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October 26, 1973 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1973-10-26

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The Indestructible Credo for People Determined
to Defend Life Dignifiedly and in Self-Respect

as Defined by Jewish Youth in Current Crisis

By Philip

No More Genocides, No More Holocausts for People Determined to Live With Honor

What a blessing for the United Nations that Israel is able to resist threats to
her very life! The moment Israel succeeds in defeating the combined forces of the
numerous enemies and their overwhelming forces, the UN Security Council steps in
to end the conflict and to rescue the darlings of the would-be perpetrators of another

Let us be grateful for what had happened—for the genius of Secretary of State
Henry A. Kissinger who is earning the Nobel Peace Prize with his firm steps to
end wars! Many lives of the flower of the Jewish nation have been lost, and now
many will be saved.
It was not the fourth but the fifth war. Gamal Abdel Nasser tried a fourth
war in 1969, with an attrition threat that ended in failure. Now his successor will
claim victory because his warriors fought more bravely than ever before. Let such
bravery serve the purpose of leading to peace. When the Yom Kippur War com-
menced, Cairo talk was about the "Israelis now running like lice." The record has
been set straight. Our kinsmen have redeemed the honor of humankind by giving
emphasis to the basic idea for man's survival: his will to live.
Now, the reckoning—with the religious elements which have not been united
against the blasphemy of the War of the Day of Judgment; some newspapers; a few
For the record, there was a noble response: Liberal Protestants responded nobly;
many Catholics proved their passion for justice; most newsmen were fair in their
objectivity; the U. S. Congress overwhelmingly defended Israel; the White House
did not let Israel down.
It is because the Jewish people acted with unanimity in support of Israel that
our kinsmen had the most desirable message of courage in a struggle for life.
Once again, our youth helped strengthen Jewish ranks. In all of our univer-
sities, Jewish students mobilized to act in the crisis. Some offered their services as
volunteers for Israel's industries and farming communities. Overwhelmingly, they
gave their financial support.
We need select only one sample of student solidarity: that displayed at the
University of Michigan.
Prof. William Haber was so deeply moved by the response from thousands
of U-M students that he wrote his impressions to U-M President Robben W. Fleming.
To quote Dr. Haber:
Those of us who follow "Jewish affairs" have often been concerned about
the decline in identity of the younger generation. Some, like so many young
people, are at war with the "establishment," whatever that means; others with
their parents; still others with established dogmas and beliefs. Many older folks,

Warnings by Meany on 1980 Olympics

Sacrilegious Abuse of Facts
in Christian Science Organ

The Christian Science Monitor, consistently criticized
in Jewish ranks as an enemy organ, proved its colors
While both Syria and Egypt kept asserting they would
not accept a cease fire unless Israel withdrew from all
"occupied territories," Geoffrey G-odsell, the Monitor's over-
seas news editor, reporting from Beirut, stated in the Oct.
15 edition: "The Israelis resisted all United Nations calls
for a cease fire—already accepted by Arab combatants—
until they had seized what they wanted from the Syrians
to safeguard their hitherto exposed settlements in upper
Galilee. This time the Israelis have taken on the Syrians
first, apparently in hope of a swift and cheap victory en-
abling them to swing relatively unscathed forces southward
to push the much stronger Egyptians back . . . "
So the Israelis this time took the Syrians on first? It
wasn't resistance to a Yom Kippur infamy? It was an
aim for a "cheap victory"?
It's the way a correspondent writes that matters.
That's how we can judge our friends!
Is it too much to expect that an organ for a religious
denomination should have some consideration for human
values? The Christian Science Monitor has long been under
suspicion that it is anti-Israel. It also proved it in its cur-
rent editorial attitude.
Its two-column editorial, Oct. 17, "Some Middle East
Facts,''' revealed how facts can be distorted.
Recognized as one of the great American newspapers,
the Monitor has faltered. As a religious periodical, it not
only failed—refused?—to take into account the sacrilege on
Yom Kippur. It kept repeating old cliches that have ac-
cumulated in the battle conducted by Israel's enemies for
the nation's destruction.
It took exception to the "resupply" of Israel's arms
and put in quotes the facts of Russia's "massive" supply
of weapons to the Arabs.
It took exception to Dr. Henry Kissinger's position
when it quoted his remark about "irresponsibility" in in-
ternational relations.
Here is how the sanctimonious Monitor concluded its
editorial: "We urge all Americans to keep in mind the fact
that the issue is not the survival of Israel (which is not
in question) but only the spoils of the 1967 war."
This is untruth, it was an appeal to hatred, a distor-
tion of all facts relating to the present struggle. There is
one word that describes this attitude:
Christian Scientists owe it to true faith not to permit
such an outrage to be perpetuated.
That editorial could only have been written so heart-
lessly, under the conditions of the present Israel battle for
life, either in Cairo or in Damascus or in Baghdad.
Christian Scientists are on trial: can they possibly
permit such venom and outright bias to represent them
when a world crisis is under , consideration?

2—Friday, October 26, 1973

concerned with the identity issue, suspected that there has been what one per-
son referred to as a substantial hemorrhage among young people in Jewish
values and beliefs and, particularly, in identification.
I was not among those. I saw young people who had normal qualms
about institutional values and goals but were basically not at war with their
origin and traditional values.
Events on. the campus during the past week to 10 days confirm my im-
pression and I thought you would be interested. I have learned that between 60
and 75 per cent of the Jewish students on the campus (and many non-Jewish)
have contributed nearly $25,000 to the Israel emergency campaign. I was over-
whelmed by their sense of organization. A coordinator was designated for each
residence hall, apartment house, co-op or other housing unit where more than
just a couple of Jewish students live. Over 150 solicitors were recruited and
trained. Each person was personally approached. Many students who gave checks
for $50 and $100 are employed as dishwashers in restaurants or are working
their way through school in similar ways. The response and the generosity is
something I had never seen on this campus and is far greater than during the
critical few days of 1967.
I am sorry that such response and such a reidentification is genet

by a war. I wished there were some peacetime equivalent that would do it. Lit
any event, it does tell us something about the young Jewish generation which
many of us were not certain still existed.
One thing is clear, these American-born men and women, born of second-
generation American parents, loyal to USA, find a special meaning in Israel
for them.
It was a personal note from Bill Haber to Bob Fleming, but it merits a place
of honor in the record of young Jewry's adherence to self-respect, to a role of honor
and dignity as inheritors of the sacred legacies of Jewry and the great traditions
of America which demand that all men fight for the right so that no one should be
oppressed, wherever he may live.
Israel and Jewry have nothing to be ashamed of in this period of crisis. It
was a battle for life, and the defenders of a nation threatened with extinction have
emerged nobly. No more holocausts! No more genocide—for us or for any one else!
That's the slogan under which our representatives now turn to the peace table—in
the hope that deluded enemies, who possess so much land, so much oil, so much
money, may recognize that human • values are sacred, that they can retain all their
wealth and power, but that they can not rob their cousins, their neighbors, of the
mere right to exist. Shalom can also be pronounced salaam—as long as it is done
honorably, honestly, with dignity. That's how we shall always insist as the pattern
for life for Jewry, for Israel, for our neighbors, for humanity!


ment was succeeded 60 years ago by the Hillel Founda-
tions which were inaugurated by Bnai Brith. Now the
opportunities for Jewish affiliation are provided, through
Hillel, in practically all of our institutions of higher learn-
ing, and the debt to Hillel is immense from a Jewish
community that craves for more dedication to their people
by college students.
At Wayne State University, the inspiration that comes
from Rabbi Kapustin is felt not only among the Jewish
students who affiliate with Hillel but also from the faculty
that has learned to appreciate the scholarship of the direc-
tor of the student movement. Dr. Kapustin's learning is
felt in the courses he offers as a member of the WSU
faculty. His guidance in matters involving Jewish tradi-
tions stems from his own piety and from his continuous
studies that have given him recognition for authoritative-
-ness in matters relating to current Jewish history.
He had experienced the scourge of Nazism from
which he escaped in time to avert sharing the fate of his
colleagues and kinsmen. The impress that was left with him
gave him added strength to pursue the task of striving
for continuity in perpetuating Jewish knowledge and tradi-
tion. It is for this dedication as well as for the services
he has rendered that he will receive due honors planned
for him at the testimonial dinner.

Shameful acts of the Hitler era must not be repeated.
George Meany, president of AFL-CIO, pursues the warning
in an expression of his sense of outrage over what had
occurred in Moscow during the University Games.
In a two-page editorial in AFL-CIO American Feder-
ationist, he commenced with a recollection of the past,
enumerated the experiences of the present and concluded
with a demand that the 1980 Olympic Games should not
be held in Russia, stating, in part:
Let us not repeat the shameful blunder of 1936
when the U.S. Olympic representatives yielded to
Hitler's blandishments and bullying and made possible
the holding of the Games in Berlin — the "capital city
of Nazism." This action was a flagrant violation of
the anti-racist provision of the International Olympic
Committee Constitution.
The Soviet behavior at the University Games was
a blow against all human decency and not only against
the Israelis. This behavior is of the same spirit and
stripe as the Kremlin's inhuman treatment of the
Russian intellectuals crying for freedom and human
decency. As longs as the Soviet government distrusts
its own people, no other people can trust the Kremlin
rulers' talk about international detente. Awarding
Moscow the 1980 Olympics would hurt rather than The Red Herring: the Jewish Vote
help true detente.
The Hoary Red Herring also has been pulled out of
Brezhnev's Russia is totally unfit and unqualified to the magicians' hats. Once again there is the taunt about
hest the Olympics or any other international sports the Jewish vote that has influenced American policies. It's
event. Totalitarian Moscow is not a fit place for the an old trick for the Christian Science Monitor: Robert
youth of the world to come together in welding friend- R. Bowie of the Harvard Center for International Affairs
ship through athletic competition.
used it in an article in the Monitor on the Middle East.
The 1980 Olympics in Brezhnev's Moscow would do Lucius D. Battle, former U. S. ambassador to Cairo,
no more than did the 1936 Games in Hitler's Munich resorted to it in his feature article in the New York
for "creating international respect and goodwill and Times Magazine Section, Sunday, in dealing with the
thus helping to construct a better and more peaceful question "The Arabs: Why Now?"
world." (Point 3, IOC "Fundamental Principles") The
Therefore, it is proper to pose the question again: if
Olympic torch is already close to extinction. The
were no Jewish vote, no Jews in America a nd
Olympics cannot afford any more tragedies; 1936 and
to come to Israel's defense, would it a
1972 were more than enough! Moscow must not be
lost, would the world let Israel down completely,
chosen as the site of the 1980 Olympic Gaines.
genocide be the order of the day?
If another scandal is to be averted, action must be
Maybe so: since genocide is the threat, a world Jewry,
pursued until a just decision is reached. Meany renders a
American Jews, owe a debt to themselves to
great service in behalf of wholesome vigilance and reten-
labor to the end that no one should dare again think in
tion of honor for decent sportsmanship.
terms of a holocaust. That's how we vote.

Honors for Dr. Kapustin



Iraq—Symbol of UN's Degradations

Honors planned for Rabbi Max Kapustin, on the oc-
The international organization keeps degrading itself.
casion of his 25th anniversary of service to Hillel Founda-
tion at Wayne State University, provides an opportunity Iraq has been named a three-year member of the UN
to take into account the values of the movement to which Security Council. It disgraces the World Human Rights
he dedicated himself after serving in the rabbinate in Charter. What a challenge this is to those celebrating the
28th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations—
this country for a decade.
American Jewry was always aware of the need to especially when, as at the Fisher Building in Detroit, a
bring Jewish knowledge to the campus. In the first decade UN Security Council session is the model. How about
of this century, the Menorah movement was inaugurated. reproducing the lynch atmosphere when the Arabs and
The late Dr. I. Leo Sharfman, head of the department of Russians mobilize mobs and the world powers in a lynch
economics at the University of Michigan, was one of its scene with Jews as targets?
Now Iran asks all Arab states to nationalize Ameri-
organizers in his student days at Harvard.
Admittedly, reaching out to Jewish students with can industries which have helped enrich them. And Iraq
cultural offerings about their people was always a difficult rejects the U.S.-USSR-formulated cease fire! That's the
task. It was not easy in the Menorah days. That move- 'comrade Who'll be 'given a Voige, 'Is igrUtutTianity'

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