
jection) Dean Sayre, speaking of knocking.
News of the advent of Is. ment."


both for Israel and Soviet
Jewry, Talmadge saw peace
ahead in the Middle East be-
cause of the "spirit of co-
operation that is ingrained
in the Israeli people."
Comparing Israelis with
the plain people of Georgia
from which he draws his own
strength of will, Talmadge
"I was born and raised in
Georgia: I have lived with
hard working people all my
life. As I have traveled all
across the state, I have come
to appreciate what hard work
means to the farmer scratch-
ing a few ears of corn from
our Georgia red clay . . . or
the fisherman hauling his
living from the sea . . or
the factory workers, me-

'Bar Mitzvas, Weddings

and special occasions

Garson Zeltzer

men, housewives, clerks and
laborers who toil daily to
build and mold our future.
"But I can tell you quite
frankly that I was impressed
with what I saw in Israel
two years ago when I visited
the Jewish state. Israelis
work. They work hard and
they work together. They will
work to make peace, They
will work to insure that their
peace will endure."

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